Morley gets $200 reward for info on Sunbury murder – August 25, 1890

Morley gets $200 reward for info on Sunbury murder – August 25, 1890

Chief of Police recommended George Morley for $200 reward for information on Henry T. Sunbury murder. Mr. Wetzler suggested that the nozzles of fire hoses should be furnished with a cut-off, so that when firemen entered a building the water need not be turned on until the actual location of the fire was ascertained. (!) The tender of William Murphy to supply police uniforms at $35.00 per suit was accepted. Council decided to proclaim Saturday September 6th ‘Labor Day’.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pg 9-25

[volume 4 page 9]

Vancouver August 25th 1890

The Council met on Monday August 25th 1890 at 8 P.M.

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Browning, Carroll, Garden, Fox, Sentell, McLeod, Costello and Doering.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Park Commissioners notifying the Council that they would resist any interference of their rights as Parks Commissioners.
Referred to Finance Committee.

From C.D. Rand in reference to lowering the Vancouver Gas Co’s pipes on Oppenheimer St.

From R.R. Lang, City Clerk of Stratford enclosing a resolution from the Stratford Council in reference Samuel R. Robb.

From D. Carmichael and F. Loscombe applying for the position of Market Clerk.
Laid on the Table.

From Strutt & Co agreeing to remove the portion of their building on 12th Av.

From J. R. Linton asking for a summons for parties who stole his property.
Referred to Police Committee.

From Alderman Horne asking for leave of absence.

From Hon John Robson asking for a return of the Assessment of the City to be forwarded to the Imperial Government.
Referred to Assessor.

[volume 4 page 10]

From A.B. Diplock et al asking for the improvement of Nelson St.
Referred to Board of Works.

From Rev. E.D. McLaren accepting the position to which he was appointed by Council on the British Columbia University Board.

From the City Clerk of Port Arthur, asking for information in connection with Street Railway.
Referred to City Clerk for reply.

From F. Bowser asking that a certain tree be cut down on 6th Av.
Referred to City Engineer.

From H. B. Small, Secy to the Minister of Agriculture, asking the Council to furnish a cabinet of views of Vancouver for the Jamaica Exhibition.
Referred to Finance Committee.

From J. A. Fulton et al asking Council to appoint Saturday Sept. 6th a Public Holiday to be known as Labour day.

From Mrs Webster asking the Board of Health to take into consideration the erection of a separate building for a women and children’s ward.
Referred to Board of Health.


Police No 9

The Police Committee met on Tuesday August 12th 1890.
Present: Aldermen Costello, Carroll and Mason.
It was resolved:
1. That the following accounts be paid:

[volume 4 page 11]

L.S. Cook, Scavenger work $1.50
John McLaren, Fares 3.00
C.B. Johnson Express 1.00
D. Burton, Hack hire 2.00
Van Volkenburgh & Bro, Meat 17.95
Wm Steel Express .50
W. J. Smith 2.00
C. Nelson, Insect powder 2.00
John Scuitto, Supplies 67.38
A. Hodgson, Painting 20.00
O.W. Ellison, Milk 3.50

2. That tenders be invited for the furnishing of uniforms to the Police Force.

3. That all communications in reference to By-Law No 79 and amending By-Laws be referred to the Finance Committee for consideration.

4. That Mr Corry, night watchman at Hastings Mills, be sworn in as a Special Constable for the City of Vancouver, at a salary of $1.00 per year.

5. That J. M. Stewart, ex-Chief of Police be requested to give an explanation in the matter of the claim of Shirley Keeting and if it is found that the search was made under the authority of the Provincial Government that the matter be referred to them.
Sgd. M. Costello, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Fox, seconded by Alderman Doering. That the Policy Committee be adopted.

Fire Water and Light
The Fire Water and Light Committee met on Wednesday August 13th 1890.

[volume 4 page 12]

Present: Aldermen Fox, Carroll, McLeod and Doering.
It was recommended:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
Van Water Works Co, Rates $364.86
Creighton, Fraser & Co, Supplies 4.85
G.H. Bigley, Shoeing team 4.50
E.S. Scoullar & Co, Supplies 2.70
C.P.Ry Co , Supplies .75
A. Godfrey & Co, Supplies 14.60
John Scuitto, Supplies 68.60
W.S. Cook, Scavengering 2.00
John Wolf, Scavengering 4.00
Van Gas Co. 9.00

2. That John Cooper, Engineer at Fire Hall No 2 be informed that as the Estimates for the year have been compiled and the salaries adjusted, the Council regrets it is not in a position to recommend an increase of salary for him.

3. That arc lights of 2000 candle power each be placed in the following locations:

On the corner of Carl Av & Princess St.
On the corner of Powell & Raymur
On the corner of Sixth Av & Prince Edward St.
On the corner of Seymour & Nelson St.

4. That the consideration of placing an arc light on the corner of Prior St & Gore Av be deferred for the present.

5. That the lights as erected by the Vancouver Electric Rwy & Light Co be tested before payment is made of their account, to ascertain if they have the power agreed upon in the contract.

Sgd J.M. Fox, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Doering, seconded by Alderman Sentell. That the Report of the F.W. & L. Committee be adopted.


[volume 4 page 13]

Health No 13

The Health Committee met on Tuesday August 12th 1890.

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Mason, McLeod, Carroll and Fox.

It was recommended:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

E.S. Scoullar & Co, Supplies $41.30
W.J. McGuigan, Inquests etc. 40.00
H. McDowell & Co, Drugs 32.74
Van Volkenburgh, Meat 39.61
M.A. Harvey, Buggy 2.50
John Scuitto, Supplies 53.92
Crowder & Penzer, Supplies 20.25
Yick Lung, Washing 14.75
D. Bell-Irving, Mental Ex. 5.00
O.W. Ellison, Milk 55.89
Hudson’s Bay Co, Supplies 3.00
W.S. Cook, Scavengering 1.50
R.V. Winch, Supplies 16.71
Union S.S. Co, Rent 7.50

2. That the City assume control of the scavengering of the City and provide the ways and means for carrying it into immediate effect.

3. That the resignation of Chas Gibson and Mary Ann Alcock, nurses at the City Hospital, be accepted.

4. That S. G. Pentlow be appointed night nurse at the City Hospital at a salary of $30.00 per month dating from the resignation of Chas Gibson.

5. That Miss M. Woodward be appointed nurse in place of Miss Alcock resigned at a salary of $25.00 per month.

6. That Miss R. Drummond be appointed nurse

[volume 4 page 14]

at a salary of $20.00 per month in place of Miss Woodward promoted.

7. That all previous actions of the Council relative to Miss Swan’s salary be rescinded and that her salary be increased to $50.00 per month dating from the 1st of June 1890.

8. That in future the matron be required to immediately report to the Board of Health through the City Clerk any change in the hospital staff or other matters affecting the government of the hospital and that she employ white labor if available in all branches connected with hospital work.

9. That the caretaker at the cemetery be instructed to have all graves dug in the centre of the plots so that they may be four feet apart.

10. That the Minister of Agriculture be communicated with asking him when it is the intention of the government to establish a quarantine station at this port, and in the meantime that the present building on Deadman’s Island be used for that purpose, and if the necessity should arise to use it as a pest house, that all communications be shut off from the mainland.

11. That the service of Frank Humphrey, Porter at the City Hospital be dispensed with at once and that the matron be instructed to have his place filled by another man.

12. That the City Solicitor be instructed to draft a By-Law under Subsection 27, Clause 142 of the City Charter to govern and regulate slaughter houses in this City.

13. That Thos Bradbury be permitted to exhume the body of his child now interred in the cemetery.

[volume 4 page 15]

14. That the City Clerk be instructed to acknowledge the receipt of Mrs. Salsbury’s communication re an addition to the City Hospital informing her that the Board will carefully consider the advisability of erecting such addition.

15. That two copies of the British Columbia Statutes of 1886 be purchased.

Sgd. J. T. Carroll, for Chairman
Moved by Alderman Costello

Seconded by Alderman Fox
That the Report of the Health Committee be adopted.

Finance No 22
The Finance Committee met on Friday August 15th 1890.
Present: Aldermen Browning, Costello and Fox.

It was recommended:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
Trustees of Sinking Fund $6097.67
Thomson Bros Stationery 12.40
The Herald Printing Co. 14.75
A. St. G. Hamersley, Charter Expenses 313.50

2. That as the Chief of Police has reported that Geo Morley gave the information which led to the apprehension and conviction of the murderers of Henry T. Sunbury, we recommend that the $200.00 Reward offered by the Council be paid to him.

3. That the Sum of $88.00 be hereby voted out of the Finance Contingent fund and placed to the credit of the following accounts to cover our drafts:
F, W & L, Fire Alarm System 45.75
Finance, Insurance 10.00
Finance, School Tax 29.30

[volume 4 page 16]

4. That the accounts of the Board of Works, Police, Health and Fire, Water and Light Committees be passed for payment, having been examined and found correct.

The Finance Committee met again on Friday August 22nd 1890.

Present: Aldermen Browning, Gordon and Costello.

It was recommended:

1. That the following accounts be paid:

I.H. Hallett, Law books $90.10
H. Henslow, Salary 60.00
Carswell & Co, Law books 21.00
The Star, Advertising 25.20
News Advertiser, Printing 193.50

2. That a special meeting of the Finance Committee be held on Friday August 29th at 3 o’clock for the consideration of By-Law No 79.

3. That $500.00 be appropriated by Council for the purchase and distribution of a certain number of copies of the pamphlet prepared by Mr. R.E. Gosnel, giving valuable information regarding the farming and mining resources of the Province of British Columbia provided satisfactory terms can be arranged with him.

4. The accounts from the Board of Works and Park Commissioners were examined and confirmed.

Sgd. J.M. Browning, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by Alderman Costello

That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted as read.

[volume 4 page 17]

Crematory Report
The Crematory Committee met on Friday August 15th 1890.
Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Carroll, Costello and McLeod.
It was resolved:

1. That a site be selected in 264A for a crematory ground and that same be purchased, if obtainable at a reasonable figure.

2. That the Health Committee take into consideration the adoption of a system of scavengering at the expense of the Corporation, which according to an estimate made by the Health Inspector would be $5220.00 per annum.

3. That the offer of James Watt, Secretary of the Dominion Sanitary and Cremating Co, agreeing to erect a crematory in the City for $6000.00 be accepted, in accordance with his letter of 22nd May 1889 addressed to the City Clerk and as modified in his offer to Mr E. Mohun of Sept. 12 1889, both of which are herewith attached.

Sgd. J.T. Carroll, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Garden
Seconded by Alderman McLeod

That the Report of the Crematory Committee be adopted.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Fox
Seconded by Alderman Doering.

That the Report be laid over for one week until a site is decided upon.
Amendment lost by casting vote of the Mayor.
Motion carried by casting vote of Mayor.

Works No 23

The Board of Works met on Thursday, August 14, 1890.

[volume 4 page 18]

Present: Aldermen Costello, Browning and Doering. Alderman Costello in the chair.
It was recommended:

1. That the following accounts be paid:
J. Bunting, Flushing sewers $4.75
F.L. Budlong, Dufferin St Bridge 470.36
Wm Tierney, Haro St 298.80
Wm Tierney, Davie St 337.46
Wm Tierney, Burrard St 250.00
A.D. McDonald, Hastings St 387.05
Murray & Fraser, 12th Av 540.00
John Costello, Powell St 46.65
John Costello, Pender St 3.60
McDonald & Barton, Burrard St 14.00
Leatherdale & McDonald, Dufferin St 404.63
D. Gibbons, Pender St 88.23
McDonald & Lloyd, Westminster Av. 796.50

2. That the following contracts be awarded:
Bute St Grading C.H. Lloyd
Harris St Grading H. Nicol
Cemetery Road Urquhart & Morris
Jervis St Grading C.H. Lloyd
9th Av Grading M. McIntyre
Burrard St Grading Alex McDonald
Carolina St Sidewalk H. Connacher
Market Grounds Wm Cullen

3. That the following tenders be invited:
(a) Box drain in the gully between Eveleigh St and the Brewery.
(b) Grading Robson St from Granville to Richards.
(c) Sidewalking Robson St from Richards to Burrard
(d) Grading Smithe St from Burrard to Richards.
(e) Grading the east side of Westminster Av from Princess to Hastings.
(f) Grading Westminster Av from 13th Av to City Boundary. The expense for grading between 13th and 14th Avs to be taken from the gravel for Westminster Av.

[volume 4 page 19]

(g) Grading Barnard St from Dunlevy to Gore.
(h) Grading Princess St two blocks further east.

4. That Seymour St be graded and sidewalked as far as the Estimates will allow, as petitioned for by J. P. Smith et al.

5. That there are no sums in the Estimates for grading the lane in Block 20 196 as petitioned for by F. Sargent et al.

6. That Hornby St & Drake St be sidewalked as far as the Estimates will allow, as petitioned for A. McEdwards et al, but that the City Engineer first ascertain what is most urgently wanted.

7. That Robson St be graded from Granville to Richards St and sidewalk laid to connect with Burrard St.

8. Re the communication from the Gas Co. As it is the opinion of this Committee that the City is not liable for the lowering of the gas pipes, now exposed on Oppenheimer and Princess Streets, through the grading of said streets, the communication is hereby referred back to Council.

9. That a surface drain be laid through to the lane in Block 3, O.G.T. provided the Aldermen representing Ward No 2 make provision for the construction of same by deducting the amount required from some other work in the ward included in the estimates.

10. That there are no funds available for the gravelling of Helmcken St as petitioned for by Walter Taylor.

11. Re the sidewalk in front of the Y.M.C.A. building we find upon enquiry that the present sidewalk is only of a temporary nature which will be adjusted when the new grade is adopted.

[volume 4 page 20]

12. That the City Engineer examine and report upon the petition of S. Beaumont for the grading of Princess St.

13. That Messrs Boyd & Clandenning be released from their obligations for the grading of Burrard St in consequence of a misunderstanding in the tender.

14. That the communication from the City Solicitor re wood on cemetery grounds be filed.

15. That the Box drain on Robson St be deepened to take the water from Mr Springer’s basement.

16. That the City Engineer be authorized to take the street cars for himself and assistants, when he considers it in the interests of the City to do so.
Sgd. M. Costello, Chairman pro tem

The Board of Works met again on Thursday August 21st 1890.
Present: Aldermen Browning, Doering and Costello. Alderman Browning in the Chair.
It was recommended:

1. That all contractors doing work for the City be notified that they will be required before excavating around Telephone, Street Ry and Telegraph poles, to notify the different companies the fact so that they will be able to take steps to protect their property.

2. That permission be not granted to R. Mackay Fripp to erect Sample Rooms as proposed on the Dougall House corner, same being contrary to the Fire Limit By-Law.

3. That part of 12th Av leading to Clark’s Park be planted with old plants taken from Westminster Av and that Westminster Av be gravelled instead.

[volume 4 page 21]

4. That the amount included in the Estimates for gravelling Westminster Avenue from 7th to 13th Av be applied to gravel the avenue further north beginning at the north end of the present gravelled road near 5th Av and extending north as far as it will go.

5. That the resolution of the Board of Works, passed on the 31st of July last recommending that the Box drain, through the gully near Williams Brewery, be made in lieu of a drain on Bute Street, be rescinded, and that the said drain be made in lieu of grading Jervis Street, from Georgia to Pender, and that the tender of C.H. Lloyd for grading Jervis Street be not accepted.

6. That the following tenders be invited:
(a) Grading Victoria St from the Park north to Powell Street
(b) Box drain on Bute St from Georgia to Melville
(c) Grading Haro St from Bute to Jervis, the expense to be taken out of Jervis St grading
(d) Grading Prince Edward Street from 5th to 8th Avenue

7. That the following accounts be paid:
H. Connacher, Keefer St $321.30
Grassie & Mason, Repairs 3.50
Queen Bros, Hack hire 7.00
E. Shergold, Drayage .75
John Telford, Homer & Davie 558.45
D.H. Morgan, 12th Av 112.50
W.C. Muir, 11th Av 58.52
Leatherdale & McD, 5 &7th Avs 236.09
A. Godfrey, Supplies 9.00
Crowder & Penzer, Supplies 7.15
R.C.P. Mills Co, Supplies 34.64

8. That the following contracts be awarded:
Princess St grading Boyd & Clandenning
Smithe St grading Boyd & Clandenning

[volume 4 page 22]

Westminster Av from 13th to 16th D. Gibbons
Westminster Av Hastings to Princess Wm Cullen
Barnard St W.D. Hobson
Robson St sidewalk ditto
Robson St grading Boyd & Clandenning
Box Drain in Blocks 1 & 2, 185 Muir & Johnson

Sgd. J. M. Browning, Chairman
Moved by Alderman Fox
Seconded by Alderman Sentell

That the Council go into Committee of the Whole on the Report.

Alderman Browning was appointed Chairman.
The Report was read over clause by clause and passed without amendment.
The Committee then rose and reported the Report complete.
The Report was adopted on motion of Alderman Costello seconded by Ald Doering.

Cambie Street Bridge Committee

The Cambie St Bridge Committee met on Monday August 25th 1890.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Garden, Costello and Carroll and Messrs Hamersley and J.G. Woods.

Two plans were submitted showing the bridge with a draw.
It was resolved that both these plans be submitted to the City Engineer for his report there-on and that he be instructed to give an estimate of the value of the work and material already expended in the construction of the Bridge by Messrs Leamy & Kyle. It was further resolved that the City pay $5000.00 extra in consideration of a draw being

[volume 4 page 23]

placed in the bridge. Messrs Leamy and Kyle to give a guarantee bond that they will repay to the City half of that amount in three years.
The Committee then adjourned.
Sgd. D. Oppenheimer, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Garden
Seconded by Alderman Carroll
That the Report of the Cambie St Bridge Committee be adopted.

Mr Wetzler, an underwriter from San Francisco appeared before the Bar of the Council and asked to be allowed to make a suggestion regarding certain necessary equipments for the Fire Department:
He claimed that the nozzles of the hose should be furnished with a “cut off” so that when the firemen entered a building water need not be turned on until the actual location of the fire was ascertained. This would prevent goods being destroyed by water which was the case in the fire on Cordova Street where $8000.00 worth of goods were ruined.

He advised the Council to provide these at once, the cost being only nominal, after which he withdrew.
Introduction of By-Laws

Alderman Browning introduced a By-Law to empower the Council to close the lane in Block 74, 196, which was read a first time.

Alderman Carroll allowed his By-Law amending By-Law 79 to stand over until the matter was considered by the Finance Committee and reported on.

[volume 4 page 24]
Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by Alderman Doering
That Alderman Carroll be added to the Street Railway Committee.

Moved by Alderman Fox
Seconded by Alderman Costello.
That Alderman Horne be granted six weeks leave of absence.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by Alderman Garden.
That the following labor account be paid:
B. Romang et al $164.25

Resolved: That the Board of Works be given power to act regarding the grading of Westminster Avenue south of False Creek Bridge. Carried.
Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by Alderman Doering.
That the matter of changing of the grades of streets and sidewalks be referred back to the City Solicitor to get another Counsel to consult with him as to the liability of the City either private individuals or other parties for inconvenience or damage suffered from the change of grade, whether the same had been previously given by the City Engineer as the permanent grade or not.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by Alderman Carroll.
That the tender of Wm Murphy

[volume 4 page 25]

for police uniforms be accepted at $35.00 per suit, as per sample lot.

Moved by Alderman Garden
Seconded by Alderman Costello.
That the petition of the Trade and Labor Council be granted and that His Worship the Mayor be requested to proclaim Saturday the 6th of September a Holiday or Labor day.

The Council then adjourned.

J. T. Carroll, Chairman
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk