Water Works proposals for Vancouver due in two weeks – February 21, 1887

Water Works proposals for Vancouver due in two weeks – February 21, 1887

Both water works companies required to submit their final proposals March 7, 1887. $40 granted to Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster for care of patients following 1886 fire. Establishment of a Jubilee to celebrate both Queen Victoria’s 50th anniversary as monarch, and the completion of the CPR terminus.

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original handwritten minutes here

City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 1 pages 258-262

Vancouver February 21st 1887

The Council met on Monday February 21st 1887 at 7:30 P.M.
Present His Worship the Mayor and All of the Aldermen.
The Minutes of last regular and special meetings were read and adopted.


From J.W. McFarland, Secretary Treasurer of the Vancouver Water Works Company asking leave to withdraw former offer made to the Council and informing the Council that his Company were prepared at any time to make their final proposition.
Request granted and Communications filed.

Moved by Alderman Mannion seconded by Alderman Lefevre
That both the Water Works Companies be required to furnish their final propositions to the Council on Monday evening March 7.

From Fire Company asking Council to discontinue ringing the fire bell other than for fire purposes
Referred to F.W.L. Committee.

From C.G. Johnson asking the Council to consider a scheme for a public park
Laid over for three weeks.


The Finance Committee met on Friday February 18th 1887 at 7:30.P.M. and beg to submit the following Report to Council.
We have taken into consideration the question of a grant towards the Royal City Hospital for the care of patients from this City after the late fire and would recommend that 40.00 be given in addition to the amount of Relief Funds in the hands of Alderman L.A. Hamilton.
We would recommend that Geo. F. Baldwin have refunded to him $18.75 the amount paid out by him on Guarantee Bond.
Also that L.J. Cross be allowed $100.00 as payment in full for rent of Mayor’s Office
Sgd D. Oppenheimer
Report adopted. Alexander – Clark

Board of Works.

A Meeting of the Board of Works was held on Wednesday February 16th 1887 at 2 o’clock p.m.
The following report is submitted:
We have considered the petition of T.T. Black and others praying for sufficient plank to lay a 2 foot sidewalk on Seymour Street from Cordova Street to Dunsmuir Street and would recommend that their prayer be granted on the condition that they lay the plank.
We beg to report that the petitions for the improvement of Richards street and Pender Street have the required number of signatures and have fulfilled the other requirements of the Local Improvements Clauses of the City Charter and that Seymour Street petition is not sufficiently signed
Sgd L.A. Hamilton

Report adopted. Isaac Oppenheimer – Clark.

Moved by Alderman Alexander seconded by Alderman Clark,
That as the Council propose to perform the work now petitioned for with a portion of the proceeds to be derived from the sale of the debentures under the General Loan By-Law it is deemed inexpedient to act on these petitions

Moved in Amendment by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman Lefevre,

That as it was considered expedient when Local Improvements were asked for in Ward 3 to grant the prayer of the petitioners therefore this Council resolves that equal Justice should be granted to the petitioners from Ward one (1) and grant the prayer of the petitioners for the improvement or Richards, Seymour and Pender Streets and that the Board of Works be instructed to call for tenders at once.

On the Amendment being put the following was the vote:

Alderman Hamilton, Humphries and Lefevre, Aye.
Alderman Alexander, Clark, Lockerby, Mannion, David Oppenheimer, Isaac Oppenheimer and Sanders, Nay.

Amendment lost; motion carried.

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Mannion.

That in view of the near approach of the 50th anniversary of Her Majesty’s ascention [sic] to the Throne be it resolved that this Council set apart $ —– for the purpose of celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee and the completion of the C.P.R. on the 20th June, in a fitting manner; that the Mayor call a public meeting to appoint committees and subscriptions be opened for private subscribers and the Cities of Victoria, New Westminster and Nanaimo, together with the general public of the province be requested to co-operate.

Moved by Alderman D. Oppenheimer seconded by Alderman Sanders.

Whereas it is understood to be the intention of our Local Government as its present session to make an application appropriation in favor of the Jubilee year of Our Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, such appropriations to be devoted to the building of a Royal Hospital

Therefore be it resolved that the Mayor and Aldermen in Council assembled petition our Legislature, praying that such Hospital be established in Vancouver as this City is the latest addition to the Province and is in great need of one; celebrating as it does this year the completion of the grand Continental Railroad so important to Her Majesty’s domains, it is most befitting that this City should have commemoration in honor of her Majesty’s Jubilee Year.


Moved by Alderman Hamilton seconded by Alderman Isaac Oppenheimer

That the City Clerk be authorized to subscribe for a copy of each of the local papers for the use of the City offices, the same to be kept on file therein,


The following articles were ordered to be furnished to the Fire Department on Motion of Alderman Alexander seconded by Ald I. Oppenheimer

(1) Sheet Iron for under Engine.

(2) Painting Engine and Hose Reels.

(3) 2 Fire Hooks with Chain and Rope.


Moved by Alderman I. Oppenheimer seconded by Ald L.A. Hamilton

That section 14 of By-Law No 5 be amended by striking out the words in the 3rd Line or in unbroken packages.

Alderman Humphries gave notice that he would at the next meeting of Council ask that the salary of the City Engineer be increased.
The loan By-Law was laid over for one week.
The Council then adjourned.

M.A. MacLean

Thos. F. McGuigan,
City Clerk