Vancouver’s $4,700 debt will be paid in order of approval – December 29, 1886

In order to pay off all debt approved by Council in 1886, certificates of indebtedness to be issued in order of approval. Certificates will bear 10 per cent interest per year. Votes of thanks were made to the Mayor, to Alderman E.P. Hamilton, and to the Press.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 202-209

Vancouver Dec 29th 1886

The Council met on Wednesday December 30th 1886 at 7.30 p.m.

His Worship Mayor MacLean, Aldermen Balfour, Cordiner, Coldwell, Dunn, Griffith, Humphries, E.P. Hamilton, L.A. Hamilton, and Northcott.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.

An estimate was read from the City Engineer showing the amount of work completed on Hastings Street by McDonald and Cameron.

Moved by Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman E.P. Hamilton
that the Debentures to the amount of 90 % of the estimates submitted on Hastings Street be paid to Messrs. McDonald and Cameron or their order.


Fire Water and Light Committee.

The F.W. & Light Committee met on Wednesday Dec 29th 1886 at 7. P.M. and recommended the following accounts to be paid.
H.A. Berry $1.50
John McGregor 4.25
R. Rutherford 2.00
Abrams & Co 1.70
John Abrams 6.00
R.C. Planing Mills Corp 13.20
Thos. Dunn & Co 62.65
Duncan McPherson 6.00
Tye & Co 38.86
sgd J.R. Northcott

Report adopted on Motion of Alderman Humphries seconded by Ald. Griffith.

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Tuesday Dec. 28th 1886 at 11. A.M. and recommended the following accounts to be paid.

Moodyville Saw Mill Corp. $30.76
R. City Planning Mills Corp. 110.95
W.S. Cook 5.00
Moodyville Saw Mill Corp. 93.44
John Mateer 6.00
Royal City P. Mills Corp. 60.00
Wm. Harkins 24.30
Wm. Harkins 16.25
Tye & Co. 27.13
Thos. Dunn & Co. 4.00
J. Patterson 21.00
sgd L.A. Hamilton

Report adopted on motion of Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Northcott.

Board of Health

The Board of Health met on Tuesday Dec 28th 1886 at 12 M, and recommended the following accounts to be paid.
Dr. Beckinsale $5.00
Dr. McGuigan 15.00
McDowell & Co 52.15
J.B. Thornton 7.05
Wm. Templeton 1.50
A.J. Mathison 10.00
Owen Hughes 2.00
G.H. Wright 7.48
Pat Gannon 31.65
Malee & Brown $12.25
Tait & Co 10.00
sgd E.P. Hamilton

Report adopted on motion of Alderman Dunn seconded by Alderman Coldwell.

Police Commissioners
The Police Commissioners met on Wednesday Dec 29th 1886 at 11. A.M. and beg to report that the following sums will be necessary to meet proposed expenditure.
To Boarding Prisoners for November
and December $224.00
To Hand-Cuffs, Leg-Irons, Shackles etc 74.00
To Burlap for making ticks etc 10.05
To Locks, Nails etc for prison 9.25
To Conveying prisoners to New
Westminster Jail 41.00
Total $358.30
We would therefore request that the above amount be placed to the Credit of the Board to meet same.
sgd M.A. MacLean

Report adopted on motion of Alderman Dunn seconded by Alderman Humphries.

Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee met on Wednesday December 29th 1886 at 2. p.m.

The following accounts were recommended to be paid:
Charter Accounts $800.35
M. Picken 11.00
J.M. Spinks $16.00
J.B. Thornton 4.00
Thomson Bros. 5.40
F.W. Hart 61.40
E.S. Scoullar 23.12
J. Sehl 119.00
Vancouver Herald 58.50
H.A. Jones 16.00
Vancouver News 3.50
& McFeely 15.50
J.B. Thornton 1.95
Jacob Sehl 2.25
Jacob Sehl 40.00
J.W. Jackson 11.00
C.G. Johnson 11.00
S.T. Tilley 26.40
Gazette 242.50
Geo. P. Kelley 30.00
H. Berry 4.50
Monetary Times 10.50
Vancouver News 27.20
Ed Sanders 5.00
Coal for Mayor’s Office 6.25

We beg to submit detailed report of outstanding accounts amounting to $4179.00 chargeable to revenue account and $501.74 chargeable to debenture account and memo of City Treasurer of Bank account.

In order to pay off all outstanding accounts passed by Council this Board recommends that certificates of indebtedness be issued by the City Clerk in accordance with subsection 8 of clause 152 said certificates when endorsed by the Treasurer to bear interest from date of endorsation to date of payment at the rate of ten per centum per annum and that certificates be issued for said accounts in the order they have been passed by the Council.

In Compliance with resolution of Council we recommend that Messrs. Blake and Muir be granted three hundred dollars for past legal services rendered to the City.

Your Committee has considered the resolution of Council relative to the recognition of the Services of the Mayor and beg to report that any grant of the nature contemplated must be made by By-Law (see Clause 151) further clause 143 provides that no by-law shall be passed for the expenditure of money unless the Treasurer shall certify that the money to be expended is in the treasury properly credited to the fund from which it is to be drawn.

The Treasurer’s report shows that the amount standing to the credit of the City from which such an appropriation could be made is $30.00.

In view of these facts your committee regret that they cannot name any sum to be granted to the Mayor in accordance with said resolution of Council.

Your Committee would further recommend that Lots 1,2,3 and 4 in Block 47 in district Lot 720 541 be selected as the lots to be given in exchange for that portion of Lot 2 Block 2 O.G.T. to be granted by the Provincial Government to the City.

sgd Thos. Dunn

Report adopted on Motion of Ald. Griffith seconded by Ald. E.P. Hamilton.


Moved by Alderman Humphries seconded by Alderman Griffith
that Alderman E.P. Hamilton be allowed twenty dollars for money paid out for clearing the lane between Cordova Street and Water Street and that the remainder of the property owners on said lane be asked to contribute towards the payment of said clearing. Carried.


A By-Law to authorize the raising of $8665 by way of debenture for the improvement of Powell Street was read a second time on motion of Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Alderman Dunn.

The Council went into Committee of the whole on By-Law with Ald. L.A. Hamilton in the Chair on Motion of Alder. Dunn seconded by Alderman Northcott.

The By-Law was numbered 24 and read over Clause by Clause and passed after which the Committee rose to report By-Law as passed in Committee.

It was then read a 3rd time on motion of Ald. Dunn seconded by Alder. Griffith.

Moved by Alderman Coldwell seconded by Alderman Northcott that By-Law No 24 be engrossed signed and sealed by the Mayor and City Clerk and a copy sent to the British Columbia Gazette for publication.


Moved by Alderman Balfour seconded by Alderman Humphries that this Council do express their thanks to Ald. E.P. Hamilton for his valuable services as a member of the Board of Works and inspector of streets and City Buildings.

A vote of thanks was tendered to the Mayor on Motion of Alderman L.A. Hamilton seconded by Ald. Humphries.

Ald. Northcott moved a vote of thanks to the members of the press which was seconded by Alderman E.P. Hamilton

The Council then adjourned.

The Foregoing Minutes were read in presence of the Mayor, Aldermen Balfour, Cordiner, Coldwell, Humphries and E.P. Hamilton, and received their assent.

M.A. MacLean

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk.