Stray cattle and horses to be curbed, verandah damaged by runaway team – April 29, 1889

Stray cattle and horses to be curbed, verandah damaged by runaway team – April 29, 1889

Z. G. Goldberg permitted to re-construct his veranda damaged by runaway team. City Pound enlarged to suppress “nuisance of stray cattle and horses along our streets.”

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and Joy Marie Vasquez

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 pages 1-6

[volume 3 page 1]

Vancouver April 29th 1889

The Council met on Monday April 29th 1889 at 7:30 P.M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Brewer, Brighouse, Clark, Costello, Horne, Mason, McConnell, Oppenheimer, Salsbury and Whetham.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From F. G. Vernon re sidewalking the road to the Cemetery. Filed.

From Geo. M. Taylor praying for the sidewalking of Seymour Street from Drake to Pacific. Filed.

From Z. G. Goldberg asking permission to re-construct his Verandah which was torn down by a runaway team. Filed.

From Harry Fried re a License to sell beer and wine in his restaurant. Referred to License Committee.

From Sister Francis asking for support of a Baby at her home. Filed.

From John Devine, submitting Auditor’s Report for January and February and asking for an increase of Salary. Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Miss Bowes submitting copies of Home Cheer. Filed.

[volume 3 page 2]


Works No 13

The Board of Works met on Thursday April 25th 1889.
Present Aldermen Brighouse, McConnell and Oppenheimer.

We beg to recommend:

1. That Francis Crosbie be allowed 15 cts per cubic yard for filling in Georgia St. for about 120 cubic yards.

2. That the contractor employed by the Vancouver Street Railway Company for the clearing etc. of Block 7, 200 a be allowed the same rates for clearing, burning and close cutting the streets fronting on said Block and that he paid for the same when there are funds available for the purpose estimated cost $64.00

3. That Seymour Street between Drake and Davie Street be graded before the sidewalk is laid, estimated cost $15.00

4. That Powell Street at the crossing of Campbell Avenue be cut down to grade estimated cost $30.00

5. That A. Bunker’s offer to put in Box Drains on Drake Street and fill up the Street to grade be not entertained as there are no funds available for carrying out the work.

6. That the following accounts be paid:

D. McAlister, Sidewalk on Hastings St. $462.20
James Hartney, Davie Street 29.96
do Nelson Street 83.32
A. Bunker Hastings St cutting 18.00
do Hastings St filling 656.50

[volume 3 page 3]

A. Bunker, Lane in Block 9, 196 $152.91
D. J. McDonald, Gravel 424.02
do Hastings St. Sect 2 123.75
H. Blythe et al Street Work 111.05

Sgd. S. Brighouse, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brewer seconded by Alderman McConnell. That the report of the Works Committee be adopted. Carried.


The Council went into Committee of the Whole to resume the reading of the Trades By-Law. Alderman Oppenheimer in the Chair.

It was read over clause by clause and reported back to Council as complete with amendments.
Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Brewer. That the By-Law be read a third time and signed, sealed and gazetted. Carried.

The By-Law was then read.


Moved by Alderman Horne seconded by Alderman Costello. That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with Miss Bowes, thanking her on behalf of the Mayor and Aldermen for her kindness in furnishing copies of “Home Cheer” for their perusal and to assure her of the pleasure it gives the Council to read the well written and instructive articles contained therein. Carried.

[volume 3 page 4]

Moved by Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Salsbury. That the Finance Committee be authorized to have two register books for the cemetery printed one for the City Clerk and the other for the caretaker. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That Mr. Biggar, the Fireman selected by the Fire, Water & Light Committee be placed on the pay roll at a salary of fifty ($50.00) dollars per month such salary to date from the 16th day of March. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne seconded by Alderman Clark. That the sidewalk which is being built on Seymour Street be extended one block further South to Pacific Street on the West side. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne seconded by Alderman Clark. That Z. G. Goldberg be allowed to repair the damage done to his verandah in front of his store on Cordova Street. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McConnell seconded by Alderman Oppenheimer. That Messrs Lock and McKeown be re-instated as Night Watchmen at a Salary of five dollars per month each. Carried.

[volume 3 page 5]

Moved by Alderman Brewer seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That in view of the damage being done by stray cattle and horses to the trees planted along our streets it is expedient that temporary measures for the suppression of this nuisance be taken.

Be it therefore resolved by the Mayor and Aldermen in Council Assembled.

That the Street Inspector be empowered to make temporary arrangements for a Pound and Poundkeeper until such time as the City Pound is in shape for business and a permanent appointment made. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Brighouse seconded by Alderman Brewer. That a Box Drain be constructed on Thurlow Street to Georgia Street to drain the low lands, estimated cost $40.00. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Costello. That Alderman Mason be placed on the Health and Finance Committees to fill the vacancies on said Committees. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Clark seconded by Alderman Horne. That the Board of Works be instructed to ascertain the cost of constructing a telephone line from the City Hall to the Cemetery and report to this Council, also rent per month from the New Westminster and Burrard Inlet Telephone Co. of a telephone system to the City Cemetery. Carried.

[volume 3 page 6]

Notice of Motion

Alderman Salsbury gave notice that he would move to provide for such change in our relations with the City Solicitor as will oblige him to abstain from practicing in the Police Court; and further to provide for the City being represented legally by a gentleman occupying such a position in his profession as will enable him to defend the City in all the Courts of this Province if required.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk