Lease of Deadman’s Island Debated – April 25, 1899

Lease of Deadman’s Island Debated – April 25, 1899
Deadman's Island

This transcript was made in 2023 by Transcribimus volunteer Barbara Kearney-Copan.

COV S31 715-E-02 Vol 9
Pg. 83-84

[Volume 9 page] 83

Vancouver April 25 1899

The Council met on Tuesday April 25th 1899 at 4 p.m. Present His Worship the mayor and the full Board of Aldermen also the City Solicitor Mr. Theodore Ludgate and his solicitor the Hon. Joseph Martin. The object of the meeting was to discuss matters in connection with the leasing of Deadman’s Island to Mr. Theo Ludgate.

The following Communications were received and read:

From J. H. Senkler Chairman of the Committee of Citizens who oppose the present lease of Deadman’s Island to Mr. Ludgate and Thomas Matthews Secretary undertaking to pay the City’s costs in defending any action that Mr. Ludgate might bring against the City in respect of the possession of Deadman’s Island will further to retain counsel to assist the City Solicitor in defending such action.

From the City Solicitor enclosing his opinion and that of Solicitors Charles Wilson Q.C. and L.G. McPhillips in relation to the City’s position on Deadman’s Island.

From the City Solicitor enclosing correspondence between himself and Mr. Gemmill of Ottawa on the subject of Deadman’s Island.

His Worship the Mayor stated that he had submitted to the Hon Joseph Martin, Solicitor for Mr. Ludgate with out reference to the City’s claim to the Island:

  1. That the lease should be given by the City [to?] him first procuring from the Dominion Government a lease to the City.
  2. That restrictions should be placed on the occupation and reclamation of the foreshore by Slab Piles.
  3. That no connection should be made between the island and the park by the construction of Slab Piles.
  4. That the City have a voice in the construction of a wharf with the view of preventing any impediment to navitation

[Volume 9 page] 84

  1. That no bridge be constructed between the Island and the C. P. Ry. without the consent of the City.
  2. That a stated space back of the Island be set apart for log pound and that the navigation of Coal Harbour be not impeded.
  3. That the rental of the Island be paid to the City and that the amount be increased by a rate to be agreed upon in future years.
  4. That a clause prohibiting the employment of Mongolian labourers be inserted in the lease.
  5. That other points be discussed which may be inserted for the benefit of the City.

Hon Mr. Martin and the City Solicitor addressed the Council at some length setting forth their respective sides of the question.

It was then moved by Alderman McGuigan
Seconded by Alderman Skinner
That the Council adjourn until Wednesday to enable the City Solicitor and Mr. Martin to draft a basis of agreement.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Wood
Seconded by Alderman Bruce
That the Council stand adjourned until this evening at 8 p.m.

Amendment carried. Motion lost.

The Council then adjourned.

James F. Garden

W. J. McGuigan
City Clerk