English Bay Swimming Improvements Pursued – August 12, 1895

English Bay Swimming Improvements Pursued – August 12, 1895

The Vancouver & District Labour Council asked for better safety for swimmers at English Bay. They asked Council to buy two life buoys, a (life-saving) a hook and a “man to attend to the hook”, and that rocks and debris be cleared away. Council authorized purchase of the life buoys, and wrote with the Dominion (federal) government asking them to grant English Bay to Vancouver as a permanent swimming beach.

This transcript was made in 2021 by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon.

Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives M-4-85
English Bay, 1911

Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 710 – 719

To see original handwritten minutes, click below (4 parts):

[volume 6 page] 693

Vancouver August 12th 1895
The Council met on Monday August 12th 1895
Present – His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Coupland, Gallagher, Queen, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, Sanders, Bethune and McDonald.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From E. A. Marshall asking for the contract for clearing Block 46.200a Filed

From Mrs. C. Gregson asking for assistance.
Referred to the Health Committee

From the City Solicitor stating that if the Council passed a By-Law guaranteeing the bonds of an electric light Co it would inevitably result in litigation adverse to the City. Filed.

From W. T. Steward making another offer to light the City.
Referred to the Water & Light Committee.

From A. K. Stuart. Secretary of the Board of Works, asking the Finance Committee to provide funds for clearing the rocks from English Bay etc.
Moved by Alderman
Seconded by “ Gallagher
That the Communication be laid over for one week.

From W.H. Kendall enclosing a claim for repairing a Scow which by an arrangement with the Board of Works, W.S. Cook was to pay for.

[volume 6 page] 694

From Walsh Bros. etal creditors of Messrs Purdy & Williams on the reservoir contract asking the City to pay them.
Referred to Water & Light Committee

From C. B. Macneill asking for improvements to Robson Street, West of Nicola St.
Referred to the Board of Works

From J. Twigg asking permission to remove a wooden building from one part of the Fire Limits to another part within the Fire Limits
Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the communication be filed

Moved in amendment by
Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by Alderman Queen
That the matter be laid over for a week
Amendment lost carried .
Motion Carried lost.

From R. MacKay Fripp drawing attention to a dense growth of underbrush next to his premises on Pender Street. Filed

From R. Burtwell and other dealers in the City complaining about peddling.
Referred to the Fire Market & Police Committee

From the B.C. Iron Works Co and J.A. MacKay asking for the use of Brockton Point Grounds for the Nanaimo excursionists
Referred to the Brockton Pt Athletic Ass

[volume 6 page] 695

The following Reports were received and read:-

The Fire Market Police Committee met on Friday August 9th 1895.
Present – Aldermen Coupland, Gallagher, McPhaiden Sanders & McDonald.


From Messrs Ceperley & Co applying for a laundry house on Lot 17, Block 33. D.L. 541
Resolved that the application be refused.

From Messrs Davis Marshall. Macmillan and Abbott stating that they were instructed to collect eight months salary for F. W. Haywood and failing payment within one week suit would be brought.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From J. C. Johnston Acting Chief of Police asking for instructions as to whether he should lay information against the Merchants who violated the Sunday Closing By-Law prior to the decision of the Supreme Court.
Resolved that no action be taken on any violation prior to the decision of the Court but that the Chief be instructed to enforce all violations in future.

From John McLaren resigning his position as Chief of Police.

From J.A. Reid furnishing Pound Report

From S. Horcus etal applying for a change of the express stand from the corner of Carroll & Hastings Streets.
Laid over

From F. A. Barnes applying for the position of Police Court Clerk.
Filed for reference

From C. Spice resigning his position as

[volume 6 page] 696

Resolved that his resignation be accepted

From H.A. Mellon, Eng J. P. giving explanations regarding his account for services in the Police Court.
Referred to the City Solicitor

Resolved that J. McAllister’s account of $6.00 for interpreting be paid but he be requested to furnish an amended account giving the names of the parties he interpreted for.

Resolved that applications be called for filling the position of fireman such applications to be received up to Monday next at 12 pm

Resolved that applications be called for the positions of Chief of Police, License Inspector and Police officers such applications to be received up to the 30th day of August 1895.

From the City Solicitor advising the Committee to settle with Mr Beattie re the Market:
Resolved that notice be given to Mr. Beattie Lessee of the City Market and his sureties of the lease that procedings will be taken for the recovery following and for breach of covenant to repair the buildings unless the rent be paid and the buildings placed in repair on or before the 21st day of August 1895.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Wm Ralph Supplies $6.80
C. F. Foreman “ 22.89
J. W. Johnston Cash paid out 1.50
J. Dodson supplies 11.10
C. Nelson “ 1.15
News.Advertiser “ 6.75
E. Fachon Hack hire 2.50
The Con Ry & Ly Co. Lights 1675.20

[volume 6 page] 697

C. F. Foreman supplies $2.38
C. Cassellman “ 2.50
C. S. Philp “ 2.46
Clarke & Stuart “ 1.04
C. F. Foreman “ 4.45
J. Carnahan Scavengering .50
McLennan & McFeely Supplies 1.70
W. Y. Young Interpreting 2.50
Thos Dunn & Co supplies 32.78

sgd W.H. Gallagher

The Fire, Market & Police Committee met on Monday August 12th 1895 at 4 P.M.
Present – Aldermen Gallagher, Coupland, Sanders and McDonald.

The following account was recommended for payment:-
H.P. Sale Horse for Fire Department $150.00

The applications for a fireman to replace C. C. Spice were referred to the full council to make the appointment.

From H. W. Kent acknowledging receipt of letter from City Clerk asking for the removal of the telephone from the ex Chief of Police residence. Filed

The Committee recommends that the following resolution be passed by Council:-
“That whereas this Council is of the opinion that it is in the interest of the City of Vancouver that the appointment of G. A. Jordan, Esq as Police Magistrate of the City of Vancouver should be cancelled and such office of Police Magistrate be declared vacant forthwith”

Therefore be it resolved that this Council

[volume 6 page] 698

doth most respectfully recommend that such appointment be cancelled by the Lieut- Governor in Council and that the said office be declared vacant forthwith and be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded by the City Clerk to the Provincial Secretary, the Attorney General and G.A. Jordan.

That S. Z. Chesebro be sent $70.00 being that amount lost by him in Vancouver and turned over to the Police.

sgd W.H. Gallagher

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Coupland
That the Clause in the report in reference to the payment of John McCallister’s account be struck out and referred back to the Committee until the correction is made.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the Clause in reference to the Police Magistrate be laid over.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the Report as amended be adopted.

[volume 6 page] 699

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday August 7th 1895
Present – Aldermen McPhaiden, Shaw, Brown and McDonald


From Miss Macfie reporting on the Candle power of electric lights in the old hospital. Laid over.

From Miss Macfie furnishing monthly report. Filed.

From M. C. McLean asking for improvements to the lane in Block 16.D.L.200a.
Referred to Alderman Shaw & McDonald to investigate

From Miss Macfie complaining about the manner in which the washing at the hospital was being done.
Resolved that the contractor be notified that if there are any more complaints her contract will be cancelled.

From Miss Macfie submitting a list of the instruments required at the hospital.
Resolved that the instruments be purchased if there is an unexpended balance for that purpose.

From James McGeer submitting milk report. Filed

From the Secretary of the Medical Association asking that Wards be provided in the hospital for lady patients.

From the Hon James Baker Provincial Secretary stating the the Old Man’s Home was ready for the admission of inmates.

The Council Clerk was instructed to communicate with him and enquire what weekly rate was charged for board etc.

From the Health Authorities of Victoria

[volume 6 page] 700

asking that Vancouver Cooperate with them in arguing the Dominion Government to have all baggage arriving from the Orient fumigated.
Resolved that their request be granted.

From C. Spice asking for assistance for a Mrs Paine.

From F. D. Boucher complaining about an injustice being done him by the Plumbing Inspector.

Mr Boucher also applied for permission to do certain plumbing work to his premises situate on 530 Richards Street.
The matter was referred to the Plumbing Inspector ….

…to allow the work to the work to be done in the cheapest manner possible consistent with the terms of the By-Law.

Resolved that a box drain be put in for Mrs Cameron to connect her premises with the street drain.

Resolved that Miss Macfie be allowed to engage a substitute for F. Humphries at the same salary while he is away on his holidays.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
H. H. Layfield & Co Supplies $4.15
Mr. J. James “ 165.00
News.Advertiser “ 19.00
Mrs. Barrett Nursing 7.15
C. Nelson supplies 42.22
G. Drysdale “ 3.70
M. T. L. Lloyd Livery rig 6.00
J. C. Woodrow supplies 35.15
C. F. Foreman “ 10.22
McDonald Bros Livery rig .50
W. J. McGuigan Inquests 10.00
Lee & Stewart Hack hire 3.00
Hobkirk & Spence Supplies 7.48
City of Victoria Lepers 29.70

[volume 6 page] 701

Market Hardware Store Supplies $1.95
T. Clough Drayage 2.00
F. E. O. Kimster Nursing 2.50
D. Ruth Salary 1.50
Cassady & Co. Supplies 6.66
P. Gorman Nursing 7.50
J. W. Smith Washing 44.71

sgd D. McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Brown
That the Report be adopted.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday August 9th 1895
Present – Aldermen Brown, Coupland, Gallagher & Clandenning

Moved by Alderman Coupland
That Alderman Brown be appointed Chairman

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Mr. J. James Supplies $2.40
Telephone Co. Rent 32.15
The World P & P Co Ads 36.04
Clarke & Stuart supplies 15.88
Tax Collector “ 3.05
H. Kersey Labor 3.00
Gurney Cab Co. Cab 1.50


From M. Orkeyser-Ferbies Victoria B.C. asking what inducements the City would offer for the establishment of a swill for making linseed oil and stating that he expected to be in Vancouver at an early date.

[volume 6 page] 702

Resolved that he be informed that the Committee shall be pleased to talk the matter with him when he comes over.

From F. Elworthy, Secretary of the Board of Trade, Victoria asking the City to purchase copies of their report for distribution
Laid over for one week.

From the Board of Works asking that funds be provided to clear the rocks away from the beach at English Bay. Referred to the Council

From the City Auditor stating that he had examined the City’s accounts for May & June and found every thing correct save and except as follows:-
In the Police Department on May 13th amongst the Treasurer’s receipts occurs an entry “J Wolf” Board $5.00” but as there are no other entries connected with the same he had no means of vouching for this entry; also stating that there were some small amounts due the City in the police department uncollected.
He suggested that in future the names of Provincial prisoners be entered in the Gaol Time Book and that all charges for the keep of said provincial prisoners be reported to the City Accountant monthly. Filed

From the Hon James Baker. Provincial Secretary asking the City to furnish statistics to the Government in connection with the Finances of the City.
Referred to the City Council to have the information furnished.

From the City Treasurer giving a statement of unpaid accounts in connection with the clearing of D.L. 185.

[volume 6 page] 703

Referred to the City Solicitor to take action to have the amounts collected.

Resolved that the Insurance on the Fire Halls be renewed for 3 years as follows:-

Wulffsohn & Berwicke Fire Hall No 2. $900

“ “ “ “ “ 300 on furniture

McFarland & Mahon “ “ “ 3 200 “ “

“ “ “ “ “ 3 600

D.C. McGregor “ “ “ 3 900

From Hanson Bros in reference to the repurchase of City Debentures
Laid over

From the City Solicitor stating that if the Council passed a By-Law to guarantee the interest on electric light bonds it would result in litigation adverse to the City.
Referred to the Council

sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher
That the clause in reference to the appointment of a chairman be referred back and the balance of the report adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday August 8th 1895
Present – Aldermen Shaw, McPhaiden, Sanders and McDonald

Major General Twigg applied personally in support of his letter for permission to move a wooden building from Lot 17, Block 6 O.G.T to Lots 7 & 8 Block 13.D.L.196, Hastings Street
Resolved that his request being contrary to the By-Law cannot be granted.

[volume 6 page] 704

A request from Major General Twigg to be permitted to put corrugated iron on the frame building was referred to the full council for decision.

Mr. C. A. Coldwell applied for permission to build a store house, covered with corrugated iron at the rear of Lot 14. B2. O. G. T.
His request was also referred to the full Council for decision.


From the City Solicitor in regard to the Street Railway track on Westminster Avenue
Resolved that the City Solicitor be instructed to write to the Consolidated Railway & Light Co requesting them to put their track on Westminster Avenue South of False Creek in conformity to the pavement grade in accordance with the terms of their agreement with the City.

From M. C. McLean complaining of a drain leading from Mr Brenton’s premises
Referred to Aldermen Shaw and McDonald to examine and report.

From G. Cassady & Co. etal petitioning for the grading and rocking of Sury(?) the street between Cordova and Granville Streets
Laid over for want of funds

From E. Nicolls re accident to his son who fell into an open ditch on Pender Street, claiming compensation.
Referred to the Plumbing Inspector to examine into and report.

From Geo Mackay etal asking the Board to complete the rocking of Keefer Street between Gore Av & Westminster Av as it is impassable as it is.
Resolved that the petitioners be informed that

[volume 6 page] 705

this request will be attended to as soon as there are funds at the disposal of the Board for the purpose.

From the Health Inspector re the disposal of the Street sweepings
Referred to the Engineer for attention

From petitioners asking for a sidewalk to the Cemetery grounds
Resolved that the City Clerk be instructed to write to the Provincial Government and to the South Vancouver Municipality requesting them to cooperate in regard to the sidewalk asked for in the petition.

From the Secretary of the Trade & Labor Council enclosing a resolution passed by that Body in regard to the safety of the bathers in English Bay.
Resolved that in response to the petition of the Trades & Labor Council this Board recommends that funds be provided to clear away the rocks and rubbish from the beach at English Bay; that two life buoys be provided one on the float and one on the approach to the float and that a hook be kept in readiness in the water all the time while any persons are bathing and that the City provide for the expense of one man to attend to the hook during the bathing season.

From James Hartney asking permission to land his steamer at the City Slip and stating his willingness to pay $5.00 per month for the privilege

Resolved that Mr. Hastings be informed that the Board cannot grant his request as they are not desirous of interfering with numerous private rights, there being many persons in the City who own wharves and floats on which they depend for a living

[volume 6 page] 706

From J. W. Howe stating that if the City will have the road changed and make an approach to and from Carrall Street opposite the new Howe Block he will have the road fixed to admit of through traffic to the public.
Resolved that this be recommended to be done provided only that the general public is allowed to use the road whenever they desire as far as Mr Howe’s rights are concerned.

From S. K Twigg re earth taken from W. E. Peebles lots on Beach Avenue
Referred to the Engineer to examine + report

From J. C. Rowley in reference to the bad condition of the 3 plank walk on Pacific Street
Referred to the Ward foreman for attention.

From the City Clerk calling the Board’s attention to the resolution of the Finance Committee re street cleaning and sprinkling Being attended to.

From the Health Inspector in reference to a box drain to carry off waste water from watering trough at Mount Pleasant and also in reference to stagnant water lying in Jackson Av.
Referred to the Ward foreman for attention

Resolved that the chain gang be sent to look after the grading of the lane in Block 67.D. L.196.

Resolved that the City Solicitor be instructed to take steps to have the matter of the fixing of Robson Street along which the Street Railway Company without delay.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
McLennan & McFeely Supplies $2.72
B. C. Ironworks “ 40.12

[volume 6 page] 707

Evans, Coleman & Evans Supplies $311.90
T. Clough Drayage 1.50
Geo Hardy “ 1.00
D. Gibbons Barnard Street 140.20
W. H. Kendall Crushed rock 1040.90
S. Sheridan Burrard St 63.85
T. Powell grading 2.00
Robertson & Hackett supplies 1.30
Gross & Fulton “ 1.50
L. E.Salter Tallying 5.
R. H. Paterson supplies 152.73
D. McGillvray Paving 3431.98

Resolved in regard to the final estimate of W. S. Cook for delivering crushed rock amounting to $377.82 the City Treasurer be instructed to hold same over until such time as the proper payrolls for labor have been handed in and all accounts for labor etc have been satisfied.

sgd H. P. Shaw

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ Brown
That the whole of the clause in reference to the beach at English Bay with the exception of the authority to purchase and place two life buoys

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That the Balance of the Report be adopted

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Queen
That the By-Law to rescind the Ward By-Law be read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ McPhaiden
That C. A. Coldwell be permitted to erect a one story lean to covered with corrugated iron at the rear of his building on Lot 14.Block 2. O.G.T. subject to the approval of the City Engineer and subject to its removal at any time when ordered by the Council.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Coupland
That the matter be laid over for one week so that the By-Law may be looked into.

Motion lost; Amendment carried.

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher
That the City Clerk be instructed to communicate with the Street Railway Co to ascertain when they are going to give a 15 minute service on Granville Street, South of Robson St.

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ Gallagher
That the City Solicitor be instructed to write to the Dominion Government asking for the use of that portion of the bathing grounds known as English Bay.

[volume 6 page] 709

The following applications were received for the position of fireman:-

C. Stone, S. Newman, Murdoch McIntyre, F. J. Smith, Wm Elliott, R. S.Frost, R. Pyper, Wm Cartwright, Dan McLeod, S. F. Calkin, W. G. Taylor, C. H. Barker, John Brown, Thos Holland D. C. Muir Thos P Stretch Geo Gill Geo Payne W. S. Ashworth Geo Richardson and John McConaghy

After a number of ballots were taken it was found that C. H. Barker received the majority of the votes and was duly appointed at the usual salary for beginners.

Alderman McPhaiden asked leave to allow his notice of motion re the Burrard Inlet & Fraser Valley Ry to lie over which was granted.

The Council then adjourned.

Henry Collins

Thos F McGuigan
City Clerk