Detective Added to Police Force – December 28, 1896

Many projects were referred to the incoming Council; however they approved a 6 ft walk be laid on the South Side of Seaton Street (Hastings) from Burrard St to Jervis St, to give the work to the most needy man in the Ward able to do the work.” Council established the job category of Detective at $80 per month, and approved purchase of six rain coats for the police force.

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Original handwritten document: COV Archives Series 31
Volume 7, pages 400 – 404

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[Volume 7 page] 400

Vancouver Dec 29th 1896

The Council met on Monday Decemer 28th 1896.

Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Painter, Shaw Banfield, Schou, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, MacDonald, Bethune and Coldwell.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Chas. Hill Tout etal asking the Council to submit a By-Law to provide funds for the establishment of a Free Library.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From J. M. Spinks asking for a sidewalk and Street Light on Laurel Street.
Referred to Works + Light Committee

From H. Abbott complaining that tramps were frequenting the C. P. R. yards and occupying their cars.
Referred to the Police Committee

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From T. O. Townley asking that the militia be exempted from Poll Tax.
Referred to the Finance Committee

The following Reports were received and read:-

Board of Works.

The Board of Works met on Thursday December 24th at 10 am.
Present Aldermen Shaw, Schou, Coldwell and McPhaiden

A Communication was received from

[Volume 7 page] 401

J. R. Webster in reference to the dangerous condition of the Golden Gate building corner of David and Granville Streets.
Referred to the City Solicitor to take steps to have the owners repair the building at once.

The letter of petitions asking for a 6 ft walk on the north side of 7th Avenue Fairview west of Bridge Street was further laid over for one week.

The matter of opening up the land in Block 126. 264A was laid over until next meeting.

Resolved that a 6 ft walk be laid on the South Side of Seaton Street from Burrard St to Jervis St, the Chairman to arrange with the foreman to give the work to the most needed man in the Ward able to do the work, the price to be 13 1/2 cents per lineal foot.

The following account was passed for payment:-

Thos Thomas etal Labor $1031.45

sgd H. P. Shaw

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by ” Coldwell
That the report be adopted.

Water + Market Committee

The Water and Market Committee met on Wednesday, December 23rd 1896.
Present Aldermen Brown, Painter + Schou.

Dr. Stevenson’s letter re reduction on meter (?) account was again considered but the Committee decided that no allowance could be made.

[Volume 7 page] 402

A letter was received from G. Thomas asking for a refund on overcharge in rates for his elevator.
Resolved that an average of the last three months be taken and that he be charged for the month of Sept on that basis.

It was resolved that householders rates be reduced from $9.00 per year to $7.50 per year subject to the usual discount and that a rebate of 10 per cent be allowed on meter rates for prompt payment.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Robertson + Hackett Supplies $28.31

S. Hooper et al Labor 394.65

News. Advertiser. Supplies 10.

B. C. Iron Works Co. ” 56.48

Van Hardware Co. ” .30

Thos Dunn + co ” 39.42

Van Gas Co. ” 2.50

James Carnahan Scavengering 3.75

Crowder + Penzer Supplies 5.58

Wm. Ralph ” 8.40

sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by ” Painter
That the Report be adopted.

Fire and Police Committee

The Fire and Police Committee met on Tuesday December 22nd 1896.

Present Aldermen Coldwell, Banfield and MacDonald.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

V. Stroube Supplies $8.50

C. Casselman ” 4.30

McLennan + McFeely ” 5.90

[Volume 7 page] 403

News. Advertiser Supplies $3.50

Thos. Dunn + co. ” 14.61

W. A. Cumyow Interpreting 10.

C. F. Foreman Supplies 13.35

A. Blayney ” 21.75

B. C. M. T. + T. Co ” 2.99

R. Robertson ” .50


From the proprietor of the Tiny Dog Store reporting that his gas fittings were broken on the night of the 19th of September.
Referred to the Chief of Police

From R. A. Muskett, asking that the Police Force be supplied with lanterns.

Resolved that six rain coats be purchased for the police force.

The Police Committee met again on Thursday December 24th 1896.

Present His Worship the Mayor with full Board and Alderman Schou. The object of the meeting was for the purpose of considering the appointment of a detective.

It was move by Alderman Banfield
Seconded by Alderman McPhaiden
That the Committee be empowered by Council to employ the services of a Detective for such time as may be considered necessary and that the sum of $80.00 be paid such Detective while he continues to act in that capacity.

sgd. Chas A. Coldwell

Moved by Alderman Coldwell
Seconded by ” Clandenning
That the Reports be adopted.

[Volume 7 page] 404


Moved by Alderman Clandinning
Seconded by ” Banfield
That the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to sign the contract between the City and Messrs. Armstrong and Morrison for the supplying of riveted steel pipe, when found correct by the Finance Committee and satisfactory Bondsman furnished, and the the Corporate Seal be affixed thereto.

Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by ” Shaw
That the leave of absence allowed the City Solicitor be extended to the 23rd of January 1897.

The Council then adjourned

Henry Collins

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk