Vancouver needs second fire engine – April 16, 1888

City recommends purchase of a second fire engine. City Auditor John Devine’s salary increased. Assistant City Engineer J. Romang’s raise denied. CPR to build Heatley Street crossing over railway. Contracts for street improvements for Hastings, Dunlevy, Westminster [Main Street].

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 274-288

[vol2 page 274]

Vancouver April 16th 1888

The Council met on Monday April 16th 1888 at 7:30 P. M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Bell-Irving, Brighouse, Clark, Couth, Dougall, Humphries and Lefevre.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Messrs Drake, Jackson and Helmcken informing Council that Mr. T. T. Black was prepared to act in the capacity of Police Magistrate and City Solicitor. Filed.

From Mr. B. Saunders, asking that the Council use its influence in obtaining an exhibit from British Columbia for the Toronto Industrial Exhibition. Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Wm. Power asking that a Stump be removed from a certain portion of Georgia Street. Referred to the Board of Works.

From F. G. Vernon acknowledging receipt of communication re gravelling New Westminster Road. Filed.

[vol2 page 275]

From W. S. Gore acknowledging resolution of Council re opening up the lands for Settlement in the vicinity of the City. Filed.

From H. Abbott giving notice that he had ordered the construction of a crossing over the track on Heatley Avenue. Filed.

From City Solicitor advising the City that it had no power to remit the taxes on Y. M. C. A. property or on an Opera House. Filed.

From E. Mohun enclosing a diagram showing how to connect with public Sewers. Filed.

From H. Abbott asking if the Corporation would dispose of one of its Syphons [sic ]. Referred to Board of Works.

From H. Abbott re Bridge across False Creek. Filed.

From H. Abbott re Railway across the Fraser River. Filed.

From H. Levi & Co. advising City that they had shipped beet root seed to Vancouver. Filed.

[vol2 page 276]

From D. McAllister et al petitioning for the improvement of Hornby and Drake Streets. Referred to the B of Works.

From H. Abbott offering to sell certain lots in 541 for the erection of a fire hall. Referred to F. W. & L.

From E. Mohun giving notice that the Sewers has [sic] been completed. Referred to Board of Works.

From A. G. Ferguson asking for exclusive rights to operate Street railways along certain Streets for 40 years. Referred to Finance & City Solicitor.

From John Devine enclosing Auditors Report for March. Filed.

From Messrs Garden and Hermon giving notice that they had completed the survey of the Old Granville Townsite and enclosing account for same. Referred to Board of Works.

From Alfred Lafond et al asking Council to take action on petition re closing Barber Shops on Sunday. Referred to City Solicitor.

[vol2 page 277]


F. W. & L. No. 9

The Fire, Water and Light Committee met on Thursday April 5th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

Thos. Lye & Co. Nails etc $1.35
Henderson Bros. Feed $15.32
H. Arkell $8.45
B. Nunamaker $24.00
C. M. Hawley $7.00
F. X. Martin $8.75
John McAllister $2.57
Chas. E. Berry $180.00
Royal City Planing Mills Co. $52.71
Vancouver Electric Ill. Co. $184.00
Leask & Johnson $24.00
W. Beavis $1.50
Thos. Dunn & Co. $4.90
Thos. Lye & Co. .55 cts
Telephone Co. $7.50
Electric Ill. Co. $15.25
Vancouver Drug Co. $2.50

We recommend that another engine be purchased subject to approval on arrival from John W. Ronald of Brussels, Ontario for the sum of $3,800.00 payment therefor to be made in debentures of the City of Vancouver (taken at par) bearing interest at the rate of six percent per annum and extending over a period of 15 years also 500 feet of three ply Baker Fabric

[vol2 page 278]

Hose at 90 cts per foot and 1000 feet of Maltese Cross Hose at $1.10 per foot delivered at the wharf Vancouver and two hose carts No. 1 Light and No. 2 Heavy of the Silsby Manufacturing Co’s Make.

We recommend that the City Treasurer be instructed to pay the express charges and duty on the patent harness.

Sgd., J. Humphries, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Couth seconded by Alderman Dougall. That the report be adopted. Carried.

Health No. 7

The Health Committee met on Friday April 13th 1888 at 2:30 P. M. and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

F. X. Martin groceries $21.25
Vancouver Wine Co. $1.50
A. J. Marks, Painting $6.00
J. J. Tierney, Drayage $1.00
Owen Hughes, Washing $5.00
Hayes & McIntosh, Meat $17.94
Wm. Urquhart, Wine $2.25
Campbell & Martin Bread $6.05
Vancouver Drug Co. $11.90
W. Ashford, Milk $5.85
A. Hambrook, Drayage $3.00

Sgd., J. M. Lefevre, Chairman

[vol2 page 279]

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Dougall. That the report of the Board of Health be adopted. Carried.

Finance No. 8

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 6th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

John Devine, Special Audit $10.00
H. T. Devine, Engrossing $5.00
F. X. Martin, Supplies $6.35
News Advertiser $75.30
S. T. Tilley, Stationery $19.60
Vancouver Herald $25.25
E. W. Allbee, Stationery $2.85
Canada Gazette $4.90
Palmer Bros. Coal $12.00
R. Mathison, Printing $27.45
Thomson Bros. $6.50
J. Miller, rent of P.O. Box $1.75
C. P. Telegraph Co. .85 cts
Telephone Co $7.00

We beg to report that we have received communications from John Devine City Auditor and J. Romang, Assistant to City Engineer asking that their respective salaries be increased.

We recommend that the City Auditor’s salary be increased to $150 a year which shall include all corporation audits; but

[vol2 page 280]

no action be taken towards increasing the Salary of J. Romang.

We would also recommend that in future all parties having public meetings called be required to pay for the cost of advertising same.

The Committee met again on Friday April 13th and beg to recommend that the By-Laws now being advertised be consolidated and that the amount devoted to building the bridge across False Creek be reduced to $18,000 and that the balance be spent in purchasing another fire engine and the necessary apparatus in connection therewith.

We beg to report that we have examined the Treasurer’s accounts in reference to payments made to E. Mohun and find that there are no grounds for the statement made by the City Auditor that he had been over paid.

He has received no than [sic] what he is fairly entitled to.

The City Auditor evidently based his statement on the amounts actually paid to the contractor whereas Mr. Mohun received his commission on the full amount of the estimates returned without deducting percentage.

We recommend that the City Treasurer be authorized to pay to the Provincial Collector on demand the amounts due from the several officials

[vol2 page 281]

for Revenue Tax and deduct same from their respective salaries.

The following accounts are recommended for payment:

R. T. Williams, Book $18.00
C. P. Navigation Co. . .35 cts
C. P. Tel. Co. $1.55

Sgd., Robt. Couth, for Chairman

Moved by Alderman Lefevre seconded by Alderman Dougall. That the report be sent back to the Committee with the exception of that portion relating to payment of accounts. Carried.

Works No. 13

The Board of Works met on Saturday April 7th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

H. F. Keefer, gravelling $1,139.45
Wm. Hawkins, Barnard St. $100.93
W. P. Reardon, Cambie St. $51.55
McDonald & Cameron, Cambie St. $897.12
A. McLellan, Cambie St. $297.40
H. Connacher, Westminster Av. $230.64
A. Parker, Sewer Work $13.50
John McAllister, Sewers $23.40
do Scraper $35.00
A. W. Cameron, Street Work $94.55
H. Blyth et al, Street Work $194.00
Thos. Lye & Co. $1.45
Duncan McRae $13.00

[vol2 page 282]

McLennan & McFeely $2.00
E. S. Scoullar & Co.
Sewer Trays $34.50
J. Brown, Surveyor’s Chain $2.00
J. Forbes, Blacksmithing 2.40
E. Cook, Hospital Contract $325.00
James Stanford
Hospital Contract $800.00
Thos. Dunn & Co. $1.00
F. Foubert, Granville St. $44.50
E. Mohun $48.36


The following tenders have been received.

Granville Street

Augus McLellan,
Grading per lineal ft 45 cts
Culverts per M. ft $16.00
Boyd and Clandening
Grading per lineal ft 78
Box Culverts per M. ft $16.00
H. Connacher
Grading etc per ft 64 cts
Box Culverts per M. ft $18.00
McDonald & Cameron
Grading etc per ft 82 cts
Box Culverts per M. ft $17.00
T. G. Cooney
Grading etc per ft 83 cts
Box Culverts per M. ft $14.00

Burning Roots etc.

Augus McLellan
Hastings Street $40.00
Dunlevy Av. $15.00
Westminster Av. $8.00

[vol2 page 283]

Reid and Glassford
Westminster Av.
Gore Av.
Dunlevy Av. $150.00
Hastings St. East & West

We recommend that Augus McLellan be awarded the contract for both works.

We recommend that tenders be called for the following street improvements:

1. Georgia Street full width from Cambie Street to Coal Harbour.
2. Seaton Street from Burrard St. to Thurlow Street and the building of a bridge across the gulley.
3. The construction of a 6 foot sidewalk on Barnard Street (South side) West of Westminster Avenue.
4. Pender Street full width from Howe Street to its junction with Georgia Street.
5. Abbott Street from Hastings St to Pender St. and Pender St. from Abbott Street to Hamilton St.
6. The two alleys in the Old Granville Townsite running from Cambie Street to Carrall Street and parallel to Water and Cordova Streets.
7. Tenth Avenue from Westminster Avenue to Columbia Street 16 feet wide to give access to the Brewery.
8. Drake Street from Howe Street to Homer Street.

[vol2 page 284]

We have instructed the City Engineer to prepare estimates of the cost of improving the following streets:

1. Portions of Jervis, Thurlow, and Nicola Streets and Nelson, Davie and Haro Streets from Granville Street to Nicola Streets.
2. Extending Seventh Avenue East from the end of the present grading 2,700 feet.
3. The lowering of Harris Street sidewalk west of Westminster Avenue.

We recommend that Messrs Boyd and Clandening be notified to grade Section 1 of the Park Road on the line adopted by the Board of Works and brushed out by them; also that the balance of the gravel be distributed as follows:

20 yds on the West end of Hastings St.
10 yds in rear of Fire Hall.
Remainder on Powell Street between Carrall Street & Westminster Avenue.

All parties wishing to connect with Sewers must furnish the City Engineer with a plan and notes showing the position of connections and such information shall be recorded in a book kept for that purpose and marked on the Sewerage plan.

Sgd., H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Works No. 14

The Board of Works met on Friday April 13th and Monday April 16th and

[vol2 page 285]

beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

W. P. Reardon, Balance on Cambie St. $6.38
E. Mohun final act on Sewers $66.24
C. J. Phibbs, Work on Sewers $13.50
A. Parker do. $4.50
Lye & Co. Hardware $2.55
Leamy and Kyle plank $15.00
E. Cook, Extras on Hospital $55.00
Wm. Harkins, on Sewers $795.35
retaining $2,175.94 until two months after
date according to contract.
W. P. Reardon, Drake Street $46.80

Angus McLellan having informed the City Clerk that he was not prepared to carry out his contract for the improvement of Granville Street we recommend that the contract be awarded to H. Connacher.

We also recommend that the plumbing for the New City Hospital be awarded to E. S. Scoullar & Co.

We recommend that a road be built to the Brewery along Tenth Avenue 20 ft wide also along Seventh Avenue from end of present work easterly to Block 101 thence North to 6th Avenue, thence easterly to extend in all about 2,700 feet.

We recommend that the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with Mr. Abbott asking him to kindly put the railway crossings on Carrall, Powell, Alexander and Hastings Streets in a proper state of repair the full width.

[vol2 page 286]

also that Eveleigh Street be graded 600 feet and Abbott (full width) to be connected with the railroad wharf.

Sgd., H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Dougall. That the report of the Board of Works be adopted with the exception of the accounts of Mr. E. Mohun. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Lefevre. That Jack Levy be appointed by the Council in conjunction with Aldermen Brighouse, Clark and Humphries to solicit subscriptions for the Wellington Sufferers. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Bell-Irving seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That the Chairman of the Fire, Water, and Light Committee in conjunction with the Chairman of the Finance Committee be empowered to buy two lots for the new fire hall. Carried.

[vol2 page 287]

Moved by Alderman Bell-Irving seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That the Board of Works be empowered to build a suitable hall for the new fire engine as soon as the necessary land has been purchased. Carried.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Clark gave notice that he would move a resolution that we celebrate the first of July in a befitting manner as a public holiday and that we write our Sister cities and C. Battery to join us in the celebration and that the Mayor and Council take the necessary steps to form Committees.

Alderman Bell-Irving gave notice that he would move a resolution authorizing the Sale of a Syphon to the C. P. R. Co at cost price also that it would be inadvisable to consolidate the two By-Laws for $125,000 and $25,000 now before the people; also that the plan of the Old Granville Townsite as surveyed by Messrs Garden and Hermon be on exhibition in the City Clerk’s office for the inspection of property owners for the space of eight days from date and that Messrs Garden & Hermon

[vol2 page 288]

be requested to furnish copies of all field notes in their possession relating thereto and that a notice be put in the papers to that effect.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk