City to participate in upcoming Labour Day Parade – August 14, 1893

Labour Day Parade 1898 Vancouver near Hastings Mill

The Council accepted an invitation to attend the Labour Day Parade, and allowed the Fire Brigade to participate. Council gives orders to the City Foremen to give preference in hiring men who can prove they pay Vancouver Municipal taxes. R. MacLeod to build a new Operating Room for the city hospital for $850.00 The Market By-Law was read but laid aside for further consideration.

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Illustration: Vancouver archives image AM54-S4-: Str P243
B.C., M.T. and T. Company, Hastings Mill Branch, Labor Day, 1898

Original handwritten minutes here: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 5 pages 512 – 516

[volume 5 page 512]
Vancouver 14th August 1893.

The Council met on Monday 14th August 1893. Present Alderman Anderson, Salsbury Hobson Cargill Hackett Franklin Fowler Collins McCraney T Brown. Mayor Cope being absent. Anderman Anderson was appointed to act pro tem.
The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.


Were read from John Devine, Asking for Street Improvements on 6th Avenue.
Referred to Board of Works

Baker Bros, referring to flooding their cellar in Brinsmead Block
Referred to Board of Works

Secretary of Trades & Labor Council, extending an official invitation to attend the Labor Day Celebration.
Moved by Alderman Fowler
Seconded by Alderman Brown
That the Invitation be accepted

A.L. St. George, Announcing Telegram re Hose Wagon.

J. Bunsen et al. asking for improvements on 5th Avenue.
Referred to Board of Works

Robt Marrion, asking permission to remove a body in the Cemetery
Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Fowler
That the request be granted.

Secretary of Trades & Labor Council, asking for permission to be granted Fire Brigade to take part in procession on Labor Day.
Moved by Aldr Franklin
Seconded by Aldr Fowler
That the request be granted

[volume 5 page 513]

The following Reports were received and read.

The Board of Works met on August 10th 1893
Present Ald McCraney in the Chair and Aldermen Hackett and Salsbury.

1. That Communication by J. H. Hallett re standing trees be referred to Alderman Brown to arrange with the owners of the property.
2. That permission be granted Messrs Major & Eldridge to put up Small Corrugated Iron addition to back of their premises on Water Street.
3. That the following accounts be paid

D. Gibbons     10th Ave Grading     25.00
T. Clough     Express Hire     5.50
Crowder & Penzer     Coal     4.00
W. C. Marshall     Express Hire     5.50
Market Hardware Store     Nails     .75
Evans Coleman & Evans     Sewer pipe     73.44
“                                               “                        60.48
H. T. Adams     8th Ave Sidewalk     27.48
“                          7th “                              9.72
D. A. Campbell     Stumping Machine     35.00
A. D. McDonald     Powell Street     135.00
D. McGillivray     Day Work paving     291.77
F. A. Barnes     6th & 7th Ave     24.18
T. M Thomas     Clearing in 185     675.00
R. Moore     Grant St.     202.50
D. Gibbons     7th Ave Grading     97.29
H. Lomas et al.     Weekly Pay Roll     439.90

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That the report be adopted.

The Finance Committee met on Friday 11 Aug 1893, all the members being present.
1. That the following a/c’s be paid
Thompson Bros     Supplies     12.10
Leatherdale & Smith     Stack     5.00
Robt Mackay     Painting     9.30
News Advertiser     Supplies     78.95

[volume 5 page 514]

Telephone Co     Rent     35.85
D. Burton     Hack Hire     1.50
C. P. Tel Co     Messages     1.91
2. That $1000 be placed to credit of Library Board
3. That Park Commissioners Grant of $500 be laid over
4. That Taxes on Lot 7 to 11 Blk 117.301 be remitted for the years up to and including 1891 if owned by the English Church at that time.
5. That the most important By-laws be printed in Pamphlet form
6. That the Board of Works be urged to have the clearing of 185 without delay Completed.
7. That the City Auditor be instructed to audit the School Board a/cs up to 30th June.

Moved by Alderman McCraney
Seconded by Alderman Brown
That the report be adopted

The Health Committee met on Friday 11th August 1893. Present Full Board.
1. That the Contract for Building an Operating Room at City Hospital be awarded to R. McLeod for the sum of $850
2. Contract for erection of a Mixing Room at Crematory be awarded to Oldfield & Cook, sum of $149.
3. That the Cemetery House be raised, tenders to be called for the work.
4. That the City Clerk be authorised to have additional notices printed for the Health Inspector.
5. That the following a/c’s be paid

A.H Thomas     Expert Evidence     4.00
J.L Herrell & Co     Supplies     43.20
Mc Intosh & Co           “              34.55
Fewster & Co               “                4.10
Tilley & Son                 “                1.00
McLennan & McFeely     “          8.25
B.C Mills                            “            .50
E.J. Cave     Labor                     28.50
G. J. Wilson     Supplies     8.90
U.S.S. Co     Fare     2.00
M. Carriere     Scavengering     10.00
F.W. Hart     Burial     10.00

[volume 5 page 515]

W. E. Johnstone     Labor     5.50
Texas Lake Ice Co     Supplies     1.60
W. Herfoot     Drayage     .50
News Advertiser     Supplies     2.50
Crowder & Penzer         “         10.62
News Advertiser           “           3.00
C. J. Foreman               “         15.00
Atkins & Atkins          “      52.51

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Fowler
That the Report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Law

On motion of Alderman Franklin & McCraney a “By Law to Amend By Law Vo143 known as the “Electric Wiring By Law” was introduced and read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by Alderman Fowler
That the Clerk be instructed to notify Scavengers to cease Dumping Garbage etc. at end of Gore Avenue

Moved by Alderman Fowler
Seconded by Alderman Hobson
That an order of this Council be issued to the Foreman of City Departmental Work instructing them to give preference in employment to men who can produce satisfactory evidence that the are payers of Vancouver Municipal Taxes, other than the Poll Tax.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by Alderman Fowler
That the Water Works Weekly Pay Roll amounting to $2937.00 be paid.

By – Laws.

On motion of Alderman Fowler & Brown

A By-Law to repeal By Law Vo184 known as the “Market By Law Amendment By Law”, and to further provide for the establishment of a Public Market was read the Second time.
The Council went into Committee of the whole, on the Market By Law. Alderman Collins in the Chair. The preamble and Clause 1 were passed.

[volume 5 page 516]

On consideration of Clause 2 Alderman Anderson moved that the Committee rise to report progress and ask leave to sit again.
The Council then Adjourned
F Cope
Ths F. McGuigan
City Clerk