Vancouver Library Premises Confirmed “Unsafe” – December 12, 1898

Council granted to the Free Library the balance of their yearly budget. However, the premises [151 West Hastings, in the Y.M.C.A. building] “now leased by the Corporation of the City of Vancouver as a Free Library” from the Credit Foncier Co., “have upon examination being found unsafe and that they [Credit Foncier| be required to take such steps and make such repairs as may be necessary for the purpose of rendering the said premises safe.

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Text source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 8 pages 571 – 580.

[Volume 8 page] 571

Vancouver December 12th 1898.
The Council met on Monday December 12th 1898.

Present: His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Townley, Painter, McQueen, Neelands, McPhaiden, McGuigan, Brown, Foreman, McMorran and Bruce.
The Minutes of last regular and adjourned meeting were read and adopted.


From F. T. Schooley asking permission to erect a Soap Factory on the corner of Harris Street and Dunlevy Avenue.

From Edwin Machin, Secretary of the Free Library, asking for the balance of their appropriation.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by “ Painter.
That his request be granted.

From J.C. Dixon, Secretary of the Vancouver Poultry and Pet Stock Association thanking the Council for their grant of $50.00.

From the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works acknowledging receipt of resolution re road from Hastings to Port Moody.

From K. C. Bickford, G. Stevens & George Humphries applying for positions on the Police Force.

From G.W. Thomas, Cemetery Caretaker complaining about his duties at the Cemetery.
Referred to the Health Committee.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From Messrs. Tisdall and Macpherson

[Volume 8 page] 572

M. P. P’s asking the Council to name the sums they require from the Government for the year ending June 30th 1900.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

From H.W. Kent, Gen’l Supt. Telephone Co. stating that he was going to put in the latest improved instruments in the fire halls free of cost.

From Job Kelly asking for the grading of Hawks Avenue.
Referred to the Board of Works.

The following Reports were received and read:

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday December 7th 1898.
Present: the full Board.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Cleeve Canning Co.Supplies$3.40
Trudgeon Bros.86.75
City Grocery Co.95.04
Wm. Urquhart17.00
J. Dodson19.70
M.E McLean33.20
J.C. Woodrow106.74
J.A. Skinner & Co1.50
J. CarnahanScavengering12.50
McDowell & Co.Supplies108.94
W. CampbellLabor3.00
W.T. DaltonArchitect fees25.00
Gas Co.Supplies10.20
Chas. Hach24.00
Champion & WhiteScavengering12.50
City TreasurerSupplies5.00
Crowder & Penzer52.53
Pioneer Steam LaundryWashing105.59
John Boyd & Co.Supplies28.46
J. B. Hart5.00
J. Dodson19.40

[Volume 8 page] 573

G. W. HutchingsSupplies$1.50
Wm. Ralph233.90
Clarke & Stuart18.95


From the Milk Inspector, House Surgeon, Health Inspector and Crematory Caretaker furnishing monthly reports.

From Mrs. Alice J. Abrams complaining that she was dismissed from the City Hospital without cause by Dr. Bentley, and asking for an investigation.
Resolved that the Board meet at the City Hospital at 1:30 P.M. on Saturday to hear both sides of the question and that all parties concerned be invited to be present.

From Dr. Bentley asking for certain supplies.
Laid over to be considered at Saturday’s meeting.

From R.J. Grant etal protesting against the erection of a Soap Factory on Harris St. near Gore Av.
Referred to the Health Inspector with instructions to notify the parties building as provided by the Provincial Health Act.

From Alfred Shead, Secretary of the Journeymen Plumbers complaining that the Plumbing By-Law was not properly carried out, that there were plumbers working without certificates and that a Journeyman plumber be placed on the Examining Board.
Resolved that Mr. Shead be invited to attend next meeting of the Board and that the Health Inspector enquire into his complaints and report.

From Mrs. Tucker rendering an account

[Volume 8 page] 574

for boarding and nursing Mrs. Hebblethwaite in St Luke’s Home.
Laid over to be enquired into.

From the Cemetery Caretaker stating that he was not properly treated in connection with his duties as caretaker, and asking for redress.
Referred to the Council.

From the American Consul asking for regular reports on the Health of the City.
Referred to the Health Officer to have the required reports furnished.

From Miss S.A. Scott of Cochrane, Alberta asking for a position on the nursing staff of the hospital.
Laid over.

The Board then adjourned until Saturday at 1:30 P.M. to meet in the hospital.

Sgd W. J. McGuigan

The Health Committee met on Saturday December 10th 1898 at 1:30 P. M.
Present: His Worship, the Mayor and full Board.

A Communication was received from Mrs. Alice J. Abrams complaining that she was dismissed from the position of Assistant nurse at the City Hospital without cause by the House Surgeon, and asking for an investigation.

After hearing all parties concerned it was resolved that Mrs. Abrams be appointed Assistant nurse at a salary of $10.00 per month.

Mr. F. T. Schooley, Manager of the Royal Soap Factory applied for permission to erect a Soap factory on the corner of Gore Av and Harris Street.
Referred to the Council.

Resolved that the proposed rules and regulations of the City Hospital be referred

[Volume 8 page] 575

to the City Solicitor to revise and see that they are in conformity with the provisions of the City Charter.

Sgd. W.J. McGuigan

Moved by Alderman McGuigan.
Seconded by. “ Foreman.
That the Reports be adopted.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Dec. 8th 1898.
Present: the full Board.

Plans for Flack building corner of Cambie and Hastings Streets were submitted and passed being found to comply with the Fire Limit By-Law.

Mr. John Boyd, Bondsman for Messrs. Keen and Mowatt, Contractors for sewers, West-end, interviewed the Board and it was decided to permit the Contractors to get the necessary pipe required where they could best arrange subject to the pipe being such as were satisfactory to the City Engineer in every respect.


From the People’s Fuel Co. asking that lane at their place of business be fixed.
Referred to Engineer.

From S. Fader asking permission to construct a wooden shed in rear of premises on Granville Street.
Resolved that he be informed that according to the By-Law it can only be an open shed as anything else would be contrary to the By-Law.

From McLeod and Coote complaining of rubbish etc. at sidewalk opposite their premises.
Resolved that the Contractor for the paving be notified to have all the crossing and sidewalks cleared of rubbish etc. left by them.

[Volume 8 page] 576

From P. Fewster asking for report on the matter of Sewerage, as per his letter of Sept. 12th, 1898.
Referred to the City Engineer.

From Hudson’s Bay Co. etal asking that the lane adjoining premises be fixed, also north end of Cambie Street.
Resolved that they be informed that it will be attended to, as soon as there is road to do it with.

From H. Lockyer, asking for sidewalk on Burnaby Street to be extended, as far as house he is building.
Referred to the City Engineer for attention.

From G. Coleman, asking that lane be graded rear of his new house.
Referred to be done by Chain Gang.

From J. Buntzen, General Manager, B.C. Elec. Ry. Co., asking City to grade etc. on Denman Street, as they wish to commence laying double track.
Resolved that he be informed that the City is not prepared to grade Denman Street at present, but the City will have it brushed out and the lines will be furnished.

From W.A. Bauer, asking for short piece of sidewalk at Seaton Street.
Referred to the Engineer for attention.

From A.J. Scott, asking for sidewalk on Jervis Street.
Referred to Engineer to have running walk laid.

From B.M. Cronk etal referring to condition of Victoria Drive.
Referred to the Engineer to examine and report.

From T. Slade, New Whatcom, asking re asphaltium pavement.
Referred to the City Engineer.

[Volume 8 page] 577

Resolved that the B.C. Electric Ry Co Ltd. Be permitted to lay a double track with 56 lb. [of] rails on Granville Street from Robson St. to Davie Street to replace the present temporary light rail, their permission to be granted for the life of the rail only.

Resolved that Mr. Rockett be appointed Inspector on the Sewerage extension contract in the west-end.

Resolved that the City Engineer have the following new work attended to:

Ward One:

8 ft. sidewalk on Jervis St. from Comox to Davie.

3 plank walk “ “ “ “ Davie to Harwood.

Ward Four:

Six ft. walk Hawks Avenue between Hastings and Princess Street.

Resolved that the matter of securing the ends of the streets entering into False Creek be referred to the City Solicitor and City Engineer to see what steps are necessary.

Resolved that the Street Railway Co be notified to move all their trolley poles on Hastings Street out to the curb.

Resolved that Mr. Smith, Hastings Street be notified to remove wooden projection over sidewalk at his Candy Stand as same is contrary to the law.

Resolved that the various contractors for buildings be all notified to clear the streets while obstructing the same.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Thos. Dunn & Co.Supplies$68.85
Van City Ironworks23.87

[Volume 8 page] 578

City GrocerySupplies$1.50
Clarke & Stuart13.30
Tait & Sons7.84
Evans, Coleman & Evans111.00
A.E.E. Clark484.44
Thos. VeitchDel rock223.56

Sgd H.J. Painter

Moved by Alderman Painter.
Seconded by “ McPhaiden.
That the Clause in reference to the appointment of Mr. Rockett, as Sewer Inspector be referred back for reconsideration.

Moved by Alderman Bruce.
Seconded by “ Neelands.
That the Clause in reference to laying a double track on Granville Street be referred back.

Moved by Alderman Painter.
Seconded by “ McPhaiden.
That the Report, as amended be adopted.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday December 9th 1898.
Present: the full Board.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

The World P & P Co.Ads$8.91
News. Advertiser8.73
Gas Co.Rent7.95
D.C. McGregorInsurance10.00
Clarke & StuartSupplies14.67
City Treasurer10.00
Mining Critic12.00
B.C. Elec Ry Co1989.05
Telephone Co.39.15

The following tenders were received for the

[Volume 8 page] 579

purchase of the $10,000, 4 per cent, Local Improvement Debentures:

Hanson Bros.$10200
W.H. Brouse10120
C.J. Marani10101
Farrell, Tregent & Co.9830
O’Hara & Co.10175
G.A. Stimson & Co.10256
Bank of B.N.A.10200

Resolved that the tender of G.A. Stinson & Co. be recommended for acceptance.

Mr. James Lash of Lash & Co. interviewed the Board and asked for a rebate of $25.00 on his lease in consideration that he had paid two licenses the first half year, one for himself and one for a party named Griffin who sold goods by auction in his store.
It was resolved that no rebate be allowed, as it is contrary to the provisions of the Trade License By-Law.

The City Treasurer complained that his room was draughty through defective flooring.
The matter of rectifying the defect was left in the hands of Aldermen Brown and Bruce with power to act.

Sgd. Jas McQueen.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by Alderman Bruce.
That the Report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Painter
That the By-Law to fix the Polling Places, the time, and to appoint Deputy Returning Officers for the election of Mayor etc. be read a first time.

[Volume 8 page] 580


Moved by Alderman Townley.
Seconded by “ Neelands.
That the Credit Foncier Co. be notified that the premises now leased by the Corporation of the City of Vancouver as a Free Library have upon examination being found unsafe and that they be required to take such steps and make such repairs as may be necessary for the purpose of rendering the said premises safe and that the said Company be further notified that the City will hold them responsible for all loss, damages and expense that may result from the unsafe condition of the said premises and the rendering of the same safe and also by reason of the interruption of the tenancy thereby.


Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ McGuigan.
That the Rules be suspended to allow of the second reading of the Polling By-Law.

The By-Law was accordingly read a second time.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Painter.
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for its consideration.

Alderman Brown was appointed Chairman.
In Committee the By-Law was read over clause by clause and reported to Council as complete.

The Rules were again suspended and the By-Law read a 3rd time on motion of Alderman McQueen. Seconded by Alderman Bruce.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Bruce.

[Volume 8 page] 581

That the Council stand adjourned until Tuesday at 8 P.M.

James Garden

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk.