Vancouver Mayor & Aldermen for 1887

Mayor:  M.A. MacLean Aldermen: Ward 1:  L.A. Hamilton, John M. Lefevre Ward 2:  Joseph Humphries, Joseph Manion Ward 3:  Richard H. Alexander, Robert Clark Ward 4:  Edwin Sanders, George H. Lock Ward 5:  David Oppenheimer, Isaac Oppenheimer information from Vancouver’s..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver Committees for 1887 formed – January 3 , 1887

Standing Committees for the year to be five members each with the Mayor as Ex Officio member of each. Newly-elected Alderman David Oppenheimer moves that the Finance Committee put together a plan “for a general loan to be floated for..click to read the rest of this article

Charles G. Johson and John Devine to audit Vancouver’s 1886 accounts – January 10, 1887

Use of City Hall for County Court granted to the Provincial Government free of charge. Two bidders present plans to supply water works to Vancouver: E. A. Wilmot of the Coquitlam Water Works Company and G. A. Keefer of the..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver to set aside $2,400 for hospital, seeks property owner to donate site – January 17, 1887

Hospital will need $2,400 for the current year. Board of health recommends Council grant $2,000 toward new hospital building, and solicit provincial government to grant the same; also to solicit property owners to donate site for a building. City Council..click to read the rest of this article

J.H. Carlisle appointed Vancouver’s License, Fire & Health Inspector – January 24, 1887

J. H. Carlisle appointed License, Fire, and Health Inspector at a salary of $75 a month. City Clerk to write the Hon. Provincial Secretary asking for a grant of $2,000 for the hospital and $1,000 for the Fire Department. This..click to read the rest of this article

remainder of the 1887 Vancouver City Council Minutes

The Vancouver City Council minutes transcripts for 1887 are temporarily posted on the Global Civic Policy Society web site: the beginning of 1887 (first meeting was January 3) – click here you can use the <<previous button at the bottom..click to read the rest of this article