Welcome to the Transcribimus Homepage. Transcribimus is a network of volunteer transcribers who take  hand written documents of our early Vancouver history and transcribe them into a searchable state available for free to the general public and researchers.

March 2018 – We are so pleased to have received our first non-English transcription!  In 1896, the Vancouver Chinese Merchants Association sent a letter of thanks to the City Engineer, Thomas Tracy, with one page in English and one page in Chinese.  Our wonderful volunteers have transcribed, translated, and provided background commentary on the Chinese page.

This entire initiative would not be possible without our volunteer transcribers. We thank them!

We also thank our sponsors who are also critical to the success of the project.

We are so pleased to have been featured in the following media:

We hope you will enjoy exploring your history through our website. There is so much more to do. We hope to expand our service to other handwritten documents of our history.

Perhaps you might consider becoming a volunteer yourself.  Together our remarkable volunteers have contributed 335 transcriptions of early Vancouver City Council minutes, as follows:

Master Scribes (more than 50 sets of minutes):
Margaret Sutherland
Joy Marie Vasquez
Darrin Pezer/Proactive Building Maintenance

Journeyman Scribes (25-50 sets of minutes):
Chris Stephenson, MLIS
Donna Kynaston
Martha Hazevoet

Working Scribes (5-24 sets of minutes):
Bronwen Cripps
Christine Cathcart
Krystyna Richards
Leah Minuk
David Laing
L. Ellema
Sue Bryant
Susan M. Willows
Jenn Ashton

Apprentice Scribes (1-4 sets of minutes):
Chris Mizzoni
Devon Harlos
Jordan Cripps
Mary Norris
Judy Lam Maxwell
Andrea Mitchell
Karen Gillespie
Alannah Hall
Siobhan Devlin
Brenda Chapman
Gent Ng

Can’t read cursive handwriting but still want to help? We still need you!  Other volunteer jobs are available.  You could read through the transcripts and add your own thoughts and comments. You could help us summarize the contents of the minutes, write Twitter headlines, or research pictures to go with the minutes. There are endless ways to contribute to our shared understanding of Vancouver history. Please get in touch with us or join us on facebook to find out more.