Fire engine arrives in Vancouver – August 6, 1886

Fire engine arrives in Vancouver – August 6, 1886

City formally presented with Fire Engine. Council voted thanks to Mr. John D. Ronald of Brussels, Ontario, supplier of the fire engine, for his courteous and generous assistance to the City after the fire. also to pay $6,905 for the fire engine over a ten year period at 7% interest through a series of city debentures.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 68-69

Vancouver Aug 6th 1886

A special meeting of the Council was held on Friday August 6 at 10.30 A.M.

Present His Worship the Mayor presiding. Aldermen Balfour, Gardiner, Dunn, Griffith, E.P. Hamilton, Humphries and Northcott.

The Meeting was called for the purpose of passing over the New Fire Engine to the City.

Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Northcott

That this Council do accept the Fire Engine, Hose etc from John D. Ronald as Complete and according to agreement. And that this Council do agree to hand over to Messrs.’ McIntosh and McTaggart Brussels Our City Debentures for the sum of sixty nine hundred and five dollars payable in ten years and bearing interest at seven per cent, as soon as same are issued and we agree to issue the paid debentures as soon as this can be legally done. And that the City Clerk be instructed to give Mr. Ronald a Certified Copy of this resolution and that the City seal be attached thereto.

Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman E.P. Hamilton that Thos Dunn Esq. be and he is hereby instructed to order at once for this City a Fire Bell. Cost not to exceed one hundred dollars.

Moved by Alderman Northcott seconded by Alderman Griffith, that Mr. John D. Ronald be tendered a vote of thanks for his Courteous manner towards us and his generosity towards the Citizens in assisting in their necessities after the fire and for his untiring efforts in filling our fire organization thoroughly established here.

The Council then adjourned.

M.A. MacLean