Contractor William Harkins’ employees cry foul at Council meeting – December 19, 1887

A number of complaints received about (street contractor) William Harkins’ granting of Power of Attorney to Dunn & Co. J. H Wert appreared before council on behalf of Harkins’ employees to report on the situation. Legal opinion requested from City Solicitor. A coal oil lamp to be placed at the corner of Hamilton and Dunsmuir streets, with the City supplying the oil and the residents in the vicinity to light the lamp. James Alexander appointed for 1888 to assist the Assistant Commissioner in the Assessment of the City.

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Chris Stephenson, MLIS

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 139-143

Vancouver December 19th 1887.
The Council met on Monday December 19th 1887 at 7.30.p.m. all the members being present.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following communications were received and filed:
From Thicke and Henderson Bros. J.H. Wert, John Boultbee and W.J. Armstrong all in reference to Wm. Harkins.
From John Devine submitting Auditor’s Report for November.
From John Curtis asking for a Liquor License.
Referred to License Board,
Moved by Alderman Hamilton Seconded by Alderman Humphries,
That the Communication of Mr. Boultbee be referred to the City Solicitor to report to the Corporation whether the Power of Attorney from Harkins to Messrs Dunn and Ferguson is such as would constitute them his legal agents with powers to proceed with the contracts entered into by Harkins.

Police No 19
The Police Committee met on Friday December 16th 1887 at 8 p.m. and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:
John M. Stewart, fares to New Westminster $6.50
“ “ “ Boarding Prisoners $139.00
V.W. Haywood, Fares 3.00
B.B. Skinner, hauling wood 2.00
F.X. Martin, Jail Supplies 28.68
Havelock, Fyfe, Salary 60.00
H. McKay, drayage 3.00
Thos. Dunn + Co. Supplies 4.25
Thos. Lye + Co. “ 1.05
sgd Jos Mannion

Adopted, I. Oppenheimer – Clark.

Finance No. 34

The Finance Committee met on Friday December 16th 1887 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

F.W. Hart, Brackets $1.50

C.P. Telegraph Co. .35

Denver Republican 10.00

Alta California 10.00

Herald Democrat 10.00

R.W. Armstrong 3.05

News-Advertiser 58.80

Robert Couth + Co. 31.50

S.T. Tilley 35.10

Thomson Bros. 6.25

McLennan and McFeely $6.80

F.X. Martin 9.40

B.C. Gazette 330.25

Thos. F. McGuigan 5.00

H.L. Freese 5.00

A.T. McCord, Insurance 62.50

We also recommend that the Salaries of the City Official for December be paid at the end of the month.
sgd D. Oppenheimer
Adopted, Clark – Sanders.

F.W. + L. No. 30

The Fire Water and Light Committee met on Thursday December 15th 1887 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:

F.W. Hart, $1.00
Vancouver Carriage Works 18.40
C.P.R. Co 5.00
Thos. J. Janes, 5.75
J.H. Carlisle 4.00
P.T. Fraser 75 cts
Electric Illuminating Co 450.00
F.X. Martin 9.25
Thos. C. Allen 38.50
R.E. Dodds 9.50
Thos. Lye + Co 11.20
Royal City Planing Mills Co 28.94
Robert Couth + Co 28.00

We recommend that a coal oil lamp be placed at the corner of Hamilton and Dunsmuir Streets, the City supplying the oil and the residents in the vicinity to light the lamp.

sgd R. H. Alexander

Adopted, D. Oppenheimer – Sanders

Works No. 66

The Board of Works met on Monday December 19th 1887 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:
Thos. Lye + Co Nails etc. $19.35
Robert Law, pipes 385.80
E. Mohun, Commission 208.18
Robt. J. Ross, Park Road 60.00
W. L. McDonald “ “ 66.00
W. Reynolds “ “ 30.00
Jos Clandenning “ “ 45.00
sgd L.A. Hamilton
Adopted, Lockerby – Lefevre,

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer Seconded by Alderman Lefevre,
That James Alexander be appointed to assist the Assessment Commissioner in completing the Assessment of the City, his appointment to terminate on the 31st January 1888 and that he be paid 100 dollars for his services.
Moved by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman Lefevre,
That the Chairman of the various Standing Committees make their reports of the work performed by their respective Committees as full as possible and that a Committee consisting of Alderman D. Oppenheimer, Alexander and the mover be appointed to revise the reports and compile them in pamphlet form and that they be authorized to have the same printed to the number of 5000 at a cost not exceeding $300.00.
J.H. Wert appeared before the Bar of the Council on behalf of Wm. Harkin’s employees and explained to the Council the position of affairs.

Ald Mannion introduced a By-Law to fix and annual Salary for the Mayor of the City of Vancouver which was read three times and finally passed.
The Council then adjourned to Tuesday the 27th inst,

M.A. MacLean
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk