A Vancouver child’s letter to grandma – October 18, 1909

A Vancouver child’s letter to grandma – October 18, 1909
Vancouver child of 1909's letter to grandma

This Vancouver child of 1909’s letter is kept in the City of Vancouver Archives, [Reference AM336-S2] indexed as “letter from unidentified child”. Assigned to write a letter during school hours, the child apparently took a break mid-sentence from writing to grandma and turned over the page to draw “robers and cowboys.”

This letter was transcribed by Transcribimus volunteers Leesa and L. Ellema.  Their transcription is below the original handwriting and drawing.

original handwritten minutes here

Dear Grandma :-
I received your welcome letter. Glad to hear that you are well, I am going to school and in the third Reader, we are all well, I am writing this letter in school.

This is a fine city I only wish you were here we have street cars running all over the city. It is all lit up at night there is a bit light on every corner, some of the biggest ships come here from all parts of the world, we have a building here 16 stories high, we got a lot of chicken’s and we get 5 eggs a day. I am working at a grocery store.