Council endorses lower qualifications for voters, elected officials – February 27, 1888

Council to bring to Victoria the Vancouver citizens’ petition to lower property qualifications for both voters and elected officials. 58 men working on the (Stanley) Park Road. Offices of City Solicitor and Police Magistrate divided. Council sent request to the Minister of Public Works for Canada for bridge over North Arm to Lulu Island and another to Sea Island to reduce the cost of produce.

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City of Vancouver Archives
Series 23-A Volume 2 pages 210-217

[vol 2 page 210]

Vancouver Feb 27th 1888

The Council met on Monday February 27th 1888 at 7:30 P.M.

Present His Worship Mayor Oppenheimer, Aldermen Alexander, Bell Irving, Clark, Dougall, Humphries, and Lefevre.

The Minutes of last regular and Special meetings were read and adopted.

The Rev. Mr. Robson appeared before the bar of the Council and presented a number of resolutions praying the Council to restrict the liquor traffic in the City.

No action taken.


The following communications were received and filed;

From the Post Office Department Ottawa acknowledging receipt of resolution of Council re Letter Boxes and Free Delivery Service in the City and increased postal communication with the North Arm.

From Hon. John Robson acknowledging receipt of resolutions of Council re Grants to Fire Department and Hospital.

[vol 2 page 211]

From Chas E. Berry re Patent Harness

From Minister of Marine acknowledging receipt of resolutions re dredging False Creek and Coal Harbour and building a Light House and buoying the narrows.

The following were received and referred to the Board of Works.

From R. Reisterer re the improvement of Ninth or Tenth Avenue.

From Thos R. Hardin asking permission to erect a Sign or advertising case on Cordova Street and Sidewalk leading to the Wharf.

From H. J. Cambie re the improvement of Georgia Street.

From S. Williams re the improvement of Drake Street.

From Campbell McIntosh et al asking Council to instruct the City Engineer to place Street Monuments on 7th Av.

From S. H. Ramage et al re the improvement of Dupont Street.

From R. A. Mc Morran re the improvement of Thurlow Street.

The following were received and referred to the Board of Health.

[vol 2 page 212]

From City Auditor Submitting report on City Hospital.

From H. Abbott refusing permission to Council to construct an approach for a Dumping Ground at the foot of Burrard Street.

The following were received and referred to the Finance Committee;

From R. D. Pitt asking for compensation for the loss of his leg.

From Jos Armstrong Submitting a map of the District of New Westminster.

Dr. E. Stevenson applied for permission to use a portion Hastings Street East in front of Lots 31 & 32 Block 12, with building material.

Moved by Alderman Clark Seconded by Alderman Dougall.

That he be granted permission in accordance with the provisions of the Street By-Law. Carried.

From G. W. Phipps, Secretary of Y.M.C.A. asking for the remission of the taxes on their property.

Referred to Court of Revision.

[vol 2 page 213]


Works. No. 7

The Board of Works met on Friday February 17th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:-

Wm Hardins Sewers $2, 687.61 to be paid on the Settlement of the Suit now pending
E. Mohun on account of Sewers $150.00
J. W. Cameron Street Bond $173.00
Johnston, Brown & Co. Fund $150.00

The following tenders were received for Dirt Trays:-

From E. S. Scoullar & Co $1.50 each
From McLennan & McFeely $2.00 each
From R. E. Dodds $2.00 each

We recommend that the tender of E. S. Scoullar & Co. be accepted.

The following tenders were received for the improvement of Cambie Street:-

J. W. Cameron, per In. for plank $13.95
Angus Mclellan per In. for plank $13.80

We recommend that the contract be awarded to Angus Mclellan.

The following tenders were received for the putting up of Street names:-

Angus McLellan for posts 58 cts each
for tin 9 cts each
R. P. Kellmann for posts $1.50 cts each
for tin 15 cts each

We recommend

[vol 2 page 214]

that the contract be awarded to Angus McLellan.

Sgd. H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Works No. 8

The Board of Works met on Friday February 24th 1888 and beg to recommend the payment of the following accounts:-

Harry Blyth et al Street work $171.00
James Hartney, Park Road $2, 138.85

The Park Road Inspector has furnished a report to this Board Showing that 13, 236 feet out of a total of 37, 486 feet has been graded on the Park Road.

The contractor on Section 2 has sublet 1,200 feet of said section and will have the balance finished in a few days.

He will then move on to Section 3, which he will finish in 14 days if the weather is favourable.

The contractor on Section 5 will finish in 3 weeks and will then move on to Section 1.

The total number of men employed on the road is 58.

The City Engineer having reported as to the cost of raising the plank at the Street crossings, we recommend that he be empowered to lift the plank two inches, where it ranges with the Sidewalk and where it angles with the Sidewalk that new plank of the same thickness be laid on top with dubbed off

[vol 2 page 215]

edges, so as not to interfere with travel.

We recommend that Box Drains be put on both sides of Richards Street; where the following is now going on and one on the East Side of Hamilton Homer Street.

Sgd. H. Bell-Irving, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Clark Seconded by Alderman Dougall.

That the reports of the Board of Works be adopted. Carried.

Finance No. 6

The Finance Committee met on Friday February 17th 1888.

We recommend that the Council having deemed in expedient to divide the offices of Police Magistrate and City Solicitor that Mr. T. T. Black be requested to send in his resignation.

Sgd. Rich H. Alexander, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Clark Seconded by Alderman Humphries.

That the report of the Finance Committee be adopted. Carried.

F. W. & L. No. 6

The Fire, Water & Light Committee met on Friday February 17th 1888 and beg to report

[vol 2page 216]

that the Salary to be paid to the Health Inspector has been taken into consideration and would recommend that Mr. Jos Hartley be paid $65.00 per month and be engaged Subject to immediate dismissal without notice.

Sgd. J. Humphries, Chairman

Moved by Alderman Alexander Seconded by Alderman Clark.

That the report be adopted. Carried.


Moved by Alderman Bell-Irving Seconded by Alderman Alexander.

That the City Clerk be empowered to advertize that property owners will be permitted to connect
with the Sewers, subject to the regulations of the Health By-Law in the tract bounded by Homer St., Hastings St., Carroll St. and Burrard Inlet after this 7th of March. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Humphries Seconded by Alderman Dougall.

Whereas a great number of the Citizens and ratepayers of this City have Signed a petition, a copy of which is attached, praying the Legislature to amend the Charter of this City by reducing the qualification for Mayor, Aldermen and Voters.

[vol 2 page 217]

Therefore be it resolved that this Council endorse and consent to said petition and that the Mayor and City Clerk be instructed to sign it on behalf of the City and affix the Corporate seal thereto.

Moved in amendment by Alderman Lefevre Seconded by Alderman Bell-Irving.

That the Mayor and Aldermen Lefevre, Alexander, Clark and Humphries be a Committee to take into consideration the petition and the advisability of presenting it to the Legislature, Amendment. Carried.

Moved by Alderman Humphries Seconded by Alderman Dougall.

That the following Memorial be addressed to the Hon., the Minister of Public Works of Canada.

The petition of the Corporation of the City of Vancouver sheweth as follows:-

That within a few miles in a direct line from the City of Vancouver lies the Municipality of Richmond in the district of New Westminster and same is the nearest land to said City brought under cultivation.

That the present means of communication between said Municipality and this City more than doubles the distance between them and increases the cost of produce brought from there to Vancouver.

[vol 2 page 218]

That an arrangement has been made between the said Municipality the Government of British Columbia the Canadian Pacific R. Co., and your petitioners to construct a direct route between this City and said Municipality.

That in order to construct said route it will be necessary to bridge the North Arms of the Fraser River from the Mainland to Sea Island and from Sea Island to Lulu Island and it is the intention of the Local Government and Said Municipality to erect Draw Bridges across said Arms if permission to do so be given by the Department of Public Works.

That if permission be given to construct said draw Bridges they will be no obstruction to navigation and will be a great boon not only to the Citizens of Richmond and the City of Vancouver but will materially assist in developing and setting the intervening Country now in a State of Nature.

Your petitioners therefore pray that said permission be granted. Carried.

Notice of Motion.

Alderman Humphries gave notice that he would at the next meeting of Council move a resolution praying the Government to open up the lands around the City of Vancouver for Settlement.

[vol 2 page 219]

The Council then adjourned

D. Oppenheimer, Mayor

Thos. F. McGuigan, City Clerk