Vancouver City Council 1895

Mayor: Henry Collins Aldermen: Joseph Coupland (Ward 1) H. P. Shaw (Ward 1) W. H. Gallagher (Ward 2) C. L. Queen (Ward 2) D. McPhaiden (Ward 3) H. R. McCraney – resigned (Ward 3) James Clandenning – elected in byelection

Incoming Council will have to provide relief – January 7, 1895

Vancouver City Council for 1894 recommends to incoming Council that a sum be set aside for the Salvation Army’s planned Food and Shelter Home. In the mean time, the number of men employed on the weekly [relief] payroll was to be reduced as soon as possible.

Council for 1894 Wraps Up Business – January 14, 1895 10:00 am

Council for 1894 wrapped up business and heard final reports. Retiring Mayor Anderson and Alderman McDowell empowered to “represent the City in the Legislature to press the passage of the Charter Amendments” One last minute amendment to the City Charter

New Council squabble over Board of Works seat – January 14, 1895 12:00 pm

view of squatter's shacks on the shore of Deadman's Island, 1898

The Standing Committees for Vancouver City Council 1895 were established, in spite of a dispute about whether Alderman McCraney or Alderman McPhaiden would sit on the Standing Committee on Works.

Churches unite to appeal for relief work – January 21, 1895

Vancouver City Council received a delegation of three clergymen who urged the necessity of providing relief work for the unemployed. A By-law to borrow $150,000 for operating costs received second reading.

Relief work rates settled – January 28, 1895

Vancouver City Council opposed Hon. Theo Davie’s proposed amendment to the Vancouver Charter. Davie’s amendment would have prevented Vancouver from building or developing City gas works, water works, electricity, railways, etc. unless they first purchased the assets of any company providing those services within the City of Vancouver.

$150,000 needed for Vancouver’s expenses this year – February 4, 1895

By-law to borrow $150,000 for this year’s expenses: loan to be repaid by Dec 31, 1895 from year's expected revenues. Tools and supplies needed for relief work in each ward will be purchased from a variety of different establishments. City Clerk to call for tenders for crushed rock, shovels, picks, etc, as well as for washing and for supply of bread.

Crazy George, Sullivan child to receive City aid – February 11, 1895

The CPR owed the City of Vancouver $661.14 for care of its patients. William Morseby (governor of the Provincial jail in New Westminster) paid $145 for keep of prisoners. The Health Committee empowered to aid Crazy George, who was in

Alderman Mc Craney’s resignation refused – February 18, 1895

Alderman McCraney was cleared of all wrongdoing in the recent awarding of the electric light contract. Weekly payroll for relief work in each ward was reviewed and approved. The City Engineer to meet with the Indian Agent to settle the

Streetcars coming to Granville, Hastings streets, but not to Robson – March 4, 1895

The Finance Committee was authorized to arrange with D. McGillivray in regard to laying streetcar rails on Hastings and Granville Streets. Meanwhile, the Council reminded the Street Railway company that their permission to build on Robson Street had been rescinded in November 1894.

City Band funding cut off – March 11, 1895

The City Band having given an inventory of its instruments, Alderman Coupland and Alderman McCraney to inspect each instrument, and give the band a final grant of $50. Jennie W. Smith given the laundry contract for the City Hospital. The City Engineer was instructed to have the sidewalk on the west side of Burrard Street between Georgia and Nelson Streets moved to correspond with the sidewalk on the east side.

Several City Departments amalgamated – March 12, 1895

G.F. Baldwin was put in charge of the Finance & Treasury Department, A. W. Scouller was put in charge of the Health & Plumbing Department, and .J. Brenton was appointed Poll Tax Collector and License Inspector. A By-Law was drafted

Sgt. Haywood’s name is cleared – April 8, 1895

Evidence regarding Sergeant Haywood’s use of City coal and electricity completely cleared him of any wrongdoing; he was reinstated and given an apology. Council rescinded the motion made on March 15th regarding the laying of a Street Railway on Robson

By-law No. 233 altering the subdivision of Wards – August 19, 1895

This document was transcribed in June of 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Susan Willows. original handwritten by-law here 1292 BY-LAW NO. 233 A By-law to amend By-law No. 118, known as a By-Law altering the subdivisions of the City into Wards.