Vancouver to Raise $93,300 for Paving and Grading- August 22, 1898

City of Vancouver to raise the sum of $37000 for wood block paving certain streets and a By Law to raise $56300 for Curbing and grading certain streets A grant of $100 was made to St. Paul’s Hospital. Dr R.J. Bentley was appointed House Surgeon at the City Hospital.

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Source: COV S31 715 G 05 Vol 8
pages 424-432

[Volume 8 page] 424

Vancouver August 22nd 1898.
The Council met on Monday August 22nd 1898.
Present – His Worship the Mayor, and Aldermen

Painter, Townley, McQueen, Neelands, McPhaiden, McGuigan, Brown, Foreman, McMorran and Bruce.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Geo. R. Maxwell MP. acknowledging receipt of resolution re Stanley Park.

From the Trades and Labor Council endorsing petition of City Employees for a half holiday every Saturday also from the City Employees petitioning to a like effect.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From Miss Pirt acting Matron of the City Hospital Stating that she had temporarily engaged Miss Peck of New Westminster in place of Miss McCraney who is ill and asking that [one “seeking”] a convalescent patient be engaged at one dollar per day to take the place of F. Humphrey while he is away on his holidays.
Moved by Alderman McGuigan.
Seconded by ” McMorran.
That Miss Pirt’s suggestions be carried into effect.

From J.R. Webster etal complaining of nuisance from Robert Barker’s cows.
Referred to Police Committee.

From Magistrates Mellon and Anderson giving judgment on the smallpox case exonerating Dr. Mills.

[Volume 8 page] 425

The following Reports were received and read: –

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday August 19th 1898.
Present: Aldermen McQueen, Painter, McGuigan, Brown and McMorran. The following accounts were recommended for payment: –

Clark & StuartSupplies$12.70
Municipality of MatsquiTaxes35.27
Trythall & SonSupplies25.
News AdvertiserAds15.88
S.J. ThompsonSupplies16.62
York & Co.Cutting hay180.
Macdonell & DeaconRefund of fine10.

The following agreements were approved and authorized to be signed by the Mayor and City Council and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto: –
Henry Mutrie, Frank Granville and J.G. Garvin for assessing the real property of the City of Vancouver for A.D. 1898.


From N. J. Barr Secretary to the Master Plumbers requesting the Council to approve a Committee to convene with them on matters pertaining to the trade.
Resolved that the City Clerk be instructed to notify them to be present at the next meeting on the Board.

From Wm Godfrey, Manager of the Bank of B.N.A. asking if it could be arranged to have the Local Improvement Bonds purchased by his Bank made payable in Vancouver or Montreal.
Resolved that he be informed that the Bonds must be made payable in Vancouver.

From C.J. South, Secretary of the Society for the

[Volume 8 page] 426

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals asking for the return of $10.00 fine imposed on one cur in the Police Courts.
Resolved that Mr. South be informed that we cannot grant his request but if he has any account for expenses in connection with the organization of the Society that he send it in.

Sgd Jas McQueen

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by ” McGuigan
That the report be adopted

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 18th of August 1898.
Present the full Board.


From W. Downie Supt C.P.R Co. in reference to offensive smell arising from sewerage emptying west of the Passenger Depot.
The City Engineer reported on the matter.
Resolved that the Health Inspector be instructed to see that all parties who have sewer drains emptying on the Foreshore from Seaton Street put in either earth closets or else continue their sewers beyond the lowest low watermark to the engineer’s satisfaction.

From H.W. Robinson etal asking for a sidewalk on Raymur Avenue and a small [?uice] on Harris St.
Referred to the Engineer and Alderman Foreman for their attention.

From petitioners asking that the name of Oppenheimer Avenue be changed back to Carl Avenue.

Resolved that the application to the Minister of Marine of the B.C. Sugar Refinery Company for the foreshore rights opposite Boundary

[Volume 8 page] 427

Avenue referred by the Marine Department to the City Council be answered by the City Clerk that the City Council cannot consent to the application as it interferes with the approach to Boundary Avenue from Burrard Inlet.

Resolved that permission be granted to the B.C. Sugar Refinery Co. to put in a double siding on Forbes Street subject to the location on the street being satisfactory to the City Engineer as far as the City Council has power to grant such permission and provided that the B.C. Sugar Refinery Co. agrees to remove the tracks from the street if required to do so at any time and leave the street in good condition.

Resolved that the City Engineer instruct the ward Foreman to have all loose stones removed from the streets.

Resolved that the City Engineer arrange to have steps put in at the North End of Howe Street leading to the C.P.R. Depot.

The following accounts were recommended for payment: –

Evans, Coleman & EvansSupplies$541.85
Campbell Rannie & Co174.88
F.S. Timberlake1.75
McLennan] & McFeely160.57
ThP. Dunn & Co.104.54
W.L. Tait552.46
B.C. Mills429.33
Ths Veitchdel. Crushed rocks111.26
A.E.E. Clark” “598.41

Resolved that the Engineer have a 3 plank walk laid on Laurel St. from 8th to 9th Av.
Sgd. H.J. Painter

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” McMorran
That the Report be adopted.

[Volume 8 page] 428

Moved in amendment by Alderman Townley.
Seconded by Alderman McGuigan.
That the clause in reference to sewers on Seaton Street be referred back to the Board of Works for reconsideration.
Amendment lost; motion carried.

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday August 17th 1898.
Present: – Alderman McGuigan, Townley, McQueen and McMorran.

The following accounts were recommended for payment: –

Vancouver Gas Co.Supplies$20.45
Jas CarnahanScavengering10.
Crowder & PenzerSupplies28.94
Champion & WhiteScavengering3.00
Hudson’s Bay Co.Supplies4.00
Evans, Coleman & Evans8.25
H.P. Dunn & Co.4.25
McDowell & Co.55.66
B.C. Mills6.52
Clark & Stuart1.00
Pioneer Steam LaundryWashing72.54
Valley Dairy Co.Supplies195.40
C. Clark2.55
City Grocery Co.94.02
Hicks BrSHack Wire11.75
J. DodsonSupplies17.
Dominion Fish Co.43.85
J.C. Woodrow67.42


From Miss M. T. Roycroft City Hospital asking for an increase of salary.
Moved by Alderman McQueen
That her salary be increased $5.00 per month dating from the 1st of September.

Applications for the position of House Surgeon were made by Drs Bentley and McEwen.

[Volume 8 page] 429

Also from R. C. Macfie who was found ineligible for the position not being a qualified practitioner of the Medical Board of B.C.
Referred to the Council to make appointment.

From I. M. Maclean stating that he had written Provincial Secretary re “fish offal” at English Bay but had received no acknowledgement of his communication at present.

Health Inspector Marrion handed in particulars of the 2 items of account sent in from St. Paul’s Hospital.
Referred to the Council.

Moved by Alderman Townley.
That the City Clerk be instructed to write to Tacoma Portland, San Francisco and Sound Cities generally asking the Health Officers in each of these Cities to furnish him with a copy of their Health Laws and more especially with regard to their quarantine arrangements and Sanitation.
Sgd. W. J. McGuigan

Moved by Alderman McGuigan
Seconded by ” Foreman
That the Report by adopted.

Introduction of By Laws

Moved by Alderman McMorran.
Seconded by ” McQueen.
That a By Law be introduced to amend the [City] Pound By Law.

The By Law was according[ly] read a first time.

[Volume 8 page] 430

Unfinished Business

Under the head of unfinished business the following applications were received for Hospital House Surgeon: –
Morton D. McEwen, R.J. Bentley and R.E. McNulton.

Moved by Alderman McGuigan.
Seconded by ” McMorran.
That the Council proceed to ballot for a selection.

On the first ballot Dr. R.J. Bentley received a majority of the Council.
It was then moved by Alderman McGuigan.
Seconded by Alderman Foreman.
That Dr R.J. Bentley be appointed House Surgeon of the City Hospital at a Salary of $100.00 per month, engagement to date from the 1st of September A.D. 1898.


Moved by Alderman Painter.
Seconded by ” McQueen.
That debentures under By Laws No. 302 and 303 be funded of a denomination of not less than $100 each and made repayable at the City Treasurer’s office, Vancouver.

Moved by Alderman Townley.
Seconded by ” McQueen.
That the sum of $100 be paid to St. Paul’s Hospital by way of a Charitable grant.

Moved by Alderman Painter.
Seconded by ” McQueen.
That the City contribute one third of the amount payable for the following local improvements viz.: –
Putting in sewers in lanes in Blocks 34,

[Volume 8 page] 431

35, 36, 37, 38, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53, D.L. 185 or such portions of same as are deemed necessary.

That a Court of Revision to hear any appeals against the assessment on the real property to be benefitted by the proposed improvements be held on the 28th day of September 1898 at the hour of 11 oclock [sic] in the forenoon and that notice be given of such sitting of the Court.

Consideration of By Laws

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” Neelands.
That the following By Laws be read a 3rd time and be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate Seal affixed thereto: –
A By Law to enable the City of Vancouver to raise the sum of $37000 for wood block paving certain streets and a By Law to raise $56300 for Curbing and grading certain streets.

The By Laws were accordingly read a 3rd time.
Moved by Alderman McMorran.
Seconded by ” McGuigan.

That the rules be suspended to allow of the second reading of the By Law to amend the Pound By Law.
The By Law was accordingly read a second time.
Moved by Alderman McMorran.
Seconded by ” McGuigan.
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of the Pound By Law with the Mayor in the Chair.

[Volume 8 page] 432

In Committee the By Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete without amendment.

The rules were again suspended and the By Law read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman McMorran seconded by Alderman McGuigan.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Townley gave notice that at the next meeting of the Council he would introduce a By Law to amend the Board By Law by Altering the boundaries of the wards as at present existing or by increasing the number of wards.

Alderman Painter gave notice that at the next meeting of Council he will introduce a By Law providing for the raising of the sum of $10000 for the laying of sewers in Lot 185 under the provisions of the Charter relating to Local Improvements.

James T. Garden

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk