3 Additional Fire Alarm Boxes for Vancouver – August 2, 1897

Gamewell Fire Alarm Box

Council approved the Fire and Police Committee’s selection of Gamewell’s tender to supply 3 fire alarm boxes: one to be installed on the corner of 7th Av. and Bridge Street, one at Keefer Street & Campbell Av and one near the intersection of Pender Georgia and Broughton Streets.

Text Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 7 pages 654 – 661

This transcript was made in 2022 by Transcribimus volunteer Lynn Shane

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[Volume 7 page] 654

Vancouver August 2nd 1897

The Council met on Monday August 2nd 1897.

Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Painter, McQueen, Neelands, Clandenning, McPhaiden, Brown, W.S. MacDonald and D.G. McDonald.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Mrs. E.A. Jones asking that obstructions be removed of her lot on 7th Av.

Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.


From R. Marpole stating that the Cambie Street wharf was fenced up.


From Dr. Thomas claiming fees for attending one Septimus Dale a Typhus fever case in the Isolation Hospital.

Referred to the Health Committee.

From C.S. Keith, Secretary of the Methodist Church Sunday School New Westminster asking for the use of Stanley Park for holding a picnic on the 4th of August.

Referred to Mr. Hamersley

From H.J. Newton asking that the tenants of Lots 17 & 18 on Richards Street be not compelled to vacate for the present.

Referred to the Board of Health.

From H. J. Newton asking for the opening up of an alley between Robson and Haro Streets.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From D. Ross Secretary of the Trades and Labor Council asking that the Council

[Volume 7 page] 655

employ an Architect for making alterations to Market Hall.

Referred to the Market Committee.

From the City Solicitor stating that the Council could by By-Law appropriate a sum for the relief of the poor.


From J.D. Hall, Treasurer of the 1st & 2nd of July Celebration Committee furnishing statement of receipts and expenditure.

Referred to the Finance Committee

From L.A. Hamilton asking for a sewerage system from Lot 9. Block 43. Subdivision 185.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From Nelson Martin etal calling attention to the condition of 12th Av.

Referred to the Board of Works.

From the City Solicitor stating that Municipalities could pass By-Laws to grant aid to hospitals outside their limits where a hospital did not exist within.

Filed for reference.

The following Reports were received and read:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday July 30th 1897.
Present: Alderman McQueen, Painter and Brown.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

W.E. Johnstone. Clerical Work. $60.00

Municipality of Coquitlam. Taxes. 15.07


From the City Auditor reporting account correct for June.


[Volume 7 page] 656

From Major General Kinchant asking that men be appointed in each ward to collect names for the Provincial Voters List and that they be paid 10 cts a name for each new name added.

Resolved that he be informed that the City cannot entertain the proposition to pay 10 cts a name for collecting voters but that steps will be taken to make the list as complete as possible.

The following contract was approved and authorized to be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto:

Wm Ralph. Heating hospital.

Jas McQueen.

Moved by Alderman McQueen Chairman
Seconded by “ Painter

That the Report be adopted.


Water and Market Committee

The Water and Market Committee met on Wednesday July 28th 1897.
Present: Alderman Brown, Neelands Painter and Clandenning.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Evans, Coleman & Evans. Supplies $4.63

G. W. Hutchings “ 1.

C. Casselman “ 10.45

W. Thurston & Sons “ 8.15

Armstrong & Morrison “ 1114.30

Can. Gen’l Elec. Co. “ 2.16

Cooke & Graham Market Shed 231.94

Duke & Wallace Supplies 1.05

T. H. Boyd Water trench 1000.

John Boyd & Co Supplies 35.35

W. Hooper etal Labor 716.90


From Davis, Marshall, MacNeill & Abbott

[Volume 7 page] 657

Solicitors for J. W. Powell protesting against the City moving the Civic Offices to the Market.

The City Solicitor advised that the City had the right to move the Civic Offices without forfeiting the lots if the Police Court was held on the premises.

From Michael Barry claiming wages while he was laid up from injuries received while caulking on the water main.

Referred to the City Solicitor.

The following tenders were received for fixing up the Market Hall:

E. Cook $6900

Ironside Marine 5865

W. S. Hurst 5447.

Resolved that none of the tenders be entertained as they are all too high and that the deposits be returned forthwith.

From Ivan Bushong offering to instal 13 electric lights in the Market Shed for $26.00.

Resolved that his offer be accepted.

Resolved that the Secretary be instructed to write to the Hastings Mill Company that their water rates have been reduced to 9 cts for 1000 gallons for the present and that further reductions will be taken under advisement.

Sgd Wm Brown,

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the Report be adopted.

[ Volume 7 page] 658

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 29th of July 1897.

Present: Aldermen Painter, W.S. MacDonald, Neelands and McPhaiden.

Two petitions for sewerage extension were referred to the Engineer to submit a general report as to which is urgent in the City in the way of sewerage extension.

From C.G. Johnson asking that South Granville Street be improved as it is in bad condition.

Will be attended to.

From Robertson & Hackett asking for a short piece of walk on Burrard Street to two new houses being built by them.

Ward foreman to lay this short piece.

Resolved that the Chain gang finish up the lane they are at in Ward 2 and then go to Ward 3 pending a report from the officers in charge showing the number of days spent by the Chain gang in each Ward dating from the 1st of January.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

R.C.P. Mills Co. Supplies $63.78

Robertson & Hackett “ 55.71

London Carriage Works “ 11.15

J. Griffiths Labor 11.00

Cary & Griffiths “ 40.00

Armstrong & Morrison Supplies 423.82

E.J. Kendall Crushed rock 1073.85

Thos Veitch Del “ “ 437.85

S. Elkins etal Labor 1462.70

Sgd A.J. Painter

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by “ Neelands
That the Report be adopted

[Volume 7 page] 659

Fire & Police Committee

The Fire & Police Committee met on Tuesday July 27th 1897.
Present: Aldermen D.G. McDonald, McQueen, W.S. MacDonald and McPhaiden.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

A. Blayney Supplies $18.39

J. Dodson “ 20.85

J. Currell Sharpening 3.25

G.A. Roedde Supplies 6.60

Evans, Coleman & Evans. “ 9.67

A.E. Lees & Co. “ 1.00

E.A. Harris Telegram .40

Wm. Steel Express .50

M.S. Rose Supplies 2.50

McDowell & Co. “ 9.72

F. Ellison “ 1.15

Wm. Ralph “ 22.95

News. Advertiser “ 17.75

McLennan & McFeely “ 18.54

Robert Clark “ 17.50

The following offers were received for supplying Fire Alarm Boxes:

United States Fire & Police Telegraph Co.

Perfect non interfering box $100.00 delivered freight and duty paid, also second grade at $95.00 freight and duty paid.

Gamewell Fire Alarm Co.

Doors with keys $80.00 each F.O.B. Boston. City paying freight and duty.

t was resolved to accept the tender of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Co.

It was recommended that three boxes be purchased and located as follows:

One near 7th Av on Bridge St.

One on the corner of Keefer Street and Campbell Av and one near the intersection of Pender Georgia and Broughton Streets.

The boxes to be numbered 13. 37 & 68

Sgd D.G. McDonald

Moved by Alderman D. G. McDonald
Seconded by. “ W. S. MacDonald
That the Report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Painter.
That the Rules be suspended to allow of the introduction of a By-Law to provide for a grant to the Food and Shelter House of the Salvation Army.

The By-Law was read a first time.


Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ McQueen
That the Clerk be instructed to write to the Councils of Richmond, Delta, North and South Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam informing them that people coming from their respective Municipalities to the City Hospital will not be admitted unless they pass By-Laws agreeing to defray the cost of maintenance of those people in the City Hospital.

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Rules be again suspended to allow of the Second Reading of the By-Law to provide for a grant to the Salvation Army Shelter Home.

[Volume 7 page] 661

The By-Law was accordingly read a 2nd time.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Painter.
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for its consideration.

Alderman McQueen was appointed Chairman.

The By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete.

The Rules were again suspended and the By-Law read a third time on motion of Alderman McQueen. Seconded by Alderman Painter.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Neelands gave notice that he would introduce a By-Law to amend By-Law No 32.

The Council then adjourned.

W. Templeton

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk