Sunday Shop Opening Remains in Question – February 24, 1896

Looking wet on Hastings Street from Cambie Street, 1896

Council received several requests both for and against opening stores on Sunday. Aldermen Brown and Banfield suggested a detailed map of Stanley Park be made, so future improvements could be prioritized.

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Illustration: City of Vancouver Archives reference number Str P317
[Looking west on Hastings Street from Cambie Street]

Original handwritten minutes: City of Vancouver Archives
COV S 31 Volume 7 pages 65– 68
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[Volume 7 page] 65

Vancouver February 24th, 1896

The Council met on Monday February 24th 1896.

Present: His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen Shaw, Painter, Banfield, Schou, McPhaiden, Clandenning, Brown, MacDonald, Bethune and Coldwell.

The minutes of last meeting were read and adopted.


From the Hon J. H. Turner, and the Hon E. Dewdney, acknowledging receipt of resolution from Council.


From J. J. Johnston Grand Secretary, Grand Council R. L of T enclosing resolution found by the Grand council on the 5th next.


From D. Robson City Clerk of New Westminster asking the Council to sign and forward a petition to the Government praying that they construct a bridge over the Fraser River.

No action taken

From W. S. Wiffin stating that he did not intend to pull down his houses on Dupont Street.

Referred to the Health Committee

From W. Slater J. P. asking that the stores be opened on Sunday.

Laid over

From Fred Allen, asking that the road at the corner of Bidwell & Georgia Streets be finished.

Referred to the Board of Works

[Volume 7 page] 66

From Emma Gold etal Asking for a crossing on Water Street opposite the Grotto Inn.

Referred to the Board of Works

From R. H. Cooke offering to work the chain gang for $50 per month.

Referred to the Police Committee

From A. McKinnill etal asking for improvements on 7th Ave east of Westminster Avenue.

Referred to the Board of Works

From D. Burton and 409 others, asking the Council to amend the Sunday Closing By Law to allow the sale of fruit etc on Sunday.

Laid over

From Dr. Bell-Irving and Sister Frances reporting the destitution of Mrs Richardson and asking for assistance for her.

Referred to the Health Committee

From McPhillips and Williams asking if the City intended to settle with Haywood on the basis offered by his solicitors.

Referred to the Finance Committee

From the City Engineer submitting a plan of proposal improvements in Stanley Park and suggesting that an accurate plan be prepared & proposed improvements for the next ten years.

Referred to the Finance Committee

From the creditors of Messrs Purdy & Williams presenting a petition asking for the payment of all debts incurred by them and asking for the appointment of a committee to examine into facts and call for evidence and papers and report to Council at an early date.

Referred to the Water Committee

[Volume 6 page] 67

The following report was received and read:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee met on Friday February 21st 1896.

Present: Aldermen Banfield, Painter, Brown and Bethune.

The following accounts were recommended for payment:

News Advertiser Ad $6.12

The World P & P Co 23.66

R. H. Cooke Balance on Assessing 20.

The following contract was approved and authorized to be signed and sealed by the Mayor and City Clerk:

Wood Mrs J. Jones


From W. F. Salsbury asking the Council to donate $250 to prosecute the work of enquiry re smelter.

Laid over

From the City Solicitor advising that a judicial decision be obtained on the powers of the City to impose a high license on shops and that it be done by way of a special case in order to avoid expense.

Resolved that he have the case entered and tried in the way he suggests

Resolved that the Chairman and Alderman Brown be authorized to prepare a report on the applications of Mr. S. K. Twigge for foreshore rights on the same lines as in the Oppenheimer applications and have the same forwarded to the Minister of Marine and Fisheries.

Resolved that monies in the Sinking Funds not required for loans be deposited in a special account in the Bank of B. N. A at 3 P. C. (per cent).

Sgd J.J. Banfield

[Volume 7 page] 68

Moved by Alderman Banfield
Seconded by “ Brown

That the report be adopted


Under the head of enquiries Alderman MacDonald submitted the following written questions for the City Solicitor to reply to:

  1. When was St. Paul’s Hospital incorporated?
  2. Has there been any change in the City Charter since the Court of Revision in 1895?
  3. For what reason does the City Solicitor reverse the decision he gave re the St. Paul’s Hospital to the to the Council of 1895?
  4. What authentic information has Mr. Hamersley as to the St. Paul’s Hospital being a Public Incorporated Charitable Institution before he reported it as such?


Moved by Alderman Shaw
Seconded by “ McPhaiden

That the following accounts be paid:

Denton & Sheridan Jackson & Dunlevy Aves Sidewalks $151.46

do do Hornby Street Sidewalks 41.58


Moved by Alderman Brown
Seconded by “ Banfield

That the City Engineer and Mr. A. G. Ferguson be asked to make an accurate plan of Stanley Park and suggest the improvements to be made from year to year and that these improvements be laid down on the plan so that monies may be spent systematically and to the best advantage.


The Council then adjourned

Henry Collins

Thos. F. McGuigan
City Clerk