Vancouver Council off to Victoria to find a $8,000 loan – August 9, 1886

Mayor and selected aldermen to go to Victoria to negotiate a bank loan for $8,000 to cover remainder of year’s expenses. City Treasurer hired at $25 per month, and a safe purchased at $410. Alderman E. P. Hamilton to supervise construction of Council Chambers and offices for City Clerk and Treasurer.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 70-75

Vancouver Aug 9th 1886

A Meeting of the Council was held on Friday August 9th 1886 at 7.30, pm.

Present His Worship the Mayor presiding Aldermen Balfour, Cordiner, Coldwell, Dunn, Griffith, Humphries, E.P. Hamilton and Northcott.

The Minutes of last Meeting were read and adopted.

A Communication was read from Wm. Smithe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works in Lot 2, Block 2 Old Granville Townsite informing the Council that under the existing circumstances he was not in a position to convey the said lot to the City of Vancouver.

The following accounts were read:
Wm Moresby bringing Shorty from N.W.W. 5.00 Police Court
Joseph W. Palmer, Stove Coal 10.00 F.W.L.
Pleace & Co. Shovels etc. 6.75 ”
Wm Anderson extinguishing Fire 1.25 ”
P. R. Pearson, Stationery etc. 55.60 Finance
Telephone Message H to Trew .25 Police Com
Ry City Planing Mills Co. Gable legs etc. 6.20 B. of W.
Scoullar & Co. Bucket & Cup 1.12 P. Com
Thos Dunn & Co Supplies 85.00 P. Com & F.W.L.

The following is the Report of the Finance Committee.

A Meeting of the Finance Committee was held on Thursday the 5th inst.
Present Aldermen Balfour, Coldwell, L.A. Hamilton and Dunn and took into Consideration the Reports of the various Committees which were handed in and find there is to be provided as per enclosed statement for the ensuring year five months, the sum of $6238.00.

Also accounts to be paid for July say $500, Salaries say $450.00, which in all makes $7188.00. And your Committee would recommend that as $3321.00 is properly chargeable to Capital Account that the Council appoint a Committee to negotiate a loan from some Chartered Bank for that amount to be repaid out of the Sale of City Debentures, and also to interview the Government and endeavor to secure from them an amount equivalent to the taxes collected by them on the lands within the City of Vancouver for this year.

But your Committee would strongly recommend that in the face of so large a sum to be provided for that the different Committees should if at all possible reduce the amounts asked for in their estimates and we also recommend the following a/cs be paid.

Daily Evening Post 38.00
W.B. McDougall 5.00
Andrew Linton 6.75
David Gibb 6.50
Telegraphing 5.80
Royal City Planing Mills 9.00

We received and considered the applications for City Treasurer and in view of the low condition of the finances we would recommend that G. F. Baldwin be appointed to the position of City Treasurer pro tem at a Salary of 25.00 per month and that he give bonds to the amount of $1500.00

We have received tenders for a safe for the City from Gideon Robertson and C. J. Johnston for $420 and $410 respectively both safes being the same size we recommend the purchase of Mr. C. J. Johnson’s Safe No 30 for $410.

We have instructed the City Clerk to make enquiries for a suitable place for meeting of Council and Civic office which action we hope will meet with the approval of the Council.

In the matter of the Assessment of the Methodist Church lots on Water Street for Local Improvements we have instructed the City Clerk to call upon the Trustees of the said Church and lay the matter before them in the proper light and ask for their signatures to the petition for the improvement of said Water Street.
sgd Thos Dunn

Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Griffith that this Council to hereby confirm the appointment of G. F. Baldwin as City Treasurer pro tem, at a Salary of twenty five dollars per Month.

Moved by Alderman Northcott seconded by Alderman Cordiner that Mr. Johnson’s Tender for a Safe for the City be accepted and that the City Clerk be instructed to give an order for the purchase of the same through Mr. Johnson.

Moved by Alderman Northcott seconded by Alderman Griffith that the Mayor Aldermen Balfour, Dunn and L.A. Hamilton be appointed a Committee to go to Victoria to Negotiate a loan not to exceed eight thousand dollars from some chartered bank for the purpose of paying the current expenses for the remainder of the year.

Move by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Northcott that the Board of Works be and is hereby instructed to build Council Chambers and offices for City Clerk and Treasurer. Size of building to be 20 x 40 two stories high, Alderman E.P. Hamilton to act as Supervisor for the Corporation of the City of Vancouver and have power to purchase lumber, hire labor, and conduct the work generally for the City: said building to be erected on the Site decided on by this Council viz Lots 11. 12. 13. 14. Block 3 in Subdivision of West portion of 196 and that the title of the land be secured and accepted by the Acting City Solicitor J. J. Blake before the erection of the said buildings in commenced.

Chief of Police Stewart’s Communication read re erection of a City Lock Up.

Moved by Alderman Balfour that the Communication of Chief Stewart in reference to the building and equipping of a lock up for the City be referred to the Police Commissioners for immediate action and Report to a Special Meeting of the Council.

Moved by Alderman Northcott seconded by Alderman Balfour, that the lane between Cordova and Water Streets running between Cambie and Abbott Streets be placed under the Supervision of Ald E.P. Hamilton who will call upon the property owners on said lane and solicit subscriptions for the clearing of the same.


Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Nortcott that Health By-Law be read a second time and that the reading of the title be considered as the reading of the whole bill.

The Council then went into a Committee of the Whole on Motion of Ald Balfour with Alderman Coldwell in the Chair. The By-Law was read over in Committee after which it rose and asked leave to sit again.

A By-Law for licensing drays omnibuses etc. was read a first time.

The Council then adjourned.
M. A. MacLean

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk