Vancouver Board of Health record of work done – 1900

This document was transcribed by Transcribimus volunteer Gerald Soon in June of 2018.

original handwritten records here

Work done by Health Dept

January 20th 1900
Sent copies of Treatise on Tuberculosis to all the Schools.
Attended court regarding Beckwiths Case
Inquired into 2 cases of Chicken Pox on Keefer St.

Jan. 22
Attended Court regarding M.C. Market Compy Inf of Health ByLaw on Carrell St
Sent Notice forms regarding Inf disease to all the Schools

Jan. 23
Made inquiries regarding arrival of trains and Boats from American points.
Suspected & known to have Small pox.
Also had notice inserted in Newspapers requiring Children to be vaccinated in this City.
Attended several police court Cases.

Jan. 24
Met Train at Hastings and Vaccinated 9 passengers from Seattle paid Railway fare under protest from Hastings into City.

Jan. 25
Met North Pacific Steamer & examined passengers.
A number of Children vaccinated by Dr. McLean.
Met train at Hastings and Vaccinated several passengers & refused to pay any more railway fares.

Jan. 26
Vaccinations at City Hall.
Interviewed Dr. Fagan at City Hall and he strongly advised precautions to be
Taken to guard against Small Pox.
Met Train at Hastings & Vaccinated 3 persons

Sat. Jan 27
Insp. North Pacific & vaccinated 3 – recd Infomration from Dr. McGuigan that Dr. Farish
Is posted at the Boundry line Asked & recd permission to have temporary assistance
Until an appointment is made.

Wed. 31st Jan
Saw post office Authorities and gave directions for getting up Vault for fumigating
Purposes – as it is considered there is danger from the Orient from Bubonic plague. This
To be done at the expense of Dominion Authorities.
Saw Mr Townly and obtained passes for Dr. McGuigan & Info to Visit Boundry – to see
how new Inspection is carried out.

Thurs. Feb 1, 1900
Insp. North Pacific & Vaccinated 13 persons
Still vaccinating children every Evening. Dr. McLean reported man from No 6 Cabin had
been sent to hospital
Steamer Guernsey in Harbour – Inspected having yellow flag
City notified P Government that some vessels pass Albert Head Quarantine – and come
Into this harbor

Friday, Feb. 2nd
Attended Court re He Chong – Health ByLaw
Helped vaccinate 70 –

Sat 3rd
F. Marrion & Dr. MacLean met North Pacific & vaccinated 20 persons
Dr. McGuigan & R. Marrion visited Sumas and observed what prov. Insp was doing in the
way of inspection, disinfection & e.

Mon 5th 1900
Inspected Lodging houses & laid information against the Chinamen

Tues 6 Feb
Attended Court against the Chinamen also Mukle Bro infrac. Health By Law
Insp. North Seattle & Vaccinated several persons. Vaccination still going on in City Hall.

Wed. 7th
Visited with Health Committee the Crematory & Slaughter Houses & came to conclusion
Same wanted repairs to brick work at Crematory
Attended Health Meeting

Thurs. 8th
Attended vaccinations at City Hall, North Pacific & notified Scool Principals that the Law regarding Vaccination must be carried out

Sat Feb 10th
Visited North Pacific & Vaccinated several persons

Mon. 12. 1900

Tues. 13th Visited North Pacific

Thurs 15 Visited North Pacific
Sat. 17 Feb.
Visited North Pacific
Saw Mr. Forrest C.P.Ry and he advised that Mrs Henry a destitute colored lady be placed at foot of Heather St. with her house – Visited this location and the people living there protest against the City building her a house near Main as she is liable to become a nuisance to the Neighborhood.

Mon 19th
Visited the Queen from Seattle & Vaccinated all the Deck Hands

Tues. 20th
Sent Doctors Notice that Small Pox regulations must be Carried out
Visited North Pacific – & Vaccinated

Wed. 21st
Attended Health Meeting and Vaccinations at City Hall every Evening

Thurs 22nd
Visited North Pacific

Sat 24th
Visited North Pacific

Health Dept Diary

Sunday 25 Feb
F Marron & Dr. visited boat at 5.30 till 9 AM & vaccinated deck hands

Mon 26 Feb. City Council appointed A. Robertson Ass Health Insp

Tues 27
Visited North Pacific

Weds 28 Feb
A Robertson commenced duty McL 1/1900

Thurs Mar 1 R Marrion – A Robertson & Dr Poole visited North Pacific & vaccinated 12 persons
A large number of vac. Japs were on Board

Friday, Mar 2nd

Sat Mar 3
Dr McLean & Ass. Visited N Pacific
RM called out in afternoon to 2 cases of S. Fever on Barnard St.
Tuesday March 6
Dr McLean & AR visited No Pacific s/s & vaccinated 12 persons

Thurs. Mar 8
Dr Mc & A.R. visited North Pacific

Wed. Mar 7th
Health Committee met & recd reports & adopted suggestions that License & Health Insp
work in harmony in regard to enforcing By-laws
Plumbers having complained they are not protected

Friday 9
Recd Instructions from Doctor McL. To give special attention to japs & Chinatown pwing to reports from Prov. Government

10th visited North Pacific with Dr. McL & Dr. Poole

Sat 10th
Visited hospital with Alderman and City Engineer regarding Electric Light Heating, operating room and new Bath for old Building. Resolved to Call for Tenders. Visited Train at Hastings with Dr. McLean & vaccinated one person

Mon 12:
Saw mayor and recd instructions to have vaccinations proclamation printed in Chinese & Japanese.

Tuesday, Mch 13/00 Dr F H McLean and AR visited s/s No Pacific
(10 persons vaccinated)

Thursday Mch 15/00
Visited s/s North Pacific with Dr Maclean
(9 persons vaccinated) AR

Saty Mch 17/00 Visited s/s No Pacific with Dr Maclean
(11 persons vaccinated) AR

Monday Mch 19/1900 Dr J A McNaughton
Reports case of Membraneous laryngitis at #1010 Seymour St
Patient John Lowe 6 years old treated as suspected Diptheria
(AR called and left usual instructions)

Tuesday Mch 20/1900
Visited s/s No Pacific with Dr MacLean Vaccinated 14 persons
Mch 21
RM Returned from Victoria having seen Mayor Hayward & M.H.O. Frastier
Regarding the inspection of Boats & c – it was reported that the Boats are inspected
But that general Vaccination is not carried out

Mar. 29
Disinfected Mr Johnsons Cabin who died – from Cancer and burnt effects

April 8
Removed Fuchiya Jap from #209 East Hastings St to shack on Lane next Police Office

April 12/1900
Delivered effects of Late Allan McPherson housed by Trustees of Zion Church & received receipt for same as follows – 1 Single BedStead 1 Single Wire Mattress 3 Kitchen Chairs
1 Lge Wash Tub

Apl 11 Visited Fred Nelsons House Cor 7th Ave & Westminster Road today with Dr Maclean and
Found the same to be in a very unsanitary condition, with M. Nelson, after nine year old Boy & 4 months old boy the two former very sick, suspected Typhoid. Had them removed to the Hospital. Placarded the House.

Also notified the agents Kip & Maden to place premises into a proper sanitary Condition & fumigate ambulance. AR.-

Apl 13 Disinfected E. P. Davis Valise today at his office. W Hastings St. He paying expenses of same (The above valise having been previously disinfected at Nelson as Suspicious of Small Pox)

April 14Visited S/S North Pacific with Dr Maclean. Vaccinated two loggers and disinfected
Their baggage.
Apl 17 R Mannon returned from Victoria today _________________________________________________
April 19
The following Japs fined $2.00 each for overcrowding their premises
C Uchida #109 East Hastings St Fined
T Homono #41 Dupont St Rear
N Hamonosura #209 E Hastings (Dismissed)
Sue Gin #307 Gore Ave Fined
H Dormei #278 E Cordova “
C Yomada #319 Powell St “
Yomada #409 Powell St “
W Oya #429 Powell St “
Nishimura #431 Powell St “
Tusdi #435 Powell St “

Apr 19 Dr. McGuigan & RM Inspected premises on Mt Pleasant and found Nelson ill in bed. Dr. ordered him to hospital and Children to the Home and premises. Closed up & placarded. This was done next day: on the 20th the premises being unsanitary

April 1900
25 condemned
243 cases of Canadian Brand Baldwin Milk – at Mr Hallidays Carrall St
Also 21 Cases at Wing Sangs. Dupont St
All disposed up to Mr Keighley Westminster under Bond that it would not be used as human food.


May 4 Condemned 2400 lbs of Geese & Turkeys at the Cold Storage owned by the parsons produce Coy and Griffin Water St. The whole rendered into fat at the parson produce Coy. Premises except some Fowls
May 4th 1900
Rec.d information privately that the Car Tokio was detained in Vancouver also that the
Porter had rec’d instructions from Montreal. To be kept here untill further orders.
I reported this to M.H.O. who advised me to make further inquiries. I saw Mr. Taprell Managr Hotel Van who stated that Finlayson came there on the 5th from Orient and left in full Health on the 8th May. After hearing he died of Small pox at Winnipeg on the 12th he had the Bedroom thoroughly fumigated under direction of Dr. Fagan who was there on Sunday after the death.

Sat 5th
I went to Mission to make further inquiries and learned on the train that the car Tokia & porter were still in Vanc. Also that the Conductor was taken off this Car with Small pox at Port Arthur also a news boy. I reported this to Dr. McLean on this afternoon. We visited the Car Tokio in the Yard and found it being thoroughly fumigated. Mr. Hogg stated that Dr Weld for the Comp’y had personally given them Directions in conjunction with Dr. Fagan who had also lent them the lamp from Victoria.

May 8
Saw Mrs. McPhee who stated that her two children were recovering from the Scarlet Fever but still desquimating reported to Dr. McLean

June 5th
In company with Dr McLean visited late Car Tokio now named the Kobe. Could not grant cert. as the carpets have not been destroyed or the floors washed with disinfectants.

July 20
Visited Mr Russels House today #727 Hamilton. Whose son was sent to the hospital with Diptheria. Disinfected the same and ambulance – RM

Aug 22
Called upon PW Odlum who is fitting up a building at the South end of Westminster Ave
Bridge as a wash house and left him a copy of ByLaw 249 instructing him to adopt Sam

Aug 22
Burnt by order of Council shack at side of Tack Mill

Aug 24
Visited Mr. Kinch 7th Ave and gave instructions re Diptheria Dr McL & RM
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Squalid Hovel Their Prison


Sept 13
Chas Phillips called on behalf of Mrs Kinch #700 7th Ave & promised to pay the Fumigating a/c Oct 15/1900 $5.00

Sept 21
Dr. McLean called R.M. up at 9 a.m. by telephone and wished me to go with him to see a case of Suspected diptheria at Mrs. Llewellyns house on Prior St. I found he had already been there. Mrs. Llewellyn was in a greatly excited state and Dr. McLean had to
forcibly examine the Boys’ throats which looked very suspicious. Mrs. L was warned
that the house was under quarantine & no one was to go in or out. Mr. Wright was sent to the east end School to have the Children sent home at once at 11 a.m. the house contained. Mrs. L. also an Indian woman & rushed away from the premises – and declared she would not stop at Home. After a time she returned home at 11:30 a.m. – & a guard was placed on these premises. Mrs. L being very violent – At 4 p.m. Dr McL & myself visited these premises & Dr McL. Looked at the boys throat & pronounced it a case of Diptheria & ordered me to send for the Ambualance Meanwhile Mrs. L had hidden the Boy in the roof over the kitchen ceiling where after much searching he was found crouched up in the corner Mrs L at the same time being very violent and forcibly held by the policeman – Mrs L had previously thrown the Medicine & Atomizer into the street & Dr McL considered it absolutely necessary to send the child to the Hospital – she busy incapable of taking care of it. Guards were left in charge of the premises till house is fumigated in the morning.

9 A.m. 22 Sept
Turned family into empty house next door & fumigated the house – infected – found the
House very dirty & abundance of food in a very disorderly condition. Made all the family
have a good wash and at 12 o’clock returned to house placard being removed.

Guards on duty – Hours
William Ball from 10 am till 6 pm 8
9 till 12 9m 3
Hours = 11
20 220

W Sankey 4 am till 12 am 20 hours
Hewton 6 pm till 9 am 15 hours

= Sept
Mr Snalls child – 6 years – Scarlet Fever Dr Pearson – quarantined
McLean’s child – Diptheria – quarantined =

Work Executed 1900

Oct 1at 1900
Wrote all principals of schools notifying cases of Scarlet Fever & Diptheria

Oct 23
Owing to report given by Indians – Dr McL McGuigan & R.M. Visited Steveston & found
70 or 80 Indians were quarantined at the Delta. Dr Wilson being in charge of same.

Boats from Nanaimo inspected daily – as there is Small pox there

Dec 5th
Inspection of boats still going on

Dec 4th
Report that a Jap was dying at a logging camp at Grandview. Went out with Dr McLean & Wright & found this to be the case as he appeared neglected & starved we brought him in. Norman Franker gave the information.

Dec 6th
Sent Jap to the hospital

To guards for Madisons House from 16 Dec untill 31th 25-c
Dan Campbell – 166 hours 46.50
William Ball
From Dec 15 to Dec 31 – 196 hours
At 25-c per hour 49.50

1901 Page
Journal of Work 67
Police Court Cases 10
Plans deposited 166
Health Exchange M H Officers
Front Page

1902 Year
Police Court Cases 23
Plans deposited 186

Health Officers for Exchange

Dr Fagan Victoria Secty prov Health
Dr H Robertson M H O Victoria
Dr F L Schug Tacoma Commissioner of Health
Dr McKechnie M H O Seattle J M Carroll
Col Dudley W S Counsel
Health Dept Sacramento US
J P Manafee Health Commission Portland

Addresses of Guards

M Lackson City Slip
Interchange for 3 months

Victoria Dr Fagan
“ Dr Robertson H. O.
Tacoma Dr F L Shug
Seattle F M Carroll
Col Dudley Vancouver
Sanfrancisco Dr A P O Brian
Portland L P Manefee
Port Townsend
Dawson .Yukon =
Skagway = Alaska

1900 Vancouver Police Court proceedings re Board of Health matters

1900 Vancouver Police Court proceedings re Board of Health matters

Police Court Cases regarding the Board of Health
Vancouver, Jan-Dec 1900

original handwritten proceedings here

This transcript was made in 2018 by Transcribimus volunteers Maria Klukova and Brenda Chapman

[page 1]

Police Court Cases

January 1900 = Swissenger – Breaking Quar” Convicted
January 1900 Kilby Failing to report Inf (Infectious) desease Conv. (Convicted)
January 1900 Hardie Failing to report Inf (Infectious) desease Conv. (Convicted)
January 1900 Johnson Failing to report Inf (Infectious) desease Conv. (Convicted)
January 1900 Beckwith Inf. Health By Law. Conv. (Convicted)
January 1900 B. C. R. Coy Inf Health By Law Conv. (Convicted)
January 1900 He Chong Inf Health By Law. Friday Adj? (Adjourned?)
January 1900 Chan “not sure orz?” Inf Health By Law. Friday Conv. (Convicted)

Feb 5? He Chong. Health By Law Conv. Costs
Feb 7 Abe Fow. Health. – Conv. 5 dol (dollars) + Costs
Feb. 9th Fitzpatricks – re rubbish – 5 dols (dollars) fine
Feb_ 9th _ Mc Donnald _ Manure _ Conv
Feb _ 19th _ Meihle – Inf Health Withdrawn

– March –

April 3 Chas Henry #910 Westminster Avenue
April 3 Slaughtering Pig – Fined Costs 2.50
April 3 Saml Harris #44 W Hastings St.
April 3 depositing Refuse (dismissed)

April 18 Edward Barrett Manager for
J A Christies Smoked Fish Factory foot
of Hornby St. False Creek Fined Costs $2.50
of Court for Dumping fish into False Creek

April 20 Hamill & Gladwin Pleads Guilty
Failing to Connect Lot 22 Blk 9/ Sub 196/
Complied with + withdrawn

[page 2]

1900 Police Court Cases

April 27 Nishimura #1214 Seymour St.
Overcrowding – $5.00 and Costs

K Fughi #411 Abbott St.
Overcrowding – $5.00 and Costs

2nd Offence I Homono Rear #41 Dupont St.
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

2nd Offence H. Uchida #109 East Hastings
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

K Matsuba East Cordova St.
Overcrowding – $5.00 and Costs

2nd Offence Dormci #278 East Cordova St.
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

Ishikawa #331 Powell St.
Overcrowding – $5.00 and Costs

2nd Offence C Yomada #415 – Powell St.
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

2nd Offence W Oya #429 Powell St. Front
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

2nd Offence W Oya #429 Powell St. Rear
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

2nd Offence Nishimura #431 Powell St.
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

2nd Offence Iusdi #435 Powell St.
Overcrowding – $10.00 and Costs

OKati Rear #11 East Hastings St.
Refuse Under Premises – + no Sink
accomonodation Law complied with and
case dismissed May 17/1900

– May – 1900

May 15 Kai Chinaman
May 15 Dumping Vegetable Refuse on
May 15 Lot – Rear City Hall $5.00 + Costs

[page 3]

1900 Police Court

May 14 Taki Kai-Rear #108 Dupont
Not Registering Lodging House
Hoag Shing Tai Co Lodging House
#542 Cornwall St Lodging House
Stores | 2 Tai Quay #550 Cornwall St Registered (and) # is missed
| 3 Sang Lee ” ” ” ”
| 4 Jak Lee ” ” ” ”
| 5 Ah Sing ” ” ” ”
| 6 Hang On Jun ” ” ” ”
| 8 Lang Lee Hang ” ” ” ”
| 9 Quan Sing Co ” ” ” ”
| 10 Sam Juan Shin ” ” ” ”
| 1 Wing Lee ” ” ” ”
| 7 Ma Hing ” ” ” ”
Taki Kai Premises condemnend
Hoag Shing Tai fined costs for failing to appear.

” 16 Shing _ of #11 Dupont St.
” ” Dumping filth and refuse upon
” ” Vacant lot S.W. For Columbia Ave + W Hastings St
” ” Fined $5.00 ___

June 6 A L Drake Mgr. Leland Hotel
” ” Depositing filth + Refuse on vacant Lot
” ” at rear of Premises Fined __5.00

” ” J G. Borquier failing to Connect
” ” W. C. with water Mrs_ at #315 Keefer St
Fined costs 3.50

” 7 Takeda #439 Powell St
depositing filth + refuse
upon vacant lot (Unreadable) – Jackson Ave
Fined $5.00 + costs

[page 4]

1900 Police Court Cases

June 13th Hi Hing Luey 118 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00 without costs

Tai Sing 110(?) or 116(?) Dupont
overcrowding $5.00 without costs

Sam Kee(?) 48 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00 without costs

He Chong 126 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00 without costs

Hong Ching Tai 542 Canall
overcrowding $5.00 with costs

Hep Yuen 102 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00 with costs

Kwong Hang Chong 538/40 Carall
overcrowding $5.00 with costs

Lee Chong rear 542 Carrall . L/+ # 10
overcrowding $5.00 with costs

Lee Chong rear 542 Carrall L/+ # 9
overcrowding $5.00 with costs

G J Boucher 558 Carrall
overcrowding $5.00 + costs of court

Hong Lee Luey 8 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00

Ah Tuing 124 Dupont
overcrowding $5.00

14 Hang Kee 538 Carrall
overcrowding 5.00 cost

[page 5]

1900 Police Court Cases

June 27 Nishimura 431 Powell
overcrowded $10.00 + costs

N Hamamura 207 Hast P
overcrowding $5.00 + cost

T Soku 213 Powell
overcrowding $10.00 + cost

T Komura 222 West Ave
overcrowding 10.00 + cost

K Matsuba 151 Cordova P.
overcrowding 10.00 + cost

July 7 A Calori _ Europe Hotel
Dumping filth + refuse on Lot – $5.00

16 Cheang- Dumping Swill
on Lane bet Howe + Hornby ch $10.00
Nelson + Helmcken- + costs

20 Ah Shing Dumping Swill
on Lane Bet Harris + Princess
Dunlevy + Gore Ave- -Costs-2.00

Aug 14 Jacob Parker 14 Alexander St.
Dumping Filth + Refuse on
Vacant Lot Opposite Premises $5.00

Aug. 20 Galloway- 15 Avenue [unreadable]
Infraction of Health

[page 6]

1900 Police Court Cases

Aug 21- Tenants of Mr. Hope & Gravely
corner of Georgia & Hamilton-
Infraction of Health- given one week to comply.

Aug 21st. Mr West Hamilton St.
Infraction of Health
given 3 days to comply.

Quong Sing Hasting St East
3 Summonses Withdrawn

Aug. 25. Fred Stoddard- Cordova East
Infraction Health Bylaw.

Aug 30 Pete Larsen #17 W. Cordova St
Slop Hopper broken + drain pipe choked
given until Sept. 4 to comply-
-attended to- withdrawn

Aug. 31st Chin You rear 530 corner Howe St. 5
upstairs: non registration under Lodging House By Law
fined $5.00 + cost in default [unreadable] or
in default 30 days = fine & cost=$12.00
also ordered to register before Tuesday or summon all occupants

Sept 4 Hill Peppard – Failing to place gulley trap at rear of Premises can
Georgia & Seymour St given to Sept. 7th to comply not complied with +
dismissed by request of R.M.

[page 7]

1900 Police Court Cases

Sept. 5 Wing Chong refusing to pay license [unreadable] + cost or 10 [unreadable]

Lee Deen 34 Dupont refusing to pay license fined $5.00 cost in default
dismiss in 30 day

Quan Ling 116 Howe St. W. refusing to pay license fined $5.00 + cost in default
dismiss in 30 days

Sept 7 Wm Kinch #700-7th Ave Fairview
unlawfully leaving premises during quarantine fined $5.00 + costs

Sept 7th Chas Phillips#700-7th Ave Fairview
unlawfully leaving premises during quarantine fined $5.00 + costs

Sept 10 John Batty Lot 11 Blk 38 Sub 541
” ” choked closet given to Sept. 13th to comply
(abated + dismissed)

” 10 John Mailing Lot 11 Blk 38 Sub 544
” Choked closet given to Sept13th to comply
(abated + dismissed)

Sept 19 Fred During Rear 3213 E. Cordova St
choked Server ordered to fix up
by 21st Inst.(abated + dismissed)

21st Aubrey Ohren
Dumping refuse Matter rear of
City Hospital fined costs amt $2.50

[page 8]

1900 Police Court Cases

Sept 25 Mr Muskett #533 Hamilton St.
Neglecting to remove Refuse off Lane
Two days to comply (cleaned up)

Joe (Chinaman) #533 Hamilton St
Dumping swill at rear #531 Hamilton St

Wing Chong #550 Carall
Overcrowding fined $2.50 + costs

Ou Kee #44 Dupont St
Overcrowding $2.50 + costs

Gun Long #116 W Hastings
overcrowding $5.00 + costs

Fung Lee #718 Water St
overcrowding $5.00 + costs

Sin Lee Yeun           22 Dupont }
Sam Kie                  48 Dupont } cases withdrawn
Kwong Wing Choy 11 Dupont }
Charlie Lee Ku 5 Dupont ..paid registration by order of Magistrate
case withdrawn

[page 9]

Nov 12 Lee Wou 265 Hastings St. E
overcrowding fined $500 + costs
Quang Lu Wing Chang 226 Hastings St. E
overcrowding fined $5.00 + costs

Nov 29
Quong Yick 509 Pender St.
overcrowding fined $10.00 costs

Lee Wou 411 Pender St
overcrowding fined $1000 costs

Gun Long 116 Hast St West
overcrowding fined $10.00 costs

Yick Leung 107 Carrall
overcrowding fined $5.00 costs

Dec 14 Thomas McCormack #1039 Keefer St
Dumping Rubbish on Vacant Lot at
East End of Dunsmuir St Fined Costs $.200

Dec 17 Chong Lung rear 606 Pender St
overcrowding fined $5.00 costs

Sing Wa 536 Cambie Str
overcrowding fined $5.00 costs

Gong Chong 529 Seymour
overcrowding withdrawn

Lee Chong cor Homer + Smythe
overcrowding withdrawn

Sam Yeuk 1023 Seymour St
overcrowding withdrawn

Squalid Hovel their Prison – September 11, 1900

This news clipping was included in the Vancouver Board of Health’s records for 1900 [City of Vancouver Archives COV-S33] and transcribed in June of 2018 by volunteer Gerald Soon. Gerald points out that although someone has hand-written the date as September 12 1900, the article was published in the Vancouver Daily World on Tuesday Sept 11, 1899.

original news clipping here

Vancouver, B.C. Tuesday, September 11, 1900


Five Children Shut Up for Years by Parents.

Misery of Their Conditions Indescribable – Dirty, Unclothed and Uncared for – Their Existence Unknown for a Long Period.

Five children held prisoners, for months and years in Vancouver, and in a loathsome hovel, too. Impossible!
Unlikely as this may seem, it is more than possible. It is an actual fact, and what is more horrible to believer is the statement that the jailers of the unfortunate children were the parents, who should by all laws of mature and society have been the first to shield and cherish the helpless little ones, surrounding them with the comforts within their means. But these helpless little ones were not even permitted to run and play in the glad sunshine and fresh air, nature’s free gifts, and certainly easy of attainment in this beautiful city.
It must shock the boasted pride in institutions, educational, religious and charitable, possessed by Vancouver, when the cold, hard statement of fact is made that for the past three years, more or less, there have been kept prisoners, living in a house on a leading thoroughfare, the entire family of a man and woman, supposedly respectable, hard-working people, and engaged in a business that led them into close contact with the public.
And these same parents have been the jailers of their unfortunate progeny who have been kept closely confined under lock and key within the walls of a small cottage. Not only this, but the place in which the children are kept – or were kept until Monday – was found by the officers who visited it to be in a state of indescribable filth, and the wretched little victims in a condition that beggars description.
But let the story be told in the words of the officer who brought the strong arm of the law into long-deferred action.
Officer Mulhern, who was detailed to the case said the The World reporter Monday night: “I am sorry I did not tell you this morning where I was going. Had I had any idea of what I was to discover, I would have invited you to come and see for yourself.
“In company with the health inspector, I went to the place of Wm. Cressell, a bicycle repairer, doing business on Westminster avenue, at the corner of Dufferin street, Mount Pleasant, to inquire into the condition of his premises and to see what truth there was in the many complaints that had reached the health office and police station from neighbors who claimed that the insanitary state of the place and the inhuman way to which the man’s children lived were nothing short of scandalous.
“We found the stories all double discounted by the actual and horrifying conditions that met our eyes when we investigated.
“The man Cressell keeps a shot at the corner of Dufferin street and Westminster avenue, and has a house two doors nearer the bridge. He is an Englishman, rather a clever mechanic, it is said his wife works in the shop with him, and he also employs an assistant. He carries quite a stock and has a good outfit of valuable tools.
“But it was to the other place, used as a dwelling, that we turned our steps. Havingf been warned that we might expect opposition, we approached the back door. The woman answered our knock and despite a look that was by no means friendly we pushed into the house. The room was a sort of kitchen, but was in a state of unmentionable nastiness. The inner room appeared to answer as a dining room, but it was as squalid as the other. A table that had not been cleared off for many a day stood covered with decaying vegetables, potato parings and the fragments of past meals. It was a sight that removed all trace of appetite from the beholder for some time.
“But the worst sight of all, and one which it is simply past me to find words to describe awaited our gaze when we pushed on through the fetid atmosphere of the den into a room nearer the front.
“Here, huddled on a mattress that lay on the floor within the sides of a bedstead, were five little children, ranging in age from a girl of 10 years down to an infant of 16 months, which the girl held in her arms wrapped in an old blanket.
‘The filth and squalor of the place was nothing compared to the condition those poor children were in. The older, the girl of 10, was clad only in a scanty and ragged cotton shift, which could not possibly have been more unclean. Her hair was matted and filthy and her body was mottled and discolored with dirt. The infant in her arms had no other clothing than the wretched blanket, and it looked as if it had never in its brief existence known the luxury of a bath. The other three children were in a similar condition. Not one of them was clothed other than with barely a shirt or similar garment.”
Such was the statement of the officer.
On inquiry, it seems that these poor little ones never knew what it was to go out in the pure, free God-given sunlight and air. Within the confines of that awful hovel, rivalling the Black Hole of Calcutta, the wretched helpless little ones dragged a miserable existence, compared to which the most severely punished criminal in the Dominion lives a happy live of freedom.
The inhuman parents of the five hapless little prisoners pleaded “poverty” and “hard luck” as their only excuses for a most reprehensible course which has extended over a period, not less than three years at the very least They did not even seem to be at all impressed with the enormity of their misdemeanor, for which it would be hard to find a suitable description in the calendar, and for which it would be harder to “make the punishment fit the crime.”
The children appeared to be naturally bright, and would have been as other children had they had an opportunity. All the neighbors, from whom, in fact, have come the complaints, growing gradually more urgent, unite in the main features of the continuance of this awful abuse of the duties of parent and citizen.
The closeness with which the pool little wretches have been confined is well illustrated by the statement of the neighbor who has been living not more than two blocks away and passed the place daily in all the three years and never knew the people had any children whatever.
So impressed were the officers that the case required drastic treatment, that while the inspector questioned Cressell on the cause of his living in such a vile state, and maintaining premises which were such a meagre to the health of himself and neighbors. Officer Mulhern telephoned Medical Health Office Dr. MacLean.
That gentleman, when he arrived and inspected the wretched prisoners, at once advised that it was clearly a case of “criminal neglect” on the father’s part to provide for the natural requirements of his children. A summons was obtained and Cressell called o appear in the Police court to-day, his assistant, Walter Dingli, being also summoned as a witness.
In view of the extremely aggravated circumstances of the whole case, it is held by some of those who have heard the particulars that summary arrest should have followed the discovery and the unnatural parents given no chance to escape punishment for their disgraceful crime.
As a denouement, it is said the bailiff has been put in Cressell’s shop to hold the stock for arrears of rent.
To-day when the premises were examined it was found that the house had been slightly improved in condition though still in a vile state. The children had been bathed and dressed and were in much better state. Up to the time the court sat the man Cressell had not been found to serve the summons upon. It is though he has cleared out.

Regulations formed for the sanitary storage & transportation of the deceased – June 29, 1891

Firemens’ salaries were raised to $10 per month ($25 for Fire Chief J. H. Carlisle). Nurses’ salaries were raised by $5 per month ($10 for matron Swan). Council chambers were ordered painted and repaired. Detailed regulations for sanitary storage and transportation of “the bodies of persons dying in this City” to be printed and distributed to each undertaker and practising physician.

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original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pages 388 – 394

[Volume 4, pg. 395]
Vancouver June 29 1891

The Council met on Monday, June 29th 1891 at 8 p.m.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brighouse, Carroll, Godfrey, Scoullar, Templeton, Hobson, Brown, Doering & DePencier.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted on motion of Alderman Scoullar Seconded by Alderman Hobson.

The following communications were received and read:-

From A. H. B. Macgowan, Secretary of the Board of Trade, calling attention that no Mortuary Statistics were published for Vancouver.
Referred to Health Committee

From McPhillips & Williams asking the City to pay over to them certain monies belonging to W. J. McMillan, against which they had a lien.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From. J. M. Darling et al of Fairhaven, and W. R. Forrest of Seattle inviting the Mayor & Council to their respective cities on the 4th of July.

From Thos H. Tracy stating that he would be here on Tuesday.

From W. L. Fagan stating that we would not accept the position of Poll Tax Collector.

From F. W. Hart stating that he would bury the pauper dead for $17.00 each.
Referred to Health Com.

From W. E. Brown, drawing attention to the danger

[Volume 4 page 396]

of children playing on Powell Street in front of the Street Cars.
Referred to the Police Committee

From the Market Clerk furnishing his weekly report.

From the City Clerk of New Westminster asking the Council for the loan of the Steam Road Roller.

From J. T. Williams etal petitioning for the removal of the Fire Limits from part of Block 53.541

From the Chief of Police furnishing his weekly report on the Street Lights;

From Rand Bros. et al petitioning against the location of the crematory at the end of Gore Av.
Referred to the Crematory Com.

Mr. E. Odlum appeared before the Bar of the Council in support of the petition

The following Reports were received and read:-

No 14
The Police Committee met on Tuesday June 23rd 1891.
Present Aldermen Hobson, Scoullar, Carroll


From Dr. Langis, asking for payment of his account for mental examination of Mrs. McMillan.
Resolved that the accounts of both Dr Langis

[Volume 4 page 397]

and McGuigan for mental examination of Mrs McMillan be forwarded to Mr McMillan with a request that he will pay them.

The list of charges made against Mr Hallet and the list of convictions against which appeals have been entered were submitted to the Committee, and approved, and it was ordered to the Provincial Secretary with a copy of the resolution passed by the Council on March 16th, and a statement that the charges had been investigated with the exception of one or two which were of such a trivial nature as not to be worth investigation.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
That Mr. Hallet’s salary be paid in full.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
John McLaren Transport $3.00
Champion & White Scavengering .25
Van Strantie Dog Tags 6.25
sgd H. De Pencier
Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Hobson
That the Report of the Police Committee [sic]
Works No 19.
The Board of Works met on Thursday June 25th 1891.
Present Aldermen Brighouse, Brown and Templeton.
It was recommended:-
1. That Wm Crickmay be supplied with such articles as he may require at the North Arm Quarry subject to the directions of the Street Inspector.
2. That the petitioning of D. C. Cowley et al re Tenth

[Volume 4 page 398]

Av clearing be laid over to be dealt with by the new City Engineer
3. That the communication from George Douglas et al asking for permission to lay down boards for a floor on a vacant lot on Cordova Street be referred to the Fire Inspector.
4. That tenders be called for the completion of the work on the East End Park left unifinished by Mssrs McDonald & Barton.
5. That the following accounts be paid:-
H. Lomas et al Labor $132.00
M. S. Rose Plumbing 2.50
Tye & Co. Hardware 2.00

The Communication from F. T. Mc Intosh relative to the right of way etc through certain Streets was received, read and discussed.

It was resolved that the Board proceed to carry out the details in accordance with the motion passed in Council in reference to the subject of the Communication.
sgd S. Brighouse

Moved by Alderman Brighouse
Seconded by “ Brown
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted as read.

Moved in Amendment by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ De Pencier
That the Rep Council go into Committee of the Whole on the Report:
Amendment Carried (5.3)

Alderman Brighouse was asked to take the chair but refused. Alderman Schoullar [sic] was then appointed.

[Volume 4 page 399]

The Report was read over Clause by Clause
It was moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Doering
That the portion of the Report relating to the Tramway be referred back to the Board of Works for reconsideration.

The Committee then rose and reported the Report as Complete.

It was then adopted as amended on motion of Alderman Scoullar seconded by Alderman Hobson.


The Licensing Board met at 11 a.m. of Monday June 29th.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Brighouse, Hobson & Godfrey.
Your committee beg to report, as follows:-
1. Upon receipt of Certificates of Safety of buildings Hotel de Europe, Powell Str. and Queens Hotel Water St. were granted licenses.
2. The conditions of the By-Laws having been complied with the licenses, as Hotels were granted to the Victoria, West Av. Grotto, Cordova St, International, Cordova St – Pullman Water St. and, also Wholesale Licenses to Springer and Mellon, Cordova Street and Baker Bros. Water St.
3. That action be deferred on the applications of B. Springer, assignee of the estate of Stevens, and Gordon, applicants for a Retail Shop License.
4. That a transfer be granted to A. C. Murchison from E. Myers, Victoria Hotel, West Av.
That the Inspector’s Report on the above be filed.
sgd D. Oppenheimer
[Volume 4 page 400]

Moved by Alderman Doering
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the report of the Licensing Board by adopted.

F. W. & L.
No 9
The Fire Water & Light Committee Met on Wednesday June 24, 1891.
Present Alderman Templeton, Brighouse, Godfrey and Doering.

The Petition of J. T. Williams et al, asking for the removal of the Fire Limit from a part of Block 53.541 was ordered to be returned to the petitioners they to get the signatures, at least one half of the property owners in the part of the block in question.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
J. R. Morrow Drugs etc $1.95
D. J. McLean Blankets 12.00
J. Wolfe Scavenger 2.00
McLennan & McFeely Axes etc 9.40
sgd W. Templeton

Moved by Alderman Hobson
Seconded by “ De Pencier
That the Report of the F. W. & L. be adopted.

Health No. 14

The Health Committee met on Tuesday June 23rd 1891
Present Aldermen Carroll, Scoullar & Templeton

From Miss Swan complaining of one of the nurses at the hospital.

[Volume 4 page 401]

1. That the Matron and Nurses be written to, advising them to work amicably together.
2. That the cemetery caretaker be authorized to get a man to help him for 2 or 3 days to put the cemetery in good order.
3. That the City Solicitor be instructed to draft, a By-Law in accordance with the amended City Charter such By-Law to prohibit slaughtering within the City Limits.
The following accounts were recommended for payment –:
W. J. McGuigan Inquests $40.00
M. S. Rose Plumbing 53.00
Palmer Bros. Fuel 5.00
Carl Olsen Nursing 4.00
H. H. Layfield Supplies 3.05
Van Steam Laundry Washing 22.10
Champion & White Scavenger 31.90
James O’Connor Express 1.50
Mayes & McIntosh Supplies 45.76
sgd. J. T. Carroll,

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ De Pencier
That the Report of the Health Committee be adopted.

Finance No. 19

The Finance Committee met on Friday June 26th 1891.
Present Aldermen Brown, Scoullar & Hobson.
From Corbould & McColl asking for payment of the balance of their account, amounting to $10000. Resolved that the account be paid if found correct by the City Solicitor.

[Volume 4 page 402]

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
That the Council Chamber be painted and repaired.

The following account were recommended for payment:-
Herman Schussler Expert Witness $2500.00
T. Whitelaw Driver 80.00
Davis & Taylor Cab Shields 19.50
International Hotel Lunch for Witnesses 11.00
sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Doering
That the report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

Moved by Alderman Doering
Seconded by “ Godfrey
That the following accounts be paid:-
J. Romang Salary for June $58.50
E. Kingcombe “ “ “ 48.00
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by “ De Pencier
That the request of the City Council of New Westminster for the use of

[Volume 4 page 403]

steam roller be granted on condition that it be returned when required in good order and condition, and that A. W. Cameron accompany it to run it.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Templeton
That the City Officials be paid their June salaries on the 30th of June instead of July 1st.

Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by “ De Pencier
That the following increases in Salaries be paid the nurses in the City Hospital:
Nurse Drummond $1000 for month
Nurse Woodward 500 “ “
Increase to date from May 1st 1891.
Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Brown
That the adoption of the site for a crematory at the South end of Gore Avenue be reconsidered and the Committee be given further time to report.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Templeton
That John Brenton be appointed to take charge of the Sewers paid appointment to date from May first, at a salary of $7500 per month.

Moved by Alderman Templeton
Seconded by “ Brown
That the following increases in firemen’s salaries be approved of:-
J. H. Carlisle $2500 for month
A.W. Cameron 1000 “ “
J. Cooper 1000 “ “
J. Campbell 1000 “ “

[Volume 4 page 404]

G. Evans 1000 “ “
F. Whiston 1000 “ “
H. Campbell 1000 “ “
S. L. Hayward 1000 “ “
Said increases to date from May 1st 1891.

Consideration of By-Laws

The Council went into Committee of the Whole to resume the reading of the District Telegraph By-Law. Alderman Brighouse was appointed Chairman.

Moved by Alderman Brown
That all the words after the word “having” in Clause 8 be struck out and the following inserted in lieu thereof:-
Actual Cost less depreciation in value together with 10 per cent thereon.

Moved by Alderman De Pencier
That Clause 9 be struck out.

Moved by Alderman De Pencier
That “Two” be inserted for “Six” in Clause 10.

Moved by Alderman Templeton.
That all the words after the word “provided” in Clause 12 be struck out

The Committee then rose and reported the By-Law complete with amendments.
Moved by Alderman Scoullar
Seconded by “ Doering
That the By-Law be now read a 3rd time.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Carroll

[Volume 4 page 405]

That Section No 1 be amended and the time limit fixed at 10 a year.
Amendment lost motion carried.

The By-Law was then read a third time, and passed.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
Seconded by “ Carroll
That the Amendments to the Fire Limit By-Law be read a second time.

The Council went into a Committee of the Whole on the By-Law with Alderman Templeton in the Chair.
The By-Law was read over clause by clause. It was resolved that a clause to be known as Clause No 2 be added exempting the East half of Block 53.541, as petitioned for by J. T. Williams et al.

The Committee then rose, and reported the By-Law as complete with amendments.

It was read for a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Templeton seconded by Alderman Doering.

The Council went into Committee of the Whole on the Cemetery Regulation By-Law with Alderman Carroll in the Chair.

Moved by Alderman Scoullar
That wherever the words “City Clerk” occurs in the By-Law, the words “Acting City Clerk” be inserted thereafter.

Moved by Alderman Godfrey
That the Clause 7 be amended by inserting the words “The Mayor” after the word “property”

[Volume 4 page 406]

That Clause “C” be struck out.

The Committee then rose and reported the By-Law complete with amendments.

It was then read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman Carroll and seconded by Alderman Doering.

Moved by Alderman Carroll
Seconded by “ Doering

Whereas it is deemed expedient for the presentation of Public Health that Certain Rules and Regulations governing the disinterment, transhipment, and transportation of the bodies of person dying in this City or who are now buried in the Cemeteries under the control of the Corporation of this City shall be passed.
Therefore be it resolved:-
1st That the body of any person buried in any Cemetery under the control of the Corporation of the City of Vancouver, or of any person who may hereafter die within said City provided death has not been caused by Smallpox, Diphtheria, Asiatic Cholera, Leprosy, Typhus or Yellow Fever, may upon proper application in writing to the Board of Health, giving full particulars as to cause of death, attending physician, date of death and where proposed to remove body to, and when, over what route removal is to be made, and upon payment by applicant of the fee set out for disinterment permit be disinterred under the following restrictions:
2nd Every body disinterred for removal or the body of any deceased person which it is proposed to transport for burial to any place other than the cemeteries in control of this Corporation, must immediately on the disinterment being effected or the decision to transport elsewhere for burial being arrived at, be placed and encased in an air tight zinc, tin, lead

[Volume 4 page 407]

or copper lined coffin or in an hermetically sealed and enclosed airtight iron casket, all enclosed in a strong, tight wooded box, or the body must be wrapped in a sheet and be disinfected by a solution of bi-chloride mercury, and be placed in a strong coffin or casket hermetically sealed or soldered, made of zinc, copper, lead or tin, and all must be enclosed in a strong outside wooden box or case of material not less than one and a half inches in thickness, furnished with four strong iron casket handles, two on each side thereof.
3rd That no variation from these rules will be permitted or allowed and that a copy of same and of the Cemeteries Regulation By-Laws be printed and furnished to each undertaker and practising physician in this City.

The Council then adjourned.
D. Oppenheimer
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk

New City Hospital to be finished soon – August 10, 1888

Furnishing of the new City Hospital to be completed within fourteen days. Towing and recovery of old floating hospital will cost $3,000.00

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original handwritten minutes here

[page] 62

Vancouver Aug 10th/88

The Board of Health met on Friday Aug. 10th at 3:30 p.m.

Present – His Worship the Mayor, Ald. Lefevre Chairman + Ald. Clark + Dougall.

A deputation from the Medical Assn comprising Drs Boddington, Bell-Irving, Langis, Alpin, + Beckingsale waited on the Board + through their president Dr. Boddington presented their views on the question of the appointment of a Medical staff for the City Hospital.

The Board after due consideration laid the matter of the appointment of a Medical Staff over for further consideration in the near future.

Tenders for the furnishing of the New City Hospital with furniture, Beds, Crockery, Linen etc. were received + secd from J. Sehl, F.W. Hart, Brown + White + Clute + Co. and the contracts for the above named supplies were awarded to J. Sehl, Brown + White + Clute + Co. they being the lowest tenders.

Moved by Ald Clark sec by Ald Dougall that the furnishing of the New Hospital be completed within fourteen days from date. Carried

Moved by Ald. Clark sec. by Ald Dougall that the sum of $3000 be paid to Garland for moving towing + recovering the floating hospital. carried

The Board then adjourned.

[omitted] In the matter of claim of J. Hartney for compensation for damages we upon the advice of the City Solicitor deem it inadvisable to entertain said claim

D. Oppenheimer
Acting Chairman