Council Disagrees About Taxes Rebate – February 7 1898

Council split vote on the issues of: giving a grant of $250 to print more Klondike folders, and on whether to allow 10% rebate on all taxes paid on or before May 1 or to refer the rebate to the finance committee for decision.

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Text Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 8 pages 149 – 159

[Volume 8 page] 149

Vancouver Feb 7th 1898.

The Council met on Monday February 7th 1898.
Present His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Painter, Townley, McQueen, Neelands, McGuigan, McPhaiden, Browen, Foreman, Bruce and McMorran.
The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Miss Peters on behalf of the Women’s Council asking the Council to consider their petition re Matron etc. for Jail.
Laid over for Estimates

From Ramsay Bros. re choking of sewer.
Referred to the Board of Works

From the Chief of Police reporting on Electric Lights.

From J. G. Anderson asking for the water be be extended to his premises in Mount Pleasant.
Referred to the Water Committee.

From Brackman + Ker asking for the lowering of the grade of the Lane behind their premises on Hastings Street.
Referred to the Board of Works.

From A. D. Carter asking for a building permit for Hastings Street in front of Lots 2 to 5 Block 28. D. L. 541

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” McQueen
That A. E. Carter’s request be granted subject to the regulations of the Street By-Law.

From J. R. Linton asking that the Council sign a petition on his water lots.

Volume 8 page [150]

From Chas. Woodward et al asking the Council to use its influence to have a tramway on Hastings Street.
Referred to the Railway Committee

From Harry Lindley asking for the Market Hall for one year.
Referred o the Market Committee

From G. W. Thomas asking for an increase of salary.
Laid over for estimates

From Chas. Phillips asking for the grading and sidewalking of Powell Street to the East End.
Referred to the Board of Works.

The following reports were received and read:-

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on Thursday Feb 3rd 1898.
Present the full Board.


From J. Gibbins referring to height of sidewalk above ground at Granville Street near Hotel Vancouver lawn and suggesting that it should be railed in.
Ordered to be done by the Foreman if necessary.

From O. Burritt, asking that his wages as foreman of street surfacing gang be raised to $2.00 per day instead of $1.60 as at present.
Laid over to be considered with other salaryies when the whole matter comes up.

From Geo Aubrey asking that 6th Avenue be opened up west to corner of Maple Street
Laid over pending the Estimates

[Volume 8 page] 151

From Knowdell + co asking that Pender Street be rocked on the north side from Granville to Howe Street.
Laid over till the Estimates.

From R. C. Ferguson complaining of the condition of Carrall Street from Dupont Street to the R. C. P. Mills.
Secretary to write him that it is the intention of the Board to rock this part of Carrall Street as soon as possible.

Ward 1. Resolved that the Foreman lay a new sidewalk on Georgia Street South side from Howe to Burrard, also to fix culvert at Beach Avenue opposite Mr. Twigge’s Cottages.

Ward 2. Resolved that the Foreman cut down the sidewalks on both sides of Homer Street from Dunsmuir to Georgia and relay sidewalk as directed.

Ward 3. Abbott Street. Foreman to lay full width single dressed walk from the lane to connect with existing cement walk about 70 running feet.

Ward 5. Prince Edward Street. Foreman to lay 6 ft walk from 9th to 18th Av. west side 6th Av east of Carolina Street on the North Side foreman to lay 6 foot walk for a distance of 300 ft east.

Resolved that the following tenders be called for to be sent in by 5 p.m. on Thursday the 18th inst:-
(1) For supplying the City with crushed rock for use on streets for a period of 5 years subject to the City being legally in a position to call for such a contract
(2) Hardware + Lumber for 1898.

Resolved that Hastings Street from Carrall Street to Westminster Avenue be paved

[Volume 8 page] 152

with wood block pavement under the Local Improvement System and also Westminster Avenue as follows: From Powell to Hastings from Hastings to Harris and from Harris to the Bridge.

T. A. Fee submitted plans for a brick building to be erected on Lots 344. Block 28. D. L. 541 Hastings Street.
Plans approved subject to being found by the city Engineer to conform to the requirements of the Fire Limit By-Law.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Robertson + HackettSupplies$371.10
B. C. M. T. + T. Co48.35

sgd H. J. Painter

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” Foreman
That the Report be adopted with the exception of the clause in relation to calling for tenders of crushed rock.

Light, Railway + Tramway Committee

The Light Railway + Tramway Committee met on Tuesday February 1st 1898.
Present the full Board.


From F. S. Barnard, Managing Director of the B. C. Elec Ry Co asking for an extension of time up to December 31st 1898 for the construction of Denman Street line.
Resolved that his request be granted.

From Thos. Burfit et al asking for electric lights in various parts of the city.
Laid over as it is not the intention to install any new lights until the Fall.

[Volume 8 page] 153

From E. L. Shaw et al asking that the Street Railway Co be requested to give a 20 minutes service on 9th Av.
Filed as the Street Railway Company are making arrangements to put on an extra car to run from Westminster Avenue to Robson Street to connect with every other car.

Resolved that the Representatives of the Street Railway Company be requested to attend next meeting of the Board to arrange regarding the fares due to the City over their suburban line as set forth in the Agreement with the City.

sgd D. McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by ” Bruce
That the Report be adopted.

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday February 2nd 1898.
Present Aldermen McGuigan, McQueen, Foreman and Bruce.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

News. AdvertiserSupplies3.00
Clarke + Stuart2.90
Evans Coleman + Evans47.51
A. Desrochers64.95
John JohnsonCooking14.05
Sun Dowd Co.Supplies23.25
Knowdell + co.Plumbing200.00
J. W. OldfieldWomen’s Ward600.00
J. CarnahanScavengering6.00
E. CloughDrayage.50
Mrs C. C. EldridgeSupplies32.00
Gas Co..75
D. E. Barwick2.50
A. NottleLabor6.00

[Volume 8 page] 154

McLennan + McFeelySupplies392.25
Pioneer Steam LaundryWashing62.61
J. Stevens + SonSupplies.75
D. J. McLean4.50
Dom. Fish Co.14.96
Champion + White3.50
Trudgeon Bros.33.42


From Jean Macfie, F. Humphries and Miss Roycroft asking that their salaries be increased.
Laid over

From Miss Macfie furnishing Monthly Report.

from Miss Macfie asking for permission to engage someone to make up the linen etc. for furnishing the Women’s Ward.
Resolved that he request be granted.

From A. M. Robertson Esq M.D. secretary of the Hospital medical board forwarding a resolution advising that Midwifery Cases be not admitted to the Women’s Ward.
Filed for reference.

From W. Steeves offering ten cents a load for the pile of manure at the Crematory.
Resolved that his offer be accepted.

From the Medical Health Officer asking permission to order a small assortment of bandages antiseptics etc. for the Jail also that a couple of padded cells be provided for lunatics also that the government be asked to pay for the examination of lunatics as they do in other Cities.
Resolved that his requests be granted.

From Dr. Robertson, secretary of the Hospital Medical staff asking for an appropriation

[Volume 8 page] 155

of $500 for the purchase of instruments etc for equipping the Woman’s Ward.
Laid over to be considered with the Estimates.

From Johnson Gibbins Co. asking permission to make Post Mortems of dead animals if desired at the Crematory and from the Caretaker objecting to same.
Laid over for investigation.

From the Health Inspector furnishing monthly report and asking permission to engage help to clear up unsanitary lanes between Hastings, Cordova and Water streets as their condition is a menace to public health.
Resolved that his request be granted.

Resolved that the Cemetery Caretaker be authorized to order sufficient lumber for wainscotting his house and putting in a floor.

Resolved that the City Engineer be instructed to have needed repairs made to the City Hospital.

Resolved that applications be called for a white cook for the City Hospital. Applicants to state salary required.

[Editor’s note: How to Handle Racial or Ethnic Slurs & Offensive Language in the Sources We Transcribe Excellent article by Ben Brumfield at From the Page

Resolved that the Matron be authorized to purchase certain bureaus from the Children’s Home

sgd W. J. McGuigan

Moved by Alderman McGuigan
Seconded by ” McQueen
That the Report be adopted.

[Volume 8 page] 156

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday February 4th 1898.
Present the full Board.
The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

McDonald Bros.Hack hire$5.00
E. L. Kirkland.Taxes33.11
G. A. Roedde.Supplies4.
F. A. Lee.Hack hire5
D. G. WilliamsSubscription to World10.
Thos. CloughDrayage2.25
Van Transfer Co.Hack hire5.
News AdvertiserSupplies14.80
B. C. Elec Ry Co.Lights1716. 62
W. J. LaPointDrayage subject to approval28.00


From W. L. Cooksley offering to distribute he Klondike Edition of the World for $300.00 if permission was obtained for him to do so from the Victoria Board of Trade in whose employ he now is.

From Wm Godfrey, President of the Board of Trade stating that the supply of Klondike pamphlets was exhausted and asking that $250 be appropriated by Council for the printing of a number of Folders.
Resolved that his request be granted and that arrangements be left in the hands of the Mayor and Chairman.

The following tenders were recommended for acceptance being found to be the lowest:-
Stationery Clarke + Stuart
Printing The British Columbia Mining Critic Printing and Publishing Co on condition that all the work me done in the city and that the contract be not sublet without the consent of the council and that a bond be furnished for $500 the approval of the Board.

sgd Jas McQueen

[Volume 8 page] 157

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by ” Painter
That the Report be adopted.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Brown
Seconded by Alderman Foreman
That the Report be adopted after striking out clause in reference to the grant of $250 for folders.

Amendment lost.
Motion carried.
Yeas on Amendment: Alderman McPhaiden, Brown, Foreman, McMorran and Bruce.
Nays on Amendment: Alderman Townley, Painter, McQueen, Neelands and McGuigan.
The Mayor voted against the Amendment.


Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” McPhaiden.
That Alderman Painter be re-appointed to represent the Council on the board of the Alexandra Orphanage.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” McPhaiden.
That Angus McDonald be re-appointed Electrical Wiring Inspector.

Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” Foreman.
That the following account be paid:-

M. Rockett et alMarket Alterations$109.80


Moved by Alderman Brown.
Seconded by ” Bruce.
The question of collecting

[Volume 8 page] 158

names for the Provincial Voters List be referred to the Finance Committee to take such action as they may deem advisable in the matter.

Moved by Alderman Painter
Seconded by ” McQueen.
The the Invitation of the Speaker of the Provincial Parliament be accepted by the Mayor and acknowledged by the Mayor.

Moved by Alderman Neelands.
Seconded by ” McMorran
that a rebate of the 10 per cent be allowed on all Poll Taxes paid to the Collector at City Hall on or before the first day of May 1898.

Moved in amendment by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by ” Foreman
The the matter be referred to the Finance Committee to report on.
Motion lost.
Amendment carried.
Yeas for Amendment Aldermen Townley, Painter, McQueen, McPhaiden, McGuigan, Brown, Foreman and Bruce.
Nays Aldermen Neelands and McMorran

Notices of Motion

Alderman Neelands gave notice that he would move the following resolutions
(1) That Section 09 of the City Charter be amended by adding after the word “nomination” in the 8th line the words “the nominee shall also produce satisfactory evidence as to his property qualifications.” And by striking out the word “six” in the 19th line and inserting the word “seven”
(2) That the City Treasurer ascertain at the Land Registry Office if all those whose

[Volume 8 page] 159

names appear as owners on the Assessment Role are the registered owners and that the Assessment Roll be made to agree with the records of the Land Registry Office.

Alderman Townley gave notice that he would move
That the question of amending By-Law 177 being a By-Law to determine and fix the fees payable upon Liquor Licenses so that “Music Halls” shall be included in the list of licensed premises be submitted to a plebiscite or vote of the ratepayers.
That the Voters’ List as used on the last Municipal Election be the list used in the said plebiscite.
That the Voting be by ballot and in the manner prescribed by the City Charter for the election of Mayor and Aldermen.
That the cost of the said plebiscite (not to exceed $100) be paid out of the general reserves of the City.
That the Council pledges itself to act in accordance with the view of the people as expressed by the vote on the premises.

The Council then adjourned.

James F. Garden

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk