City Reviews Estimates of Costs and Revenues – April 30, 1894

St. Paul's hospital on Burrard St., Vancouver ca. 1898
St. Paul's hospital on Burrard St. Vancouver ca. 1898

Two firemen fined $5.00 each for being intoxicated on duty. The Sisters of Charity, who operated St. Paul’s hospital, given the grade for Pendrell Street. Council appointed a Committee who would look into allegations against the City Engineer. This meeting extended into Consideration of Estimates after usual business concluded.

This transcript was made in April 2020 by Transcribimus volunteer Joanne McCormick

Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives
CVA Bu N426 St Pauls Hospital on Burrard c1898

Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 41-61
part one | part two

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[Volume 6 Page 41]

Vancouver Apr 30th 1894

The Council met on Monday Apr 30th 1894 at 8pm.
Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Alderman Salsbury, Shaw, Queen, McCraney, McPhaiden, William Brown, Franklin, C.L. Brown and Bethune.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

From J. Buntzen asking whether the contracts for lighting the Fire Halls could be temporarily reserved until the arrival of meters from the east. Referred to the Fire & Light Committee

From C. Sweeny asking for the payment of the sidewalk around the Bank of Montreal building. Referred to the Board of Works.

From Thomas Allen asking for an allowance for loss on McQuarrie contract. Laid over.

From Leany & Kyle agreeing to allow dumping in the ravine belonging to them south of False Creek. Filed.

From William Farrell stating that the money was read to take up the debentures recently purchased by him. Referred to the Finance Committee.

From the Mayor and Council of Nanaimo inviting the Mayor and Council to be present at their celebration on the 24th of May. Accepted on motion of Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman Queen.

[Volume 6 page 42]

From HJ Ceperley stating that a statement was being prepared as to the value of polies etc belonging to the City lighting system. Filed.

From FW Black applying for the position of Detective. Referred to the Police Committee.

From Theodore Horrobin etal, asking for the removal of the crematory. Referred to the Health Committee.

The following Reports were received and read:

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee met on Friday April 27th 1894.
Present – Aldermen Salsbury, William Brown, McDowell, McPhaiden and Bethune

A deputation from the Vancouver Improvement Company waited upon the Committee with a view of obtaining a reconveyance of certain portions of lots in Block 48, 181 on Powell Street not required for street purposes. The Committee promised to give the matter their consideration.

From George A. Cheney offering to lease the Race Course for $10 a month and put it in repair and give a percentage of receipts at race meetings.

Resolved, That he be informed that the Committee is of the opinion that the race course should be leased for such sum as will cover the interest and sinking fund on the debentures issued for improving said grounds; the amount being $605.00

[Volume 6 Page 43]

From the City Auditor stating that he was ready to go on with the auditing of the Tax Books and asking for a checker. Laid over.

From E. Machin asking the Council to place to the credit of the Free Library in the Bank of BC the sum of $1000. Request granted.

Resolved, That the City Clerk be authorized to request Mr. D. Oppenheimer to deliver the minerals presented by him to the City, to the Secretary of the Library Board.

That Messrs. James & Richards be offered $6500 for Lots 37 to 41, Block 38, S41 on condition that the street to the south can be closed without opposition.

The communication from Major Townley was laid over for another week.

From E. Lindsay Phillips asking the Committee to rectify the assessment on Lot 21, B33, 185 he having been assessed for a house on a vacant lot in 1893. Resolved that his request be granted.

That the following accounts be paid:
News advertiser supplies $92.40
Monetary Times ads $7.50
H.M. Henderson clerical work $60.00
Signed W.F. Salsbury, Chairman
Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

[Volume 6 page 44]

Fire & Light Committee
The Fire & Light Committee met on Wednesday April 25th 1894. Present: Alderman Franklin, Shaw, Queen, McCraney and Bethune.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
BCMT & L Co Supplies $13.98
James A. Skinner supplies $1.50
Welsh BrP supplies $160.49
City Printing Works supplies $5.80

From A. Blaney offering anthracite coal at a reduced rate. Filed.

From John McKie asking if the City would oppose his application to the Dominion Government for permission to erect generating works in Stanley Park. Resolved. That he be informed that the City cannot look with favor upon his application.

From McDowell & Co asking payment for a car boy furnished the Fire Department. Chief Carlisle was instructed to return the car boy.

From Chief Carlisle reporting William Elliott as being intoxicated while on duty. Resolved that William Elliott be fined $5.00 and also A.G. Evans who was guilty of a similar offence and that in future any firemen guilty of intoxication while on duty be suspended for one month and if the offence is repeated the second time that he be discharged.

[Volume 6 Page 45]


[Volume 6 Page 46]

That the agreement prepared by the City Solicitor re the insuring of the firemen be approved and that the firemen be notified to sign same and that the chief of the Fire Brigade be instructed to ascertain where he can obtain the insurance on the most-favorable terms and report to Council next Monday night.

That J.A. Lester be appointed fireman for one month and that he be paid the usual salary while he acted as substitute for Fireman Biggar.

That the Vancouver Electric Railway & Light Company or their legal representatives be notified that if a decided answer is not received to the communication from Council re the purchase of their poles etc by the 7th of May that the Council will take steps to make other arrangements for lighting the City at the expiration of their contract.

Signed J.L. Franklin, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman Bethune.
That the clause in the Report in relation to the street railway be amended by making the 7th of May read the 14th of May. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Queen; Seconded by Alderman Franklin.
That the Report as amended be adopted. Carried.

Police Committee
The Police Committee met on Wednesday April 25th 1894. Present: Aldermen C.L. Brown, William Brown, Shaw and Queen.

[Volume 6 Page 47]

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
F. Filion supplies $24.60
Wong Yuen interpreting $1.50
From Welsh Bros, refusing to pay the expense of the Market scales if they were found correct. Filed.

Resolved, That the Chief of Police be authorized to order 5 pairs of blankets for the Jail.
Signed C.L. Brown, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

Board of Works
The Board of Works met on April 26th 1894. Present: Aldermen McCraney, Shaw, Brown and Queen.

From J.D. Byrne on behalf of the Sisters of Charity of Providence asking for grades on Pendrell Street and also sewerage connections.

Resolved that the City Engineer be instructed to give them the grades asked for and that permission be granted them to make the requisite sewer connections at their own cost.

From George Martin, C.M.C. South Vancouver drawing attention to the bad condition of South Granville Street. Referred to the Street Inspector to send some rock to repair the bad places.

[Volume 6 Page 48]

From G.W. Hobson, Secretary of the Fire Headquarters objecting to the small greenhouse in course of erection at the northwest corner of Granville & Pender Streets. Filed.

From the Street Inspector re clearing in subdivision 185 and other matters. Laid over.

From A.G. Ferguson etal, asking that a double track be laid on Hastings Street between Carrall and Cambie Streets at the same time as the paving.

Resolved, That this Board recommends the putting down of a 72 lb grooved girder rail for double track on Hastings Street between Carrall & Cambie Streets provided the money for same can be found.

From A. Prefontaine etal, asking that the stumps in front of their residences on the Park Road be removed. Laid over.

From E. Atkinson asking that the lane in rear of 5th Avenue be graded. Laid over.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:
News advertiser $6.80
William Steel $.75
D. Gibbons Richard St drain $187.71
Martin Kelly curbstones $1110.38
H. Lomas etal labor $223.10
Signed H.P. McCraney, Chairman
Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman Queen.
That the Report be adopted. Carried.

[Volume 6 Page 49]

Introduction of By-Laws
Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the By-Law to repeal By-Law No. 22 be read a 1st time.

Moved by Alderman William Brown; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the following Aldermen compose the Water Committee viz Shaw, Queen, McPhaiden, William Brown and Bethune. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
Whereas certain allegations accompanying this resolution have been made that the City Engineer has been negligent and has not shown due capacity in carrying out certain works and contracts in connection with his department and that the interests of the City and Citizens have suffered thereby be it resolved that the Police Magistrate be requested to hold a cost of enquiry concerning the conduct of the Engineering Department of the City and the management thereof by the City Engineer. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Franklin; Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden.
That the Mayor be requested to appoint a Committee from Council who shall sit as an advisory Board during the investigations on the City Engineer. Carried.

[Volume 6 Page 50]

His Worship appointed Alderman Shaw, McDowell, McPhaiden, William Brown and Bethune.

Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman Franklin.
That the contract with Martin Kelly for the delivery of curb & gutter stones for the permanent pavement be notified and that the Mayor be authorized to sign same and affix the seal of the Corporation thereto. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Queen; Seconded by Alderman Salsbury
That the following labor account be paid:
Hooper etal $278.90

That the City Engineer be and is hereby instructed to furnish the Committee with a report upon the companies (sic) plant and assets and a full inventory of same with estimated value, and to employ an electrician to cooperate with him if necessary. Carried

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McCraney; Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the amendments to the Ward By-Law be read a 2nd time. Carried.

Moved by Alderman C.L. Brown; Seconded by Alderman Franklin
That the By-Law to amend the Market By-Law be read a 2nd time.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Queen; Seconded by Alderman Shaw
That the By-Law be read six months hence. Amendment lost; motion carried.

[Volume 6 Page 51]

Notices of Motion

Alderman Salsbury gave notice that he would introduce a motion to appoint Henry Avison, the Park Ranger in Stankey Park, a pound keeper for the City at a salary of $1.00 per year; also that he would introduce a By-Law to strike the rate for 1894.

Alderman Shaw gave notice that at the next meeting he will introduce a By-Law to provide funds under the Local Improvement Acts for certain improvements in Lot 185, also a By-Law to provide for the collection of taxes in arrears.

Consideration of Estimates

The Council went into Committee of the Whole for the Consideration of the Estimates, Alderman Salsbury in the Chair.
Arger considerable discussion the Committee rose and adopted the following on motions of Alderman Bethune seconded by Alderman Wm Brown:-


Gross amount of taxes on assessment }
$18,301,184.00 at 20 Mills } $366,023.68
Less delinquent 50,000.00
Less Rebate 70,000.00
Amount to be realized by enforced }
payment of taxes due to end of 1892 } 25,431.89
Collections on account of Taxes
overdue for 1893 12,000
Additional Licenses 3,756.06
Miscellaneous Receipts as per Schedule 118,757.52

[Volume 6 Page 52]

Finance Committee as per schedule $184,092.79
Board of Works $ 28,650
Fire & Light Committee $ 41,889.69
Water Committee $ 15,000
Board of Health $ 23,006
Police Commissioners $ 17,640
School Trustees $ 49,182
Park Commissioners $ 2,700
Free Library Board $ 2,458
Special Street Work executed by Board of Works
To April 20th 1894 $ 14,866.65
Provision for 1893 accounts unpaid at Dec 31st $ 26,523.02
TOTAL $406,008.15

Interest & Sinking Funds $115,105.87
Schools $ 49,184
General Fund $201,735.81
TOTAL $366,023.68

Interest & Sinking Funds 115,105.87 = 6.29 mills $115,114.45
Schools 49,184 = 2.68 mills $ 49,047.17
General Fund 201,735.81 = 11.05 mills $201,862.06
Total Assessment $18,301,184 @ 20.00 $366,023.68

[Volume 6 Page 53]

Estimated Miscellaneous Receipts for year 1894
1893 Licenses
Liquor $20,000
Billiards $ 400
Hack & Dray $ 500
Dogs $ 600
Pawnbrokers $ 400
Opium $ 1000
Second Hand Stores $ 400
Theatres $ 100
Auctioneers $ 500
Scavengers $ 275
Pipe Layers $ 550
Miscellaneous $ 275 $25,000
Cemetery Fees $ 1,000
Police Court Fines $ 3,000
Hospital Fees $ 2,500
Market Rent $ 1,200
Poll Tax $10,000
Frontage Tax arrears 1893 $ 663.42
Frontage Tax current $ 5,791.27
Frontage Tax By-Law 199 $ 1,205.98 $ 7,000
Rent of Rock crusher $ 500
Provincial Gov’t Grant to Hospital $ 5,000
Provincial Gov’t Grant to Fire Department $ 500
Brockton Point Athletic Association $ 605.20
City Pound fees $ 100
Provincial Gov’t per capita School Grant $ 14,000
Miscellaneous $ 500
Water rates $ 46,000
Premium on sale of L. Deb (??) $ 1,852.33
TOTAL $1,187,757.52

[Volume 6 Page 54]

Finance Committee
Interest & Sinking Funds

Sinking Funds

By-Law 12

By-Law 13

By-Law 29

By-Law 44

By-Law 64

By-Law 70
91 *

By-Law 80

By-Law 91

By-Law 94

By-Law 100

By-Law 126/127

By-Law 146/151

City’s proportion 1/3 155

Owner’s proportion 2/3 155

City’s Proportion 1/3 199

Owner’s proportion 2/3 199


Revote a/c 1893

* By-Law calls for $375 annually but $157.85 annually is all that is required. Say value of $1.00 annuity compounded @ 470 for 40 yrs = $95,025
Therefore $15,000 divided by $95,025 = $157.85

The amount of Sinking Fund instalments to close of 1895 = $1875.00
The amount of accrued interest on close of 1895 $ 156.11
Total amount capitalized to close of 1895 $2031.11
Say value of $1.00 for 36 yrs at 4% compound interest $4.1039
Therefore $2031.11 x $4.1039 = $8,335.47, the amount while present sum capitalized would produce at maturity of debentures.

[Volume 6 Page 55]

Say value of $1.00 annuity compounded at 4%

Therefore $15,000 – $8,335.47 = $6,664.53 the amount yet to be provided by annual Sinking Fund.
Say value of $1.00 annuity compounded at 4% for 55 years = $73.652
Therefore $6,664.53 divided by $73.652 = $90.48 amount of Sinking Fund instalment onnually required from 1894 to maturity or say $91.00

Treasurer $1500.00
City Clerk $ 125.00
City Clerk $1000.00
Accountant $ 125.00
Accountant $1000.00
Auditor $ 720.00
Solicitor $2000.00
Poll Tax Collector $ 75.00
Poll Tax Collector $ 725.00
Licence Inspector $ 20.00
Extra assistance Treas & Collectors office $ 720.00
Temporary $ 500.00
Stationery $2000.00
Election expenses $ 500.00
Fuel City Hall $ 450.00
Light City Hall $ 300.00
Mayor’s allowance $1200.00
Legal expenses $6500.00
Fire Insurance $ 500.00
Interest, exchance etc $5000.00
City Band Allowance $ 480.00
Telephone $ 50.00
Contingencies $3500.00
Debenture moneys to be refunded $39.026.92
TOTAL $184,092.79

[Volume 6 Page 56]

Board of Works
Salaries $7000
Cleaning Streets $2500
Street & Sewer repairs $7000
Bridge repairs $1000
Street sprinkling $ 400
Stationery $ 400
Sewer Construction $20,000
Street work, crushed rock, drains etc, incl relief grant $5000 (58,450 struck out)
Bathing sheds, cleaning rocks, etc $ 200
Resurvey of D.L. 264A $1580
Contingencies $5000
Street sweeper $ 350
TOTAL $28,650

Fire & Light Committee
Salaries $15775.00
Fuel, oil & waste $ 1250.00
Repairs, tools etc $ 1100
Fire alarm, maintenance $ 250
Feed & shoeing $ 2000
Telephone service $ 200
Uniforms $ 800
New fire alarm boxes $ 1400
1 horse $ 300
Hook & ladder truck $ 3500
2 horses for hook & ladder truck $ 500
1 sit harness for hook & ladder truck $ 110
House for hook & ladder truck $ 2000
2 men for hook & ladder truck @ 55 $ 1320
Contingencies $ 700
Suction hose (rerate) $ 626.69
Street lighting, 140 lights @ .44 per weight
$61.60 for say 306 nights $19388

[Volume 6 Page 57]

Water Committee
Salaries $2610.00
Telephone service City $ 72.00
Telephone service Water Works $ 78.00
Repairs submerged main $4000.00
Maintenance north side $3500.00
Maintenance City $2500.00

Tools $ 250.00
Shop expenses $ 300.00
Stationery $ 350.00
Contingencies $ 1340.00
TOTAL $ 15,000

Board of Health
Salaries Officers $3936.00
Salaries Hospital $2845
Contagious diseases $3000
Inquests $ 225
Fuel Hospital $1000
Light Hospital $ 650
Telephones Hospital $ 50
Supplies Hospital $5000
Relief $ 600
Crematory salaries $ 700
Crematory expenses $ 500
Scavengering expenses $ 500
Contingencies $1650
Contingencies Hospital $ 350
Cemetery expenses $ 500
Additional ward for hospital $ 500 $23,006.00

[Volume 6 Page 58]

Police Commissioners
Stipendiary Magistrate $1800.00
Force $12400.00
Transport of Prisoners $ 100.00
Clothing for Prisoners $ 50.00
Board of Prisoners $1600.00
Police uniforms $1100
Telephones $ 40
Pound expenses $ 50
Market Hall repairs –
Contingencies $ 500
TOTAL $17,640.00

Park Commissioners
Salaries & Maintenance $2000.00
Revote $ 700.00
TOTAL $2700.00

Free Library Board
Rent $ 500.00
Salaries $ 1200.00
Lighting $ 275.00
Heating $ 50.00
Papers & periodicals $ 250.00
Stationery & printing $ 50.00
Post office box $ 8.00
New books –
Contingencies $ 50.00
Binding $ 75.00 $2458.00

[Volume 6 Page 59]

School Trustees
High School $7740
Central School $6660
East End School $8880
West End School $7920
Mt Pleasant School $7440
Fairview School $1380 $40,020

High School $ 300
Central $ 600
East End $ 672
West End $ 660
Mt Pleasant $ 600
Fairview $ 120 $2952
Fuel $1500
Water $ 250
Necessary repairs $1000
Mortgage West End School $1500
Insurance $ 300
Rent East End Branch $ 480
Rent Fairview $ 180
Contingencies $1000
Heating East End $4000
Truant Officer $ 150
Secretary $ 300
Water connections $ 150

The Council then adjourned.
Thomas Francis McGuigan R.A. Anderson
City Clerk Mayor

[Volume 6 Page 60]


[Volume 6 Page 61]