Archie Robinson Appointed Market Clerk – December 30, 1895

The By-Law to borrow $30,000 to cover unpaid taxes was reconsidered.

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Original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 6 page 924 – 930

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[Volume 6 page] 924

Vancouver Dec 31st [sec] 1895.

The Council met on Monday December 31st [n.b. should be December 30] 1895.
Present His Worship, the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Coupland, Queen, Gallagher, McPhaiden, Clandening, Brown, Sanders, McDonald and, Bethune.
The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the City Solicitor stating that Chinese pedlars were prosecuted under Clause one of By-Law No 202. Amendment to Market By-Law. He was not aware that any of the regular pedlars were prosecuted.
Referred to the F. M + P. Commitee.

From the City Solicitor stating that he had taken action against Messrs Miller and costello for rent due on Market.

From W. H. Hooper, asking if he would be allowed to sell liquors by Auction without paying a License.
Referred to the City Solicitor

From Norman McLean, asking for a rebate on his water through defective service.
Referred to the W + L. Committee

From the Provincial Secretary asking the City to pay R. D. Pitts fare to Kamloops.
Referred to the Finance Committee.

[Volume 6 page] 925

From the Hon James Gardin acknowledging receipt of communication re foreshore applications.

From Francis Webb applying for the position of Market Clerk.
Ordered to be returned being received too late.

From R. H. Langdale enclosing testimonials with his application for Market Clerk.

From G. W. Thomas enclosing testimonials with his application for Market Clerk.

From the Hudson’s Bay Co protesting against paying $400 a year for shop license.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

From the Chief of Police reporting on the electric lights.

From J. W. Johnston asking for extra pay while he was acting Chief of Police + Sergeant.
Referred to the F. M + P. Committee

From J. A. Coldwell, and others asking for the Market Hall for the evening of the 2nd of January to discuss school matters.
Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Coupland
That their request be granted.

From WIlson + Campbell signifying their intention of attacking the Liquor License By-Law.
Referred to the City Solicitor.

[Volume 6 page] 926

The following Reports were received and read:-

Water + Light Committee

The Water + Light Committee met on Thursday December 26th 1895.
Present Aldermen Brown, Bethune, Coupland + Gallagher.


From P. Fewster etal asking to have the By-Law placed before the electors to say whether accounts done by Purdy + Williams on the reservoir contract shall be paid by the City.
Referred to next year’s Council.

From Rev H. Emmilin etal, asking for a street light on the corner of Dunsmuir + Richards Streets.
This light has already been recommended.

Mr. J. A. Coldwell waited upon the Committee asking to have waster account against Joseph Hoskins premises on carrall street transferred to John McDowell.
The Council have no power to make the transer.

It was resolved that the account of G. Griffith for driving piles at Coal harbour be paid.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
G. Griffith. Pile driving $108.00
J. Miller. Post Cards. 30.
Evans, Coleman + Evans. Supplies 12.
A. Linton. Boat hire. 55.
Van Hardware Co. Supplies 13.05
Collector of Customs Duty 1.75
Dom Express Co. Express .65
J. B. Edson. Charts 5.
McLennan + McFeely. Supplies 17.83

[Volume 6 page] 927

W. Hooper etal. Labor. $582.25
sgd Wm Brown

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” Clandening
That the Report be adopted.

Finance Committee

The Finance committee met on Friday december 27th 1895.
Present the full Board.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-
Henry Mutrie. Extra Assessing $12.00
C. L. Brown. ” 12.00
News. Advertiser. Supplies 281.50


From Henry Mutrie and C. L. Brown reporting having assessed the Con Ry + L. Co Gas Co. Cement Works and Telephone Co.

From S. K. Twigge complaining that the owner of a lot which he brought at the Tax Sale had not been served with a notice of such sale.
Resolved that Mr Twigge and others in the same position apply for the refund of their money.

From the City Treasurer furnishing statement shewing that $2949 was still due for clearing in D. L. 185.
Filed for reference.

Resolved that the account rendered for the purchase of two lots for crematory purposes be laid over for the new Council to deal with.

sgd Alex Bethune

[Volume 6 page] 928

Moved by Alderman Shaw.
Seconded by ” McPhaiden.
That the last clause be struck out.

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” Shaw
That the Report as amended be adopted.

The following applications were received for the position of Market clerk:-

H. Labelle, A. Macaulay, R. H. Langdale, W. G. Tretheway, James W. Lancaster, W. G. Alcock, R. Frank, J. B. Godfrey, A. Gothard, A. Robinson, R. E. M. Taylor, F. T. Cope, H. Robertson, A. B. Steacy, John Brenton, W. E. Parker, G. W. Thomas, J. J. Johnstone, H. J. Ricard, W. J. Abercrombie, R. G. Clarke, C. F. Bosomworth, C. E. P. Lowe, W. H. Steves, E. W. Edwards, J. W. Fonseca, J. G. Langby, S. Macey, Thos, P. Stretch, Thos. Powell, I. G. V. F. Johnson, G. W. Manning, A. W. Ferchere, W. H. Travis, W. S. Dunlop, G. A. Miller, A. H. McMillan, Henry Kersey, J. H. Geddis, J. McGeer, Thos. P. Carter, D. J. McPhalen + W. B. Ross.

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” Brown
That the Council go into Committee of the Whole to ballot for the appointment with the Mayor in the Chair.

After a number of ballots were taken it was found that Archie Robinson received a majority of the votes.

The Committee then rose and reported the appointment of Archie Robinson.

[Volume 6 page] 929

It was then moved by Alderman Gallagher.
Seconded by Alderman Sanders.
That Archie Robinson be appointed Market Clerk.


Moved by Alderman Queen.
Seconded by ” Gallagher.
That the Law and Order League be granted the use of the Market Hall on Sunday afternoon next free of charge.

Moved by Alderman Gallagher
Seconded by ” Queen
That the Rate Payers Association be granted the free use of the Market Hall for tomorrow evening.

Consideration of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman Bethune
Seconded by ” Brown.
That the Council go into the Committee of the Whole for the reconsideration of the by-Law to borrow $30,000

The Mayor was appointed Chairman.
The By-Law was reconsidered and the Committee rose and reported it as being reconsidered.

It was then moved by Alderman Gallagher.
Seconded by Alderman Bethune.
That the By-Law be reconsidered and finally passed.

[Volume 6 page] 930

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” Shaw
That the amendments to the Fire Limit By-Law be read a second time.

The Mayor was appointed chairman.
After a couple of clauses were read it was moved by Alderman Gallagher seconded by Alderman Queen.
That the Committee rise and report progress and ask leave to set again.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Gallagher gave notice that at next meeting of Council he would move that Mr. Hamersley be requested to turn over to the City Treasurer all monies received by him as commissions from the Sinking Fund in the years 1893, 1894 + 1895 and that the same be handed over to the parties from Whom it was collected.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” Gallagher.
That the Council stand adjourned until Tuesday Dec 31st at 3 p.m.

Henry Collins

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk.