Vancouver Mayor & Aldermen for 1888

Oppenheimer (b. 1832, Bleiskastel, Germany, d. 1897) was one of early Vancouver’s biggest landowners and businessmen. He was elected by acclamation for two of his four one-year terms. During Oppenheimer’s tenure, the city’s first water main was laid from the..click to read the rest of this article

Mayor David Oppenheimer takes office – January 2, 1888

First Council Meeting with Mayor David Oppenheimer. Meetings generally Monday 7:30 PM. Standing Committees created – Finances, Board of Works, Fire Water and Light, Board of Health. This transcript was made in 2014 by Transcribimus volunteer Margaret Sutherland and sponsored..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver to buy horses for fire department – January 9, 1888

horse drawn tank

Reports from the Committees established the previous week. Appointment of Council Committee under Mayor Oppenheimer to purchase team of horses for fire engine. Letter from F Munro noting that Keefer has hired Chinese, letter from Keefer explaining. Discussion about precautions..click to read the rest of this article

By-law will regulate firing of guns, bonfires within City of Vancouver – January 16, 1888

Bylaw introduced to regulate firing of guns, setting off firecrackers and bonfires. Public library requests donation for the purchase of books. City Solicitor gives opinion that Keefer not guilty of breach of contract by buying gravel from Chinese merchant. Payment..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver requests 64 acre park in Hastings Township – January 23, 1888

Committee appointed to meet with Richmond Committee regarding constructing bridges from Lulu Island and Sea Island. Map submitted with streets with sewers and plans for additional. Alexander and Oppenheimer recommend street trees be planted. Request to Province for 64 acres..click to read the rest of this article

Alderman Sam Brighouse granted three months leave of absence – January 30, 1888

Ald. Brighouse granted three months leave of absence. Map of Foreshore of False Creek submitted. Petition from city officials asking their salary be paid on the first of every month. Report requested for comparison of cost on vitrified or wooden..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver wants lighthouse at First Narrows, bridge to Richmond – February 6, 1888

Two requests to federal government: (1) to build lighthouse at First Narrows (now Lions Gate) because of large increase in vessels, and  (2)  for permission to build Granville Bridge to ultimately connect to North Arm of the Fraser River. This..click to read the rest of this article

Cambie Street to be improved south of Hastings – February 13, 1888

City Engineer to call for tenders for improvement of Cambie Street. Citizens ask to relax the by-law about mixing mortar on the street. Fire, Water & Light Committee wants a telephone installed in the fire hall. Chief of Police to..click to read the rest of this article

Council reviews C. Gauthier smelting works agreement – February 23, 1888

Special Meeting to review the agreement with Claude Gauthier to have a smelting works within the City of Vancouver...click to read the rest of this article

Council endorses lower qualifications for voters, elected officials – February 27, 1888

Council to bring to Victoria the Vancouver citizens’ petition to lower property qualifications for both voters and elected officials. 58 men working on the (Stanley) Park Road. Offices of City Solicitor and Police Magistrate divided. Council sent request to the..click to read the rest of this article

Five dollar reward offered to report those dumping on city streets – March 5, 1888

Five dollar reward to report those dumping on city streets. Approved $20 to man whose team of horses had been destroyed after being infected by glanders. Approval to raise $125,000 by way of debentures for general improvements. Request to provincial..click to read the rest of this article

Mr. Pitt asks compensation for loss of his leg – March 12, 1888

Mr. Pitt asks remuneration for loss of leg through being run over by fire engine. Mr. Abbott [CPR] asked to kindly remove fence on Heatley Avenue and to construct crossing on railway. Numerous calls for tender to improve streets. Bridge..click to read the rest of this article

C.P.R Superintendent Abbott supports Granville Street Bridge over False Creek – March 19, 1888

Henry Abbott in support of Granville Bridge over False Creek. Ferguson et al. in support of road to connect Lorne Street with proposed road to North Arm. City Scavenger to furnish bond, pay license fee. Refused to permit construction of..click to read the rest of this article

Mayor Oppenheimer & Council mull over this year’s tax rate – March 24, 1888

A Special meeting of the City Council to review the loan by-law and determine the rate of taxation for the current year...click to read the rest of this article

Liquor licensing should be left to municipalities, say Vancouver City Council – March 26, 1888

Licensing Committee notes that Provincial Legislature is considering liquor issues; these should be left to municipalities. Mr. Abbott of CPR to be notified city has let contract certain improvements. Mr. Abbott to be asked to place a draw in their..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver to get fire alarm system – April 2, 1888

Request for Opera House about to be built be exempt from taxation for 20 years. Recommend purchase of six boxes and two gongs as a fire alarm system in the city and purchase of another fire engine. Donation of $200..click to read the rest of this article

Province must not meddle in Vancouver property assessments, says Council – April 23, 1888

Efforts to oppose provincial legislation affecting property assessments. Petition to remove stump at the corner of Granville and Robson. Signs to be placed at the False Creek Bridge for vehicles to pass on the left side. Alderman. Oppenheimer to introduce..click to read the rest of this article

Bank of Montreal to purchase Vancouver’s $150,000 debentures – May 7, 1888

Order in Council has been passed permitting bridges across False Creek and Coal Harbour. Bank of Montréal to purchase debentures of $150,000. Shows confidence in the future prospects of the city. H Buster to receive license for day and night..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver house numbering will cost 25 cents – May 14, 1888

The streets inspector to collect from the house owners twenty five cents per building on which a street number has been placed. Ten acres of “The Park” [Stanley Park] placed under control of the Athletic Association.  Introduction of a by-law..click to read the rest of this article

New school to be built south of False Creek– June 4, 1888

Joseph Mannion resigns his seat on City Council. Council set aside $800 for building a school house on the south side of False Creek. E.V. Edmonds asked to donate two lots for school. Volunteer Fire Brigade to be given $200..click to read the rest of this article

Much road work ahead for Vancouver – June 11, 1888

Great number of tenders for road work reviewed and recommended by Board of Works.  Special Engineer to be employed to review plans for bridge across False Creek at Granville Street, surface drains, and laying of water and gas pipes. This..click to read the rest of this article

Mount Pleasant school site donated by H. V. Edmonds – June 19, 1888

Mr. H. V. Edmonds has agreed to donate to the City of Vancouver for school purposes part of the triangular block… on Ninth Avenue and…Westminster Road (where the Kingsgate Mall is now). $250 set aside to construct immigration sheds. By-election..click to read the rest of this article

Finance Committee to track street, sidewalk expenses before contracts are signed – June 25, 1888

Every recommendation for opening streets or laying sidewalk or other work shall state the estimated cost of the same and that before any contract is signed such estimate shall be passed upon and reported on by the Finance Committee. Applications..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver hospital nears completion – July 9, 1888

Council considers the question of appointing a medical board, purchasing furniture, medicine and other needs as the hospital nears completion. Mr. A. E. McCartney to be paid $100 for superintending building. C.P.R. patients to be accommodated at City Hospital at..click to read the rest of this article

Four plans received for False Creek bridge– July 16, 1888

Mr. James Hartney requests reimbursement for goods destroyed in quarantine. Board of School Trustees to meet at City Hall any evening except Mondays. Board of Works received four plans for the Bridge across False Creek which we have referred to..click to read the rest of this article

Pender Street lowlands to be drained– July 23, 1888

City Engineer…to drain the low lands on Pender Street crossing Howe, Hornby and Granville. City Treasurer instructed not to collect any tax on personal property this year and to repay any tax that he has already collected...click to read the rest of this article

C.P.R. offers site for immigrant sheds – July 30, 1888

Mr. H. Abbott offered to give a site for Immigrant sheds North of the Company’s Offices on Cordova Street. Many tenders received for sewerage. Contractors will be notified to cover up the Sewer pipe on the lane running between Hastings..click to read the rest of this article

Second fire engine on its way to Vancouver – August 14, 1888

Communication from John D. Ronald acknowledging receipt of money for Engine No 2. A telephone, a bell and pump to be purchased for the new Fire Hall and sufficient lumber for the erection of water closets, fences etc. Vancouver Cricket..click to read the rest of this article

Circus can go ahead on cricket ground – August 20, 1888

men cooking around circus tent

Council allows recreation grounds used by Sell’s Circus without permission for once, but permission will be needed in future. Land budget for school south of False Creek increased to $910 from $500. Budget of $500 set aside to build a..click to read the rest of this article

M. A. McLean appointed Vancouver’s police magistrate – August 27, 1888

Malcolm MacLean

Former Vancouver Mayor M.A. McLean appointed Police Magistrate at a salary of $1,000 per year. City Officials given an annual ten-day holiday. Fri Oct 12, 1888 set aside as Arbour Day, “for the purpose of planting trees and shrubs, and..click to read the rest of this article

City street lighting quality called into question – September 10, 1888

J. Humphries, chairman of the Board of Works reports “That the present electric light for street lighting is a humbug and expensive and would recommend…a more modern and economical system of electric light for street lighting.”Mrs. Roberts appointed hospital matron..click to read the rest of this article

Hospital medical staff appointed – September 17, 1888

Doctors Bell-Irving, Langis, Lefevre, McGuigan and Robertson appointed to medical staff for City Hospital. Board of Works has decided to have electric lighting in the new hospital. Request from John H. McMillan et al asking that the Corporation remove the..click to read the rest of this article

Parks Committee formed for City of Vancouver – September 26, 1888

Aldermen Dougall, Coldwell, Alexander and Brighouse elected to form Parks Committee, with H.P. McCraney, A.G. Ferguson, and R.G. Tatlow..click to read the rest of this article

Ward 1’s budget exhausted for this year – October 1, 1888

Ward 1’s budget exhausted: instituted separate accounts for each city ward. Work on False Creek Bridge, False Creek School House, and City Hospital continues. Brush, stumps, boulders and debris along the road to (Stanley) park not disposed of according to..click to read the rest of this article

Vancouver corners chosen for fire hydrants, electric lights – October 9, 1888

Intersections chosen for installation of electric lights and fire hydrants. Contractors agree to have debris along Stanley Park road disposed of by city, and the cost deducted from final payment. Hiring of cook and temporary nurse for new hospital approved...click to read the rest of this article

City hospital now in operation – October 15, 1888

City hospital informally opened Sept 22 with only one ward operative. Visiting hours Wednesdays and Sundays only between 3:00 and 4:00 pm. Citizens object to council’s “irregular” election of hospital medical staff. James Hartney to be compensated $280 for his..click to read the rest of this article

Police to monitor Vancouver’s street lighting – October 22, 1888

City Engineer must keep a separate contract book for each ward. Police men to report location and date of broken streetlights. City drains to be diverted into culverts being dug by C.P.R to reduce fouling of Burrard Inlet north of..click to read the rest of this article

remainder of the 1888 Vancouver City Council Minutes

The Vancouver City Council minutes transcripts for 1888 are temporarily posted on the Global Civic Policy Society web site: the beginning of 1888 (first meeting was January 2) – click here you can use the <<previous button at the bottom..click to read the rest of this article


Council of 1888 wraps up – January 7, 1889, 11:30 am

Final reports from the Fire Brigade and the Board of Health were received. Aldermen Coldwell and Clark tendered thanks to Mayor David Oppenheimer for the “phenomenal progress” Vancouver has made under his leadership. This transcript was made in 2015 by..click to read the rest of this article