Council Reviews Lists of Accounts – July 3, 1899

Council Reviews Lists of Accounts – July 3, 1899

Council reviewed lists of accounts from the Fire and Police Committee, the Finance Committee, the Water + Market Committee, and the Board of Works. Evans, Coleman and Evans provided supplies to several civic committees throughout the 1890s. Their premises (pictured here) were on Alexander Street at the corner of Columbia, according to the 1899-1900 Vancouver City Directory, page 152.

Animal Cruelty Fines to be Paid to S.P.C.A. – March 20, 1899

…Be it resolved that the City’s portion of all penalties imposedbe paid over to the treasurer of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals. The City purchased a rock crusher from Hugh Cameron for $2,000. Police were instructed to report all cases where garbage is being dumped on the lanes and streets and prosecute under Clause 98 of the Health By-Law

More Street Numbering to Come to Vancouver – March 13, 1899

The Board of Works resolved to carry out the street numbering on the system recommended by the City Engineer. The City’s contract for advertising will be split evenly among the News-Advertiser, Province and World for the next year. The Light, Railway and Tramway Committee planned to interview Wiring Inspector candidates, and Alderman McPhaiden had plans to amend the Electric Wiring By-Law.

Vancouver Sends “Sincere Sympathy” to New Westminster following Fire – September 13, 1898

That the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Vancouver in Council assembled desire to place on record their sincere sympathy with the citizens of New Westminster in the calamity that has befallen them through the destruction of so large a portion of their beautiful City by the disastrous fire of the night of the 10th and morning of the 11th inst. Resolved that the accounts at the City Hospital be audited and suitable books provided for keeping them in future. A By-Law was introduced to provide for the expropriation of a portion of the Lot on the North east corner of Carrall Steet and Alexander Street.

Council Seeks Power to Remove “Undesirable” Buildings from Stanley Park – August 1, 1898

Stanley Park was currently, “handed over to the Corporation of the City of Vancouver for use as a Park subject to the right of the Dominion (Canadian) Government to resume the property when required at any time and subject to the City keeping the same in proper order”. Council feels that although Vancouver has spent more than $100,000 improving the park, the City lacks, “the necessary powers to evict trespassers, remove undesirable buildings and prevent nuisances.” Council is looking to the Honorable the Minister of Militia and Defence for an order in Council enforcing their authority.