Vancouver Owed $30,000 in Unpaid Taxes – December 23, 1895

Vancouver Owed $30,000 in Unpaid Taxes – December 23, 1895

A By-Law given third reading authorized Council to borrow $30,000 “pending the collection of the taxes that are overdue for the year 1895.” Council also recommended against the Province of B. C. granting foreshore rights to any of the private citizens who had applied for them.

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Illustration: COV Archives Str P116
The rear of houses on Georgia Street between Jervis Street and Broughton Street

Original handwritten minutes:
COV Archives S31 Volume 6 page 899 – 923

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Vancouver December 23rd 1895.

The Council met on Monday, December 23rd 1895.

Present His Worship, the Mayor and Alderman Shaw, Coupland, Gallagher, Queen, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown. Sanders, Bethune and McDonald.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.


From Wm Prentice, Secretary of the Ratepayers’ Association, asking for the free use of the Market Hall on the evening of the 21st inst.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Queen
That his request be granted.

From. J. W. Balmain, asking the Clerk to produce his letter of April 15th 1894 to the Council.

From A. Gobeil, Secretary of the Department of Public Works, Ottawa, acknowledging the receipt of a communication from the City Clerk re the dredging of False Creek.

From W. L. Ogle stating that A. A. Andrews of Winnipeg had been appointed agent for the Gutta Percha and Rubber Co. for the Pacific Coast.

From Wm Sulley on behalf of the Vancouver Improvement Co asking for the withdrawal of the By-Law re Block 48. D. L. 181.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From A. T. St. George asking that a Committee be appointed to examine the books of the School Board.

From Welsh Bros. etal asking for the payment of the creditors of Purdy and Williams

[Volume 6 page] 600

on the Reservoir Contract.
Referred to the Water + Light Committee

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From S. A. McPherson, asking not to be compelled to connect with the sewers at present at 607 Homer St.
Referred to the Health Committee

From A. W. McCallum applying for the position of policeman.
Referred to the Police Committee

From S. K. Twigge complaining about matters in connection with the Tax Sale.
Referred to the Finance Committee


The following is the report of the Committee appointed by the City Council of Vancouver to consider and report on certain applications made to the Department of Marine and Fisheries for certain foreshore rights on False Creek and Burrard Inlet, which was adopted by the Council and ordered to be forwarded to the aforesaid Department.

Vancouver, B.C.
December 23rd 1895

To the Honorable
John Costigan
Minister of the Department of Marine and Fisheries
per captain Gaudin, Agent of the Department at Victoria, BC.


Captain Gaudin has handed to the City Council of Vancouver by order of your Department Fourteen (14) applications from certain parties of this

[Volume 6 page] 901

City for foreshore rights on False Creek and Burrard Inlet, with the request that the Council consider the propriety of granting said applications and report to the Department.

In order that a correct understanding of the different localities in which application is made for foreshore rights a map has been prepared by order of City Council to accompany the report on which are shown the different points where these rights are applied for, their relative position adjacent property, the amount of land contained in the lots and blocks, and the amount of foreshore asking for by the applicants. As will be seen by the map the applicants have very liberal ideas about the generosity of the Government in making foreshore grants. They now own in the lots and blocks referred to about twelve (12) acres of land and are desirous of having them enlarged by about twenty nine (29) acres of foreshore or nearly two and one-half (2 1/2) times their present acreage. This would make a substantial addition to their property and a still more substantial addition to its monetary value, nor are they at all particular, as the map will show, about the foreshore privileges of other people. The first intimation that any person in the City had of the applications, was their submission to the City Council by Captain Gardin. Had these foreshore rights been granted, a number of people equally interested with the applicants would have felt and justly, that they had not been fairly treated. Even the City Council would have insisted that privileges had been disposed of that no private Citizen had any right to. Fortunately the Department stepped in between the citizens

{Volume 6 page] 902

and the gentlemen who evidently favor easy and inexpensive methods of their wealth and with very little regard whether it is the private Citizen or the community or both who are made the contributors.

An examination of the applications separately will fully bear out what has been stated regarding them. As the numbers on the map and those of the application correspond, the comparison will cause no difficulty.

Application No. 1.

Lots 1 to 11 and 14. Prior street block 25 if granted as applied for would block the extension of the foreshore privileges of twelve (12) other private owners of lots in the same block, which are at right angles to those applied for and which ought not to be deprived of their priviliges untill for a good and substantial reason.

Application No. 2.

Lots 23, Dupont Street Block 14. There is no land attached to this lot. It is only an arm of the creek. This and several adjacent lots similarly situated and are claimed by the City and the Government may be asked to decide this matter as between the city and the party concerned. The same remarks apply and the same conditions exist as regards lot 14 in Application No. 1.

Applications No 5. + 8.

These are very extraordinary applications for foreshore rights. They are based apparently on the possession of a few lots at either end of the Westminster Avenue Bridge and on this slim foundation they ask to be put in possession of the bed of False

[Volume 6 page] 903

Creek for two hundred and fifty (250) feet on the North end and three hundred (300) feet at the South end of the bridge. It is not possible to say at this time what widening of this Bridge may be required in the future. It connects a leading thoroughfare of the City at this point and what may be required for street railway and other traffic cannot now be determined. It would be a mistake to give the right to use the bed of the Creek here to any private individual under any pretext whatever and it should be reserved for or placed in the control of the city to be used for public purposes as they may present themselves.

Applications Nos. 6. 7. and 11.

These applications on Burrard Inlet and at the mouth of False Creek are not of such a nature as to require any specific remarks. Still if permitted to make a suggestion, the city Council would strongly press upon the Government the great necessity for caution in making foreshore grants. The chances are that the applicants are speculators who want to get something for nothing and will make any purchaser pay handsomely for the foreshore privileges they have acquired. This Council is of the opinion that all the grants of this kind should be withheld and only given to those who propose utilising them in some manufacturing industry. It certainly would be in the interest of the City and the Country if a policy of this kind were followed with respect to foreshore rights and the Council would gladly give any aid it could to the government in giving effect to it.

It would be within the knowledge of the Department that the City has applied for that

[Volume 6 page] 904

portion of False Creek lying east of the Westminster Avenue Bridge. The bridge has no draw and consequently cannot be used for the purpose of navigation. Rowboats are the only craft that ply upon its waters and occasionally a scow with a load of cordwood may be seen moving City ward, but beyond this no use is made of this portion of False Creek. Anticipating and with good reason the future growth of this City the Council have applied to the Dominion Government that it be reserved to the Citizens for a public park. It is centrally situated and is easy of access from all parts of the City. From a sanitary point of view it would be of great value. The hope is indulged that some day soon a favorable reply would be given to the petition of the Citizens and in the meantime strongly urge that no grants of foreshore rights should be given to any person on that part of False Creek east of Westminster Avenue Bridge.

There is another matter in this connection that might not be out of place here to make a few remarks about. There are a number of Saw mills on that part of False Creek west of Westminster Bridge. The yellow shading on the map shows their position and the amount of ground they occupy. Some time since the City Council petitioned the Government to have the Channel widened and deepened by dredging. If this was done a limit could be placed to the encroachment of the mills on the bed of the Creek. They are doubtless anxious to keep their logs in the water but it recedes so far at low tide that they are obliged to follow. It might save trouble in the future if a limit was placed to parties

[Volume 6 page] 905

using the bed of the Creek.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

I have the honor to be
Your Obedient Servant
Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk

Moved by Alderman Clandenning
Seconded by ” Saunders
That the Clause in reference to the mills be struck out.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Coupland
That the report be adopted and that a copy be sent with map to captain Gardin Victoria.

Vancouver Dec 20th 1895.

The Fire Market + Police Committee met on Friday December 20th 1895.
Present the Full Board.
The minutes of last meeting were read + adopted.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Thos Horse hire $4.00
J. Smith Engineer 18.00
A. Blayney Supplies 8.00
Moodyville Saw Mill Co ” 12.15
Can. Gen. Elec. Co. ” 18.00
A. J. Sharpe + Co. ” 2.90

[Volume 6 page] 906

R. Robertson Supplies $20.24
Thos. Clough Drayage .50


From the Chief of Police explaining matters in connection with the case of Sam Webb, who was shipped to Chili and from the Chairman drawing the Chief’s attention to an article in the “World in reference thereto and asking him to prepare a statement of the case from the records of the Police court.
Referred to the Police Magistrate to furnish report of evidence in the case.

From Police constable Butler stating the W. B. Ross had interfered with him in the performance of his duties.
Mr. Ross was present and explained his side of the story.

It was then resolved that the Committee has considered the report of Officer Butler, the statements of the Chief of Police and Mr. Ross and in their opinions Officer Butler was justified in ordering Ross to move on about his business.

We are further of the opinion that Ross was interfering with the Officer in the performance of his duties.

From Welsh et al asking the Council to carry out the Bylaw in respect to pedlars or refund to them the license paid.
Resolved that the City Solicitor be instructed to report under what head of the Market bylaw the Chinese pedlars were prosecuted and under what head the regular pedlars were prosecuted and to advise

[Volume 6 page] 907

as to whether the pedlars would be entitled to a rebate on their licenses since the Bylaw was declared invalid in part by the Court.

Resolved that the Contract for the hiring of the police as prepared by the City Solicitor is not yet in accordance with the instructions of the Council.

Resolved that the police and firemen be paid on the 24th inst.

Resolved that Officer Cawford be suspended pending an investigation from the Committee, such suspension to date from the 20th inst at 1. a.m.

The following reports were received from the chief of Police and the Police Magistrate on the Webb case:-

Vancouver Dec 16th 1895.

To the Police Committee

I have the honour to report for your information in the case referred to in an article in the “Daily World” Newspaper of the 14th inst. re “the Gaol or Shipping Office an extraordinary state of Affairs, Sam Webb’s experience”, and beg to lay before you the facts of the case. Sam Webb was found consorting with a drunken Indian woman in her cab, he was arrested by P. C. McLean on the 2nd inst and charged with supplying liquor to Indians. Webb appeared before the P.M. on the 3rd inst, the evidence shewed that he was drunk and on the premises of the Indian woman for immoral purposes the charge was clearly proven by P. C. McLean and the woman, and in part by the admission on oath of Webb himself. Mr. Jordan, Counsel for the accused raising a question of law under the Indian Act, the Police Magistrate adjourned the case until the 4th inst to allow of production of the Sections relied on.

On the 4th inst the Indian Act was analysed by the P.M. in open Court, and it was shewn that the offence had clearly been brought within Sections 94 + 99 of the Act and the Magistrate was about to pronounce sentence. Mr. Jordan, Counsel for the accused and the Chilian

[Volume 6 page] 908

Consul Mr. Morris suggested that he be allowed out on suspended sentence stating that they could get a ship for him, he being a sailor and return him to his Country Chili. On this representation and request the P. M. further remanded him on suspended sentence for that purpose giving directions that if a ship could not be found for him that he Webb should be brought before him again and sentenced. Webb when asked by the P. M., said he wanted to ship to Chili. Mr. Morris said he would procure a ship for him and reported a few hours after that the Captain of the Prince Victor would call at the Station and see Sam Webb that day but he did not call until the following day. Sam Webb, and agreed to take him as a seaman. When he was allowed to go to the ship. This I reported to the P. M. on the 6th inst and he gave directions if the man was seen in the City after the Ship left he was to be brought up of sentence. In the early part of last week, Sam Webb called at the Police Station and said he would like to speak to me in private. I took him into my office when he asked me if the Police would arrest him if he left the ship and came ashore. I told him that the Police would not interfere with him while the vessel remained here as long as he behaved himself, but if he was seen here after the ship left port the police would arrest him and bring him before the Court for sentence. This version of our conversation webb himself confirmed in positive terms in answer to questions put to him by the P. M. after he had been questioned by Mr. Robb on the 16th inst. Yet the “World” newspaper does not see fit to publish this fact and in many other respects the report of the “World” newspaper is faulty and untrue because of serious suppression of statements

[Volume 6 page] 911

going to show that the original report in the “World” newspaper was entirely without foundation.

As a matter of fact, Webb did not sign the ship’s papers until the very afternoon the article the article in question was published therefore presumably after it was written.

There was no suggestion of coercion by the Police or any other person in the case. His counsel Mr. Jordan told Webb that this was the best he could do for him and he adopted the course of shipping to Chili without knowing what the sentence of the Court would be perhaps he felt that he deserved a heavy penalty.

That the Country is well rid of characters with records as bad as Webb’s, will I venture to think be admitted by all persons having the good of this community at heart.

For confirmation of my report herein, I beg to refer you to the Police court records and if permission can be obtained to the P. M. himself.

I am Gentlemen
Your obedient Servant
Sg’d Wm Ward
Chief of Police

Wm. Ward Esq:-
Chief of Police

Dear Sir,
I have perused the enclosed statement of facts in the case of Sam Webb and confirm same as being true and actually fully in accordance with the record of the case. Much stronger language however ought to be adopted in dealing

[Volume 6 page] 912

with the article in question and the report of the investigation had thereon. Numerous matters fully corroborating your statement of the case were disclosed on the investigation but no mention is made of them in the succeeding article. It would look like a suppression of truth or an attempt to boulster up a charge without any evidence to support it.

Yours truly
sg’d J. A. Russell
P. M.

Resolved that the Committee is of the opinion that there were no grounds for the statement that appeared in the “World” of Dec 14th and that both articles are groundless and evidently intended to mislead the public. And we are further of the opinion that the article which appeared after the investigation in the Police Court did not represent the true facts in the case and that this committee thoroughly approves of the course adopted by the Chilian Consul, the Police Magistrate and the Chief of Police.

We would recommend that in future if the “World” wishes to make any statements in reference to Police Court matters that they come to the proper quarter to get the facts and thus avoid publishing statements that are not in accordance with facts.

From the City Engineer submitting a plan of the proposed rear exit to the Dunn Hall.

Resolved that if Mr. Dunn carries out the plan as submitted making the stair case 6 feet wide that it will meet with the approval of the board.

The Board then adjourned.

sg’d W. H. Gallagher, Chairman

[Volume 6 page] 913

In connection with the foregoing reports of the Fire, Market + Police Committee the following communication was received from the City Solicitor.

Vancouver, B.C.
December 23rd 1895

Thos F. McGuigan Esq
City Clerk

Dear Sir:
I notice the reports of the Police Committee whenever they meet, they pass a resolution that I have not drawn out a contract between the police and the City as instructed. I received instruction by letter from you and have sent a contract to you in accordance with those instructions. As the Police Committee content themselves with passing a resolution as above every time they meet, but never inform me in what, the contract does not meet their requirements, I cannot alter it until I hear from them.

Yours truly
(s’gd) A St. G. Hamersley

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Queen
That the report be adopted.

[Volume 6 page] 914

Vancouver B.C.
19th Dec 1895

The Board of Works met on 19th Dec 1895.
Present Ald. Shaw in the Chair, and Alderman McPhaiden and McDonald.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read + confirmed.


From Wm Smith, Dep. Min: Marine + Fisheries re bridge across Coal Harbour.
Filed for reference

From P. J. Johnson et al asking for a sidewalk on the south side of 7th Avenue, 4 blocks east of South Granville Street
Resolved that a 3 plank walk be recommended and that the foreman for each ward lay same down, part of it coming in Ward 1, and part in Ward 5.

From C. P. Davis re the portion of his fence on Thurlow Street.
Laid Over

From E. Cook, re the worn-out state of lumber of old sidewalk in front of new Cook-Twigge Block, Water Street and asking that new lumber be furnished, the length required being only 66 feet.
Granted, Mr Cook to have same laid down

From Linnard Corbin et al, asking for a sidewalk on north side of Georgia Street between Broughton and Nicola Streets.

[Volume 6 page] 915

Resolved the foreman be instructed to lay a temporary 3 plank walk, until such time as the street is brought to a permanent grade.

From G. E. Kyle et al, asking that 8th Avenue east of Bridge Street be opened for 150 feet to give them access to their houses.
Referred to the Ward foreman to attend to as soon as possible.

From Clarke + Stuart, asking permission to put up a 3-cornered sign, similar to Thomson Bros. etc.

From Horrobin et al, contractors for “Province Block” to be erected at Lots 9 +10. Block 28. O. g. T. asking permission for a portion of sidewalk and street for building purposes, and submitting bond.
Resolved permission be granted, and bond approved.

Also submitting plans and specifications of the building which were approved by the Board, being in conformity with the requirements of the Fire Limit bylaw. Copy of plans to be deposited in Engineer’s Office.

From F. Timberlake, submitting plan of addition to the Miller Block for approval.
Plan approved and signed, being in conformity with the requirements of the Fire Limit by law. Copy of plan to be deposited in Engineer’s office.

Resolved that Mr. F. M. Robertson, owner of the West 39 ft. (fronting on Pender Street) of Lot 14 Bl 29

[Volume 6 page] 916

sub. 185, be notified by the City Clerk that his west fence is on Broughton Street.

Resolved that the City Treasurer be instructed to pay the men on Tuesday, as the Wednesday following is Christmas Day.

Resolved the City Accountant be authorized to hand over cheque for $78.00 to Messrs Wolffsohn and Bewicke, Agents for Ogle Thomson Blk, at the close of the year, as their years guarantee for cement, tile sidewalk will have then expired.


The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Evans + Hastings 1.60
C. Clough 1.50
Crowder + Penzer 8.00
G. S. McConnell 5.50
R. McCurdie + R. Dickie 175.95
B. C. Ironworks 78.28
Vanc. Hardware Co. 18.66
J. Watt + J. Stewart (Robson St final) 50.00
” do ” do (Haro St. final) 34.00
T. Dunn + Co 11.90
Cassady + Co (partly waterworks) 258.12
T. Dunn + Co. .98
D. McGillivray 8.85
Thomas et al (payroll) 341.55

The Board then adjourned for 2 weeks.

(sgd) H. P. Shaw

[Volume 6 page] 917

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the report be adopted.

Vancouver Dec 20th 1895.
The Finance Committee met on Friday Dec 20th 1895.
Present Aldermen Bethune, Coupland, Gallagher and Brown.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

The following accounts were recommended for payment
News Advertiser Supplies $4.50
A. Blayney ” 8.00
Wilson + Campbell Legal Advice 5.00


From the City Auditor furnishing Report for November.

From the Free Library asking for the balance of their appropriation.
Resolved that their request be granted

From Lethbridge + Horne asking for a share of the City’s Insurance.
Resolved that when any of the existing Insurance Policies expire that they be given a share of them.

From W. G. Johnson stating that he is willing to pay for the clearing done on his property in D. L. 185 if seven of the lots were charged up with $27.00 each instead of $37.00
Resolved that we recommend that his proposition be not entertained.

[Volume 6 page] 918

From A. W. Scoullar asking for a cheque for $218.50 claimed to be due him from the City.

From the Nationalist Association and the Trades + Labor Council asking for the reduction of the Assessment on improvements; the abolition of the Poll Tax, the abolition of the qualification for Mayor + Aldermen, and the right to vote on all money bylaws by parties appearing on the municipal voters list.
Resolved that we recommend to the incoming Council the abolition of Poll Tax and the reduction of the Assessment on improvements as far as is consistent with the financial condition of the City.

From J. T. Brown stating that the Stevedores, the Loan Companies and the B. C. District Telegraph Co. had refused to pay their licenses.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

From Sm Sulley on behalf of the Improvement Compy stating his willingness to allow the City to convey to Mrs. J. M. McLuckie the ends of Lots 1 + 2 Block 48. D. L. 181, leaving 3, 7 + 8 in Block 48 to be conveyed to the City at a proportional rate.
Referred to the Council.

Resolved that the City Treasurer be instructed to prepare a list of the parties who have not paid for the clothing in D. L. 185 and the amount owing by each.

Resolved that all salaries be paid on the 24th inst.

The Board then adjourned.

sg’d A. Bethune

[vol 6 page] 919

Moved by Alderman Coupland
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the report be adopted.

Vancouver Dec 18th 1895
The Health Committee met on Wednesday Dec 18th 1895.
Present Aldermen McPhaiden, Brown + McDonald.
The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Dr. Thomas and the Health Inspector furnishing Annual report on Health matters.
Resolved that the reports to be adopted and forwarded to the Government.

From the Trades and Labor Council asking that people out of employment be employed in clearing Stanley Park at fair wages.
Referred to next year’s Council

From R. Marrion reporting the condition of the stables of Atkins and Johnson, and recommending that hard material be put on the lane
Resolved that the matter be attended to

From Dr. Weld asking for the payment of his account for giving evidence on the inquest of Tho Frizzel. Referred to the City Solicitor.

From the Milk Inspector furnishing report.

Resolved that the City Clerk be instructed to ascertain the cost of a ticket to Calgary for the little Peterson girl.

[Volume 6 page] 920

and that the Chairman be authorized to have her sent there.

Resolved that Mr. Geo Phillips be requested to look after the Sanitary Grate in the City Hospital.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

W. Ward Fare 3.00
Crowder + Penzer Supplies 58.18
H. E. Langis Med. Attendance 7.50
C. S. Philp Supplies 13.79
A. H. Thomas Med evidence 5_
R. Clark Supplies 23_
Crowder + Penzer ” 3.99
News Advertiser ” 7.50
W. S. Queen Hack 10
C. F. Foreman Supplies 49.69
J. C. Woodrow ” 41.29
Baynes + Horie Verandah 32
W. J. McGuigan Inquiry 5
C. B. Lockhart Burials 13.35
W. H. Mason Supplies 27.13
J. Dodson ” 11.55
Dunn + Co. ” 3.08
B.C. Iron Works Co ” 3.50
Clarke + Stuart ” 2.27
Champion + White ” 3.50
Weeks + Robson 5.65
Champion and White ” 2.00
Wm. Ward Disbursements 16.50

Resolved that the Committee recommends the purchase of one or two lots at or near the Crematory for the Caretaker’s house and other purposes.

[Volume 6 page] 921

The Board then adjourned.
D. McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” Shaw
That the report be adopted.

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the By-Law to amend the FIre Limits By-Law be read a 1st time.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 1st time.

Moved by Alderman Bethune.
Seconded by ” Clandenning
That the Rules by suspended to allow of the introduction of a By-Law to authorize the City of vancouver to borrow the sum of $30,000 pending the collection of the taxes that are overdue for the year 1895.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 1st time.


Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the applications for Market Clerk be laid over.

[Volume 6 page] 922

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Coupland
That Mr. Hamersley be requested to turn over to the City Treasurer all moneys received by him as Commission from the Sinking Fund in the years 1893, 1894 and 1895 and that the same be handed to the parties from whom it was collected.
Ruled out of order by the Mayor.

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the Treasurer report to the council after the 2nd of January 1896 if any candidate nominated for the office of Mayor or Alderman is disqualified under our Act of Incorporation.

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman brown.
Seconded by ” McPhaiden
That the amendments to the Water Rate By-Law be read a second time.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 2nd time.

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by ” Gallagher
That the By-Law to authorize the borrowing of $30,000 be read a 2nd time, the rules being suspended.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 2nd time

Committee of the Whole

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by ” McPhaiden

[Volume 6 page] 923

That the Council go into Committee of the Whole for the consideration of these By-Laws.

Alderman Wm. Brown was appointed Chairman.

The By-Laws were read over clause by clause and reported to Council, as complete without amendments.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” Bethune.
That the amendments to the Water Rate By-Law be read a 3rd time.

The By-Law was accordingly read a 3rd time.

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by ” Brown
That the Rules be again suspended and the by-Law to authorize the city to borrow $30,000 read a 3rd time.

The By-Law was accordingly read a third time.

The Council then adjourned.

Henry Collins

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk