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Transcription is still in progress. To date, transcripts have been made by volunteers Joanne McCormick, Marie-Claude Tremblay, and Carole Wilson

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Vancouver Mayor and Council 1899

Mayor:James F. Garden Aldermen:H. B. Gilmour (Ward 1)Robert Grant (Ward 1)R. B. Skinner (Ward 2)James McQueen (Ward 2)W. J. McGuigan (Ward 3)D. McPhaiden (Ward 3)William Brown (Ward 4)C. F. Foreman (Ward 4)Alexander Bruce (Ward 5)W. H. Wood, Jr. (Ward 5) Continue Reading

Vancouver Hospital Rules Amended – January 7, 1899

Vancouver Hospital 1902

The only proposed amendment that "cannot be agreed to" by Council was "on the approval of the Medical Board" after Council's decision. Continue Reading

Water Works Contract Approved – January 9, 1899

Council approved a contract with Mssrs Armstrong and Morrison "for the furnishing of steel riveted mains for the Water Works Department". The Finance Committee and the City Solicitor had previously vetted the contract. Continue Reading

Final Meeting of Council for 1898 – January 16, 1899

Final reports and accounts from 1898 were received. A letter from the Health Inspector re J.T. Abray's claim regarding blocking of Cosmopolitan {Hotel} sewer (pictured here) was referred to the City Solicitor. Continue Reading

Firefighting Equipment Finalized, Three Policemen Hired – February 27, 1899

Fire Chief Carlisle Engineer A.W. Cameron selected the following equipment for purchase: Steam Fire Engine, Waterous Engine Co.; Aerial Truck, also from the Waterous Engine Co.; Hose, 2000 ft. from Gutta Percha & Rubber Co., 1750 ft being Eureka hose and 250 ft. Maltese Cross Hose; Fire Alarm Boxes five from A. A. Andrews, two with keys and three keyless. J.A. Preston, Andrew Waddell and John Jackson were appointed as policemen. Continue Reading

More Street Numbering to Come to Vancouver – March 13, 1899

The Board of Works resolved to carry out the street numbering on the system recommended by the City Engineer. The City's contract for advertising will be split evenly among the News-Advertiser, Province and World for the next year. The Light, Railway and Tramway Committee planned to interview Wiring Inspector candidates, and Alderman McPhaiden had plans to amend the Electric Wiring By-Law. Continue Reading

Animal Cruelty Fines to be Paid to S.P.C.A. – March 20, 1899

...Be it resolved that the City’s portion of all penalties imposed...be paid over to the treasurer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals. The City purchased a rock crusher from Hugh Cameron for $2,000. Police were instructed to report all cases where garbage is being dumped on the lanes and streets and prosecute under Clause 98 of the Health By-Law Continue Reading

Lease of Deadman’s Island Debated – April 25, 1899

This transcript was made in 2023 by Transcribimus volunteer Barbara Kearney-Copan. Continue Reading

City Solicitor to have Foreshore Inspected – May 8, 1899

Council voted the City Solicitor "take the necessary steps to find out what position the foreshore in front of the Old Granville Townsite stands re claims by the Province or City before this agreement is handed over to the C.P.R. Co.Carried. From the House Surgeon recommending the kalsomining [a kind of whitewashing] of the men’s ward in the old Hospital building. Continue Reading

400 Cans of Salmon and Condensed Milk Seized as “Unfit for Human Food” – May 22, 1899

The Medical Health Officer and Health Inspector reported that they had seized about 400 cans of salmon and condensed milk which they had condemned as being unfit for human food and suggesting that a letter be sent to the Secretary of the Canners Association calling attention to the immediate necessity of abolishing the sale of the cheap class of goods known as “turn over salmon". Continue Reading

Slaughterhouses to Stay on the Shores of False Creek – May 29, 1899

Council overturned a request from Ward 5 citizens asking that they take the necessary steps to remove the slaughterhouses from the shores of False Creek. After hearing from Job Kelly complaining of language used towards him by Constable Wylie at the Police Station, the police were warned to be more respectful in future towards citizens. Continue Reading

Vancouver to Acquire False Creek, Coal Harbour Waterfronts – March 27, 1899

That the City Solicitor be instructed to secure...that portion of False Creek lying to the east of Westminster Ave Bridge and Coal Harbour to the West of Stanley Park Bridge. The city also agreed to pay $2,000 to the Waterous Engineering Co for a No. 5 Champion Rock Crusher. Continue Reading