Council for 1892 wraps up remaining business – January 16, 1893, 11:00 a.m.

The question of land for the Burrard Inlet and Fraser Valley Railway Co was referred to incoming Council. Final accounts from committees were approved, including an amount of $6314.73 for school teachers’ salaries. It was recommended that the annual reports


Fire, Water & Light Committee’s recommendation overturned; Street Railway Committee’s report adopted – January 3, 1892

The Fire Water & Light Committee proposed that the Capilano Waterworks upon its completion be overseen by Assistant Engineer J. P. Lawson, freeing up City Engineer to attend to other matters. This clause was struck out of their report: only

School Board granted $1500 extra to hire “best” teachers – January 23, 1893

An extra $1500 was granted to the school board to allow them to hire “the best men” as secondary school teachers. Theo Hardiman was granted $150.00 in compensation for his daughter’s injuries, due to her falling off the sidewalk on

Heavy snow hampers Vancouver traffic and water supply – February 6, 1893

It must have been a snowy month: David Oppenheimer asked police to forbid drivers from using street railway tracks during heavy snows, and W.G. Elliott threatened he would hold the City liable unless the snow was cleared off Cambie and

Vancouver Police ordered to enforce snow removal by-law – February 13, 1893

200 copies of the Health, Liquor and Trades License By-laws to be printed in pamphlet form. The Chief of Police was instructed to enforce the clearing of snow from the sidewalks. The Edison General Electric Co Ltd City was notified

Hours of work set for civic employees – February 20, 1893

Hours of work for civic employees were fixed at 9 to 5 Monday through Friday plus 9 to 1 pm on Saturday. No reduction in the number of employees was found possible. City Council voted to expropriate 13 acres from

No seats for Press during Council meetings; Railway litigation goes on – February 27, 1893

The press again brought up the issue of suitable chairs for them during council meetings. A motion requiring two thirds support was lost. The motion would have allowed the mayor to put an end to litigation regarding the Burrard Inlet

Burrard Inlet and Fraser Valley Electric Railway bonus upheld – March 6, 1893

The Mayor empowered to stop the pending legislation with the railway company. The Street Railway Committee was dismissed; the Mayor appointed the whole Council to the new Committee. Thomas H. Butler appointed to the Police force at a salary of

Council meets to consider Street Railway Company’s offer – March 11, 1893

Council members met with David and Isaac Oppenheimer, Thomas Dunn and William Farrell, the directors of the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company. Alderman Salsbury removed himself from the negotiations, as he was a shareholder of the company.

Street Railway Committee’s report adopted: Railway to go ahead – March 13, 1893

The final conditions for the Street Railway’s expansion into the City Streets were laid out. One thousand copies of health code violation notices to be printed, where the health inspector or the police can fill in the details of the

Health officers to inspect every building in the city – March 20, 1893

A. W. Scoullar appointed temporary Health Inspector at $3.00 per day. The swing on the Granville Street bridge to be repaired at once. Burrard Street to be re-graded for paving with “bituminous rock”.

Street Railway by-law gets first reading – March 27, 1893

image of Stuart's pocket map of Vancouver

Messrs Gilbertson & Sharp to supply new police uniforms and helmets; $28 for policemen, $33 for sergeants, $38 for the Chief. Alderman Fowler and the Pounds Keeper be authorized to sell a colt belonging to the City. Prosecution of the

Railway Bonus guarantee raised to $400,000 – April 4, 1893

In spite of a motion to put the matter off for six months, the Railway Bonus By-Law was completed, and the amount in question was raised from $350,000 to $400,000. Immediately afterward, arrangements were made for holding an “election” [referendum]

Vancouver City Council disapproves $600,000 cost for Victoria Parliament buildings – April 17, 1893

Vancouver City Council disapproves of the BC Government’s recent [April 1893] decision to set aside $600,000 for government buildings “when the money should be spent in opening up roads for the settlers, also their breach of faith with the Mainland

Vancouver’s budget for 1893 finalized – April 24, 1893

Vancouver’s estimated income for 1893 was $524,021.18 Expenditures were expected to be $408,941.78

Council guarantees payment from By-Law Nos. 155, 168 – April 28, 1893

A special meeting to go over the debt guarantee as amended in By-Law 168, and to finalize the Plumbing By-Law. C.F. Hutchings appointed Electric Inspector at a salary of one Dollar per year.

Wash Houses locations to be strictly regulated – May 15, 1893

A petition from A. St. George and others “confirming wash houses within certain limits” led to a by-law being formed, read three times, and finalized during the meeting. Council “regrets the action” of the School Board’s criticism of Council’s decision

Bath to be installed in Vancouver jail – May 22, 1893

Contract was awarded to install a bath in the jail for $62. In spite of requests from the hotel keepers not to raise the liquor licensing fee, a new By-Law was drafted and another to repeal the old one. Requests

Dominion Day Celebration given $1,000 – June 5, 1893

$1,000 was granted toward upcoming Dominion Day celebration, if the committee could prove all of last year’s bills were paid. A separate plot set aside for the burial of firemen “who may die in the service of the City”. The

City closes out Sinking Funds – June 12, 1893

The Chief of the Fire Department authorized to purchase a hose wagon for $540.00. City Engineer be authorized to make arrangements with Chief Capilano for a stable for the horse at the north side of the Narrows, the cost not

Epworth League objects to Stanley Park Liquor License – June 19, 1893

The Street Inspector be instructed to put down a “3 plank walk” along Nicola Street and Burnaby Street to the beach at English Bay. Mrs Griffin be appointed Cook at the City Hospital at a salary of $25.00 per month

Water Rate By-Law Finalized – June 26, 1893

The City Engineer will interview two applicants for the position of caretaker of the bathing sheds on English Bay. The Edison General Electric Company billed the City $140.50 for wiring the hospital. George Gagen on behalf of the Labour Council

English Bay bath houses ready for use – July 3, 1893

Charges for new English Bay bath house not to be more than 5 cents for supply of a towel and [bathing] suit. A minimum of 20 percent of the changing stalls to be left free of charge. Swimming hours to

Fire, Water & Light Committee considers tunnelling “The Narrows” – July 10, 1893

The Fire, Water & Light Committee continues its research into tunnelling “the narrows”, and asked the City Engineer to examine the strata below the waters. A pair of horses was purchased for $500, and the Number Two Fire Hall was

Tax rebate deadline extended to September 1st – July 24, 1893

Letter from G. Griffith re the excavations at the corner of Pender & Seymour and Pender & Richards was referred to the Street Inspector. Illustration shows Pender & Seymour intersection at 1888.

Churches ask for tax deadline extension – July 31, 1893

Ratepayer asked that Grant Street be extended 100 feet east of Victoria Drive. Illustration shows Grant Street at Victoria Drive, clearing a lot for a blacksmith shop, 1905.

Vancouver Electric Railway purchase deferred six months – August 7, 1893

Letter asking Columbia Brewery be made to remove their troughs from the street.  Illustration shows Columbia Brewery at north side of Powell Street at Wall Street and Victoria Drive.

South Vancouver wants road gravel extended – August 28 1893

South Vancouver notified that Vancouver will gravel South Granville St. within City limits (Sixteenth Avenue) but that the Westminster Road is well gravelled already as far as the City Limits extend.

Vancouver Sued over Fireman Smalley’s Death – September 4, 1893

1890s Vancouver firemen waking to respond to fire

Claims for compensation were brought against the City of Vancouver for the death of Fireman Smalley in June of 1893. Illustration shows Vancouver firemen responding to a night alarm 1890-95.

Ward 5 Review Overturned – September 11, 1893

Alderman Fowler asked for a review of taxes received and amounts spent on improvements in Ward 5 west of Center Street. Ward 5 in 1893 was roughly Mount Pleasant, Fairview, and Kitsilano but only as far south as 16th Avenue. 

Plumbers, Board of Works will meet to amend the plumbing bylaw – September 18, 1893

man standing in sewer trench, Vancouver, 1911

The Board of Plumbing Inspectors, representatives from the plumbers’ union and Master Plumbers were invited to meet with the Board of Works to consult on the new bylaw.

Police to monitor bicycle riders on Vancouver streets – September 25, 1893

The Chief of Police was instructed to see that bicycle riders exercise more care to avoid accidents when riding on the public streets. Illustration shows a bicycle race at Brockton Oval July 1, 1893.

New Police Uniforms Needed – October 9, 1893

Tenders for new police uniforms invited. Request for street light at the corner of 13th and Ontario St. denied for the present. Finance Committee’s recommendation to appoint C. McRae as Assessor was overturned. A house for volunteer nurse Mrs. Hansell to the lepers on Darcy Island is proposed in co-operation with Victoria City Council.

Cabs available on Abbott Street – October 16, 1893

Cabs may stand on Abbott Street between Water and Hastings Streets.

Gravely Street to be opened up – October 23, 1893

John Mason wrote to request Graveley Street be opened up. [Photo shows the Mason home].

Roaming cattle block tramway – October 30, 1893

Former Mayor David Oppenheimer complained of cows roaming on the tramway tracks within city limits.

Road from Squamish to Pemberton Meadows proposed – November 6, 1893

Council endorsed a petition for the B. C. Government to open up a road from “the Squamish” to Pemberton Meadows. Photo shows Squamish First Nations Brass Band about 1900.

Tax Deadline Extended Again – November 13, 1893

The Health Committee purchased a tent for $5.00.

Repair to Stanley Park road will cost $700 – December 1, 1893

The road around Stanley Park needs repairs. Photo shows cyclers in Stanley Park, ca 1890.

Alderman Anderson wants elected Water Works officials – December 4, 1893

Council received a request for a sidewalk on Ontario St. at Ninth Avenue (Broadway). Photo shows Ontario at 11th.

Public works requested to reduce unemployment – December 11, 1893

City Council received a complaint of “loafers” at the corner of Carrall and Cordova Street. Photo shows men and a boy (not necessarily loafers!) standing outside the Boulder Saloon at that same corner, ca. 1900