Vancouver By-law No. 3 dividing the City into Wards

This transcript was made in March of 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Mary Ann Capistrano original handwritten by-law here By Law dividing the City of Vancouver into Wards Whereas the Act of Incorporation the Council of the City of Vancouver is

Vancouver By-law No. 5, Liquor License By-Law

Vancouver By-law No. 5 liquor licenses

Dealing with the most important things first! One of the earliest items of business of the newly-formed City of Vancouver was establishing the conditions for granting liquor licenses.  This by-law was introduced and finalized at the second meeting of Vancouver


By-law no. 118 altering Vancouver’s ward boundaries – May 9, 1891

This by-law was passed in the Vancouver City Council meeting of May 8, 1891. It changed Vancouver’s ward boundaries first set up under By-Law No. 3 in 1886. Transcribed by volunteer Anita Dos Santos in July of 2018. original by-law

Vancouver By-Law 121 : a by-law to establish rules, regulations, etc. for the interment of the dead in cemeteries and burial places controlled by the City of Vancouver – June 29, 1891

Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives photo AM54-S4-: Dist P9 [The first caretaker’s cottage at Mountain View Cemetery near Bodwell Road (33rd Avenue) and North Road (Fraser Street)] Document: City of Vancouver Archives COV-S36– By-law no. 121 : a by-law to


By-law No. 233 altering the subdivision of Wards – August 19, 1895

This document was transcribed in June of 2018 by Transcribimus volunteer Susan Willows. original handwritten by-law here 1292 BY-LAW NO. 233 A By-law to amend By-law No. 118, known as a By-Law altering the subdivisions of the City into Wards.