Transcribimus: documents of early Vancouver and beyond

Transcribimus is Latin for "we transcribe"

We support a network of volunteers who work to make historical documents available free of charge for online access by researchers and the general public

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Transcribimus volunteers look at photos of original documents hand-written in the late nineteenth century and transcribe them into digital files.  We have completed more than 300 sets of minutes so far.

The procect was started in June 2012 by MLA and former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan.   We think the issues covered in the City Council minutes are fascinating, and we hope you do, too.

If you are interested in helping, please contact us at info[at], or visit our Facebook page.

Here are our remarkable volunteers and a summary of their accomplishments:

Alannah Hall, 1 set of minutes December 14, 1891

Andrea Mitchell, 1 set of minutes December 14, 1891

Anonymous, 5 sets of minutes

Bronwen Cripps 5 sets of minutes

Chris Mizzoni, 1 set of minutes May 11, 1891

Chris Stephenson, 45 sets of minutes 

Devon Harlos, 1 set of minutes February 2, 1891

Donna Kynaston, 24 sets of minutes

Jordan Cripps, 1 set of minutes October 12, 1891

Judy Lam Maxwell, 1 set of minutes December 14, 1891

Karen Gillespie, 1 set of minutes December 14, 1891

Krystyna Richards, 6 sets of minutes

Leah Minuk, 5 sets of minutes

Lesley, 1 set of minutes December 14, 1891

Linda Evans, 5 sets of minutes

Martha Hazevoet, 13 sets of minutes

Mary Norris, 1 set of minutes January 5, 1891

Sam Sullivan, 55 summaries

Sue Bryant 2 sets of minutes

Please contact us at info[at] for more information.

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