Officer Grady injured on the job, receives full salary – December 22, 1890

No reduction be made in the Salary of Officer Grady, injured while helping the Chain Gang to remove a stump in one of the lanes of the City. Two miles of wire to be purchased to extend the range of the Fire Alarm. Lawyer Thomas Boultbee presents a request on behalf of the Chinese community that they be allotted a separate plot of land in the cemetery.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 4 pg 153-163

Vancouver December 22nd 1890

The Council met on Monday December 22nd 1890

Present His Worship the Mayor, and Aldermen Browning, Carroll, Garden, Horne, Fox, Sentell, Costello, McLeod, and Doering.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From John Irving, President of the Vancouver Water Works Co. notifying Council that his Company were applying to parliament to amend their Act by repealing Section 35.
Water Works Committee

From the Harbor Master, and D. McPhaiden forbidding further dumping over the Union Steam Ship Co’s wharf.

From Wm. Cargill, Secy of the Union S.S. Co notifying Council that his Company were prepared to make arrangements with the City for the dumping of garbage through their wharf for a monthly rental of $15.00.
Health Committee.

From Sydney. C.D. Roper, Compiler of Statistical Year Book asking for the population, assessment, and Debt of the City of Vancouver for AD. 1890.
Referred to City Clerk

From H. F. Keefer asking for balance on Market building same being now completed.

From A. Gobeil, Secretary to Department of Public Works acknowledging receipt of Plans and Specifications of Cambie St. Bridge.

From the Deputy Attorney General acknowledging receipt of Communication from Council on the subject of serving Summons in Vancouver and informing Council that the Sheriff had already given his officer in Vancouver full power in the matter.

From James Watt, Desmoines Iowa, stating that Engle the Inventor and Thompson the builder of the Crematory would start from Vancouver on Saturday.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Lights.

From G.W. Thomas reporting on the Market Receipts.

From John Boultbee asking that a plot of land be set aside in the Cemetery for Chinese.
Board of Works.

From J.L. Franklin et al asking for a Sidewalk on Barnard St.
Board of Works.

From Bell and Miller, Members of the Institute of Civil Engineers, England, asking the Council to fix a time and place for meeting them when they will submit plans and specifications of the proposed graving dock to be built in Vancouver.


Market No 6.

The Market Committee met on Friday December 19th 1890.

Present Aldermen Garden, Fox, and Costello.

It was recommended:-

1 That the following accounts be paid:-

Robertson & Co. fitting up Scales. $63.20

MacKay & Ross. Supplies 12.00

F.W. Hart. Chairs. 220.00

2 That the Zion Church congregation be allowed the use of the Market Hall on Thursday evening the 25th inst. instead of Wednesday, the usual night.

3 That the City Engineer be instructed to have made a portable fence for Market Scales.

sgd James F. Garden
Moved by Alderman Browning.
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the Report of the Market Committee be adopted.

Police No 13.

The Police Committee met on Tuesday December 16th 1890.
It was recommended:-

1 That the following accounts be paid:-

O.W. Ellison. Milk. $1.72

W.S. Cook. Scavengering. 1.50

M.G. McLeod. Fares. 7.00

B.C. Cattle Co. Meat. 16.15

McDowell & Co. Drugs. 10.05

McDonald Bros. Drayage. 2.00

Thos. Crawford. Fares. 3.00

Thos. Dunn & Co Supplies 32.00

V.J. Straube. Key. 1.00

G.L. Allan. Shoes. 1.75

S.T. Tilley. Stamps. 1.00

A.B. Diplock. Stationery 6.00

John Scuitto. Supplies 52.87

2. That John Clough be granted $50.00 for services in connection with the Police department.
M. Costello.

Moved by Alderman Garden
Seconded by “ Carroll.

That the Report of the Police Committee be adopted.

F.W.& L. No 16.

The F.W. & L. Committee met on Wednesday December 17th 1890.

Present Aldermen Fox, Carroll, and McLeod.
It was recommended:-

1 That two miles of wire for extending the fire alarm system be purchased through a local agent.

2 That the following accounts be paid:-

Chas. Millington. Shoes Set. $2.00

Gas Go. 19.00

Thos. Dunn & Co. Supplies. 50.92

S.T. Tilley “ 1.00

Crowder & Penzer “ 166.57

H. McDowell & Co “ 5.20

Jacob Sehl “ 34.00

O. Toole & Ralph “ 10.43

G.W. Bazley. Shoes Set. 5.00

R.C.P. Mills Co. Supplies. 7.35

G.W. Thomas. Attending Horse 10.00

Tye & Co. Supplies 2.29

C.M. Hawley “ 8.10

E.S. Scoullar & C. “ 8.50

V. Water Works Co. 202.63

I. Forbes, Shoes Set. 4.25

Creighton Fraser & Co. 3.00

A. Godfrey & Co. .85

John Scuitto. 7.58

H.A. Berry & Co. Drayage. 2.00

sgd J.M. Fox

Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by “ Costello

That the Report be adopted.

Health No 17.

The Health Committee met on Tuesday Dec. 16th 1890.

Present Aldermen McLeod, Fox, and Carroll. Alderman McLeod in the Chair.

It was recommended:-

1 That the following accounts be paid:-

Crowder & Penzer, Coal etc. $38.75

Hudson’s Bay Co. Supplies. 12.25

B.C. Cattle Co. “ 41.54

J.S. Clute & Co. “ 5.13

McDowell & Co. “ 43.71

W.S. Cook. Scavengering. 10.50

Wo Sing. Washing 16.60

R.V. Winch Supplies. 8.88

O.W. Ellison “ 21.73

Dr. Bell Irving. Med Attendance 30.00

Dr. McGuigan “ “ 10.00

John Scuitto Supplies 41.37

2 That the Health Inspector be instructed to replace the pest house to the place from which it has broken away from its moorings.
sgd Malcolm McLeod
Chairman pro tem.

Moved by Alderman Costello.
Seconded by “ Doering.

That the Report of the Health Committee be adopted.

Finance No 31.

The Finance Committee met on Friday December 19th 1890.
Present Aldermen Browning, Garden, Fox, and Costello.

It was recommended:-

1 That the sum of $25.00 be granted by Council for the purchase of books and bandages for the police officers and firemen for use in connection with the free instructions to be given to these parties by Dr. Brydone-Jack of the St. John’s Ambulance Association.

2 That the City Solicitor be instructed to draw up a Lease for the Jockey Club grounds at Hastings and an Agreement for the use of the grounds for exhibition purposes.

3 That the following accounts be paid:-

Drake, Jackson & Co. Law Costs. $179.00

C.E. Pooley “ “ 542.30

M.A. Harvey. Carriages. 13.00

Queen Bros. “ 12.50

Black & Wilkinson “ 6.50

Gurney Cab Co “ 6.00

Leatherdale & Smith “ 10.50

A.T. Francis & Co Carriages. 6.00

Hotel Vancouver. Refreshments 64.75

H.A. Berry & Co. Drayage. 3.85

Telephone Co. 12.00

Van Elec Ry & Light Co. Market Lights. 15.53

J.F. Murphy. Drayage. .50

S.T. Tilley Stationery 12.30

Crowder & Penzer. Coal. 54.00

Bank of B.C. Commissions 44.82

Health Accounts
Police “
F.W. & L “
Market “
Board of Works “
sgd. J.M. Browning

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Fox.

That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted.

Works. No 35.

The Board of Works met on Thursday December 18th 1890, a full board being present:
It was recommended:-

1 That the City Engineer be instructed to have Front Street planked making use of the old plank now lying on Westminster Avenue.

2 Re Bunker’s Contract.
That the City Engineer be instructed to interview Messrs. McLean, and Cullen, and ask them to appear before the Board on Friday afternoon next and to notify Hugh Hamilton to proceed with his part of the Contract.

3 That the City Engineer get quotations from different firms for 660, eight-inch vitrified pipes and 40, 8” X 4” Y’s for a basement drain on Hastings Street; and to ascertain where the pipes can be obtained to the best advantage.

4 That W.C. Muir be paid for 1200 cubic yards extra filling from Y.M.C.A. building at the rate of 5 cents per cubic yard.

5 That there are no funds available for carrying into effect the grading of Robson Street as petitioned for by F.S. Clarke et al.

6 That the City Engineer be instructed to have an open drain suitable for local requirements put in on Cambie Street between Georgia and Dunsmuir Streets.

7 Re A. Goldstein’s claim for loss of rent on Princess St; the Board after due consideration does not look upon Mr. Goldstein as having any claim against the City.

8 That full power be granted to the City Engineer to discharge or appoint all assistants and other employees connected with the Board of Works Department; all changes in the Staff to be reported to the Board of Works.

9 That a crossing be put in where required at the junction of Westminster Av & 7th Av.

10 That the City Engineer be instructed to look into the state of the Water Street piling, trestle work and planking and report; at a subsequent meeting on the advisability of filling it in altogether.

11 That the Street Inspector be instructed to have Abbott Street filled in at the sides between Cordova and Water Streets with the least possible delay.

12 That the City Engineer be authorized to have electric lights placed in his room.

13 That the following tender be accepted for the clearing of the East Park:-
H. Connacher. $150.00 per acre.

14 That the following accounts be paid:-
H. Connacher. Cemetery Road. $1661.10
D. McRae. Sundries. 12.50
Alex McDonald. Burrard St. 157.07
A.Godfrey & Co. Supplies. 17.20
Crowder & Penzer. “ 7.30
Grassie & Mason Repairs. .50
S.T. Tilley. Supplies. 24.25
Thos Dunn & Co “ 59.55
J.C. Murchie. Burrard St. 95.88
Boyd & Clandenning. Oppenheimer St. 200.79
H.A. Berry & Co. Drayage. 20.00
Alex McDonald “ 1.50
F.W. Hart. Supplies. 58.25
Van Gas Co. 8.00
Boyd & C. Westminster Av gravel. 892.20
do Centre St. “ 609.00
do Market “ 130.50
do General “ 2960.90
D. Urquhart. Basement drain 289.80
McLean Bros. 12th Av. 6.00
Mrs. Gold. Water St. 22.00
Vancouver Land Security Corporation, Gore Av 7.00

15 Re Geo. W. Wesbrook’s petition for permission to lay pipes to connect his premises with the Inlet; we recommend that he be instructed to consult the railroad Company in regard to the matter.

16 That the owners of the property on the corner of Dunsmuir, and Hamilton Streets be allowed under the existing circumstances to leave their steps and verandahs, as they are at present, for the space of three months provided water conductors and cases are put up.
sgd. J.W. Horne

Moved by Alderman Browning
Seconded by “ Fox.
That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.


Moved by Alderman Horne.
Seconded by “ Costello.

That the following labor accounts be paid:-

B. Romang etal. $171.00

Moved by Alderman Horne.
Seconded by “ Costello.
That the balance of $25.00 be paid to H.F. Keefer, he having completed the repairs on the Roof of the Market building.

Moved by Alderman Costello
Seconded by “ Carroll.

That no reduction be made in the Salary of Officer Grady owing to his being off duty as he received an injury while helping the Chain gang to remove a stump in one of the lanes of the City.

Moved by Alderman Horne
Seconded by “ Carroll.

That the Council stand adjourned until Wednesday at 4 P.M.


D. Oppenheimer
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk