Health Committee reviews costs – April 16, 1894

Vancouver Hospital staff 1893
Vancouver City Hospital staff 1893

The CPR asked Vancouver to take charge of 74 Chinese lepers. Meanwhile, the Health Committee compared rates for hospital care for mariners, women, children and lepers. Victoria was receiving a subsidy of $330 per year from Ottawa for care of each of their three lepers. City Solicitor recommended $1,000 be paid to the estate of Fireman Smalley, who died on the job in 1893. After a resolution calling for tenders for debentures to finance street paving was carried, Alderman Salsbury tendered his resignation. The resignation was held over for one week.

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Illustration: Vancouver Archives Item Bu P66
[Group portrait of Vancouver City Hospital staff] 1893
back row: Miss Watmough, Miss Bushby
front row: Miss Swan, Miss Way, Frank Humphrey

original handwritten minutes here: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 17 -29

[Volume 6 page 17]

Vancouver April 16th 1894
The Council met on Monday April 16th 1894
Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Salsbury, Shaw, Queen, McDowell, McCraney, McPhaiden, Franklin, Wm Brown, C.L. Brown & Bethune.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From J.W. Balmain making certain charges against the City Engineer
Moved by Alderman Queen.
Seconded by “ McDowell.
That the Communication be filed Carried.

From James Milne applying for work.
Referred to the Board of Works

From Welsh Bro stating that the Market Scales were inaccurate
Referred to the Police Committee

From the City Solicitor regarding the Title to Clark’s Park
Referred to the Park Commissioner

From A.R. Finglander stating that he would not accept the contract for furnishing crushed rock unless the Council would guarantee to take 1700 yards per month until the end of 1895. Filed.

From R.F. Swallwell resigning his position as Plumbing examiner.

His resignation was accepted on motion of Alderman McDowell seconded by Ald Queen.

[Volume 6 page 18]
From G.H. Cooper. New Westminster asking for a bonus of $125.00 to run his steamer between Chiliwhack and Vancouver
Referred to the Finance Committee

From the City Solicitor regarding the collection of overdue taxes
Referred to the Finance Committee

From J.W. McFarland asking for the reconsideration of the tenders submitted for the purchase of the Local Improvement Bonds
Laid over to be considered with Finance Report

From Mason & Co asking for the readjustment of the water rates on John Stevenson’s building on Hastings Street east.
Referred to the Water Committee

From James Patten and W.J. Gibbons claiming damages for injuries received from a rope stretched across Water Street
Referred to the City Solicitor

The following Reports were received and read:-

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Monday April 16th 1894.
Present – Aldermen McDowell, McPhaiden and Wm Brown


From Miss Macfie furnishing monthly report on City Hospital Filed

[Volume 6 page 19]

From Mrs A.E. Webster stating that she would be willing to admit sick women to the Alexandra Hospital for $5.00 a week and children for $3.00
That the matter be laid over for the present for want of funds.

From H. Abbott asking the City to take charge of the 76 Chinamen in quarantine. Filed

From the City Clerk of Nanaimo and Dr. Davis stating that the Nanaimo Hospital received $10.00 a week from the keep of sick mariners. Filed.

From the Health Inspector asking for certain supplies for the Crematory and fixing the Chimney.
That the supplies asked for be furnished and that the Chimney be repaired the Chairman to solicit tenders for having the work done.

From W.O. Miller asking that stagnant water in the Vicinity of his premises be drained off
Referred to the City Engineer to have the nuisance abated.

That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Dominion Government and draw their attention to the fact that the City of Victoria is receiving $1000 a year there for the keep of lepers while Vancouver with two lepers receives nothing.

Resolved. That the City Clerk be instructed to order a Voucher book for the Crematory.

[Volume 6 page 20]

That the following accounts be paid:-
McIntosh & Co supplies $70.56
Crowder & Penzer “ 21.00
Chinese Nurse Nursing 74.50
Mellish & Gray Supplies 72.75
Crowder & Penzer “ 34.84
James Caruchau, Scavenering .75
F. Filion Supplies 13.90
W.H. DeBon 48.92
A.H. Hatch 3.75
James Egan 36.25
J.A. Percival 37.50
D. Bell-Irving 5.00
Pioneer Steam Laundry 67.97
W. Kirby .50
A.E. Somerton 18.10
Leather Lockhurst & Center 17.80
Deplock & Co. 1.00
S.S. Clyde 50.00
G.I. Wilson 7.50
Wm Collier 71.95
D.J. Campbell 17.95
H. McConrey 1.00
Evans, Coleman & Evans 89.40
Michael Carriere 2.00
Champion & White 12.95
F. Filion 74.28
Champion & White 4.25
G.I. Wilson 38.32
Champion & White 2.00
Weeks & Robson 12.25
A.H. Thomas 20.00
B.C.D . T. & Del Co .75

[Volume 6 page 21]

Russell.McDonald & Co $4.85
McIntosh & Co. 5.20
F. Filion 15.02
Henry Collins 38.70
J. Stevens & Son 32.29
Thomson Bros. .75
C. Nelson 75.18
Van Gurney Cab Co. 1.00
City Painting Works 3.50
W. Simpson 1.75
Sgd John McDowell

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 13th 1894
Present – the full Board
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
F. Filion Supplies $1.52
Thomson Bros “ 1.45
H. Burke Repairs 2.25
Gurney Cab Co Cabs 13.50
The Empire Advertising 16.50
Gazette “ 21.25
Land Registry Office Drafting 32.50
S. James. Auditing 40.00

The following tenders were received for the purchase of the Local Improvement Debentures:-
Hanson Bros. Montreal $101 for each $100.00
W. Wilson Smith “ 101 ¼ “ “ 100

[Volume 6 page 22]

W. Farrell Vancouver $101 50/100 for each $100.00
That the tender of Wm Farrell be accepted on condition that the money be payable here and the principal and interest payable here


From Mrs. Margaret McClennan of Roslyn, Washington asking for assistance to fight a lawsuit on behalf of widows and orphans of certain miners Filed

From C.W. Murray Secretary of the School Board stating that the Trustees could not see their way clear to make any further reductions in their Estimates. Filed

From Innes & Richards offering Lots 37 to 41 in Block 38 District Lot 541 in front of the City Hospital for $10,000 terms $2500 down, balance in 3 equal annual payments of $2500.00 in 1, 2 & 3 years @ 6 per cent Offer not accepted

That the sum of $1000 be paid to the heirs of the late Fireman Smalley on recommendation of the City Solicitor said money to be paid into Court.
Sgd W.F. Salsbury

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Queen
That the Clause in the Report in reference to the purchase of Lots 37 to 41 Block 38.541 be eliminated and referred back to the Committee. Carried

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Queen.
That the Clause in the Report awarding accepting

[Volume 6 page 23]

the offer of Wm Farrell be eliminated and tenders again called to be received up to Friday April 20th at 4 p.m.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by Alderman C.L. Brown.
That the Report be adopted as read. Motion Carried.

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the Report as amended by adopted. Carried.

Fire & Light Committee

The Fire & Light Committee met on Wednesday April 11th 1894.
Present – Aldermen Franklin, Shaw, Queen, McCraney, and Bethune.


From John Cooper asking for an increase of salary in consideration of running the road roller.
That his salary be increased $5.00 a month while he acts in the capacity of Engineer on the road roller said increase to be paid by the Board of Works.

From the City Solicitor submitting an agreement to be signed by the firemen for approval.
Laid over till next meeting.

That the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Co be requested to put meters in the firehalls and that the present contracts for lighting same be terminated.

[Volume 6 page 24]

That the following accounts be paid:-
B.F.Henry Supplies $8.55
Thos Dunn & Co “ 2.28
McDowell & Co “ 17.60
F. Filion “ 20.46
G.H. Bazley 10.50
Van Elec Ry & L Co “ 1724.32
Crowder & Penzer “ 41.99
McLennan & McRely “ 10.05
A.D. Hoseack “ 2.40
London Carriage Works. Repairs 4.00
Thos Lobb “ 2.00
I Forbes “ 2.00
F.W. Hart Supplies 3.50

Sgd J.L. Franklin

Moved by Alderman C.K. Brown
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report be adopted. Carried

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday April 13, 1894.
Present – Aldermen McCraney, Shaw and Franklin.
Messrs Robinson and Atchison appeared before the Board to get the lane in Block 80.196 opened up.
Referred to the officers in charge of the Chain gang


From W. I. Archer etal asking that the lane in Block 37.200A be graded; also from E. Cooper making a similar request in regard to the lane in Block 9.185
Both referred to the officer in charge of the Chain Gang.

[Volume 6 page 25]

From J.M. O’Toole submitting estimate of cost of putting in steps etc at his building on Hastings Street where the grade has been lowered.
The Board decided to examine the place and report.

From the City Engineer reporting in regard to P. Carey’s claim of $116.00 for work done in putting in steps etc at Brunswick Hotel.
Board decided to examine and report.

From J. Gendron asking the Street to be fixed with rock in front of his store.
Already attended to.

From M. C. McLean Secretary Ward 5 Ratepayers Protective Association protesting against a resurvey of 264A.
Laid over one week.

From J. Clandenning asking for drawings at Lot 9 Block 8.196 Westminster Avenue where he is about to build.
Referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

From J. Slade asking that the sidewalk be continued over Gore Avenue past his house.
Already in the Estimates will be done in due course if there are funds.

From the Street Inspector in reference to the Street Cleaning and sprinkling
Laid over one week

From W.O. Miller complaining of stagnant water on vacant lots near his residence corner of Hornby and Pender Streets
Referred back to the Board of Health for more information

From A.R. Fingland, begging permission to withdraw his tender for rock crushing. Filed.

[Volume 6 page 26]

From the B.C. Mills Timber & Trading Co submitting an account for walk put down on Dunlevy Avenue from the (?) in 1892.
Resolved that the Board will only recommend the payment of the cost of the planking used at the rate $8.00 per the feet amounting to $14.80

From A.J. Matthews etal asking for a box drain on Richards Street at Block 64, also from Mark Little and others asking for an 8 ft walk on Drake Street also from H. Condren asking for a sidewalk on Dunlevy Avenue between Princess & Keefer Streets
Laid over pending estimates.

From J.C. Rounding in reference to Australian Wood for block paving and offering to send over a certain quantity as a test.
Resolved that the City Engineer be instructed to write a reply that this Board will be happy to put down any samples of wood blocks for paving Mr. Rounding may see fit to send over and suggest that enough be sent to do one block.


Resolved that tenders be called for the following up to 3. P.M. on Thursday the 26th next.
Crushed rock, all the work in connection with crushing to be done in the City; also the supply of rough rock for same, tenders to be whole or separate.


The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. Menzies Lorne St. $2.50
W. Black Flush Tank 58.10
Thos Dunn & Co Supplies 24.99

[Volume 6 page 27]

News.Advertiser Supplies $3.00
W.S. Cook. “ 2.25
W.C. Marshall. Expenses. 1.00
W.L. Tait Supplies 14.77
Evans, Coleman & Evans “ 573.58
E. Shurgold. Expenses .50
Leatherdale & Co. “ 5.00
Lomas etal Labor 166.25

Resolved that the account of R.A. Townley, amounting to $5.00 re sewer connections at Lot 5.B71.196 be referred to the Plumbing Inspector for an explanatory report.

Resolved that D. McGillivray’s account amounting to $5,339.80 for bituminous rock on hand be laid over one week.
Sgd H.P. McCraney

Moved by Alderman C.L. Brown
Seconded by “ McDowell
That the Report be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the following labor account be paid:-
Hooper etal $320.95 Carried

Moved by Alderman Wm Brown
Seconded by “ McCraney
That the following labor accounts be paid:-
J. Clandenning etal $169.40
Wm Trevning etal $140.05 Carried

[Volume 6 page 28]

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by : Franklin
That the Mayor be authorized to sign the petition to the Privy Council asking for leave to appeal in the case of the CPR Co as the City and to apply the seal of the Corporation thereto. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Bethune
That tenders for debentures for bonds for street paving under the local improvement act be called for to be in by Friday afternoon next at the meeting of the Finance Committee, principal and interest and money to be payable in Vancouver. Carried.

After the above resolution was read, Alderman Salsbury tendered his resignation, which was laid on the table for one week on motion of Alderman C.L. Brown seconded by Alderman McDowell.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by : McCraney
That the Park Commissioners be granted the sum of $200.00 pending the compiling of the Estimates. Carried.

Notices of Motion

Alderman Brown (C.L.) gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would introduce a By-Law to amend the present Market By-Law.

Alderman Franklin gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would move for a Committee to be appointed to investigate the charges

[Volume 6 page 29]

made by him against the City Engineer in December 1893 and also other charges of which he would give notice at same meeting such committee to have power to examine under oath under the presidency of the Police Magistrate.

The Council then adjourned to meet again on Thursday the 19th next at 8 P.M. to discuss Street Railway matters and consider the estimates.

R.A. Anderson

Thos. R McGuigan
City Clerk