Battle re City Engineer continues – Apr 20, 1891

In consideration of $2,000 grant given to the women’s and children’s hospital by the City, the Chairman of the Board of Health to be one of directors of the hospital. Ongoing conflict over the firing of Chief Engineer Warren and the hiring of Mr. Tracy. Five aldermen to review the composition of the city wards in terms of populations, budgets, and taxes received.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 297 – 309

Vancouver April 20th 1891.

The Council met on Monday April 20th 1891.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carroll, Brighouse, Godfrey, Scoullar, Templeton, Hobson, Brown, McDowell, Doering, and DePencier.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received:-

From the Market Clerk furnishing his weekly report.

From Dr. Herbert applying for a position on the Medical Board of the City Hospital.

Referred to the Health Committee.

From M. Gibson asking for two trees to be cut down on 11th Av. Between Sofy [sic. Sophia] St. and Westminster Avenue.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From Edward C. Heastie asking for a settlement of the claims for wages on the South Park.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From Wm. Seidelman asking the Council to compel certain clearing to be done in 184.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From the City Solicitor stating that the necessary bonds were furnished in the Slaughter house appeal cases.
Copy of letter to be sent to Wm. Towler.

From Henry Collins etal [sic] asking that the lane between Richards & Homer Streets in Block 65.541 be graded.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From F.C. Rankin, Secretary of the Lacrosse Club, asking the Council to put the steam roller on the Brockton Point Lacrosse grounds; they defraying all expenses connected therewith.


From J.S. O’Dwyer applying for the position of the City Engineer.

Laid on the tables.

From the Chief of Police furnishing his weekly report on the Street lights.

From A.J. Dana etal [sic] asking for the gravelling etc of Robson Street.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From T.C. Booth etal [sic] asking for a sidewalk on the West side of Seymour Street.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From Thos. H. Tracy of London, Ont stating that on account of the Mayors protest and actions I think it not safe to throw up present position.

From His Worship the Mayor denying that he was responsible for the non-acceptance of the position of City Engineer by Thos. Tracy and furnishing copies of his correspondence with him.

The following Reports were received and read:-

License No 3.

Your Committee met for the transaction of business on Wednesday April 15th 1891 at 11:30 a.m.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen McDowell, Hobson and Godfrey. His Worship in the Chair.

Applications were received and read from Messrs Reid and Dowswell for a Wholesale License for premises situate on Lot 3 Block 10 w.h. 541. And from Messrs O’Rourke and Jervis for a Retail Shop License for premises situate on Lot 1 Block 13. in D.W. 196. These applications were granted and the Inspector’s report thereon ordered fyled [sic].

Applications for transfer of licenses or interests in licenses were received and read from H. Lee to Major Wilkin’s ½ interest in Glasgow Hotel; R.T. Mizony to Mizony & Rose, Dougall House. Queen Bros. to John Whitty, Waverley Hotel. Ryan Sisters to Victor Lord, St. Charles Hotel. P. Gorman to D. & A. McLennan, Pullman Hotel. Gilmore & Clark to Campbell & McPhaiden, Superior Saloon. J. Williams to W.H. Steves, Germania Hotel, all of which applications were granted.

The Board then adjourned subject to call of the Chairman.

sgd. D. Oppenheimer

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Templeton.

That the Report of the Licensing Board be adopted.

Police No 11.

The Police Committee met on Tuesday April 14th 1891.
Present Aldermen DePencier, Hobson, and Scoullar.
It was recommended:-
1 That the following accounts be paid:-
Hayes & McIntosh. Supplies. $19.60
John Sciutto “ 44.06
T.R. Morrow “ .85
Creamer & Langley “ 3.20
J.P.Blake “ 18.45
Gurney Cab Co. Fares. .50
W.S. Cook. Scavengering. 1.25

2 That the Salary of Officer Eligh be increased by $10.00 per month, such increase to date from April 1st 1891.

3 That the Pound Keeper be supplied with 500 feet of rough lumber.

4 That the Chief of Police be instructed to have the floor of the gaol repaired.

The Communication from C.M. Fowler re one month’s Salary as Pound Keeper was received and filed; as were, also those of James O’Connor, Thos. Shirley and Fred Giles re the Police Magistrate.
sgd H. DePencier

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering.

That the Report of the Police Committee be adopted.

Health. No 11.

The Health Committee met on Friday April 17th 1891.

Present Aldermen Carroll, Scoullar, Templeton, and McDowell.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.


From Mrs. Webster, asking that the recommendation of the last Council that a sum be placed in the estimates for Women’s and Children’s Hospital be considered. The application was considered in the Estimates.

From Mrs. Webster enclosing plans for the proposed hospital.

From Robert Marrion calling attention to the danger of infection from Sewer gas coming from the open manholes and ventilators in the Sewers.

From the Union S.S. Co asking for fresh arrangements to be made about dumping garbage and stating that they will require one hundred dollars per month in future for the use of the wharf for that purpose.

From the Union Steam Ship Co giving notice required to terminate the present arrangement regarding dumping of garbage.
No action taken.

From the hospital matron with hospital report for the month of March.

That in consideration of the grant of $2000 to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital the Chairman of the Board of Health shall at all times be one of the Board of Management of said hospital.

That the Health By-Law be referred to the City Solicitor to revise and make more efficient.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

W.J. McGuigan. Inquests. $10.00

R.V. Winch. Supplies. 9.41

Alex McDonald. Labor. 1.75

Hamilton Eligh. Supplies. 28.16

H.H. Layfield. “ 2.90

Union S.S. Co. Dumping. 15.00

J.P.Blake. Supplies. 10.35

Hayes & McIntosh. “ 45.10

Palmer Bros. “ 21.00

T.R. Morrow “ 45.35

J. Scuitto “ 77.91

M.J. Alcock. Making Hospital Linen. 21.20

The following Estimates for the year were submitted for the approval of the Finance Commmittee:-


Matron. Miss Swan. $50.00 per month: $600

Nurse Miss Woodward 25.00 “ “ 300

“ “ Drummond 20.00 “ “ 240

Night Nurse 30.00 “ “ 360

Porter 30 “ “ 360

Cook 25.00 “ “ 300

Inspector 50.00 per month: $600

Total $2760

Hospital Expenses $3000

“ Lighting 400

“ Fuel 300

“ Water 70

“ Telephone 48

Inquests & Examinations 400

Contingent Expenses 3000

Total $9978

Debenture Balances.

Instruments $1110.25

Furniture 1334.56

Garbage Destroyer. 8000.00

Total 20,422.81

The Committee recommend the following additions:

Miss Woodward increased 9 mos. @ $5.00 $45.00

“ Drummond “ 9 “ @ 10.00 90.00

Hospital Wing. 6000.00

“ Women’s & Children’s 2000.00

“ Furnishings 1000.00

Scavenger plant. 1000.00

“ Expenses. 1500.00

Total 24,057.81

sgd. J.T. Carroll.

Moved by Alderman McDowell.
Seconded by “ Hobson.

That the Report of the Health Committee be adopted.

Market. No 6.

The Market Committee met on Friday April 17th 1891. at 3 P.M.

Present Aldermen Brighouse, Godfrey, Brown, and Templeton.

It was recommended:-

1 That the Inspector of Weights and Measures be requested to come and test the Market Scales as there are some complaints that they are incorrect.

2 That D.J. McPhalen be awarded the contract for constructing the exit to the Market Hall price $253.00.

3 That Robertson & Hackett be paid $203.85 for altering doors etc in the Market Hall if same is found to be correct.
sgd. A. Godfrey.

Moved by Alderman McDowell
Seconded by “ Scoullar.

That the Report of the Market Committee be adopted.

Water Works. No 2.

The Water Works Committee met on Wednesday April 15th 1891.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Alderman Brown, Templeton, and McDowell.

Alderman Brown was appointed Chairman.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Sir Joseph Trutch and Mr. John Irving in reference to the arbitration being held in Vancouver.


That the City Solicitor be instructed to prepare a Brief for the Water Works arbitration and that he obtain and examine all possible witnesses.

That C. Tesley be appointed to audit the Water Works Co’s books on behalf of the City and that he be authorized to get such assistance as he require, he to proceed with the work as soon as permission to examine the books is obtained and that the City Solicitor be instructed to write to the President of the Water Works Co to obtain such permission.

That the Services of a Short hand writer and type writer be secured to take notes of the proceedings of the arbitration

That Mr. Schussler be communicated with asking him to hold himself in readiness to come to Vancouver to give expert evidence on behalf of the City, immediately on receipt of a telegram which will probably be sent to him within 30 days.

Mr. Hamersley asked the Committee whether they consider his services in connection with the Water Works arbitration were to be paid for, as extra services and the Committee replied that they were extra services.

The Committee then adjourned.
sgd Wm. Brown.

Finance No 11.

The Finance Committee met on Friday April 17th 1891.

Present Aldermen Brown, Hobson, Carroll, and Scoullar.

It was recommended:-

1 That the following accounts be paid:-

The World. P & P. Co. Subscription $12.00

News Advertiser. Ad 1.05

2 That in future all matters connected with legal proceedings be submitted to the City Solicitor before any action is taken.

A deputation consisting of Messrs. E.C Britton, A. Williams, J. Campbell, and A. St. G. Hamersley attended the meeting to consult with them and try to arrange a settlement re lots 4, 5 & 6, in Block 48. 181. through which Powell Street now runs; but no settlement was arrived at.

(sgd) Wm. Brown

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ McDowell.

That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

Works. No 11

The Board of Works met on Thursday April 16th 1891.

Present Aldermen DePencier (in the Chair), Templeton, Brown, and Godfrey.

It was recommended:-

1 That the position of the Street crossing on the corner of Burrard and Hastings streets be changed as requested by Mr. Townley.

2 That the following accounts be paid:-

H. Connacher. East Park. $506.25

D. J. McDonald. Oppenheimer St. 110.20

A.D. McDonald. Barnard St. 65.32

3 That the Sidewalk in front of the new Post Office on Granville Street and Pender Street have a dip of 2 inches to the street.

4 That the Street Inspector examine and report re the drainage of the Steam Laundry in Block 75. 541.

5 That the contract of Messrs Anderson and Yerex on the South Park be accepted, provided Mr. Anderson gives the City a guarantee to do burning and so forth when called upon.

6 That tenders be called for clearing and surface grading the lane in Block 53. 196.

7 That the lane in Block 50. 196 be graded by the Chain Gang.

Several petitions were received and laid over until the Estimates are being compiled.

The Board met again on Monday April 20th 1891 at 3 P.M. a full Board being present.

It was resolved that Mr. J.P. Lawson be temporarily appointed in charge of the Engineering Department at the rate of $125.00 per month pending the appointment of an Engineer in Chief.

sgd S. Brighouse.

The Mayor ruled that the latter part of the Report was not in order and should not be received.

Alderman Templeton then moved
Seconded by Alderman Brighouse.

That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.

The Mayor refused to put the motion, whereupon Alderman Templeton put the motion and called for a show of hands, which being taken it was found that six voted for the motion and four against.

The Ayes and Nays being called the vote stood as follows:-

Ayes. Brighouse, Godfrey, Scoullar, Templeton, Brown & McDowell (6)

Nays. Carroll, Hobson, Doering, and DePencier (4).

The Mayor declared the motion lost.


Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Godfrey.

That the following labor account be paid:-

B. Romang etal. $90.70

Moved by Alderman Scoullar.
Seconded by “ McDowell.

That Aldermen Carroll, Godfrey, and Doering be a Committee to engage and have charge of the City Band at the reception of the S.S. Empress of India.
Motion Withdrawn.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering.

That funds to the amount of $150.00 be granted by Council to the Reception Committee to engage the Band and prepare an address on the arrival of the S.S. Empress of India.


Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Templeton.

That the petition of the Lacrosse Club for the use of the Steam Roller be granted.


Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Templeton.

That in terms of the Notice of Motion given at the last meeting of Council, power be given for the submission of a By-Law for the watering of Streets or portions of streets by a frontage tax on the petition of two thirds of those residing on said streets or parts thereof.

Referred to the City Solicitor.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Brighouse

That in accordance with the Notice of Motion given at the last meeting of the Council, power be granted for the introduction of a By-Law for a more equitable division of the different wards in the City.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ McDowell.

That the following be appointed a Committee to take into consideration the revisions of the Wards namely Aldermen Brighouse, Scoullar, Templeton and the Mover and Seconder

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Scoullar.

While this Council is in no way opposed to the establishment of two Companies of Garrison Artillery in Vancouver with headquarters of the Corps at New Westminster, still they would urge on Minister of Militia and Defence through Lieu-Col Holmes D.A.G. the necessity for the establishment of a Battalion of Rifles in and for the City and would suggest that both Corps be established, at the same time, there being men enough now enrolled to fill both.

Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Brown.

That the temporary appointed Engineer be instructed to ascertain by survey the actual boundaries of the Northern ends of Cambie, Abbott, and Carroll Streets, also of Columbia, Westminster and Gore Avenues also that he be instructed to prepare a plan showing said streets and Avenues extending to deep water.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by “ Godfrey.

“That the appointment of Thos. Tracy C.E. of London, Ont., as Chief Engineer for this City be made unanimous.”

The Mayor ruled the motion out of order, Alderman Scoullar said he would appeal against the Mayor’s ruling but did not do so by motion.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk