Council for 1897 Wrap Up Business – January 10, 1898

This ship is the HMS Imperieuse from the Fire and Police Committee Report. Officer Butler arrested two runaway sailors from Imperieuse but had to turn in the reward money to…

Council of 1897 Vote Condolences to Templeton Family – January 17, 1898 10:00 am

Shown above is the Templeton home at 1213 Barclay Street. Former Mayor William Templeton had died the previous day, Sunday January 16, 1898.

Council for 1897 Stand Adjourned – January 17, 1898 11:00 am

Council for 1898 stood adjourned until the following day (Tuesday January 18 1898) to mark the passing away of former Mayor Templeton. Photo shows incoming Mayor James Ford Garden.

Committees formed for 1898 – January 20, 1898

Allan K. Stuart was allowed $10.00 by the Finance Committee for overtime spent in preparing the Klondike Map. Photo shows supplies headed to the Klondike.

Committees Begin the Work of 1898 – January 24, 1898

Committees reported back re Chairman elected and meeting dates established. Finance Committee had decided on suppliers to the City for Wood, Sawdust, Bread, Milk, Meat, Feed and Washing.