Restaurant owners challenge hotel’s wooden building – December 18, 1893

Hotel owners want to know why the Richmond Hotel was allowed to build a wooden structure, after they had been denied permission.  Alderman Collins resigned from as Alderman for Ward Two.  He and Alderman Brown also resigned as School Trustees.  Doctors Brouse, Wilson and Dundas Herald will be added to the medical staff of the hospital. Council demands a return of arrears municipal taxes from 1886 through to the end of 1893.

This transcript was made in 2019 by Transcribimus volunteer Leah Minuk

original handwritten minutes here
City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 5 pages 636 – 643

[volume 5 page 636]
Vancouver B.C.
18th December 1893

The Council met on Monday 18th December 1893. Present his Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Anderson, Cargill, Hobson, Salsbury, Hackett, Towler, Franklin, Brown, McCraney, Collins. The minutes of the last and special meetings were read and adopted.


From Joe Dixon Secretary of the Licensed Victuallers’ Association, enclosing copy of the following resolution passed by the Association.
Resolved that the Secretary be instructed to communicate with the City asking by whose authority the owner of the Richmond Hotel were allowed to build a wooden structure to said hotel, after having along with others been refused permission by the Council and violating the Fire by-law.
Referred to Board of Works.

From John McKenzie Agent of Dominion Lands asking if the City had a plan of the location of a house occupied by E. Longhorn and torn down.
Referred to Chief of Police

From Dr. Brydone Jack enclosing an itemized account on the late L. Cooper, who died in the City Hospital.
Referred to City Solicitor & Board of Health

From A. H. B. Macgowan Secretary of the School Board, notifying the Council of the resignation of Trustees Brown and Collins.
stet [in pencil] Referred to City Solicitor. Laid over.

From E. Machin, Secretary of the Free Library Board, stating that a resolution had been passed by the Board that the lease of premises occupied by the Libary be returned to the Council

[volume 5 page 637]

to be signed, despite the opinion of the City Solicitor to the contrary.
Laid over [in pencil] Referred to City Solicitor.

From Purdy + Williams asking leave to use the Park road.

From the Residents on Hastings Street between Carrall and Abbott Streets asking the Council to instruct the Contractor to finish the work at once and put the street in good order.
Referred to Board of Works.

From A. T. St. George stating that he would be present at the Council meeting and would like to address the Board re the tender for Street sweeping machine.
Laid over.

From E. Machin, Secretary of the Free Library Board, stating that the Board would be please to receive the geological specimens offered by the Council, provided they would supply the necessary show cases.
Referred to Members of the Council
who are on the Library Board with power to expend not more than $100.00

From Drs. Wilson and Dundas Herald making application to be placed on the medical staff of the City Hospital.
Laid over.

From F. C. Cotton asking the Council to give him deed of land exchanged for lots on which the Sugar Refinery is situated.
Referred to Finance Committee + City Solicitor.

From City Engineer Tracy in reply to the changes preferred against him by Alderman Franklin.
Laid over.

[volume 5 page 638]

From W. C. Weir on behalf of the Churches of Vancouver asking the City to push forward the proposed public works.
Referred to Board of Works.

The following reports were received and read.

Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on 14th December 1893. Present Aldermen McCraney, Franklin, Salsbury and Brown.
It was recommended:-
That Mr. E. Cook’s claim for alleged detention at the Court house block be laid over.

That W. D. McGillivray’s claim for 9981 cubic yards of earth filled in on Water Street the material being taken from the Streets being paved be referred to the City Engineer to arrive at a valuation.

That permission be granted to E. Cook to construct a drain from Wm Brown’s house Hastings Street to discharge into box drain on south side of the street.

That the Street Inspector check over certain deposits and the settlement of accounts for work done on sidewalks and bricks for manhole of sewer at Court House building.

That Francis Hartley’s application for temporary walk for Beach Ave be built as far as his residence be laid over.

That J. W. McNeil’s communication asking that work be let to give employment to those out of work be laid over.

That E. A. Marshall et al application for the 7th Av. sidewalk west of Westminster Ave be extended about one block be laid over until the beginning of next year.

[volume 5 page 639]

That J. C. Vermilyea’s complaint about the lane at the back of his brick block on Granville Street it being in a bad condition be referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

That R. Barker’s complaint about the state of the streets on Westminster Ave. and Princess Street be referred to the Street Inspector for attention.

That the City Treasurer be instructed to pay the City’s portion of the fees amounting to $2250 re arbitration on expropriation of part of lot 12 Block 11 – 541.

That the tender of Thos Dunn + Co for the Barnard Castle street sweeping machine at $33500 be recommended for acceptance.

That the City Engineer be instructed to have a survey made of the land proposed to be cleared in the East End.

That the following accounts be recommended for payment
J. Johnson Grading lane in Bl 119. 264th $20.00
Balkwell + Co. Robson St final 11.90
Gibbons + Borland Grading Ash St re final 22.69
Thos Veitch Hauling rock 15.50
H. Lomas et al Weekly payroll 179.10

Signed H. P. McCraney

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded by “ Salsbury
That the report be adopted.

[volume 5 page 640]

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Friday December 15th 1893.
Present Aldermen Collins, Cargill, Anderson & Towler
It was recommended
That Dr J. E. Brouse be referred to the Medical Staff with a request that they add him to their number.

That permission be given to Frank Humphreys day porter to be allowed two weeks leave of absence.

That Dr. Thomas Medical Health Officer report of cases of infectious or contagious diseases during November be filed.

That Miss McFee’s monthly report be filed.

That Miss Bean’s salary be the date of her leaving the Hospital.

That the following accounts be recommended for payment
Coroner Pettendrigh Inquest on Thos Randle $15.60
L. T. Tilley + Son Supplies 4.00
C. F. Foreman “ 85.17
“ “ 12.51
“ “ 3.05
“ “ 10.21
A. Cecil Green Digging Graves .75
J. D. Herrett + Co Supplies 61.56
J. Blake “ 19.50
Atkins + Atkins “ .80
“ “ 46.81
“ “ 2.25
McLennan + McFeely “ 3.45
Wm Thurston + Sons “ 15.00
Texas Lake Ice Co. “ 1.50
Dr. A. H. Thomas “ 10.00
C. P. R. Co Pieces of Rail etc. 50.00
W. G. Warren Supplies 38.00
H. D. Fraser Repairs to Hospital 148.91

[volume 5 page 641]

C. L. Philp Supplies 7.95
Champion + White Scavengering 7.00
“ “ “ 5.75
City of Victoria Cost of keeping lepers 31.92
The Hudson’s Bay Co Supplies 6.80
W. A. McIntosh + Co “ 56.35
Dr. J. A. Mills Medical examination of
W. F. Black 5.00
Wellington Coal yard Supplies 6.88
Weeks + Robson “ 19.50
Crowder + Pender “ 9.43
“ “ 20.88
signed H. Collins

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Brown
That the names of Drs Wilson and Dundas Herald be added to that of Dr. Brouse in Clause 1 and the report was then adopted.
The report was then adopted [sic]

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday December 15th 1893.
Present Aldermen Anderson, Cargill Hobson Collins + Brown.
It was recommended:-
That the salaries and accounts of School Board be paid to the end of the year.

That the following accounts be recommended for payment
Crowder + Penzer Supplies $42.08
Tye + Co “ 1.00
News Advertiser “ 23.25
“ “ 7.60
“ “ 3.85
Marshall + McCrae “ 6.00
Signed R. A. Anderson

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ Towler
That the report be adopted.

[volume 5 page 642]

Introduction of Bylaws

Moved by Alderman Collins
Seconded by “ McCraney
That a bylaw to rescind the by law imposing a tax on Fire insurance Companies to be read a first time.


Moved by Alderman Towler
Seconded “ Franklin
That at the next regular meeting of the Council a return be furnished showing the annual arrears of Municipal of Municipal taxes for the year 1886 to 1893 both inclusive.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury
Seconded by “ Cargill
That the Mayor and City Clerk be and are hereby empowered to sign and complete the lease of the premises in the Y. M. C. A. building by the Free Library.

Moved by Alderman Franklin
Seconded “ Towler
That the Vanc Electric Railway + Light Co’s account amounting to $1478.05 be paid.

[volume 5 page 643]

Notice of Motion

Alderman Towler gave notice at the next regular meeting of the Council he would move that an investigation by a Judge be held concerning certain charges made on the 11th inst against the City Engineer and his department by Alderman Franklin.

Alderman Collins tendered his resignation as Alderman for Ward Two, which was laid on the table for a week.

The Council then adjourned.

F. Cope