Vancouver Electric Railway purchase deferred six months – August 7, 1893

Vancouver Electric Railway purchase deferred six months – August 7, 1893
Columbia Brewerynorth side of Powell Street at Wall Street and Victoria Drive, 1892

Letter asking Columbia Brewery be made to remove their troughs from the street.  Illustration shows Columbia Brewery at north side of Powell Street at Wall Street and Victoria Drive.Fire crew and extra workmen employed to sprinkle streets through the dry season.  Board of Works wants the City to purchase a stumping machine costing $35.00

This transcript was made in 2019 by Linda Evans
Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives photo AM54-S4-: Ci Dept P13

original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 5 pages 505-511

[vol 5 pg 505]
Vancouver August 7th, 1893

The Council met on Monday August 7th 1893.
Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Salsbury, Anderson, Collins, Hackett, Cargill, McCraney, Hobson, Franklin, Brown and Towler.

The Minutes of last meeting, were read and adopted.


From D. G. Marshall, Secretary of the Law Society enclosing a resolution passed by that body on the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge from the East.
Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Cargill
That the communication be referred back to the Society.

From Philip Fewster, asking that all the docks and thistles be cut down and burnt.
Referred to the Street Inspector

From the City Clerk enclosing the names of all employees on Departmental Work.

From Wm. Sidelman, asking that the Columbia Brewery be ordered to remove their troughs off the street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From G. E. Farrer re the setting out of fires in 185.

From C. G. Fanquier asking to be allowed to submit an estimate of the cost of a suspended bridge across the Narrows.
Referred to the F. W. + L. Committee.


The following Reports were received and read.

Special Report on Street Watering.

Mayor + Council
Your Special Committee re Street watering beg to report as follows.
They have put on temporarily the team from Fire Hall No 2 in the sprinkler owned by the City and have engaged another team of Sprinklers.
If the Council decides to keep the fire team at such work for the balance of the dry season it will only be necessary to provide funds for one team which would send today $100 or which could recommend to be placed on the Credit of the Board of Works for street sprinkler purposes.
We would recommend that this work be done in future at the cost of the owners on any streets watered.
sgd H. P. McCraney
“ J. L. Franklin

Moved by Alderman Anderson
Seconded by “ Brown
The the report be adopted.

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Tuesday August 1st 1893.
Present Aldermen Collins, Towler and Cargill.
It was recommended:-
1. That the following accounts be paid:-
A. K. Stuart, Engineering $5.00
W. J. McGuigan, Inquests 10.00
Chas Rae, Work at Cemetery 50.00
D. McRae, Labor at Hospital etc 43.35

2. That H. J. Empy be appointed Night Porter at the Hospital in placed of Thos Evans, resigned at a salary of $15.00 a month dating from the time he was set to work by the Matron.

3. That three plans be prepared for venting the sewers and that they be submitted to the


Sanitary and Engineering News of New York from which to select the most appropriate.
sgd. Henry Collins

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Brown
That the report be adopted.

F. W. + L. Committee

The F. W. + L. Committee met on Wednesday August 2nd 1893.
Present Aldermen Franklin, Hackett, Cargill.
It was recommended:
1. That Thos. Wheaton be appointed a Foreman at No 5 Fire Hall at a salary of $60.00 a month, and that the Foreman at No 1 Fire Hall in future be paid $60.00 a month.

2. That tenders be called for fifty tons of cast iron pipe.

3. That G. L. Allen be awarded the contract for supplying the Firemen with the Granby Short Gum Boot at $3.25 a pair; that the Gutta Percha + Rubber Mfg. Co be awarded the contract for rubber coats at $3.99 each and also the contract for one thousand feet of Maltese Cross hose at $1.10 a foot with 15 off for cash.

4. That the following accounts be paid:
John Carrell filing saw $1.00
J. M. Duval supplies 9.00
O. Rourke + Jervis “ 2.00
Van. Elec. Ry + L Co “ 5.00
W. Thurston + son “ 1.10
G. H. Bazley horse shoeing 12.00
Rankin + Campbell Piling 96.80
MacRae _ Hall supplies 3.00
B. F. Kenny “ 46.40
W. Crickmay “ 70.45
Tilly + son “ 2.00
Creamer + Langley “ 184.79
Hastings Saw Mill “ 12.57


F. W. Hart supplies $1.00
Queen Bros Hack 5.00
B. C. Iron Works supplies 604.00
W. Hooper et al labor 313.00
sgd J. L. Franklin
Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Franklin
That the Report be adopted.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday August 4th 1893.
Present Aldermen Anderson, Collins, Cargill and Hobson.
It was recommended:-
1. that the Rev H. G. F. Clinton etal, who applied for an extension of time for paying church taxes, be informed that the City Solicitor is of the opinion that the time cannot be legally extended for one citizen to the exclusion of others.

2. That the lease of the Y. M. C. A. building for Library purposes by not signed by the Corporation, as we consider that it is the province of the Library Board to make a lease themselves.

3. That the following accounts be paid:
S. S. Tilley + son stationery $10.25
News Advertiser ads 18.60
J. Miller supplies 5.00
The World P + P co ads 23.85

sgd R. A. Anderson

Moved by Alderman Towler
Seconded by “ Hackett
That the Report be adopted.


Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday the 3rd day of August 1895.
Present Aldermen McCraney, Hackett, Franklin and Brown.
It was recommended:-

1. That A. Calori be permitted to put down a dressed sidewalk on Powell + Alexander St in front of his premises and put in an iron grating 2 x 3 on Alexander St. subject to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

2. That the communication from Mssrs Boyd + Clandenning claiming extras for delay on the Sewers be referred to the City Engineer to investigate.

3. That a stumping machine be purchased for $35.00

4. That the Street Inspector be instructed fix the entrance to the lane in Block 60, subdivision 196, so as to give Mr. Miller and other residents access to their premises.

5. That the plans submitted by Mssrs W. Bailey + co connectors for the new Thomson Block on Hastings St. (Block 24, 541) be approved subject to the necessary copies of same being deposited in the City Engineer’s office.

6. That the claims for delay on the sewers sent in by McQuarrie + co and others be referred to a Court of Arbitration since the B. C. Pottery + Terra Cotta Co. have suggested their willingness to have this matter referred to arbitration, the time to be fixed at a later date.

7. That the lease for the bathing sheds be approved.

8. That the following contract be awarded:
Robson St grading A Balkwill + co $119.00

9. That the following accounts be paid:-
S. T. Tilley + son stationery $22.10
Marshall + McRae “ 8.25


Thos. Veitch crushed rock (delivering) $355.32
W. Kendall “ 1495.88
E. Clough express hire 2.50
H. T. Adams Prince Ed. St. 11.70
McLennan + McFeely Supplies 57.85
Market Hardware Store “ 12.00
Van Elec Ry + L Co. “ 5.00
D. McGillivray st paving etc 6035.77
Boyd + Clandenning Sec 6 sewers 3616.73
J. J. Nickson “ 10 “ 116.96
H. T. Adams 5th av 32.70
H. Lomas etal Labor 507.05
sgd H. P. McCraney
The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Towler seconded by Alderman Franklin.

Introduction of By-Laws.

Moved by Alderman Towler
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the amendments to the Market By-Law be read a first time.

Moved by Alderman Towler
Seconded by “ Collins
That the By-Law to raise by way of Debentures the sum of $382,947.00 for the purchase of the property plant and assets of the Vancouver Electric Railway + Light Co. be read a first time.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Ald. Hobson
That the By-Law be read six months hence.
Amendment Carried.



Moved by Alderman Towler
Seconded by “ Brown
That the Market By-Law amendment be published at once.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Franklin gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to amend the electric wiring By-Law.

Alderman Towler gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would introduce a motion concerning the employment of citizens of Vancouver on departmental works.

The Council then adjourned.

R.A. Anderson

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk