Granville Street Car Service To Run Every Twenty Minutes – August 26, 1895

vancouver electric railway car 1891 turning north onto carrall Street from Cordova St.
Vancouver electric railway car 1891 turning north onto carrall Street from Cordova St.

Street cars south of Robson Street on Granville Street to run every twenty minutes (increased from every thirty minutes). Hospital patient Charles Freund, who was being pressed for his hospital account, stated that he would pay at the end of he fishing season.

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Illustration: City of vancouver Archives
Vancouver electric railway car turning north onto Carrall St from Cordova St

Original handwritten minutes:
City of Vancouver Archives Series 31 Volume 6
pages 720 – 730

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[Volume 6 page] 720

Vancouver August 26th 1895

The Council met on Monday August 26th 1895.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Coupland, gallagher, Queen, McPhaiden, Clandening, Brown, Sanders, Bethune + McDonald.
The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From D. A. McKenzie etal asked for a sidewalk on Bridge Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From Wilson + Hooper asking for information regarding their powers under their Auctioneers License.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From Harris + McMill notifying the Council that Ab Sy etal would in future pay all market fees under protest.
Referred to the Fire, M. + P. Committee

from F. Elworthy Secretary to the B. C. Board of Trade asking for an electrotype view of the City.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From the City Solicitor stating that it would be illegal to incur a debt to be paid out of next year’s revenue.

From the City Solicitor stating that if the Council wishes the cars to be run oftener than every 30 minutes on Granville Street South of Robson it will be necessary to pass a resolution requiring them to do so, in any event they cannot be compelled to run oftener than every twenty minutes.

[Volume 6 page] 721

From the City Solicitor stating that it would be illegal for Major general Twigg to erect a corrugated iron grate on Hastings Street within the Fire Limits.

From the Gas Co. Making an offer for lighting the City.
Referred to the Water + Light Committee.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From J. H. Smith etal asking the Council not to grant a license to laundry Keefer on Lot 30. B. 34, 541.
Referred to the F. M + P. Committee

From the City Engineer submitting copy of estimates on reservoir and profile of Robson Street.
Filed for reference.

The following Reports were received and read:-

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on August 22nd 1895.
Present Aldermen Shaw, Sanders, McPhaiden and McDonald.


From the City Engineer estimating the cost of grading Broughton Street, as asked for by Mr. Fee, at $700. If only surface graded it would cost $150.00 including a 3 plank walk.

from the City Clerk in reference to the agreement re Granville Street track South of Robson Street which Mr. F. S. Barnard took away with him when he went east.
Laid over.

From S. Weaver asking for permission to put up a watch sign opposite his premises 103 Cordova Street.
Granted on condition similar to the other watch makers.

From Emma Gold and C. A. Coldwell re corrugated

[Volume 6 page] 722

iron additions within the Fire Limits.

The City Solicitor reported that the corrugated iron structure for which Gen Twigge asks permission would be contrary to the Fire Limit By-Laws.

The Board resolved that respect to all these applications that By-Law be adhered to.

From G. W. Jameson etal asking that the lane in Blocks 41a + 42a, 200a be graded.
Referred to the officer in charge of chain gang in proper turn.

From F. Allen asking for a road on Bidwell Street north of Georgia Street so that he can get access to the back part of premises.
Referred to the officer in charge of the chain gang to be attended to on the first opportunity.

Resolved that the Consolidated Railway + Light Co. Be notified to put their track on Westminster Avenue South of False Creek to a permanent grade on similar conditions to those, applying to Granville Street South of Robson Street, and that the City Solicitor be instructed to draw up the necessary agreement to be signed.

Resolved that on the advice of the City Solicitor the Consolidated Ry. + Light Co be notified to place Robson Street ina condition as nearly as possible similar to what it was before they put their track on it that is to say that the street beside the ditches shall be put into that condition that vehicles can pass from one side of the street to the other with the same convenience as they could before the street railway was constructed.

Resolved that Mr. J. W. Horne be informed that if he will put down on the portion of the C. P. R.

[Volume 6 page] 723

right of way for which he holds a lease in front of his own and Mr. Garden’s brick blocks, a permanent pavement which will conform to the balance of the pavement put down by the City on Hastings and Carrall Streets the City will take out the Curb and lay the approach from Carrall Street with bituminous rock, as they have already done on the approach from Hastings Street.

Resolved that the funds remaining on hand under the Hastings and Carrall Streets Local Improvement By-Law be expended in laying bituminous rock pavement on the portion of the C. P. R. Right of way east of the track at the corner of Carrall and Hastings Streets provided the use of the said land for a street be granted to the City by the C. P. R. Co. And that the City Solicitor be instructed to communicate with Mr. Abbot to obtain his consent.


The following tenders were received and opened:-
Haro St. Surface grading 30 ft wide
J. Watt etal 17¢ per ft
J. W. Gibbons 17 “ “
Wm Tierney 23 “ “
R. Connacher 45 “ “
J. D. Fraser 20 “ “

Denman St. Trail 7 ½ ft wide
J. Watt et al 4½ ¢ per ft
J. W. Gibbons 6 ¢ per ft
Wm Tierney 6 ¢ per ft
R. Connacher 15 ¢ per ft
A. D. McDonald 5 ¢ per ft
A. Balkwill 5½ ¢ per ft

Resolved that the tenders of J. Watt etal for Haro and Denman Streets be recommended for acceptance.

[Volume 6 page] 724

and that His Worship the Mayor and the City Clerk be authorized to attach the City Seal to the contracts and sign same.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Con Ry + L. Co Tickets $5.00
R. Leonard Repairs 7.00
Market Hardware Store Supplies .50
D. Mc Gillivray Paving 1909.52
E. clough Express .50
News Advertiser. Ads 1.95

sgd. H. P. Shaw

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ Shaw
That the Report by adopted.

Moved in Amendment by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by Alderman Coupland
That the clause in reference to the pavement in front of the New Horne Block be referried back until the city solicitor gives a written opinion as to the City’s powers to spend the money for that purpose.

Amendment lost; motion carried.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committe met on Friday August 28rd 1895.
Present Aldermen Bethune, gallagher, Clandening and Brown.

The following account was recommended for payment :-
Gurney Cab co. Hacks etc. $12.25
Mrs. E. Miller interviewed the Committee

[Volume 6 page 725]

regarding an error in her assessment. It was shewn that has was assessed for a house which should have been assessed to John Bouyer on the adjoining property. The Committee recommends that she pay taxes on the basis of an assessment of $100 for the house and that the balance of the assessment viz $300 be placed against the property of John Bouyer.

Alex Gibson one of the proposed lessees of the Race Course at Hastings waited upon the Board and askind that the reading of the Agreement be altered to read 10 per cent of the gate receipts and 10 per cent of the grand stand receipts instead of 10 per cent of the total gross receipts.

This was agreed to.

The city Solicitor submitted a draft of a resolution dealing with the awarding of an electric lighting company to W. T. Stewart which was referred to Council.

Sgd A. Bethune

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Bethune
That the Report be adopted.

Fire, Market + Police Committee

The Fire, Market + Police Committee met on Tuesday August 20th 1895.
Present Aldermen Gallagher, McPhaidn, Sanders + Coupland.


From S. Harcus et al, asking for the change of the express stand from the corner of Carrall and Hastings Street.
The Chairman reported that he had located

[Volume 6 page] 726

about 100 feet west of the original stand on Hastings street.

From Robert Burtwell etal, Merchants, complaining about unlicensed peddling and asking that all foods offered for sale be inspected.
Resolved that the police be instructed to enforce the By-Law.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Cassady + co. Supplies $47.37
B. C. Iron Works “ 40.23
G. W Hutching “ 104.
News. Advertiser Ads 3.60
Herrest + co. Hire of horse 6.00
Crowder + Penzer supplies 75.79
News. Advertiser Ads .90
Hickingbotham Bros. Attending Horse 30.00
David Wilson Supplies 4.65
Dunn + co “ 10
J. Carnahan Scavengering 1.00
J. C. Woodrow Supplies 12.63
Leatherdale + co “ 29.
McRae + Hall Repairs 4.20
J. Mc Allister Interpreting 6.00

Resolved that all police clothing and accoutrements in the possession of the department constables be handed over to the Chief of Police and that they be notified to that effect.

Sgd. W. H. Gallagher

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Coupland

That the item referring to the payment of Hickingbotham be referred back and the balance of the report adopted.


[volume 6 page] 727

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday August 21st 1895.
Present aldermen Mcphaiden, Brown and Shaw.

The following accounts were recommended for payment :-
News. Advertiser supplies $12.50
James Stark “ 4.30
Clarke + Stuart “ 75
J. Carnahan Scavengering 50
International Ice Co. Supplies 5.45
Cassady + co “ 1.25
J. Robinson Drayage 50
Crowder + Penzer Supplies 11.64
D. Ruth Board 1.75
C. F. Foreman Supplies 57.08
Wm. Ruth Labor 8.
R. Frost “ 3.
Thos. Leask “ 5.25
W. J. McGuigan Inquests 20.
Thos Beckett Salary 5
Wm Ralph Supplies 8.25
C. S. Philp “ 23.80
Crowder + Penzer “ 29.71


From Miss Macfie stating that she had employed Thos Beckett in place of Humphreys while he was away on his holidays.

from John Evans etal, asking assistance for Mrs. John Johnson to send her home.
Resolved that the sum of 420 be granted for that purpose.

[Volume 6 page] 728

From Miss Macfie asking that a sum of money be voted to send Carl Hultengeren + J. Blum two chronic patients out of the country.
Resolved that the sum of 415 be voted to assist Carl Hultengeren to leave the country and that ther American Consul be communicated with regarding the other party.

From Messrs Adams + McDonald asking for 10 days leave of absence respectively.
Resolved that their request be granted provided they find suitable substitutes, such substitutes to be paid by the City.

From the Hon james baker stating that he thought the charge in the old Man’s Home would be $15.00 per month.
Filed for reference.

From John I. Desalle complaining that Charles Freund was being pressed for his hospital account and stating that he would pay at the end of he fishing season.
Resolved that Freund be not pressed if Desalle go good for him and retain the amount due out of his wages.

From M. Derosier submitting the names of J. R. Webster and F. Filion, as his bondsmen on Plumber bond.
Resolved that the bondsmen be accepted.

From Jas McGeer furnishing milk report.

Moved by Alderman Mcphaiden
Seconded by “ Brown
That the Report be adopted.


Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by “ Brown
That as the second of September is a public holiday the City treasurer be authorized to pay all salaries on the last of the month of August.

moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ Brown
That D. McGillivray be given the contract to do the work of paving that portion east of the C. P. R. Track mentioned in the report of the board of Works in the same manner and at the same price as set forth in the original contract for the Hastings Street bituminous rock pavement.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by “ Coupland
That John M HGrady be dismissed as police officer of the City.

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by “ Gallagher
That the Street Railway co. be requested to run their cars every twenty minutes on Granville Street south of Robson Street.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Coupland gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would introduce a By-Law to repeal the existing

[Volume 6 page [730]

Plumbing By-Laws and introduce another in lieu thereof.

The council then adjourned.

Henry Collins

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk