City Will Not Buy Gas Works at $265,000 – August 13, 1897

Council decided anonymously against buying a gas works for $265,000.

These minutes were transcribed in 2022 by Transcribimus volunteer Anonymous

Text Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 7 page 667 only

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[Volume 7 page] 667

The Council met on Friday August 13 1897.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Painter, Townley, Neelands, McQueen, Clandenning, Brown, W. S. MacDonald and D. G. McDonald, also Mr. Gideon Robertson and James England.

The object of the meeting was to consider a proposition for the sale of the Gas Works to the City.

Mr. Robertson said that the gas Company’s property consisted of 12 City lots on False Creek buildings, plant +c. 15 Miles of pipes, 600 meters in user and other stock in land consisting of spools etc. Debenture debt $145.500 @ 6 per annum due November 1898. They were offered by a synticate $125,000 in cash and assume the Debenture debt. They offered the whole to the City for $265,000.

Mr. England then read from News paper extracts to shew that gas manufacture was {?} present in a progressive state, as compared with electricity.

A general discussion then took place.

It was eventually moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by Alderman Clandenning
That after considering the offer made by Mr. Robertson on behalf of the Gas Company this Council cannot see its way to recommend the purchase under the conditions named.
Carried unanimously

The Council then adjourned.

W. Templeton

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk