Klondike Ad from 1897 Vancouver Daily World

City Council Spends $2,000 on Klondike Advertising – November 15, 1897

Council decided to spend $2,000 “for the purpose of advertising the advantages of Vancouver as an outfitting point for the gold fields of the Klondike”. Frank Baynes be appointed Police Constable at a salary of $60.00 per month. The Chief of Police stating that he had been advised that it was the duty of the City to bring back and punish S. H. Boardman for deserting his wife.

Pender at Burrard St. early Vancouver

Pender Street in Unsafe Condition – November 8, 1897

J. J. Sparrow complained of the disgraceful condition of of Pender Street (pictured) in front of his stables. Rent for the market hall fixed $20 for dances, $15 for concerts, $5 for Sunday during the day, $8 for Sunday night. The Finance Committee informed the Trades and Labour Council that the City won’t be clearing acreage in Stanley Park this year, due to lack of funds.

Ad for Hood's Sarsaparilla

Typhoid Fever in Mount Pleasant – October 25 1897

Dr. W D Brydone-Jack reported on cases of typhoid fever in Mount Pleasant but declined in future to notify the Health Officer of the existence of infectious diseases unless he was paid for it. 1,000 notices to be printed and mailed to householders on Mount Pleasant and Fairview where there are no sewers, calling their attention to the clauses in the Health By-Law regarding the disposal of slops, etc.

Board of Trade Criticizes Lack of Places of Amusement in Vancouver – October 18, 1897

The Board of Works requested that the Harbour Master “exercise his authority as to the prevention of tugs, small steamers and scows from tying up and delivering produce at City Slip, Gore Avenue” (pictured above). In response to a recent criticism by the Board of Trade about the lack of places of amusement in Vancouver, City Clerk McGuigan was asked to forward to the Board of Trade a copy of the City By-Laws … under which clause any citizen is empowered to establish and operate a concert or music hall.