Alderman Browning OK to serve as sugar company director – April 14, 1890

Alderman J. M. Browning, elected President of BC Sugar Refining Company, to whom Council has granted a sizeable bonus, assured that “his being a Director in said Company in no way disqualifies him from serving as an Alderman”. O. W. Ellison awarded contract for supplying milk to all departments of the city at 23 cents per gallon.

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and Joy Marie Vasquez
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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 347-356

[volume 3 page 347]

Vancouver April 14th 1890

The Council met on Monday April 14th 1890 at 8 P.M.

Present His Worship, Mayor Oppenheimer and Aldermen Browning, Carroll, Garden, Horne, Fox, Sentell, Costello, McLeod and Doering.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

Before the business began Alderman Browning rose to a question of privilege and asked to be allowed to explain a few things in connection with his election as President of the Sugar Refinery Co.

He said that after accepting this position he found a clause in the Charter which lead him to doubt whether he would not either have to resign his position as an Alderman, or as a Director of the Company and notwithstanding the fact that his fellow Aldermen had insisted that his Directorship did not affect his position as an Alderman he had obtained the advice of the City Solicitor and received the assurance that the appointment did not affect his position as an Alderman.

The communication of the City Solicitor was received and filed.


From A. A. Andrews, Winnipeg notifying the Council that he had appointed Messrs Morgan, Chipman & Co his agents in Vancouver. Filed

From H. E. Moffat, Secretary of the World Exhibition Chicago asking for a copy of the Endorsation by the City

[volume 3 page 348]

Council of Vancouver of the World’s Exposition of 1893. City Clerk instructed to look the matter up and reply.

From the City Auditor furnishing reports for January, February and March. Referred to Finance Committee.

From John Irving, President of the Vancouver Water Works Co. asking the City to guarantee an overdraft in the Bank for $50,000. Referred to Finance Committee.

From the Hon. John Robson, informing Council that he had supplemented the City reward for information as to the murderers of Henry I. Sunbury. Filed.

From the Duke of Connaught informing the Mayor that his stay could not be delayed in Vancouver. Filed.

From the Clerk of the Municipality of Richmond enclosing a resolution from the Council praying that steps be at once taken to repair the North Arm Road. Filed.

From R. T. Williams asking the City to purchase 200 copies of his Directory. Referred to Finance Committee.

From Chas. H. Strutt, asking for a free site for the erection of a tannery. Referred to Finance Committee.

From E. A. Snyder asking Council to take steps to compel the owner of a Lot 6

[volume 3 page 348]

In Block 88, 264A to cut down a dangerous tree. Referred to the Fire Inspector.

From J. A. Russell, Secretary of the Free Reading Room furnishing Monthly Report and asking Council to donate $200.00 towards the support of the Library. Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Phillip Mager et al complaining of a nuisance on Block 129, 264A. Referred to Health Inspector.

From James H. Hatch complaining of the non-completion of the contract for the sidewalking of 11th Av. Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Ministerial Association placing before Council its views respecting the new License ByLaw.

Rev E. Robson was permitted to appear before the Bar of the Council and explain matters in connection with the petition.


North Arm Road Committee.

The Committee appointed by Council to interview Mr. Abbott in connection with repairs to the North Arm Road met on Wednesday April 2nd 1890.

Present Aldermen Carroll, McLeod, Sentell and Fox.

From papers examined and information furnished your Committee finds that steps will be immediately taken to have said road gazette and that it will

[volume 3 page 350]

Be thoroughly repaired and placed in a condition so that it can be travelled with pleasure at all seasons of the year.

Sgd. J. M. Fox, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Docring. That the Special Committee be adopted. Carried.

Report of the Foreshore Committee

The Foreshore Committee met on Saturday April 5th 1890.

Present Aldermen McLeod, Garden and Carroll, Alderman McLeod being appointed Chairman.

We beg to report that we have considered the question of the removal of the cabins along the Foreshore of Burrard Inlet but we do not know whether the property on which these cabins are situated belongs to the City; the C.P.R. Coy or the Dominion Government and before any definite steps are taken we would recommend that this fact be ascertained by the City Solicitor and his advise taken as to the action that should be begun by Your Committee.

Sgd. Malcolm McLeod, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Fox. That the Report of the Committee be adopted. Carried.

F. W. & L. No 5

The Fire, Water & Light Committee met

[volume 3 page 351]

On Wednesday April 2nd 1890.

Present Aldermen Carroll, Fox and McLeod.

We beg to recommend that Wm. Templeton be paid $625.00 for a span of horses purchased from him by the Fire, Water & Light Committee.

Sgd. J. M. Fox, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Docring, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the Report of the F. W. & L. Committee be adopted. Carried.

Finance No 9

The Finance Committee met on Saturday, April 5th 1890 and Friday April 16th 1890. Present Aldermen Browning, Garden, Costello and Fox.

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

D. McRae, Labor $30.10
H. A. Berry & Co. Drayage 6.50
News Advertiser, Envelopes etc. 13.50
J. Miller, Rent of P. O. Box 6.00
James Foley, Drayage .50
Drake Jackson & Co. 4.25
Telephone Co. 20.00
Telegraph Co. 7.35
F. W. Hart, Pitcher .75
World P & P Coy 51.56
S. T. Tilley, Stationery 29.35

2. That the City Clerk be authorized to secure the services of an Assistant for compiling the Voter’s List and Tax Book at a salary not to exceed $60.00 per month.

3. That O. W. Ellison be awarded the con

[volume 3 page 352]

tract for supplying milk to every department of the City where required at 23 cts per gallon.

4. That tenders be invited for the purchase of $30,000 worth of City Debentures issued as a bonus for the erection of a Sugar Refinery in this City; such tenders to be advertised through the public press.

5. That the accounts of the Board of Works and Fire, Water & Light Committee be paid.

Sgd. J. M. Browning, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Fox, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

Works No 9

The Board of Works met on Wednesday April 2nd and Thursday April 10th 1890, all the members being present:

We beg to recommend:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

H. F. Keefer, Sewers $1,969.17
J. H. L. Wilson, Trees 69.60
W. C. Muir, Shed 30.00
McDonald & B Lane in D41, 196 42.99
Do Drain Burrard St 156.60
Do Drain Burrard St 238.50
Dr. Lefevre, Sidewalk Hastings St. 110.25
Vancouver Gas Co. 53.25
D. McRae, Labor 21.50
S. T. Tilley, Stationery 6.25
D. Gibbons, 15th Av. 94.78
A & W McDonald, Basement Drain 113.54
W. C. Muir, Bridge Westminster Av. 553.48

[volume 3 page 353]

2. That David Gibbons be awarded the contract for the grading and planking of the lane in Block 40, District Lot 541.

3. That tenders be called for the grading of Hornby Street South of Georgia St.

4. In reference to the petition of H. A. Jones et al praying that 9th Avenue in 204A be established as a base line and stone monuments planted thereon, we consider that as all these lots and blocks are registered that it is beyond our jurisdiction to interfere with such survey.

5. Re the communication of H. Connacher asking for an extension of time for the completion of the grading of Robson Street we consider it a piece of coolness for him to ask the ratepayers to submit any longer to the nuisance as he has allowed rocks etc to remain on the streets since December notwithstanding the splendid opportunity afforded for their removal during the cold season.

We would therefore recommend that he be at once notified to complete his contract.

6. That Wm. West be appointed Pound Keeper in place of Robert Hemphill resigned, at the same salary and under the same conditions.

7. That a basement drain be constructed on the west side of Abbott Street from the lane in Block 46 the lane in Block 5.

8. That extra rafters, 18 inches apart, be placed on the roof of the Market building at a cost not to exceed $60.00.

[volume 3 page 354]

9. That tenders be called for the following improvements:

(a) Grading Hornby Street full width from Georgia to Drake.
(b) Grading Powell Street full width from Boundary Avenue to Vernon Street thence North along Vernon St to the present road.
(c) Grading 8th Avenue from Westminster Road to Prince Edwards Street 22 feet wide and clearing and close cutting full width.

10. That W. C. Muir be awarded the contract for the construction of a box drain in Block 40 District Lot 541 at 18 cents per foot.

Sgd. J. W. Horne, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Browning, seconded by Alderman Doering. That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Browning, seconded by Alderman Costello. That the Amendments to the Liquor License By-Law be read a first time. Carried.

The By-Law was accordingly read a first time and laid on the table for one week.


Moved by Alderman Carroll, seconded by Alderman Horne. That the Contract between the City and the Vancouver Electric Illuminating Co be read

[volume 3 page 355]

by the City Clerk. Carried.

The Contract was accordingly read.

Moved by Alderman Costello, seconded by Alderman Garden. That having heard Alderman Browning’s statement relative to his connection with the British Columbia Sugar Refinery Coy to which a bonus has been granted by the City the Council desires to record its opinion that his being a Director in said Company in no way disqualifies him from serving as an Alderman and that the disqualifications referred to in Sec 4, Sub sec 1, of the Act of Incorporation of the City of Vancouver does not apply to his case and further this Council considers that it will be in the interest of the City, that Alderman Browning retains the position of President of said Company to which he has been elected. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Garden, seconded by Alderman Fox. That the License By-Law as now read be published immediately for the purpose of giving the Aldermen and citizens generally an opportunity to discuss its various clauses. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Browning. That the following labor accounts be paid:

P. Atkinson et al $264.17
Do et al 155.90 Carried.

[volume 3 page 356]

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk