Council Reviews Conditions for Smelter, Police Magistrate – April 26, 1898

This transcript was made in 2023 by Transcribimus coordinator Margaret Sutherland

Source: COV S31 715 G 05 Volume 8
pages 277-278

[volume 8 page] 277

The Council met on Tuesday April 26th 1898. Present His Worship, the mayor and Aldermen Painter, Townley, Neelands, McQueen, McPhaiden, McGuigan, Foreman, McMorran and Bruce.


from H. W. Treat representing the Vananda Copper and Gold Co offering to erect an one hundred the Smelter in the Vicinity of Vancouver on condition that free water be granted for ten years, exemption from taxation and fifty cents a ton on the ore smelted.

After discussion Mr. Treat modified the original proposal made by him and made the following proposition:-

“That provided the City granted a bonus of 60 cents per ton on all ore smelted at the smelter to be erected and amount not to exceed the aggregate – $50,000 that is for 10,000 tons in payment of not less than $5,000 at any one time, he would immediately after the Citizens should pass a By-Law authorizing such a bonus erect on a site to be mutually agreed upon by the Council and Mr. Treat within five miles of the City a Smelter capable of smelting at least 100 tons of ore per day.

The Council took his proposition under consideration to be decided upon at the regular meeting on Monday Night. In the meantime, Mr. Treat promised to look around for a suitable Site.


Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” Foreman

[volume 8 page] 278

That whereas under the existing law a Police Magistrate is permitted to practise the profession of barrister and Solicitor as well as and at the same time as may be acting as a Police Magistrate. And whereas it is desirable in the interest of the public and of justice that any one holding the office of Police Magistrate should not be engages in the active pursuit of a profession that must necessarily bring him into close and confidential relationships with members of the public on whose acts and conduct he is from time to time called upon to adjudicate and Judge and thereby however honest his intentions may be cause adverse comment to be made and a tendency to bring the administration of justice into disrepute.

And whereas it is of essential importance to the good government of the community that no opportunity be given for such adverse comment or that any matter should be allowed that would have that tendency.

Be it therefore resolved that application to be made to the Legislature that provision should be made in the amendments now before the House of Representatives to the Vancouver Incorporation Act providing that no Police Magistrate shall in the future be allowed to practise the profession of Barrister or solicitor during such time as he may hold the office.

And that copies of this resolution be forwarded to the Hon. the Attorney General and the Members for the City urging them to advocate the adopting of the principal therein contained.


The Council then adjourned.

James F. Garden

May 2 | 98
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk