Alderman Mc Craney’s resignation refused – February 18, 1895

Alderman McCraney was cleared of all wrongdoing in the recent awarding of the electric light contract. Weekly payroll for relief work in each ward was reviewed and approved. The City Engineer to meet with the Indian Agent to settle the right of way for the pipe line through the Indian Reserve on the Capilano River.

This transcript was made in 2020 by Transcribimus volunteer  YVR Mike

City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 6 pages 431 – 438
original handwritten minutes for Feb 18, 1895 – click here

[Volume 6 page] 431

Vancouver February 18th 1895

The Council met on Monday February 18th 1895 Present His Worship the Mayor. Aldermen Coupland, Shaw, Queen, Gallagher, McCraney, McPhaiden, Wm Brown, Thomas, Bethune and W.P. Brown.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.


From F. S. Barnard offering to light the City at Cost price with interest at 7 per cent.

Referred to the Water & Light Committee

From C. Sweeny rendering an account for $15.00 for solicitor’s fees.

Moved by Alderman Bethune

Seconded by ” Queen

That the amount be paid


From John McLaren reporting on the Electric Lights.


From J. C. Vermilyeai asking for the refund of certain taxes.

Referred to the Finance Committee

From Otto Marstrand asking for a sidewalk on 5th Av.ii

Referred to the Board of Works

From L. J. Cady asking for a sidewalk on Carolina Street.iii

Referred to the Board of Works.

From the Board of Works referring back petition re change in the fire limits.

No action taken.

[volume 6 page 432]

From F. Harris et al asking for improvements
on Lansdown Street.iv

Referred to the Board of Works

From McPhillips and Williams, asking for a
settlement on the Reservoir Contract

Referred to the Water & Lights Committee

From S. C. Kirby asking for the reduction of the
assessment on the Opera House.v


From E. P. Davis asking for the privilege of
leasing the north end of Thurlow Street.

Referred to the Board of Works

From E. P. McGarrigle et al asking for the im
provement of Richards Street.

Referred to the Board of Works

From Robert Barker et al, asking for a side
walk on Drake Street.

Referred to the Board of Works

From E. A. Marshall et al petitioning to have
the postal rate for Mount Pleasant reduced to
the original

Moved by Alderman Bethune

Seconded by ” W.P. Brown

That the City Clerk be instructed
to forward the petition to the Post Master General
with the request that the prayer of the petition
be granted.


[volume 6 page] 433

The following reports were received and read:-

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Monday February
18th 1895

Present the full Board.


That Mr. Sutherland be notified to take prodeed-
ings for the collection of all poll taxes in arrears im-


That the City Solicitor be instructed to take
the necessary steps for the collection of the monies
owing for clearing in D.L. 185.


That the School Board’s accounts be paid
pending the completion of the Estimates.


From R.S. Whatmaugh & Co asking for a reduction
on the License for peddling coal oil.

Referred to the license inspector with instructions
to have them take out a yearly license.

From the Secretary of the Board of Works asking
the Committee to fix the amount that would
be appropriated to the Board of Works for the
current year.

Laid over.

The following accounts were recommended for pay

News Advertiser Supplies $17.65

Diplock & Co ” 1.90

Clarke & Stuart ” 1.80

Wm Ralph Repairs 1.00

[Volume 6 page] 434

R.A. Anderson et al deputation $82.00

sgd H. P. McCraney


Moved by Alderman McCraney

Seconded by ” Coupland

That the report be adopted.


Water & Light Committee

The Water and Light Committee met on Wednesday
February 13th 1895.

Present Alderman Wm Brown, Coupland, Bethune
and McCraney.

Messrs R.A. Anderson & Co’s communication
was then taken up. The Board do not see their
way clear to making any allowance on account
of Messrs Mcauley & Campbell’s water rates.

A communication was received from the Hons.
James Baker re payment of crew on resevoir.vii

Referred to the City Solicitor.

From C.L. Brown asking to have connection maed
to water trough on Mount Pleasant.

It was resolved to have connection made as
soon as the site is decided upon.

From A. Prefontain and John Obsen asking for
water service on Coal Harbour South of Georgia

Resolved to give them a water supply if the
consumers pay for the pipe required.

From the City Solicitor giving opinion on the claim
against Mr. Hartney for damage done to the water
main on the north side of the narrows.ix

The City Engineer was instructred to confer

[Volume 6 page] 435

with the City Solicitor as to the amount of damage

The City Engineer was instructed to communicate
with the Indiant Agent; and if necessary meet him
in Victoria to effect a settlement of the right-of way
for the pipe line through the Indian Reserve on the
Capilano River.

The City Engineer was instructed to prepare plans
and call for tenders for lowering the grade of the
mud tunnel.

The following acconts were recommended for

W. Hooper et al. Labor $574.15

Creamer & Langley Supplies .70

Thurston & Sons ” 6.35

F. Filion ” 6.00

Welsh Bros ” 33.99

Van Ele Ry & L Co. Lights 1914.42

John Boyd & Co Supplies 1.11

Diplock & Co. ” 3.00

[?W.G.] Warren ” 7.40

Thos. Dunn & Co ” 44.20

Clark & Stuart ” 2.10

B. C. M. T. & T. Co ” 1.88x

Gas Co. ” 6.25

Vancouver Sash & Door Co. ” 4.50

C. Nelson ” .50

sgd Wm Brown


Moved by Alderman Bethune

Seconded by ” Gallagher

That the Report be adopted.


[Volume 6 page] 436

Board of Works

The Board of Works met on the 14th of

Present Alderman Shaw, Thomas, McPhaiden
and W.P. Brown.


From Fewster & Co complaining of the express
stand as a nusiance at the corner of Hastings
& Carrall Streets.

Referred to the Police Committee

From M. Archibald asking that the lane be graded
on west side of Bute Street between Comox and
Nelson Street.

Referred to the Chain Gang for attention.

From J. Rogers et al objecting to any change in the
Fire Limits east of Carrall Street, as proposed.

Referred back to the full Board.

From J. B. McGarrigle et al, asking that the Richards
Street be rocked between Georgia & Dunsmuir Streets.

Referred to Alderman Queen.

From Rasmussen Bros. complaining of an open
drain in front of their store. Hastings Street.

Referred to the Health Br.

From J. L Pratt et al asking that one block of 3rd
av west of South Granville Street be opened up.

Referred to Ward Fire Relief Gang

A number of petititions for various street improve
ments were read and laid over to be taken up
when the estimates are considered.


That the plans for J. W. Thorne’s store to be
built at south west corner of Cordova and

[Volume 6 page] 437

and Richards Street to be approved being found
to comply with the requirements of the Fire Limit


That the one yard of crushed rock supplied
to the C.P.R. Co. at the cement works for experi
mental purposes be not charged for.


That the Finance Committee be requested to
state at their earliest convenience what money
the Board of Works may expect this year for
street improvements, sewer, and other works.

The following accounts were recommended for

Holt & Airey Labor $4.00

W.L Tait Supplies 20.00

Evans, Colement & Evans ” 4.00

W.H. Kendall ” 1348.35

W.S. Cook Delivering Crushed Rock 514.60

Market Hardware Store Supplies 5.20

W.C. Marshall Express 1.50

News Advertiser Supplies 7.65

Diplock & Co ” 8.25

Chas. Nelson ” 1.95

A.H. Hatch ” 16.50

Thos Dunn & Co ” 53.66

Clarke & Stuart ” 5.25

Wm. Ralph ” .50

Curits & Newsom ” 17.95

Creamer & Langley ” .60

W.L. Tait ” 46.75

Denton etal Labor 564.90

sgd HP Shaw


[Volume 6 page] 438

Moved by Alderman Shaw

Seconded by ” Bethune

That the Report be adopted



Moved by Alderman Bethune

Seconded by ” Queen

That Alderman McCraney’s resignation
be not accepted and that he be exonerated from
all blame in connection with the awarding of the
electric light contract.

Carried unanimously

Moved by Alderman Shaw

Seconded by ” McPhaident

That the payroll for relief work
be passed and paid as follows:-

Ward 1 $100.75

” 2 151.10

” 3 110.50

” 4 148.50

” 5 109.90


Mr. B. Parsons asked that Trounce Alley be fixed

Referred to the Board of works with power to act.

The Council then adjourned

Henry Collins


Thos. F. McGuigan

City Clerk

All notes following were researched and written by transcriber YVR Mike.

iThere is a Walter Vermilyea who was an agent at the Vermilyea Block, but no J. C. Vermilyea listed in the directory. Found him – This is John Cronk Vermilyea, well known pioneer arriving on Lulu Island from Bellville, Ontario in 1883. He bought 200 acres of land for $4000, and five years later, he sold it for $18,000. He was a builder (and would have been through the fire of 1886). A year after this, he would “lose all his holdings during the financial crisis of 1896.” Note researched and written by YVR Mike.

iiOtto Marstrand of Doering &Marstrand Brewery in Mt. Pleasant (5th Ave). A Dane with brewing experience opens Vancouver’s first brewery; they sold Alexandra Lager Beer.

iiiL.J. Cady was a ‘showman’. What did he show? Apparently a Anaryythictus Ocelatus (sic) – Probably a Wolf Eel (Anarrhichthys ocellatus) – in 1893 the Vancouver Daily World noted he had plans to take it to Portland & San Francisco.

ivLansdowne Street was the section of current 4th avenue, between Scotia & Yukon.

vI cannot find Kerly in the directory, (or Kirby) but I’m pretty confident that this is what is written.

viE.A. Marshall was a letter carrier

viiIs that “Hon. James Baker”? Likely Lt-Col, Provincial Secretary, Minister of Mines, Education & Immigration (quite a mixed portfolio!).

viiiBoth Prefontain and Obsen lived on Stanley Park Road, and must have had the same water service needs.

ixI cannot find what damage Hartney caused. He seems to have had logging operations on the north shore, so something must have happened.

xB. C. M. T. & T. Co = British Columbia Mills Timber & Trading Company