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Early Council minutes

The Vancouver City Council Minutes you are seeing are from the 1890s. The handwriting is strange to modern eyes, as are some of the phrases like these: "…has the honour to lay before the Council the particulars of..." ; “I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant”; and .

Thomas F. McGuigan, the City Clerk who wrote these pages, routinely used American spellings (color, honor, etc.) that are not used in Canada today.

He usually referred to the provincial government in Victoria as “the Government”, and the federal government in Ottawa as “the Dominion Government”.

He occasionally used some Latin abbreviations like “inst,” which means “this month” (instante mense) and et al meaning “and others” (et alli).

He also abbreviated first names as commonly done in his time, e.g. Chas for Charles, Thos for Thomas, etc.

Personal and street names are often the most difficult words to make out.

If you can’t decipher a word, you can just type in [indecipherable] in its place and keep on going.  See guidelines for transcription

If you want to do a little history detective work see online resources for Vancouver history

Above all, enjoy your transcribing experience! However little or much you are able to contribute, you are adding to our shared knowledge of Vancouver history.