All Quotes for Gravel Found Too High – April 17, 1899

All four quotes for crushed rock were found too high (the lowest was 65 cents per cubic foot) and the contractors’ deposits were ordered to be returned. A committee was formed to discuss a possible C. P. R. way station for the East End. Possible sites for a new library included Hastings and Abbott, or the southwest corner of Hastings and Westminster (Main Street), but nothing was settled.

This transcript was made in 2023 by Transcribimus volunteer Carole Wilson

Source: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S31 715-E-02 Vol 9
Volume 9 pages 65-73

[Volume 9 page] 65

Vancouver April 17th 1899.The Council met on Monday April 17th 1899.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Grant, Gilmore, McQueen, Skinner, McPhaiden, McGuigan, Brown, Foreman, Bruce and Wood.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From A. Fairon et al asking for the removal of the Slaughter houses from Mount Pleasant.
Referred to the Health Committee.

From Norman M. Beers et al asking for a Sewer between Harwood and Burnaby Streets.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From M. Gemmill Solicitor for the City of Ottawa on Deadman’s Island acknowledging receipt of telegram from the Mayor in relation thereto.

From R.C. Ferguson et al asking for a larger water pipe in the West end.
Referred to the Water Committee.

From Chas Strange Fairview asking for the removal of several large stumps from in front of his premises.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From S.A. McDowell Hastings Street east asking for a culvert.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Trades and Labor Council asking for the suppression of gambling and Sunday Liquor drinking in Saloons.
Referred to the Police Committee.

From the License Commissioners asking the Council to consider the question of raising the Liquor Licenses.
Laid over for By-Law.

[Volume 9 page] 66

From the Mayor of Montreal asking for assistance for a young Italian named Camille Cairo to reach his home in Montreal.
Referred to the Health Committee.

From J.L. McTaggart et al asking for a sidewalk on 5th Av.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Thos. Wylie asking for a piece of sidewalk on Cordova Street east.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Library Board urging the erection of a Library Building on either the South East corner of Hastings and Abbott Streets or next to the City Hall; also from J.J. Banfield as a site Lots 11 & 12 Block 26 D.L. 541 for $5850.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From S. H. Williams asking for the City Hall at a low rate for a benefit concert and dance in aid of James Rowe 112 Harris St.
Referred to Alderman Brown with power to act.

From R. Purdy et al asking for a sidewalk on Hastings Street West.
Referred to Board of Works.

From the City Engineer certifying that the cost of Macamadizing Nicola Street would be $10000 one half of which would be borne by the City.
Laid over for Motions.

From A. E. McNaughton et al petitioning for the macamadizing etc of Nicola Street one half the cost be borne by the City and one half by the property owners.
Laid over for Motions.

The following Reports were received and read:

Water and Market Committee

The Water and Market Committee met on Wednesday April 12th 1899. Present Aldermen Brown, McQueen, Gilmour and Wood.

[Volume 9 page] 67


From P. Clark applying for position as Blacksmith.

From the Bank of B. N. A. asking to have amount due the B.C. Iron Works Co. for pipe paid to them.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

From Residents of 8th Av. asking for larger water main.
The City Engineer was authorized to attend to this.

Resolved that Armstrong and Morrison’s account for $5367.10 be paid if found to be correct.

The following tenders for lead pipe and brass were received:-

Ralph & Co.Lead pipe6 ¼ cts.Brass$7
Boyd & Co.$5.95 per 100 Lbs.$674.74
James Robertson Co.5 ½ per 100 Lb.‘585.
C.G. Henshaw


It was resolved to accept the tender of James Robertson & Co. for both pipe lead and brass.

Resolved that Mr. Boultbee be authorized to procure assistance in his office during H. J. Franklin’s absence on account of illness. Salary to be the same as Mr. Franklin’s.

It was resolved to ask the C. P. R. for prices for lane for a yard for the Water Works.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Robert Parker and SonsSupplies$103.37
News AdvertiserAds17.15
City Grocery Co.Supplies91.24
B. C. M. T. & T. Co.3.41
D. J. McPhalenCarpentering3.90
Gartshore & Co.Supplies715.00
H. RobertsonClerical Work6.25
Thos. McIntyreSupplies3.20

[Volume 9 page] 68

Trythall & SonSupplies$24.35
Van Gas Co.Gas6.00
J. DodsonSupplies5.25
A. G. FentonLabor2.70
Thos. Dunn & Co.Supplies92.88
Mackenzie Bros.31.61
Robinson & PeppardTeaming13.70
Van Iron WorksSupplies2.13
C. S. Philip8.20
Evans, Coleman & Evans772.32
Water Works Pay RollLabor1472.95
Armstrong& MorrisonSupplies5619.83

sgd Wm. Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by “ McQueen,
That the Report be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 13th of April 1899.
Present the full Board.


From A. J. Ford re Septic Tank System of Sewage.
Referred to the City Engineer to write for information from various sources.

From J. J. Logan et al re opening Robson Street further West.
Ordered to be done.

From Sivart, Anderson & Co. re boulders blocking alley.
Engineer to instruct police to have them removed.

From E. A. Dickie et al re opening Dufferin Street Westward.
Engineer to furnish estimate of cost.

From J. Kirpatrick asking that alleyway between 12th and 13th Avs. Be opened.
Engineer to examine and report.

From B. T. Rogers Sugar Refinery stating that they have finished grading the road to take

[Volume 9 page] 69

the place of the North end of Boundary Av.
Referred to the City Solicitor to look in to see what is necessary to be done.

From G. W. Blackman asking for filling to be done between sidewalk and fence Georgia Street near Park Bridge.
Ordered to be done.

From R. S. McIntosh and F. Dorman re sewerage of Robson Street near Cardero St.
Referred to City Engineer.

From the Gen. Manager B. C. Elec. Co. asking for a new sidewalk on Carroll Street also for permission to replace crossing over Granville Street.

From C. A. Lett asking for improvements on Haro Street.
Referred to the City Engineer to look into.

Tenders for the delivery of crushed rock were received as follows:-

Thos. Veitch70 cts per yard
McDonald Bros.85 “ “ “
J.B. Tracy90 “ “ “
J. Williams65 “ “ “

The tenders were all considered too high. All deposits to be handed back by the Treasurer.

Resolved that the foreman of Ward 5 be notified to fix sidewalk at Westminster Av.

Resolved that the City Solicitor be instructed to see what portion of water front at Heatley Avenue North End is available for the proposed wharf and report.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Van Iron WorksSupplies$208.25
J. Boyd & Co.4.04
W. L. Tait209.60
Pay RollLabor2501.65

sgd Alex Bruce.

The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Bruce.
Seconded by Alderman Grant.

[Volume 9 page] 70

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 14th 1899.
Present Aldermen McQueen, Brown and Wood.

The following account was ordered to be paid.

Thomson Stationary Co.Supplies$3.00

Resolved that the sum of $230.00 due to the B. C. Iron Works Co. for material supplied to the Water Works Department be paid to the Bank of B. N. A. the City Solicitor having advised that they are entitled to receive it.

Resolved that the City Engineer be instructed to get any material that may be useful to the City at the B.C. Iron Works, the manager of the Bank of B. N. A. having expressed his willingness to hand over the articles selected.

Mr. A. F. Morris made application to be appointed Official Bill Poster for the City.

Moved by Alderman Brown,
That his request be granted.
Moved in amendment by Ald. Wood
That the matter be laid over for one week.

Amendment carried, motion lost.
Capt. Williams Contractor for crushed rock furnishing the names of several parties to act as his bondsmen.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

Geo. Calder’s Contract for the construction of a Cottage Hospital was presented for approval.
Laid over until he furnishes Bondsmen.

The City Solicitor furnished draft copies of the new crushing contract with Captain Williams and release from the assigners of Mrs. A. E. E. Clark, the late contractor.

It was resolved that the amount of the bond be fixed at $5000 in two sureties of $5000.00 each. It was further resolved that the contract be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto when all details have been

[Volume 9 page] 71

carried out to the satisfaction of the City Solicitor.

Resolved that the assigners of Mrs. A. E. E. Clark be paid the sum of $122 held back pending the final settlement of the Street Paving Contract and also the sum of $168.60 the usual sum for cash held back on all contracts.

The City Solicitor reported verbally to the Board that the Solicitors for Messrs, Oppenheimer Bros. had refused to draw a conveyance of the property expropriated by the City at the corner of Carroll and Alexander Streets to his satisfaction. He advised that the amount of the award be paid into Court as provided by Sub Section 14 of Sec. 168 of the Vancouver Incorporation Act.

Resolved that his request be granted.

sgd Jas McQueen,

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ McGuigan,
That the Report be adopted.

A Delegation was received from the Tailors Union to explain matters in connection with their present strike. After a number of Speakers were heard the matter was referred to the Finance Committee and City Solicitor.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Gilmour.
Seconded by “ Skinner,
That a By-Law be introduced to raise the sum of $_(no amount given) for the construction of a new fire hall and to provide other sites for fire hall purposes.

The By-Law was read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by “ Foreman,
That the petition praying for the Boulevarding etc. of Nicola Street

[Volume 9 page] 72

be referred to the Board of Works with power to act.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Grant.
Seconded by Alderman Skinner,
That the Council proceed at once to advertise and take other necessary steps. Board of Works to fix details.
Amendment Carried; motion lost.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Gilmour,
That His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brown, Bruce and McGuigan be appointed a Committee to confer with the C. P. R. Authorities with a view of fixing a site for a way station in the East End.

Moved by Alderman Foreman.
Seconded by “ McGuigan,
That the City build the Free Library on the Southwest Corner of Hastings St. and Westminster Avenue.
Motion lost.

Moved by Alderman Wood.
Seconded by “ Bruce,
That the B. C. Elec. Ry. Co. be requested to remove with as little delay as possible the trolley pole from the centre of sidewalk at N. W. Corner Lorne St. and Westminster Av. also the electric light poles from the boulevards on Westminster Road to the outer edge of sidewalk.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by “ McPhaiden,
That an account be made out of the damages sustained by the City to the water pipes crossing the First Narrows and that the City Solicitor be instructed to render same to the owners of the S. S. Laurada which caused the damage.

Moved by Alderman Grant.
Seconded by “ McQueen,
That the City contribute half

[Volume 9 page] 73

the cost of boulevarding grading etc. Nicola Street that a Court of Revision for hearing appeals against the assessment of same be held on the 23rd day of May 1899 at 11 A.M. That the City Engineer give an estimate of the amount chargeable to each lot and that the City Clerk insert advertisement as proved by the Act and send out notices to the owners interested.

Notice of Motion

Alderman McQueen gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to amend the Liquor License By-Law regarding the fixing of fees.

The Council then adjourned

James F. Garden.

ThP. F. McGuigan.
City Clerk.