Fish Peddling, the Corpse, and the Pound Keeper – February 8, 1897

Fish Peddling, the Corpse, and the Pound Keeper – February 8, 1897

Vancouver’s solicitor, A. St. George Hamersley, gave his opinions that a) The City could not impose a license on fish peddlers unless it could be proved the fish were caught outside BC waters, b) That a corpse on the premises of Dr. McAlpine was legal under the Medical Act, although it was a nuisance “on the grounds that an offensive smell proceeded from the corpse,” and c) That the Pound Keeper did not have the authority to “enter any private premises and seize or import a dog thereon”. – Vancouver Daily World, page 3, February 9, 1897

This transcript was made in 2022 by Transcribimus volunteer Leah Minuk

Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives AM54-S4-: Be P142
Greer’s Beach Salmon Fishing 1890-1895

Source: City of Vancouver Archives Series 31
Volume 7 pages 446 –

[Volume 7 page] 446

Vancouver February 8th 1897
The Council met on Monday February 8th 1897.

Present – His worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Painter, Neelands, McQueen, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, MacDonald, W.S. MacDonald, D.G. McDonald and Coldwell.

The Minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From Miss E. M. Breeze President W.C.T.U. asking for a grant for the Young Women’s Christian Association.
Referred to Finance Committee

From the Chief of Police reporting on the Electric Lights.

From Barclay Bouthorne asking for information re Smelter.
Referred to Finance Committee

From the Hon James Baker Minister of Education stating that the disqualification of females for serving as School Trustees in this City arises from the wording of our Act of Incorporation and asking if the Council desired that the case be such.
Referred to the City Solicitor for report.

From R.G. Partridge protesting a lane being opened in Block 100 of D.L. 196.
Referred to the Board of Words.

From the Lieutenant Governor acknowledging receipt of communication asking that provision be made in the estimates for the hospital, fire department and Drill Shed.

From the Attorney General declining to reduce the salary of the Police Magistrate.

[Volume 7 page] 447

From M.C. McLean, Secretary of the Poultry and Pet Dog Association thanking the Council for grant of $50.00.

From J. St. Quinton etal asking for an electric light on the corner of 3rd Av and Fir Street.
Referred to Lights Committee

From J.R. Webster complaining about the dangerous condition of the Golden Gate Hotel.
Referred to the Board of Works

From James Smith etal asking for the grading of Front Street.
Referred to the Board of Works

From M.C. McLean, Secretary of the Poultry and Pet Stock Association furnishing the Council with complimentary tickets and inviting them to inspect their display in a body on Wednesday or Thursday next.

Moved by Alderman McQueen.
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That the thanks of the Council be extended to the Association and that they be informed that the Alderman will avail themselves of their kind invitation if possible.

From Miss E. Wilkinson furnishing an account of $40. For nursing Mrs. Scott.
Referred to the Finance Committee

From the City Solicitor reporting on fish peddling, the corpse, and Pound Keeper*.
Referred to the Police Committee

[Volume 7 page] 448

The following Reports were received and read:-

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday February 5th 1897.
Present – the full Board.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

Conky Co. Lights $148.04

The World P. & P. Co. Ads 22.77


From A. J. Paterson applying for a position on the Civic Staff.
Filed for reference

From R.E. Gosnell Statistician, Victoria asking the Council to subscribe for the Annual Year Book of the Province.
Resolved that one copy be purchased bound in cloth.

From Lord Aberdeen, Governor General asking the Council to subscribe an amount towards the India famine fund.
Resolved that the sum of $500 be subscribed.

From the Trades and Labor Council asking the Council to make further reduction on the assessment on improvements to publish the Assessment Roll and purchase portion of the foreshore on English Bay for the extension of the Bathing Sheds and clear a portion of Stanley Park.
Laid over to be considered with the estimates.

From John Clark, Victoria asking for a bonus for the construction of a Marine Railway.
Laid over for further information.

From J. Arthur and J.P. Murray and the Star Exploring and Mining Co. asking for information regarding assistance for to be given for the construction

[volume 7 page] 449

Of a Smelter in the City.
Referred to the Smelter Committee.

Resolved that the City Solicitor be instructed to prepare a memorial to be presented to the Dominion Government asking them to convey to the City any interests or rights they may have in the mud flats of False Creek and Coal Harbour.

Resolved that the contracts for Green Groceries and the burial of the Pauper Dead be approved and authorized to be signed by the Mayor and City Clerk and the Corporate seal affixed thereto.

Resolved that the Mayor and Aldermen McQueen and Brown be appointed a Committee to interview the Banks with a view of obtaining better rates of interest on money to be deposited or borrowed.

From W.E. Gower, Hon Secretary of the Canadian National Jubilee Committee asking the co-operation of the Mayor in preparing and address to be presented to Her Majesty on the occasion of Her Diamond Jubilee.
Resolved that he be informed that while the Council is in sympathy with the movement they do not feel like pledging themselves to any particular expenditure until they know what form the matter will take.

James McQueen

Moved by Alderman McQueen
Seconded by “ Painter
That the Reports be adopted

Health Committee

The Health Committee met on Wednesday February 3rd 1897.
Present – the full Board.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Peter Schneider Supplies $ 59.05

Albert Nottle Labor 3.50

Miss Cao Nursing 10.

Dr. A. Poole Post-mortem 10.

James Stark Supplies 12.40

J.N. Woodward Ex of Drugs 5.

W.D. Brydone-Jack “ “ 5.

C.T. Foreman Supplies 24.08

J. Brown Refund 1.50

Champion & White Scavenging 6.50

News Advertiser Supplies 5.47

Resolved that the Drug Tender be awarded to McDowell Atkins Co. Ltd.

Resolved that Switches be put in the hospital to turn on and off the electric lights when required.

Resolved that the City Engineer prepare a plan of the proposed addition to the City Hospital.


From the City Engineer reporting upon the possibility of draining the cemetery grounds. Laid over to be considered with the estimates; also that an appropriation be asked to clear five acres more.

From C.B. Musson asking for an extension of time for making sewer connections with his premises.
Referred to the Health Inspector.

From the Health Inspector furnishing monthly report.

[volume 7 page] 451

From Miss MacFie reporting that the night nurse was still ill and that she still required to hire a trained nurse, at $2 a night.

From Jean MacFie reporting insufficient hospital accommodation and suggesting certain additions.
Laid over for consideration

Sgd D. McPhaiden

Moved by Alderman McPhaiden
Seconded by “ W.S. MacDonald
That the Report be adopted

Board of Works

The Board of works met on Feb 4th 1897.
Present the full Board.

Mr. A.E. Beck appeared before the Board in regard to sewerage in Block 23, D.L. 185.
Referred to the Engineer to examine & report.

J. Ravey asked the Board to have the street cleared of brush in front of his premises.
Laid over pending estimates

The matter of registering lanes in Blocks 100 and 104 D.L. 196 and also Block 49 D.L. 181 was left to the City Solicitor to take what action was necessary.

From W. Godfrey submitting copy of tree planting By-Laws of London, Ont.
Filed for reference

Innes & Co. re new walk Hastings Street opposite new building.
Ordered to be put in by day work 112 ft. long under Engineer’s instructions.

[volume 7 page] 452

From Gun Lee Yuen asking permission to build small structure of wood under platform back of premises 22 Dupont Street to store goods.
Permission refused for the present.

From a large number of petitioners re opening up of 9th Avenue to Fir St and Fir St. from 9th to 7th Ave,
Laid over pending estimates

Resolved that the Foreman for Ward 1 grade the lane between Nicola and Broughton and Barclay and Nelson Streets, also trim up Nelson St. between Broughton and Nicola.

From petitioners asking for a railed in walk on Granville St Bridge.
Referred to Engineers to look into & report

From petitioners asking that lane in Block 3 D.L. 196 be graded through.
Ward Foreman to attend to as soon as possible under City Engineers instructions

The following accounts were recommended for payment:-

Thos. Dunne & Co. Supplies $65.74

Wh. Tait & Sons “ 51.26

Rand Bros. “ 1.50

Clarke & Stuart “ 8.70

B.C. Mills “ 43.31

Sgd. H.P. Shaw

Moved by Alderman Shaw.
Seconded by “ Coldwell
That the Report be adopted

[volume 7 page] 453

Introduction of By-Laws

Moved by Alderman McQueen,
Seconded by “ Clandenning
That a By-Law be introduced to amend the Fire Limit By-Law.

The By-Law was introduced and read a first time.


Moved by Alderman McPhaiden,
Seconded by “ Coldwell
That the following accounts be paid if found correct:-
Fraser and Brithard work at Hospital $36.50.

Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ McQueen
That the Chairman of the Board of Works and the City Engineer have the sidewalk at the Golden Gate Hotel moved out at once to a place which to their judgement is the safest.

Notice of Motion

Alderman Neelands gave notice that at next meeting of the Council he would move a resolution in reference to past loans made by the Loaning Board.

Alderman Clandenning gave notice
(1) That he will move at the next meeting of the Council that the Aldermen be not paid a salary.

(2) That none but British Subjects be employed on City work.

[volume 7 page] 454

The Council then adjourned

W. Templeton

Thos F. McGuigan
City Clerk