Smelting works contract forfeit – December 30, 1889

City’s 1888 arrangement with Mr. Claude Vautin to build a smelting works had not been completed. Mr. Vautin’s deposit of $5,000 was declared forfeit and property of the City.

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Margaret Sutherland and Joy Marie Vasquez

original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 3 page 232-238

[volume 3 page 232]

Vancouver December 30th 1889

The Council met on Monday December 30th 1889.

Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Brewer, Brighouse, Clark, Horne, McConnell, Oppenheimer and Whetham.
The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Wm. Clements asking Council to allow a transfer of his salon license, such communication being accompanied by a petition signed by the residents west of Cambie St. Referred to City Solicitor.

From Miss Bowes, furnishing the Mayor and Aldermen with copies of “Home Cheer”. Filed.

From Henry A. Mellon requesting that a dangerous tree be cut down on Cordero Street. Referred to the City Engineer.

From J. J. Blake informing the Council that Page Ponsford had not a good cause of action against the City. Filed.

From Saul & Waite claiming payment of an account for Street filling. Referred to Board of Works.

From J. C. McLagan informing Council that the letter press copies of the City Charter printed in New Westminster were burnt. Referred to Finance.

[volume 3 page 233]

Finance No 35

The Finance Committee met on Friday December 27th 1889. Present Aldermen Salsbury, Clark

and Whetham.
We beg to recommend:
1. That the following account be paid:

Starrett & Leatherdale, Buggy hire $5.00

2. That the Petition from the Board of Trade re the Survey of False Creek be recommended to the favourable consideration of the new Council.

3. That J. J. Blake be appointed Counsel to represent the City at New Westminster in the case of McHugh vs. the City and that he be paid $25.00 for services already rendered in connection with this case.

4. Re John Devine’s claim
Although the Finance Committee is of the opinion that Mr. John’s Devine is not entitled to anything for a special Audit, it being considered part of his duty to furnish Special Audits when required, we recommend notwithstanding that the sum of $20.00 be paid into Court in full satisfaction of his claim of $60.00 against the City.

5. That the roof of the market building be covered with tin instead of shingles as recommended by the Board of Works and that the increased cost be charged against the market appropriation
6. That the Report of the Board of Works be adopted.

[volume 3 page 234]

7. That the Bank of British Columbia in this City be requested to place to the credit of the City of Vancouver the sum of $5,000.00 deposited as a forfeit by one Claude Vautin in said Bank and to be forfeited to the City of Vancouver if said Claude Vautin or a company to be formed by him for the purpose of erecting smelting works in this City should fail to comply with the terms of an Agreement between said Claude Vautin and the City of Vancouver dated the 28th Feb 1888 and signed by said Vautin on the 26th March 1888 and said Agreement not having been carried out the said sum of $5,000.00 has been and is forfeited and the property of the City of Vancouver.

Resolved that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Bank of B.C. and to Wm. Prentice the resident Secretary of the Company mentioned in said Agreement.

Further resolved that the bonus of $25,000 tendered to said company under certain terms and conditions which have not been fulfilled, be cancelled.

Sgd. W. F. Salsbury, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Salsbury, seconded by Alderman Brighouse. That the Report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

Park No 9
The Park Commissioners met on Thursday December 26th 1889.
Present Messrs Alexander, Horne and McConnell.
We beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:
[volume 3 page 235]

E. B. Madill, Meat $4.20
B. Hungerford et al, Labor 133.70
Chas. Hillyer, Cages 302.00
Davis & Taylor, Painting 32.00
Palmer Bros. Seed 5.20
John Scuitto, Supplies 7.90

That the Council be requested to place a sufficient sum in the Estimates next year for the construction of a foot bridge to Deadman’s Island and for the opening up of trails throughout Stanley Park and for the completion of the lake. Resolved.

That a block of land described as follows be cleared in the Hastings Park. Commencing at a point on the North West corner of the Park, thence South ten chains thence east 14 chains, thence North to the Railway track, thence west to the point of commencement as shown on the plan attached, containing about 14 acres more or less; and be it further resolved that the Board of Works be instructed to call for tenders and have this work carried out. Resolved.

That the Council be requested at its next meeting to introduce a By-Law to provide for the election of Park Commissioners for the year 1890 as authorized by the City Charter.

Sgd. J. W. Horne, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Brewer, seconded by Alderman Oppenheimer. That the report of the Park Commissioners be adopted. Carried.

[volume 3 page 236]

Works No 35
The Board of Works met on Thursday December 26th 1889.
Present Aldermen Brewer, McConnell, Horne and Oppenheimer, Alderman Horne in the Chair.

We beg to recommend:
1. That the following accounts be paid:
J. P. L. Nelson, planting trees $11.50
AD. McDonald, Barclay St. 167.20
D. McAlister, Granville St. 443.63
Wm. Tierney Street filling 27.00
Evans Coleman & Evans, Wharfage 98.50
Vancouver Wfg & Stg Co. Wharfage 54.25
Stephen Green, Labor 2.00
Palace Livery, Stables 30.00
P. Atkinson et al Labor 59.60
Soul & Warte, Repairs 7.00
McGhie & McLuckie, Sidewalk 115.00
2. That the City Engineer be instructed to notify the contractor on Robson Street grading to proceed at once with the execution of the work, same being of an urgent nature.
3. That the sidewalk on Haro Street be continued from Mr. Bowell’s house to the corner of Jervis Street; that a crossing be put down on the corner of Hastings & Gore, that Prior Street be gravelled and that the City Engineer be authorized to clear Hastings Street to the Eastern Park of fallen trees at a cost not to exceed ten dollars.

4. That H. F. Keefer be awarded the contract for the construction of the Sewers, his being the lowest tender $19,684.47.
Sgd. S. Brighouse, Chairman

[volume 3 page 237]

Moved by Alderman Brewer, seconded by Alderman McConnell. That the report of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

The Annual Reports of the Finance Committee, Fire, Water & Light Committee and the Health Inspector were furnished by the respective chairmen thereof and were read and filed.


Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Brewer. That the City Engineer be instructed to have any tree cut down if found dangerous. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Horne, seconded by Alderman Salsbury. That His Worship, the Mayor be authorized to sign the lease and agreement with the Brockton Point Athletic Club as published in the paper and subsequently amended by resolution. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Salsbury, seconded by Alderman Clark. That the following accounts be paid:
M. A. Harvey $7.50
Starrett & Leatherdale 7.50
Palace Livery Stables 30.00
Queen Bros. 5.00
Vancouver Transfer Co. 20.00
S. S. Islander 6.00
Imperial Opera House 44.00

[volume 3 page 238]

Moved by Alderman McConnell, seconded by Alderman Brewer. That a vote of thanks be tendered Miss Bowes for copies of “Home Cheer” furnished the Mayor and Aldermen. Carried.

The Annual Report of the Chairman of the Finance Committee was ordered to be published in the papers when completed to the end of the year.

The Council then adjourned.

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor
Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk