Vancouver Will Employ Only British Subjects, Effective Immediately – April 12, 1897

City Engineer must satisfy himself that any person is a British Subject prior to hiring him or her. A number of buildings previously identified as a nuisance and dangerous to the Public Health having not been repaired by the deadline given, Council order that the owners must pull down within eight days. If they do not do so, John H Carslisle, the Chief of the Fire Brigade of the said City shall destroy and remove the said buildings.

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Illustration Source: City of Vancouver Archives

Text Source: City of Vancouver Archives
Series 31 Volume 7 pages 533-541

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Minutes of the Vancouver City Council April 12 1987

[Volume 7 page] 533

Vancouver April 12th 1897

The Council met on Monday April 12th 1897.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Painter, Neelands, McQueen, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, WS McDonald and WG McDonald. The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From a large number of petitioners protesting against the granting of any music hall licence.

Referred to the Police Committee

The Rev Messrs Baer, Eby and Meikle were present in support of the petitioners.

From Campbell McIntosh asking for a sidewalk on 6th Ave E

Referred to the Board of Works

From Ed Gold asking for a Music Hall Licence

Referred to the Police Committee

From Mrs Emma Gold asking permission to erect a one story galvanized iron structure in rear of her premises on Water Street

Referred to the Board of Works

From G W Henry, manager of the BC Fruit Exchange stating that a deputation from his Board would meet the Market Committee in the City Hall on Tuesday the 13th next at 730 PM.


From J K Sutherland asking for a new sidewalk on Westminster Avenue from Hastings to Water Street

Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Lights.


[Volume 7 page] 534

From the Secretary of the Library Board asking for $1000 on account of their appropriation

Referred to the Finance Committee

From SH Brown et al asking the city to purchase the slip at the foot of Abbott St

Referred to the Finance Committee

From H I Perkins et al asking that a lane be provided in Block 100.DL.196 to put the premises in a sanitary condition

Referred to the Board of Works and Health

The following reports were received and read:

Water Committee

A Special Meeting of the Water Committee was held on Friday April 19th at 4:00 PM

Present: Aldermen Brown, Painter, and DG McDonald.

The following tenders were received for clearing a road for water works purposes through Stanley Park:

Thos H Boyd $2136

F Tilley $1597

Gibbons $2400

The Committee decided the cost of the work was too great and did not accept any of the tenders

Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Painter
That the report be adopted

[Volume 7 page] 535

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 9th 1897

Present Aldermen Brown (acting Chairman), Painter and McDonald

The following accounts were recommended for payment

News advertiser Supplies $15.90

Consolidated Railway & Light Co. lights $15142.87

Shelton & Co supplies $12

Signed William Brown
Acting chairman

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Moved by Alderman Clandenning
That the report be adopted

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday April 8th 1897

Present Aldermen McPhaiden (in the Chair) DG McDonald, WS McDonald and Neelands


From petitioners asking for improvements on Hamilton Street from Nelson to Smithe

Referred to the City Engineer and the Alderman for the Ward to examine and report

From petitioners asking for a 6 foot walk on Hornby St between Nelson and Pacific streets

Laid over one week

From Health Inspector referring to the necessity for the box drain being extended from the Crematory to False Creek

Foreman for Ward 5 to attend to this and charge same to box drains

Resolved that the Foreman for Ward 5 fix the place where water overflows on ……

[Volume 7 page] 536

BC Market Company’s grounds on Front Street

Resolved that the City Engineer examine and see what is the best thing to do at 7th Ave where improvements are asked for by J M Spinks and others

From the Pitts Agricultural Works offering road roller

Resolved that they be informed that the city has already got a good one

Resolved that the City Clerk write to the solicitors for Mr. Kendal asking if they are prepared to furnish the City with 75 cubic yards of crushed rock during the current year under the terms of the contract with the City.

Resolved that tenders be called for wood block paving at the intersection of Powell, Carrall, Water and Alexander Streets. Tenders to be sent in by 4:00 PM on Thursday the 29th such

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

W Purser Supplies $5.00

E Clough Express $0.50

D Waite Labour $18

BC Mills Supplies $181.28

Robertson and Hackett Supplies $36.96

AD McDonald Labour $81.27

Thomas Dunn and Co Supplies $129.51

Signed D McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman W S McDonald
Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the report be adopted

[Volume 7 page] 537

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday April 7th 1897

Present: Aldermen McPhaiden and the other members of this committee

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Evans, Coleman and Evans Supplies $28.38

C F Foreman Supplies $117.32

Miss Kay Nursing $10

Miss Purvis Nursing $21

Gas Company Supplies $2.25

Mrs Frizzell Sewing $4

R Meek Scavengering $0.75

John English Labour $3

W J McGuigan Inquest $10

Mrs Topham Nursing $30

Cope & Young supplies $78.30

A Nottle Labour $12.75

William Urquhart Supplies $19.50

J Carnahan Scavengering $1

G A Roedde Supplies $4.10

Dominion Fish Company Supplies $6.85

P Schneider Supplies $26.75

W Ralph Supplies $4.25

Provincial Steam Laundry Washing $77.02

Champion & White Scavengering $2

Shelton and Co Supplies $100.20

J C Woodrow Supplies $49.25

McDowell & Co Supplies $169.22


From Miss Macfie, Matron of the City Hospital furnishing report of number of patients admitted during the year 1896 and the time each were in


From A J Watts, late Secretary of the Provincial Board of Health enclosing a copy of the BC Gazette containing the resolution bringing into effect in Vancouver clauses 9 to 27 inclusive of the Sanitary Regulations 1896.


[Volume 7 page] 538

From Miss Macfie furnishing Hospital report for March


From Messrs Graves, Richards and Akroyd stating that A Gilmore would raise and connect his premises on Dupont Street at once


From Miss Macfie asking permission to rent a sewing machine for a couple of months. Resolved that the Chairman be authorized to arrange to lease a machine sent to the hospital on trial with a view of purchase

From R Meek assigning his contract for hauling sawdust to Champion & White. Not recognized.

From the Milk Inspector furnishing report


From the Health Inspector furnishing report and asking that the drain from the Crematory be extended towards False Creek about 50 feet.

Resolved that his request be granted

From the City Solicitor stating that fees for evidence given can only be paid to the party giving such evidence, consequently Dr Metherell would not be entitled to receive the amount due Dr Wood.


From Dr. I M Maclean asking if any regularly qualified practitioner other than those on the Hospital Staff can admit a patient by Certificate and whether he can assist such patient after admission. He was referred to the Hospital rules for the information asked for.

Resolved that James Carnahan shall be awarded the contract for hauling sawdust to the Crematory at $0.75 a load on the condition that each load contains twice the amount as that held by the carts of the late contractor.

[Volume 7 page] 539

Resolved that the Matron of the Hospital be instructed to admit all cases arising from accidents without waiting for a formal Certificate of admission from a member of the Hospital Medical Staff

Resolved that tenders be invited up to Wednesday April 21st 1897 at 4:00 PM for building an addition to the City Hospital

Signed D McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by Alderman Clandenning
That the clause in reference to hauling sawdust be struck out and the balance of the report adopted


Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman McQueen

That the following accounts be paid:

Armstrong & Morrison Pipe $2714.21


Moved by Alderman McQueen
Second by Alderman Painter

That the Treasurer be authorized to pay men who have been employed on the new pipe line on presentation of time checks signed by the foreman stating the persons are no longer employed on the works


Moved by Alderman Clandenning
Seconded by Alderman Shaw

That from and after this date hereof no person shall be engaged in any employment or capacity by or under this Council or Committee thereof unless he or she is a British Subject.

[Volume 7 page] 540

It shall be the duty of the City Engineer to satisfy himself before any person is employed for or on any Contract or any day labour on behalf of the City or in and about any work over which he has supervision that such person is a British subject


Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by Alderman Neelands

Whereas it has been reported that the building situate on the rear portions of Lots 24 to 28 inclusive in Block 15: Sub 196; also on Lots 29 and 33 Block 14: Sub 196; also on Lot 27 Block16: Sub196 within the City of Vancouver have become and are now a nuisance and dangerous to Public Health

And whereas the owners, agents and occupiers of the said buildings have neglected to place the same in a sanitary condition after having been duly informed by this Council so to do.

Be it there therefore resolved by the Mayor and Council of the City of Vancouver and it is hereby declared that the said buildings are a nuisance and dangerous to the Public Health and do hereby order that the owners, agents of the owners, or the occupiers of the said building shall pull down and remove the same, and in default of their so doing within eight days from the 12th day of April 1897 it is hereby further directed and ordered that John H Carslisle, the Chief of the Fire Brigade of the said City shall destroy and remove the said buildings; also that the City Clerk send a copy of this resolution to each owner or agent of the properties in question and to the occupants of said buildings.


[Volume 7 page] 541

Reconsideration of By Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by Alderman Neelands

That the following By Laws be reconsidered and finally passed and be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto:

(1) a By Law to fix the remuneration for Mayor for AD 1897;

(2) A By Law to partially exempt improvements from taxation for 1897,

(3) A By Law to fix the remuneration for Aldermen for 1897

(4) To strike the rate for 1897

(5) To grant aid to the Alexandra Childrens’ Home


The By Laws were accordingly reconsidered and finally passed

The Council adjourned

W Templeton, Mayor

Thomas F McGuigan, City Clerk