Tenders called to supply groceries to hospital – December 17, 1888

Vancouver Hospital 1902
Vancouver Hospital, 530 Cambie Street, 1902

Tenders called for food supplies to city hospital. Mayor may spend up to $125 per month to subsidize steamer service to Nanaimo 3 times per week. Alderman Brighouse to purchase a horse to flush out the sewers regularly. A.E. McCarney to be paid $75 for drawing plans for hospital, morgue.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 598-614

[volume 2 page 598]

Vancouver Dec 17th 1888

The Council met on Monday December 17th 1888 at 7:30 P. M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Brighouse, Coldwell, Dougall, McConnell and Oppenheimer.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From J. G. Stone applying for the position of City Detective. Referred to Police Committee.

From W. S. Gore Surveyor General acquainting the Council with the fact that $200.00 had been granted by the Government for the improvement of the road to the Cemetery. Filed.

From Drake, Jackson and Helmcken asking for a cheque of $5.90 for which the Corporation is indebted to the Herald. Finance.

From the City Solicitor giving legal opinions on the claims of E. M. Mathews, John Boultbee and Millar M. W. Filed.

From John Boultbee asking for a reply to his letter re: McCartney and King Fung. Filed.

[volume 2 page 599]

From Capt. Wm. Webster offering to run the S. S. “Muriel” 3 trips per week to Nanaimo for $250.00 a month.

This Communication was accompanied by a copy of a letter addressed by His Worship the Mayor to Mayor Bate of Nanaimo asking his co-operation in the scheme.

From Alderman Coldwell, one of the Committee appointed to select a Pound Site, recommending the purchase of Lot 6, Block 6, 200A for $200.00. Finance.


Health No. 23

The Board of Health met on Friday December 14th 1888 and beg to recommend:

1. That David Bunning be appointed Porter of the City Hospital at a Salary of $30.00 per month to date from Nov 16th, and that the Cook now employed be paid at the rate of $25.00 per month to date from Nov 18th.

2. That tenders be called for the furnishing of meat, groceries, vegetables, bread, milk and other provisions also wood and coal for the ensuing year and that tenders be also invited for the burial of the pauper dead of the City.

[volume 2 page 600]

3. That the suggestions conveyed in the communication from the Medical Board in reference to the setting apart of a Woman’s Ward in the City Hospital be adopted and that the upper story of the hospital be divided lengthwise into two wards one to be used exclusively for women patients and the other for fever cases.

4. That no account be considered unless accompanied by a requisition signed by the officer having authority to act in such matters and that merchants and others be notified to that effect.

5. That the following rules and regulations be adopted in addition to those now in force for the government of the City Hospital.

Duties of Matron or Head Nurse

(a) It shall be the duty of the Matron to take due care of the Hospital stores and supplies and keep a record of the same to receive and distribute all provisions stores and supplies and in receiving them from the parties furnishing the same to see that they are acceptable and in quantity and quality according to contract and to keep an accurate account thereof.

(b) It shall also be the duty of the Matron to keep a record of the furniture bedding, cooking utensils etc. etc. and how distributed to the Wards and

[volume 2 page 601]

kitchens and to take an inventory of all articles in the hospital as often as may be necessary and to note any loss or damage; to see the wards kitchen, dining room, yard and all articles in use are kept clean and in good order to see that the cooks do their duty and that they have everything clean and in order.

(c) To be at the kitchen at the distribution of Meals and see that the Victuals are properly cooked and that each nurse receives what is ordered by the attending physicians and surgeons.

(d) To inspect during the day, wards kitchen etc. to see that everything is in proper order, and to accompany the attending physicians or surgeons in their rounds.

(e) She shall oversee all the patients and take care that the wards, apartments, beds, clothes, linen and other articles are kept clean. All the patients, nurses and servants must be obedient and submissive to her.

(f) She shall keep in a book provided for the purpose a regular account of all monies received by her on behalf of the hospital and she shall immediately pay all amounts coming into her hands for the board of patients

[volume 2 page 602]

to the City Treasurer taking his receipt for the same.

(g) She shall receive for safe keeping any money valuables clothing or other property belonging to the patients in the hospital and make an inventory of the same in a book provided for the purpose.

(h) She shall take particular care that no wine, spirits or other intoxicating liquors are used in the hospital except by the direction of the physician for the use of the patients.

(i) When a patient is discharged she shall cause the name to be entered in the book provided for the purpose, mentioning the patient as cured, relieved, incurable or disorderly with the date of such discharge.

(j) On the decease of a patient she shall cause the name and time of the decease of such patient to be entered in the register, the body to be conveyed as soon as conveniently may be to the dead house and there safely kept until delivered to the hearse or the friends of the deceased for internment and also to immediately notify the Board of Health through its clerk of the decease of the patient.

(k) When a patient dies leaving

[volume 2 page 603]

clothes or other valuables, she shall take charge of them and report the same to the Board of Health through its Clerk.

(l) She shall be responsible for all articles received by her for the hospital and enter their quantities and dates of their receipt into a book provided for the purpose.

(m) When a patient is dangerously ill she shall (when practicable) notify the nearest relative or a personal friend of the fact. Should the patient at any time express a wish to see a minister of religion she shall immediately notify a clergyman of the patient’s denomination that his services are required and shall see that due decorum is observed in the wards during the visits of all clergymen.

(n) Should a patient be seriously ill it shall be the duty of the Matron and Medical Attendant to notify the Clergyman of the denomination to which such patient belongs of this fact.

Duties of Nurses

(a) Immediately on the admission of patients, the nurse shall attend to their cleanliness, giving them a bath unless otherwise ordered by the attending Medical officer or the House Surgeon and shall

[volume 2 page 604]

deliver without delay to the Matron their clothes after an inventory has been made.

(b) They shall not administer Medicines unless the same are plainly labelled and directed.

(c) They shall give immediate notice to the Matron when any patient shall violate any of the Rules or By-Laws of the Hospital.

(d) They shall not unnecessarily leave their respective wards or posts when on duty nor leave the hospital at any time without permission of the Matron. They shall keep themselves clean and respectably clothed and render a willing obedience to all orders of the resident and other officers of the hospital. Any nurse found interfering with the religious opinions of a patient will be instantly dismissed.

(e) Every nurse shall demand of persons applying for admission into the wards as patients, tickets on which will be written the number & the name of the ward and report at once to the office all who apply without tickets.

(f) No nurse or other employee will be permitted to accept a fee or present from a patient or receive remuneration of any kind other

[volume 2 page 605]

than that paid by the City.

(g) The Nurses shall do their utmost for the cleanliness, care and convenience of the patients; see that the floors and the walls of their wards and everything in and about them and the yard are kept scrupulously clean and in order not allowing too much water to be used in washing or scrubbing the floors or any to be splashed on the walls; and see that the rules of the hospital in regard to the patients are strictly kept. They will report to the Matron any patient not conforming to the rules of the hospital.

(h) The Night Nurses shall when going on duty inquire of the day nurses what special directions have been given by the visiting physician or surgeon in regard to particular patients and see that they are followed, such special instructions to be given in writing initiated by each nurse going on duty; they shall go their rounds at least once every hour or often if necessary; see that every patient requiring attention receives it; report all violation of the rules by the patients; remove the cards of the patients absent after 9 P. M. perform any duties required of them by the Matron and remain in the building or part of the hospital

[volume 2 page 606]

in which they are specially on duty not leaving it to come to the office except when requisite.

(i) The Nightwatchman while on duty shall guard carefully the property of the hospital and shall see that the rules of the hospital are observed by patients; shall assist in keeping order; shall admit persons applying for admission into the Hospital as patients and report all losses and all violations of the rules and neglect of duty of any employee on duty and perform such other duties as may be required of him by the Matron.

(j) Day Nurses are required to be on duty from 6 A. M. to 6 P. M. and the Night Nurses must be on duty from 6 P. M. to 6 A. M of each day.

(k) The time for meals are hereby set as follows:

Breakfast from 8 to 9 A. M.
Dinner from 12 to 1 P. M.
Supper from 5 to 6 P. M. of each day

Regulations for Patients

(a) On admission into the hospital every patient shall deposit all monies and articles of value in the hands of the Matron for safe keeping and deliver all baggage with the exception of such

[volume 2 page 607]

necessary clothing and other articles as may be required for immediate use to the Matron.

(b) All patients who are able to be up will rise in time to be ready for breakfast after which they shall vacate the wards as for as possible that the beds, furniture, floors of the wards may be cleaned and put in order for the morning visit of the physicians.

(c) All patients must be in their respective wards and places at the time of visit of the physicians and surgeons.

(d) Card playing, gambling, loud or profane conversation, unnecessary noise, lounging or collecting in halls or wash rooms, using the washrooms for the washing of clothes, hanging up of clothes about the premises for the drying of them, or any violation of the rules of property such as spitting on the floors or stoves, lying on the beds with boots or shoes on, ungentlemanly or unladylike conduct at table, defacing of the walls by the lighting of matches or driving of nails, emptying filth or waste matter into sinks etc. is forbidden.

(e) All patients shall keep themselves and the fixtures around them clean

[volume 2 page 608]

and in as good order as possible not spill oil, grease or liquids of any kind upon the floor or furniture nor deposit food or other articles in or upon the beds, stoves, furniture or window sills or other parts of the wards, nor throw any articles whatever out of the windows or into the halls or passages.

(f) No patient shall be admitted whose case is judged to be incurable unless there be urgent symptoms which in the opinion of the attending physicians are capable of being relieved, nor any whose case does not require the particular benefits of the institution.

(g) Such patients as are unable to pay for their maintenance shall be received as free patients; such as are able to pay shall be admitted as pay patients and none of them at less than $ [no figure given] per week for the payment of which security must be given.

(h) Two beds (one in the men’s and the other in the women’s wards) shall be kept in reserve to receive such patients as may from accidents be in need of immediate relief.

(i) If any patient exhibits gross insubordination or misconduct he shall be reported to the Matron who shall dismiss him or her if the attending physician considers that course

[volume 2 page 609]

necessary, when a patient has been dismissed under such conditions the matron shall at once send a written report of the circumstances to the Board of Health through its Clerk.

(j) Persons bringing fruit, delicacies etc. to their friends shall inform the nurse in charge of the ward so that he or she shall see that they be given or withheld according to the instructions of the visiting physicians or surgeons.

(k) No person shall be allowed to bring wines, malt or spirituous liquors to the patients or employees of the hospital without the permission of the matron nor will any patient be allowed to use the same except when prescribed by the attending physician or surgeon.

(l) No patient shall be allowed to leave the hospital until he or she is finally discharged or to enter any ward other than his or her own ward without the permission of the Matron.

(m) Every patient who is well enough is to consider it his or her duty to assist any of his or her fellow patients when necessary and also to do any work in or about the hospital when required by the Matron.

[volume 2 page 610]

(n) The patients shall retire to bed at 9 P. M. at which time all lights unless otherwise ordered are to be extinguished; after 9 P. M. no unnecessary conversation will be permitted in the wards.

(o) No extra lights will be allowed in the wards without the consent of the Matron.

(p) No smoking shall be allowed in the wards of the hospital.

The diet card and table recommended is that found in San Francisco Calendar Page 16.

That the quarantine at Brockton Point be raised as far as it applies to other than Portuguese Joe and his family who shall be kept under guard for ten days longer; and that the Police be instructed to notify all squatters around Brockton Point to leave their locations within a reasonable time as there is great danger of infection lurking in these premises and to burn all buildings at the expiration of said notice to leave.

That the following accounts be paid:

Thos. Jackman, Supplies $2.50
Palmer Bros. Drayage 1.00
Telephone Co. 14.25

[volume 2 page 611]

City Brewery, Beer $3.50
J. Sehl, Bed 1.50
F. X. Martin, Groceries 42.18
R. Robertson, Supplies 9.00
Van Transfer Co. Drayage 1.00
H. A. Berry & Co “ .50
Waterman & Summers, Milk 1.50
Scoullar & Co, Plumbing 2.00
McDonnell & Co, Medicines 6.75
Hayes & McIntosh, Meat 41.34
Campbell & Martin, Bread 11.50
Frank Wiss, Milk 60.37
R. C. Marshall, Drayage 4.50
Woodworth & Co. Coal 20.00
W. J. Taylor, Burials 30.00
F. X. Martin, Groceries 19.10
Hayes & McIntosh 47.85
GL. Allan, Boots 4.50
A. Linton, Boat Hire 25.66
Charles Nelson, Drugs 3.10
J. J. Tierney, Drayage 1.00
H. McConney, Drayage 2.00
J. Huntly, Boat Hire 6.00
D. McCallum, Scavenger Work 5.00

Sgd. John Dougall, Acting for Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brighouse seconded by Alderman Alexander. That the report of the Health Committee be adopted. Carried.

Works No. 43

The Board of Works met on

[volume 2 page 612]

Friday Dec. 14th 1888 and beg to recommend:

1. That John Kellough’s petition be laid over.

2. That the City Engineer be instructed to report upon the petition of J. M. Browning.

3. That AE. McCartney be paid the amount of his claim for drawing plans of City Hall and Morgue amounting to $75.00 if same is found correct.

4. That the petition of A. T. McNab et al. be laid over as they are no funds available for the work and also that Alexander Hesson et al. for the same reason.

5. That the petition of Wm. Templeton et al. be laid over.

6. That crossings be made on Westminster Avenue opposite Dupont Street and Harris Street.

7. That the Centre pier in False Creek Bridge be filled with concrete to the top.

8. Henderson Bros. having offered to plank Barnard Street from Westminster Avenue to the shore of False Creek, provided the Council reimburse them for the outlay at some future day, we recommend that their offer be accepted provided the work does not cost over 90 cts per lineal foot.

[volume 2 page 613]

The following accounts are recommended for payment:

Henry Levison, Salary as Park Ranger $60.00
A. Godfrey & Co. Supplies 17.75
John Lawson, Trip to Victoria 25.00
Wm. Tierney, Drayage .50 cts
J. H. Carlisle, “ 2.50
R. C. P. Mills Co. 73.64
Garden & Hermon, Surveys 260.00
James Hartney, Nicola Street 475.86
D. McAlister, Hospital Fence 200.20
A. Bunker, Hastings St 680.40
J. Hartney, Davie Street 378.00

Sgd. Chas A. Coldwell, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brighouse seconded by Alderman Alexander. That the report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Coldwell seconded by Alderman Dougall. That Alderman Brighouse be authorized to purchase a horse to be used in flushing the Sewers and that the Health Inspector be empowered to a man to clean out the dirt trays. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman McConnell. That tenders be called for the opening of Hastings Street East to the Park in three Sections. Carried.

[volume 2 page 614]

Moved by Alderman Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Coldwell. That His Worship the Mayor be hereby authorized to arrange (in connection with Nanaimo) to subsidize a steamer to run 3 trips a week between Vancouver and Nanaimo at a cost not to exceed $125.00 per month. Carried.

Moved by Alderman McConnell seconded by Alderman Oppenheimer. That the Council stand adjourned until Friday the 28th inst. Carried.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk