Welcome to the Transcribimus Homepage. Transcribimus is a network of volunteer transcribers who take hand written documents of our early Vancouver history and transcribe them into a searchable state available for free to the general public and researchers.

This entire initiative would not be possible without our volunteer transcribers and our sponsors who are also critical to the success of the project. We thank them!

What’s New?

July 2022:

Leah Minuk has transcribed minutes from 1897:

  • April 5 1897 – Electric Poles on Barnard Street Must Be Moved Aside

Darlene Ochotta has transcribed minutes from 1897:

Lynn Shane has transcribed minutes from 1897:

June 2022:

New transcriber Alannah Hall has transcribed minutes from 1897

also from 1897 from Darlene Ochatta:

and from Lynn Shane:

May 2022:

New transcriber Darlene Ochotta has transcribed minutes from 1897:

Gerald Soon has transcribed minutes from 1897:

New transcriber Lynn Shane has transcribed minutes from 1897:

April 2022:

On April 28, 2022 Transcribmus celebrated the completion of ten years of Vancouver City Council minutes transcription — six hundred and nine documents contained in 4,569 pages. Fifty two volunteer transcribers and nine sponsors contributed to this milestone accomplishment.

We are so pleased to have been mentioned in the Vancouver Sun and Province on April 30 and May 1. Reporter John Mackie referred to us in two articles covering “Belle” Rogers, who in February 1886 came to Granville as a sixteen year old schoolgirl. Granville became Vancouver in May 0f 1886. John Mackie found our transcript of Belle’s reminiscences helpful in researching more about Belle and her remarkable life.

A Rare Glimpse of Vancouver Before It Was Vancouver visit the Vancouver Sun website for a fascinating read with much more about Belle Rogers, her travels, her connections, and her times.

A New City Emerging from the Forest

Published May 1, 2022 by the Vancouver Province reporter John Mackie

Joanne McCormick has transcribed Vancouver City Council minutes from 1898:

Gerald Soon has transcribed Vancouver City Council minutes from 1897:

Click here to see more recently published sets of Vancouver City Council Minutes

We hope you will enjoy exploring your history through our website. There is so much more to do. We hope to expand our service to other handwritten documents of our history.

Volunteer Transcribers

Perhaps you might consider becoming a volunteer yourself. Together our remarkable volunteers have contributed 575 transcriptions of early Vancouver City Council minutes, as follows:

Master Scribes (more than 50 sets of minutes):

Margaret Sutherland150
Gerald Soon97
Darrin Pezer – Proactive Building Maintenance88
Joy Marie Vasquez80
Joanne McCormick51

Journeyman Scribes (25-50 sets of minutes):

Chris Stephenson45
Donna Kynaston24
Krystyna Richards23

Working Scribes (5-24 sets of minutes):

Leah Minuk13
Martha Hazevoet12
Linda Evans9
L. Ellema8
Bronwen Cripps7
Cathy Harmer7
Christine Cathcart7
YVR Mike6
Chris Mizzoni – Nitzy’s Hockey Den5
David Laing5
Hal Bell-Irving5
Mary Ann Capistrano5
Rachel Amanda Hennessy5
Susan M. Willows5

Apprentice Scribes (1-4 sets of minutes):

Leesa Poffenroth4
Brenda Chapman3
Sue Bryant3
Alan Hart2
Anita Dos Santos2
Gent Ng2
Judy Lam Maxwell – Historical Chinatown Tours2
Lesley H.2
Sharon Mowat2
Alannah Hall2
Darlene Ochatta2
Lynn Shane3
Andrea Mitchell1
Andrew S. Liebman1
Cinda Jong1
Devin Harlos1
Glen Hodges1
Jane Edmonds1
Janny P.1
Janet Von Siemens1
Jenn Ashton1
John Belshaw – Vancouver Historical Society1
Jordan Cripps1
Karen Gillespie1
Lynne Jambor1
Maria Kluckova1
Mary Norris1
Michelle C.1
Sara Keay1
Siobhan Devlin1
Tegbir Kaur1